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Outaishi chapter three:

Naruto yawned as his blue eyes fastened on the scrolls in front of him. He gave a sigh. He had learned those jutsus already and now he had nothing to do until after lunch when he was going to have a lesson with Mamoru on swordsmanship. He had yet to get his sword. Apparently, the sword took time to make since it needed to be infused with his chakra and also made in a very specific way and have specific timing as well. Naruto didn't truly understand the whole process. But he was told by his best friend and guardian, Takashi that the sword, like ones of the seven swordsman of the mist, would only respond to him and him alone. He liked that idea.

He gave another sigh as he stretched himself, looking about his room. His 15th birthday was in two weeks and his old team was going to come and see him. With the vigorous training he had undergone, he had passed both chuunin and Jounin exams. He was rather proud of himself, though he wondered for the reactions of his old team mates. Now all he needed was his sword. He couldn't wait. It should be ready any day now.

There came a knock at his door and he turned his head towards it as it opened on his command. He then smiled when Takashi came in, grinning at him,

"Hello Naruto-kun? Hiding from Arisu-san are you?"

Naruto winced at that. Arisu was the oldest daughter of one of the generals, a year younger then Naruto himself. And she had her eyes set on him. She was very direct in her methods and scared Naruto when she was talking about things such as marriage and how she liked the idea of being queen. He took to hiding just to avoid her; most of the time it didn't work. She somehow always found him. She was one seriously scary female. He hoped that she wouldn't appear when his old team are here either…

"Is there something you want?" Naruto asked, changing the subject. Takashi's grin widened and he replied,

"Nothing really. I just wanted to know what you wanted for lunch."

Naruto gave a snort and turned away,

"I don't care at the moment…I'm going to stay right here in my room…"

"Fine, as you wish your highness, I'll bring you lunch then." And with that he closed the door and walked off. Naruto felt like hitting his head on the table he was seated at. He was now used to being called the Prince and 'your highness' but it felt weird when your best friend says it. His mind then went back to the Arisu problem. He wondered how many times she would catch him today… the most once had been about 25…man she was persistent.

He continued these dark thoughts until the door opened once again and his head whipped around, only to relax when it was Takashi carrying a tray with a simple soup. The older male smiled at him before setting the tray in front of the blonde. Naruto thanked him before digging into his meal. He had learned far more manners then when he had when he first came here. He also hadn't the need for the mask that he had built up over the years since here, people accepted him as a demon container. They treated him as a Hero and not a monster. He was happy here and was not afraid to show it. Also, if he had any problems, he was able to talk to Takashi, or his adopted father, the King.

He quickly ate the soup, which, despite being a very simple one, was delicious. When finished, he pushed the bowl away and sat back with a sigh. Takashi regarded him with his patient blue eyes,

"Naruto-kun, king Mamoru wished to talk to you. I think it may be about your sword."

Naruto perked up at those words. Was his sword finally finished? He stood up, looking questionably at his guardian. Takashi shrugged his shoulders and waved the blonde out of the room. Naruto got up and walked out, walking the now familiar corridors of the palace towards the King's study. He reached the room in a few minutes and knocked, awaiting permission to enter. When given, he opened the door and blinked when he saw not only the king, but an elderly man. The man was of medium height and his face deeply wrinkled, but his brown eyes were twinkling with youth. He was wearing a simple cotton long sleeved top and cotton trousers with a belt. He was wearing a burned and worn out leather apron. In his hands he was holding an object that was wrapped in a cream cloth. It was long, so Naruto assumed that it was his sword.

He looked at the King, who smiled at him and indicated the old man,

"This is Yochio, the man that had created your sword. It is now finished and ready for you to wield."

The man smiled kindly and placed the wrapped sword on the table and said in a gentle and wise voice,

"This is the sword I have made for you, your highness. I hope that it is up to standard."

Naruto walked up to the table, his eyes glued onto the sword. Slowly, he unwrapped the weapon and his eyes widened. Like Mamoru's, it had a gold handle and a silver hilt. The jewel imbedded within the hilt was a large sapphire crystal. His eyes then trailed to the blade, taking in its colour. The blade was mainly a golden colour, but what made it different from his adopted fathers was that there were deep red veins running through it. What was that supposed to mean?

Mamoru leaned forward, staring at the sword intently. He then made a small tut-ing noise and leaned back.

"What is it, Otou-san?" Naruto asked the man. Yochio watched with keen interest.

"Well, the golden part of the blade represents your personality. Your strive to make friends and be social; it is also a colour that attracts attention. I had a suspicion that it would be yellow."

"And the red part?"

"The red represents Kyuubi's personality. Its potent chakra is mixed with your own, which explains why a small amount of the Kyuubi is represented."


Naruto looked back at the sword and smiled a little.

"It's a beautiful sword."

"That it is." The King agreed. Yochio smiled gently and murmured a 'thank you'. Naruto reached forward and picked the blade up by the handle, raising an eyebrow at how light it was. He could feel the power coming off the sword as if it were a conscious being and seemed to know him. He continued to stare at the blade in wonder. Mamoru cleared his throat slightly and Naruto focused of the other men in the room.

"You still have to name the sword you know…"

Naruto frowned slightly. How could he find a name fitting enough for this beautiful blade? His confusion must have been seen by the other males in the room because Yochio gave a chuckle and said,

"Well, your chakra is wind natured, so why not base it around that? Since you can pour chakra into the sword for deadlier attacks."

Naruto frown deepened and he looked back at the stunning blade. He stood there for about ten minutes, trying to think of a name… maybe…no…damn…naming a sword was harder then it seemed. Then, it hit him.

"I think I shall call it…Kage kokyu (1)"

Mamoru smiled and replied,

"That is an excellent name Naruto-kun. Now, take that to your room and get prepared, we will be having a guest from some group to come and talk to us. I am, however, suspicious to their intentions. So I want you to be ready for anything, okay?"

Naruto nodded and walked out of the room, the sword almost cradled in his arms. He walked along the corridors back to his room. He then placed the sword in on the wall hanger, horizontally, that was made especially for it. Naruto then set about getting ready for the quest…he wondered who they would be…


Naruto gave a yawn as he sat next to his 'father', waiting for this guest to appear. He was tired of waiting…but they had to be ready. Naruto personally didn't give a damn about this guy that wanted to meet them on behalf of his group…

The door to the room opened to reveal the figure. Naruto frowned. It was a leaf nin…someone who looked like Sasuke…but was not.

His hair and eyes were black and his skin was pale; though he was obviously not an Uchiha. His top was something that Naruto had never seen before. It was black and stopped just below the ribcage, showing off the taunt stomach. The right sleeve covered the whole arm whereas the left sleeve was a short cut one. He was wearing black gloves. His trousers were black, with the kunai pouch on the right leg, along with the traditional ninja sandals.

The Sasuke look-alike bowed and then straightened, smiling in a fake manner. Naruto frowned at this,

"Hello, my name is Sai. I am here on behalf of Danzo of the root department of the Konoha ANBU. I have come to discuss a possible alliance between the Haiiroguma clan and Root."

There was a silence in the room as the King stared at the boy, who did not seem fazed by the intense attention he was receiving from the man. All of a sudden, Mamoru spoke up,

"Naruto-kun, can you show Sai to his quarters…we shall discuss this later."

Naruto nodded and silently stood up, walking to the Sai person. He smiled a little and said,

"If you would follow me please, Sai-san, I'll show you to your rooms."

Naruto then walked past Sai and out of the room, looking over his shoulder to check that Sai was actually following him.

"So Sai-san… why does this Danzo want an alliance?"

Sai looked at him, giving another fake smile, making Naruto shiver at the fakeness, and replied,

"Sorry your highness, but I will discuss this in the council."

"Oh…okay then."

There was silence and then Sai said,

"This is a nice palace…will it soon be yours?"

"Er…well when am 16, I'll be going to Konoha to train under the Hokage; Tsunade in medical jutsus. So am not exactly sure when I will be King."

"I see…"

Naruto stopped at one of the guest quarters and turned to Sai again,

"This is where you'll be staying, I hope you like it."

Sai walked past him and into the room, looking at the well furnished room. He smiled, once again fake, at Naruto and replied,

"It is fine Naruto-kun."

Naruto closed the door and quickly walked down the hall back to the King, a frown on his face. He didn't really like this Sai…his smiles seemed so fake and Naruto didn't really like that.


Sai had been here a week and Naruto had decided that he did not like this guy one bit… the main reason was that the guy kept asking if Naruto really had a penis as is asking if Naruto was actually a guy or not. Oh, that guy was going to pay for that…

Also, the negotiations were not going well. Mamoru didn't want an alliance, especially with a supposedly disbanded ANBU training department. Naruto suspected that ROOT wanted to use the Kings power in some way…and Naruto knew that Mamoru wouldn't let the power of the Haiiroguma clan be abused in any way. What also annoyed Naruto was the fact that Sai seemed to have no emotions…well if he did, he hid them very well. And his smiles were fake, and made the blonde shiver every time he saw it. Mamoru mentioned to Naruto that he also noticed the fakeness of the Sasuke look-alike. Mamoru didn't trust the guy one bit. And Naruto noticed that Takashi tended to give the black haired shinobi evil looks, especially if Sai was near Naruto. It made the blonde laugh.

Naruto sighed as he was walking with the annoying artist, since Naruto had seen Sai drawing scenes of the royal gardens although he had never named any of his pictures. Naruto had never understood why the guy had never named any of his pictures and he planned to find out why…

"Sai…why don't you name any of your pictures?"

Sai turned hi dark eyes to regard Naruto, but was silent a little bit before saying,

"I don't have any emotions, that how I was trained, so I have never been inspired to name the pictures I draw."

Naruto blinked and looked down at the picture that Sai was currently working on. It was a picture of himself, in the cherry tree garden. It was really good. Naruto reached out and took it from Sai's grasp and stared at it for a little bit,

"This is good…but why draw me?"

"You are an interesting person, your highness-" Whatever Sai was going to say next was cut off when a squeal came from behind the two males. Naruto, knowing what it was, stiffened and muttered 'Fuck…not her please!'

Sai looked behind him and blinked when Naruto was glomped from behind from a high class lady.

She had long black hair, tied up in a bun, make up around her eyes, blusher to make her cheeks rosy, and she was wearing plain a red Kimono with a small shield sign on the chest to signal her relation to a general in the high council. She was all together very pretty.

Naruto wriggled, but was unable to shake free of his clinger,

"Your Highness! Where have you been all week? I've missed you! Oh…er…who's this?"

Naruto gritted his teeth and said,

"This is Sai…he is a visitor here in the palace…"

"Oh…" She sniffed before turning back to Naruto and chattering away about what she had been doing with her friends, like shopping and deciding what to do with her hair. Naruto just zoned out while Sai watched with interest at the scene. Naruto glared at the dark haired male as if blaming him for it.

All of a sudden, Sai moved foreword, pushing Naruto up against the wall.

"Sai, what are-" Naruto was cut off when he felt soft lips cover his. He froze for a second and then realised that Sai was kissing him! Sai pulled away from the shocked blonde and then turned to the pale faced girl.

Sai gave a fake smile and asked,

"He's my new boyfriend, do you like him?"

Arisu stared at the dark eyed boy and then at the blushing Naruto. She then gave a wail, turned around and running off away from the two.

Naruto blinked in the direction that the girl had run in before turning back to Sai and growled,

"What the hell do you think you were doing!? You kissed me!"

"It got rid of her, didn't it?"

Naruto blinked and then looked in the direction that Arisu had run off in and then grinned,

"Yeah it did! Thanks Sai!"

"No problem Naruto-kun"

"So…Are you going to name that picture?" Naruto asked, pointing to the picture that Sai had drawn of him. Sai looked at it and smiled a small smile and replied,

"I think I'll call it 'boyfriend'"


"I think it would suit the picture very well…"

"NO!! Don't call it that!"

"I can and I will…"


"Hn… I won't change my mind…"

"I hate you…"

"That's nice…but it won't make me change my mind."

"You can be a real asshole, you know that…"

For the rest of the day, Naruto went about the palace in a surely mood. He was surprised that the whole place wasn't talking about Sai kissing him… Arisu mustn't have told anyone…she was most likely crying in her rooms. Not that Naruto minded, as long as she was away from him…

Naruto slammed the door to his room close before drifting over to his sword. He reached up and took it down, examining it for like the millionth time since he had acquired it. It didn't feel like a sword that he held, it felt more like an extension of his arm. It was so easy to wield and allowed for fluid actions. He ran a finger down the gold and red blade, liking the feel of the smooth cold metal that seemed to vibrate slightly under his finger.

He wondered briefly how long Sai was going to be here, but shook that out of his thoughts. He had better things to think about…


Over the next few days, Naruto was glad to note that Arisu was no where to be found. Though he heard some of her friends talking about how the dark haired girl was locked up in her room all day. For some reason…that put Naruto on edge. She was up to something…and he had a feeling that it was not good. On the fourth day, Naruto found himself in the cherry gardens again with Sai. He watched as the dark haired male painted a picture of a colourful bird perched on a nearby tree. Naruto gave a large yawn. He was bored…there is only so much entertainment in watching your friend paint a picture. He twirled his thumbs, sighing in a bored manner. Upon hearing this, Sai put down his paper and brush, turning dark eyes to look at Naruto,

"Bored Naruto-kun?"


"What do you want to do then?"

"Hmm…I want to-"

Whatever he was going to say was cut off when a rather hostile hiss could be heard. He looked to the side and blinked when he saw Arisu standing there, her eyes flashing dangerously. Those eyes were fixed upon Sai with obvious dislike. She cleared her throat and said in a rather sweet voice,

"Sai-san…could you kindly step away form the Prince?"

They both blinked and looked at each other before Sai stood up and approached Arisu, looking down at her. She looked a little intimidated, but stood her ground. Sai gave a fake smile before saying,


She narrowed her eyes, bristling slightly. Not a good sign.

"Why not?" She asked through clenched teeth.

"It is Naruto-kun's choice whom he hangs around with and not yours. You like Naruto-kun, but not in the way that he likes you. I suggest that you stop your fruitless quest and leave Naruto-kun alone before you just end up hurting both yourself and Naruto-kun. Thank you and Good-day."

The dark haired male then walked up to Naruto, dragged him up with one hand and dragged him off, leaving the gaping female behind.

Sai took them back to Naruto's room, seating him at the table before putting his painting on the table in front of him. Naruto looked at his friend and said,

"Thank you."

Sai gave a small smile, making Naruto blink when he noticed that it was slightly genuine. He smiled back. Sai pushed the painting towards Naruto, who took it, looking at the other male curiously,

"That is for you Naruto-kun. Something for you to remember me by for when I leave tomorrow. It will be unlikely that we will meet up again."

The blonde's eyes widened slightly before he gave a toothy grin,

"Thanks Sai!"

Sai smiled again, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture,

"No problem Naruto."

The blonde grinned wider before jumping up and bouncing over the wall, looking around with a frown before he spotted some pins on one if the bookshelves. He took some before going back to the wall he had originally been standing at and pinning it there, looking at Sai, smiling happily. The dark haired male made a small 'heh' noise, but other then that he said nothing. The blonde didn't care. He was happy since it really was the first gift from a friend…from Konoha that was. Here he got a lot of presents from Takashi…but this one was somehow special. He stared at the painting of the bird for a small while before going back to the table and sitting down, coaxing Sai into having a small chat until they both had to retire to bed as they had to get up early tomorrow.


The next day, Naruto watched with sad eyes as Sai left the palace on his way back to Konoha to report his failed mission. Mamaru stood beside him, a hand on the blonde's shoulder. When Sai had disappeared from view, Mamaru turned to Naruto and asked,

"So…did you have fun with Sai when getting rid of your stalker?"

The blonde blinked and looked at the King blankly. How did he know? The tall man gave a hearty laugh, ruffling Naruto's hair and saying with a soft smile,

"I know just about everything that goes on in the Palace my son. There is little that I don't know."

Naruto blushed, causing Mamaru to laugh harder before he walked back into the house. The blonde crossed his arms, pouting. Takashi came up to him, frowning slightly,

"What is the King laughing about Naruto?"

Naruto shrugged before hopping into the building muttering,

"Nothing Takashi."

The blue eyed man blinked after Naruto before giving a small frown. If it had something to do with that Sai person…he was going to kill him…


Itachi stared unblinking at the hologram in front of him. From the information that Zetsu had collected, his target, Naruto wasn't in Konoha anymore, but rather in the keep of Mamaru, the King of the Bear country and was also Crown Prince. This made it all the more harder to catch the Kyuubi holder as he would be guarded extremely closely.

"Do you understand Itachi?"

The Uchiha didn't say anything, but merely nodded in acknowledgement to the shadowy figure. He watched as the image flickered and faded, leaving him standing alone in the dark gave, only his sharingan visible in the pitch black cave.

His current mission was to go to the Bear Country and spy on the Crown Prince, Uzumaki Naruto and look for any weaknesses in the Palace's guard to be able to sneak in and snatch the blonde from right under their noses and then take him back to the base for extraction. It sounded simple enough, though for now he was just instructed to watch. It was a few days until Naruto's 15th Birthday. Not exactly the best time to go as the place would be full of busy servants preparing the Palace for the Prince's birthday. Also another reason for not arriving around that time was that his weak brother will be there as well, and Itachi had no desire to see him.

He gave a sigh, his eyes closing slowly so that you were unable to see any part of him whatsoever. He could tell that this was going to be one long…bothersome mission.


Kage Kokyu- Wind shadow


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