Title: Proposals and Acceptance

Author: MISSMURDER83 or the almighty Cat

Summary: It's a second chapter to "Hospital Walls and Happiness." This is that "tonight" I mentioned at the end. I hope you like it, I wrote in on a request-y kind of thing. It's not really one of my best fics but I had no reason not to write it, so I did The ending is probably not so great but these things happen so accept it. Sheesh.

WARNINGS: No like-y the slash no read-y this fic. Very mild cursing.. Suicide attempt mentioned.

Zack loved being on stage. Surrounded by all the screaming fans and his friends. The rush he got when he played and everyone screamed was the most amazing, empowering thing. If he had only two things to live for, this would one of them.

The other thing was Freddy. One of the reasons why he loved being on stage so much was because he always knew Freddy was behind him. School of Rock would be nothing without Freddy. Without Freddy, there would be no Zack, because Zack would follow him anywhere.

They had been dating almost four years now, and everyday Zack fell deeper in love with the drummer. No one thought it was strange when they admitted that they were together. Zack distinctly remembered Freddy's hand in his, reassuring him as they told everyone. Katie had been the first to smile.

"It was bound to happen, you know." She had said. "You are almost never apart, and it's not like we didn't notice all those eyes between you at lunch." Freddy had laughed and turned a violent red. They had been accepted. Everyone wished them well and had helped their case when they told their parents.

Zack's father hadn't been happy to say the least, forbidding him to see Freddy ever again. Freddy had come to the rescue, pulling him out of his room and storming out, to his house. Zack smiled remembering. Freddy was like his knight in shining armor.

In the end, he always was. Even after they had "broken up" Freddy had saved Zack's life. They had been in a fight and Zack had tried to commit suicide, but still Freddy found him and stayed with him until he had woken up. They had been together ever since, playing shows, hanging with their friends.

Visiting Zack's parents. Sure, they were divorced, but they had both eventually accepted his chosen sexuality and gave them their full support.. Even Mr. Mooneyham, which was a huge relied for Zack and Freddy both. Cutting themselves from an entire side of a family had not been their plan.

Zack grinned as he took Freddy's hand and bowed dramatically. It was a signature SOR thing that sated a year ago when they played their last show. He moved to walk of stage, but Freddy caught his arm.

Katie smiled a knowing smile and handed Freddy her mic. Zack looked at him confused. He just smiled in response. Katie grinned again and stood behind them with the rest of the band

Freddy locked eyes with Zack and got down on one knee. Zack gasped very quietly. The crowd all quieted down as Freddy's voice rang out over them.

"Zack," He began, "You are the most gorgeous, amazing person I have ever met.I mean it" he said when Zack blushed deep red. "I never thought I would ever end up dating my best friend, lead guitarist of School of Rock, Zack Mooneyham. But, I'm glad as hell I did." He paused and took a shuddering breath. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a square black box." Zack Mooneyham, you are the love of my life, and I want to spend every fucking day with you." He opened the box and looked up hopefully. "Zack, will you marry me?"

Surrounded by the crowd and his friends he felt that rush that only Freddy could ever give him. He smiled and took his lovers hand.

"Yes," Zack gasped. "I love you and, yes!" The crowd erupted in cheers so loud he was afraid something would fall from the ceiling. Freddy stood and kissed him fiercely on the lips in front of all those people. And they didn't care.

If at all possible, everyone got louder. Zack felt safe, standing there in Freddy's arms. Freddy slipped the ring on his finger and smiled, kissing him once more.

"I love you." He whispered quietly in Zack's ear. It was a miracle Zack heard.

"I love you too." He whispered back. Freddy was his for ever.

They were together forever.

Zack screamed in joy. He really was the happiest person in the world at that moment.

It was strange; they went from hospital walls and rejection to proposals and acceptance. It's funny how things could work out sometimes.