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"Bella would you hurry up, you don't want to be late on your first day" Rosalie said in her mocking voice.

"You know this is so not fair. I went to school last time. It is your turn."

"Yes well you only had to go for a couple months last time, when the time before that I had to go for over a year so your turn is not up yet. Now put this shirt on, it goes better with your hair."

"Thanks" I snatched the shirt from her hands and switched it with the gray sweater I was wearing. Rosalie just rolled her eyes at me, and walked out of my room. It really was not fair. It was not my fault Jasper had slipped up again.

It had been hard at first; the three of us had felt lost, not knowing what to do next. Alice had had the vision to late. Jasper, Rosalie and I had run leaving the rest of our family behind. We had been searching for them for the last 27 years but to no avail. It was hard looking for them when we were trying to stay hidden ourselves, but we left clues for them when ever we left a location. Just incase they were still alive, and looking for us.

"Bella come on, you are going to be late." Rosalie called down the hall. She was just loving it that I had to go to school and she got to stay at home.

"I am going I am going." I called back. I walked into the living room and saw Jasper flipping threw some papers. "Find anything you can use?" I asked him.

"Nope this guy would be screwed if I could not, what do you call it Bella, oh yes dazzle the jury." He said giving me his warm smile.

"Well it is good then that he has you as his lawyer." I told him, while grabbing my notebooks that I would end up doodling all over. I had done my senior year in high school 11 times. I don't think this school could throw anything new at me.

"I am sorry that you have to go Bella, you really should not have to start all over again." His voice was filled with remorse, but I knew it had nothing to do with me having to start my senior year again.

"Jazz, stop being so hard on yourself, she looked a lot like Alice. This is not easy on any of us." I scolded him. I would not let him put himself in this mood again; it only made things harder for all of us. "Now wish me luck at my first day at Astoria Senior High School" I said in my cheeriest voice. I tried to make myself as happy as possible trying to rub my emotions off on Jasper.

"Good luck and get going" Rose said coming into the room and playfully pushing me out the door. I stuck my tong out at her and she gave me one last shove.

"Love you to Rosalie" I called back over my shoulder. I climbed into the silver Volvo that Rosalie and Jasper had got me for Christmas last year. It was not the same year as Edward's and it had been used, but after Rosalie had got done fixing it up it ran great and was almost exactly like Edward's.

I drove down the quite streets towards my new school. We had chosen to move to Astoria for a couple reasons. It was close to a national park so there were plenty of animals to hunt, it always seemed to rain in Astoria, and even when it was not raining there were still always clouds, but most importantly it was only a state away from Forks. We were planning on making monthly trips up there to see if our family had come back. This was the first time in 27 years we were brave enough to go back.

I pulled into the already full parking lot. "Crap" I said aloud, Rosalie was right, I was late. I finally found a parking spot; I jumped out of my Volvo and ran at human speed into the door that looked like it would lead me to the office. There was an elderly women sitting behind the desk. When she looked at me I saw the awe in her face.

I still could not get use to people looking at me like this. I knew I had the perfect pale skin and ocher colored eyes like my brother and sister. My hair had that perfect shine that hair models coveted and I had a killer body. A man had actually been brave enough to approach me and Rosalie once, at the mall, asking if we would like to model. It had happened right after I had been turned so I had broken down in hysterics. Rosalie had just glared at him and pulled me out of the store.

"Hi my name is Bella Hale; I just transferred here from Michigan." I told the elderly lady.

"Oh yes dear, your cousin called in a day or so ago telling me you would be starting. I have all of your paper work somewhere" She told me, as she clumsily shuffled some papers around, "Oh yes here you go, now our school is known for being quite progressive so I hope you are not behind"

"I really hope not" I could not help with the sarcasm; I don't think there was anything that this school could teach me. I took the papers from the old lady flashing her a smile that drew her in, and turned and walked out the door. I looked down at the schedule she had given me, great I thought. I had English first hour followed by US history, Spanish, Trig, Lunch, Chemistry followed by my favorite, gym. I grumbled at that last one. I really did hate gym; I think it was created to torture me.

I studied the map the lady had given me and walked up the stairs to the second floor and to the second door on the left. Well here goes nothing I thought to myself as I opened the door and walked in. "Hello I am Bella Hale, I just transferred here. Sorry that I am late." I gave the 50ish looking man a sweet smile. I heard his heart stutter at my smile, I laughed a little to myself.

The man finally regained control of himself. "Yes, well my name is Mr. Henry; here are your books for the reading material. You can have the seat there in the back."

I took the books that he handed me and made my way to my seat. Before I had even sat down a boy with bright red hair turned to me. "Hi my name is Stephen, welcome to Astoria High"

"Ah thanks" I really did not want to make friends, it was not worth it. They would end up being scared of me and not knowing why. Plus even the ones that did not end up totally freaked by me and wanted to be my friends always got confused by my secrecy and, plus we moved to much to make any real connections.

"So you are Bella Hale?"


"Your cousin is the one that just started the new Law practice in town right?"

"That is the one." Did this kid just not get that I wanted to talk to him.

"So why are you living with your cousin"

"Cousins" I corrected him "My parents died a couple years ago so my cousins Jasper and Rosalie took me in." Might as well start spreading our cover story as soon as possible I thought. It would create fewer questions later.

"Oh sorry" he said. I thought he had given up but after a short pause he turned back to me. "So if you want, I could show you around town. Introduce you to some people; show you the local hang out spots."

Oh man this boy was going to be a little harder then I thought. I turned my entire attention on him, I gave his a long glare, and I knew my eyes had gone a few shades darker. "Thanks but no thanks" I said it in my most threatening voice. Stephen fell backwards of his chair from my look. Kids turned around a started at him in wonderment.

"Stephen is there a problem" Mr. Henry asked.

"No, I just um I just ah slipped sorry" Stephen's face had turned just as red as his hair and I had trouble suppressing a laugh. I looked down at the books that the teacher had given me. I let out a low grow I hope no one heard when I noticed the book Eternity. Well I better get an A on this book report, I thought to myself, given that I had written it.

"How was school?" Jasper asked me as I walked up the driveway to our house. He was showing a client out when I drove up.

"Oh just great, I love high school" I told him rolling my eyes. "I have to write a report on the book Eternity, yep the one I wrote, and I also have to do a report on the civil war, so I am thinking you can do that for me." I gave him a quick cynical smile.

"Sure, what ever you want, but I will have to do it later. We are heading up to Forks tonight to see if there are any clues."

So I was having major writers block with my other stories and I was standing in line for coffee this morning when this plot came to me. Now I know it is a little confusing right now, but that is the way I want it. I will clear it up in the next couple chapter. So if you want to know what is going on Review and fast because I will update faster that way.