He finds it funny that when he calls her his inspiration she laughs. (He means it)

The irony was not lost on them that they passed each other on the highway to go see one other.

She had to admit he had the perfect smile.

He loved to hear her talk, not that that was a rare occurrence or anything.

There was something special about love notes written on the corners of Luke's Diner napkins.

They swore never to have to say goodbye again.

Jess always thought the saying, "Love means never having to you're sorry," was crap…

The importance of 'Happily Ever After' wasn't lost on them.

…Love means never doing anything to say you're sorry for…

She was glad he 'looked it up.' He was glad she was glad.

…And begging on your knees for forgiveness when you do…

He loved to make her laugh and hated to see her cry.

…They both had experience in that matter…

He had three smiles, his fake one, his vindictive smirk, and the one he used when talking about her.

She had four tones of voice: The one she uses when she's making a joke, one she uses when she is excited, one she uses mostly with her mother as they have serious conversations, and one she uses she whispers 'I love you,' in his ear.

…They said 'I'm sorry' simultaneously when they met again.

She knows he wouldn't appreciate using terms like 'the one,' 'knight in shining armor,' or 'love at first sight' when referring about him. (She uses them in head anyway)

People liked to think the only reason they work now is because they are more mature…

They loved to kiss.

…They each know, however, that the other hasn't grown up one bit…

The Hemmingway and Rand debate will never get old.

…He was the same Jess that showed up at the hockey game with Distiller tickets…

He tells her that she drinks to much coffee everyday and everyday she ignores him.

…She was the same girl who traded Holy Barbarians and a kiss to get him to agree to do what she wanted.

Lorelai doesn't light darts on fire and throw them at Jess' picture…anymore…

They never get tired of arguing over Indian food.

…But only after much coercing.

Or arguing over watching Almost Famous one more time.

There is something alluring about the mix of cigarette smoke and strawberry perfume.

The bridge will always be their stupid little special place…

Lorelai loved the snow, Rory was a sunshine kind of girl, Jess was particular to rain.

…That's where he plans to proposes to her…

He was glad that she finally let herself come and see him.

She was glad he didn't move on.

…And he really hopes she doesn't say 'no' again when she wants to say 'yes.'

She finds it funny that when she calls him her hero he rolls his eyes. She's completely seriously.

The irony isn't lost on them that neither of them need to say 'I love you.' They know the words mean nothing compared to what they have together.

But they say it anyway…