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1 year ago

"My friends got a girlfriend and he hates that bitch"

"Cass do you mind not singing at the moment" I asked in exasperation to the punky looking red head sitting next to me in the big black Escalade.

"Well what is your problem?" Asked said red head.

"Nothing Cass, you have just been singing that same song for the past 3 hour's non-stop. I would kind of like to concentrate and focus on the task at hand." I told her with a pointed look, gaining only a humph from her but at least she stopped singing after that.

I looked at Rosalie in the front seat and caught her eye in the mirror. She was giving me a look that said, "This is why we work alone". I really could not disagree with her. Us Hale's worked best when it was just the three of us, but this was a big assignment and we could use all the help we could get.

It was only a few weeks after our run in with the Rowlands that we had encountered another coven of sorts. They called themselves the Irutlov or the Volturi backwards. They were a group that had started a few years back to bring down the Volturi, or at least the evils that they inflicted. David was a peace and love vampire that had been turned back in the 60's and had never lost his hippie ways. David loved all except the Volturi, and had vowed to revolt and bring down their tyranny. Over the years he had contacted other vampires that felt the same ways as him and recruited them to his cause.

The three of us had been skeptical of David when we had first met him, but then he had told Jasper that he could write all of the wrongs that he had done on behalf of the Volturi, and Jasper had jumped at the chance and accepted for us before Rose or I could respond. I still do not know the extent of Jasper's dead with the Rowlands had been, but I think I have a good idea now.

The Irutlov consisted of close to a hundred vampires now. We did not all live in one place like the Volturi; we did not collect others with gifts like them, bust most importantly we were not a monarchy like the Volturi. David had assumed the position of leadership but in all actuality we were a democracy. One vampire was chosen from each individual coven to represent their family. No major mission or decision was ever executed without a majority. We protected those that were members fiercely. Rose often joked that we were like a little street gang that tried to act like the United Nations.

Jasper had shown his true leadership skills in teaching Irutlov members the art of fighting and war. We had spent countless time perfecting our skills in combat and honing our gifts to our advantage. I could now send one or many flying across a room or field; a very helpful gift in my point of view. Rosalie had also proven to be a very deadly fighter. When she fought it was like watching a dancer float across a stage taking turns with different partners, to only watch them fall when she moved on to her next.

Hence for these reasons I was sitting in a black Escalade with my siblings, a dark and brooding young man named Lyth, and annoying little Cass. We were on a rescue mission. Two members of the Irutlov had been taken by the Volturi. I had never met these two vampires but it did not matter, they were one of use. They apparently had gifts that the Volturi wanted; and the Volturi were holding them in a well guarded area in Mexico until they could figure out a way to transport them the Italy.

"Let us go over this one more time" Jasper said in a low but commanding tone. "Cass, you will come in from the West and freeze the guards on those walls. Once you have them froze, wait until 2:36 until you set them on fire."

"Yes sir!" bubbled Cass.

"Lyth, you will come in from the south and take out those guards. At the same time as Cass you will light the fires." The only response that Lyth had heard Jasper was a scowl that Lyth gave.

"I will take the East side" Jasper continued, "And Rose and Bella; you go in through the entrance. Remember don't worry about starting fires, it will only cost us precious time."

"I think we know the plan Jasper" Rosalie said a bit impatiently, but Jasper continued on as if he did not hear her.

"Has every one set their watches to the exact time?"

"Yes Jasper we have, and everything will be fine. Don't worry about us, we have done this before." I said trying to calm him out of commander mode. Jasper was never like this except when we were going in for a fight.

Jasper gave me a slight smile in the rearview mirror that I reciprocated. We pulled off onto a dirt road in the jungle and exited the car.

"Now could we be quick about this, I have a Junior English test tomorrow that I really don't want to miss." I said with a smirk, causing Jasper to laugh and Rosalie to give me a shove.

"I really don't understand you guys" Cass squeaked.

"Call us crazy but we like to keep up appearances for the human world. We like to have a bit of a life outside of being an Irutlov member." Rose snapped back. Rosalie left on the biggest reason though. Spending time in the human world made us remember our lives with our loved one; along with the hope that they may find us that way.

"Let's go" Jasper commanded, and we all set out in our different directions.

Rosalie and I ran to our point, and waited at our designated area and waited. I looked down at my watch "it's almost time" I whispered more to myself then Rosalie. I felt Rose give my hand a quick squeeze of reassurance. I was thankful to have here with me.

How had my life come to this point? I had only wanted to spend my life with Edward. The two of us just spending our time wrapped up in our love. The Volturi had stolen that from me, and my siblings. They had tricked Jasper into performing deeds that he could not fully forgive himself for, no matter how much Rose and I tried to convince him that it was not his fault.

We were writing those wrongs now; we were extracting our revenge, and saving others from a fate like ours. We had dismantled many of the facilities and programs that the Rowlands had set up in name of the Volturi.

"Let's go" Rosalie whispered in my ear.

We set out at a fast run, approaching the entrance to our members' prison within seconds. I sent two guards flying across the clearing into the door, smashing it open. Rosalie slipped her way up to two other guards ripping them apart before they had time to react. We both rushed through the now splintered door as we saw the fires start from our companions. Rose and I each took a guard before they had time to realize what was happening. We found the two prisoners within moments.

"Let's go. The guards are down, but we don't have much time before reinforcement comes."

"Thanks god" one of the prisoners muttered before the four of us took off running out of their cage.

We all met back at the SUV at the same time like planned. "How did it go" Jasper asked?

"Perfect" was Rosalie's answer. She was thinking the same thing as I was. That could be us if they ever got their hands on us. Even worse, it could be the ones we love.

Jasper could sense our emotions and sent a wave of calm and peace our way. I gave him a smile of thanks. "Well Bella, I think we will get you back in time for that big test of yours."

"Are you nervous?" Rosalie joked, as we drove down the road back towards home.

"Not as nervous as I am sure Jasper is about his court case tomorrow." I joked back. We all knew that he would win. But there was always the chance something would go wrong; one of the witnesses looked a lot like Alice.

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