Hi, its missick93! Um, there's only like, 3 stories on here about Katsuya Honda, and I thought maybe I could change that. I love Katsuya, and there's so mush you don't know about him (though admittedly I've only read up to volume 16. I don't know what else you learn about him. Well, I just thought I should warn you that while on the whole, my stories are mostly comedies, this one is not (well, at least its not supposed to be. If you laugh, it's probably due to bad writing if anything). Oh, and I made up most of names, because I don't think they ever really mention the names of his sister and stuff (and if they do, so sorry!) They're just random too.

My conscience: Stop stalling! It's annoying.

Ok. Here goes nothing!

The day was dreary. A boy sat at his desk, coloring, but his mind was somewhere else. It's hard to keep your mind focused on dreary days and he sorely wished he could be outside playing. Sighing, a picked up another crayon lazily and began to shade in the cat he was drawing.

"Katsuya!" a voice snapped from the hallway. "Sit up straight!"

"Yes papa," he replied, hastily changing his posture. The man's feature's softened slightly but his voice remained sharp.

"Katsuya, I'm going to a very important meeting, and I trust you to watch your sister, is that clear?"

"Yes papa," he said, nodding. His father nodded curtly.

"Good. I'll be picking up you're mother from work, so I expect I'll be home in about 45 minutes."

"Yes papa." With another brief nod, Katsuya's father strode out the door. He sighed, collected his crayons, and moved into the room of his two year old sister. Though they were only 4 years apart in age, Katsuya, being more responsible then most children his age, was often expected to watch his sister. Being a teacher meant his father was very busy, and entrusted him with the task from almost the day the child was brought home. And what father says is law, thought Katsuya to himself.

His father was a strict man, maybe even cold, but Katsuya looked up to him. He was a natural leader, with an air of confidence about his person and a voice to match. Even his slight bald patch could be intimidating at times, though it was hard to say why. He was the kind of man everyone admired. Katsuya wanted to be just like him when he grew up. And right now, that means doing what papa says thought Katsuya proudly, and turned his attention to his charge.

"Hey Maki!" he said. She giggled.

"Hi!" Katsuya scooted over to where she was sitting playing with her blocks.

"Whatcha doing?" Maki gestured at the colorful blocks.

"Aminals!" she squealed. He looked at the blocks, each depicting a different animal.

"You like animals?" he asked her, smiling. "What's this one?" He put his arm to his nose like a trunk and made a big, blowing sound. She giggled.

"Ephant!" she cried. He laughed.

"Good! How about this one?" He got on all fours and mewed. Maki laughed even harder.

"Kitty tat!" He nodded and began to hop around like a monkey. "What am I now?" He made monkey noises.

"Uh oh." Katsuya slowed.

"Maki, what's the matter?" He quickly swung around. There in the doorway stood his father. His face was red with anger.

"What do you think you're doing?" he snarled.

"Papa, I…"

"Running around on all fours like some hooligan! It's inexcusable!"

"But Papa, its-" He was interrupted again.

"I am speaking, young man! No son of mine will be hopping around on the ground like a caveman! We are intelligent beings!" Katsuya felt tears form in his eyes. He had never felt so humiliated. All he was doing was trying to make Maki laugh.

"Papa, I was just playing with Maki," he said in a choked voice. His father stiffened.

"Stop that sniffling at once. Young men don't cry. Now go to your room, until you're ready to act like an adult." Slowly, Katsuya stood up and walked back into his room. His eyes burned, but he held back the tears.

Papa says don't cry.

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