So, here's the conclusion. Sorry about the insanely sad/dramatic last chapter. If it makes you feel any better, I cried writing it. That is so incredibly lame. To the max.

"I said she looks good in orange, so orange!"

"Blue!" Yuki and Kyo Sohma glared at each other in the bathing suit shop, while a nervous Tohru and an annoyed Arisa observed.

"Pink…"came a soft voice from nowhere. Yuki and Kyo spun around, unnerved. It was Saki, clad in her usual black appearance. "Pink for Tohru-kun. Pink is best." She looked at the boys. "What other color would look as good on her? No, definitely pink." Arisa nodded.

"You're right. Pink is good for Tohru." Both boys glared.

"If you've already decided, don't ask!" Kyo snapped.

"What's your problem?" asked Arisa. "I was just asking you're opinion." She looked thoughtful. "'Pink for Tohru'. That's what Kyoko-san would say. She was the red butterfly, so she's red. Her dad was simple, so he's white. Put them together, you get pink for Tohru!" She grinned. Yuki, replied, but Kyo wasn't really listening. He was remembering something Kyoko had told him, a long time ago.

He could be distant, even cold sometimes, Kyoko had said.

Cold as snow. White as snow. The thought came randomly to Kyo's head, but it seemed to fit. Katsuya Honda was white as snow.

"…A present?!" Kyo snapped back to life. Tohru had obviously found out about her gift.

"It's but a small token of our gratitude," said Saki, smiling. Tohru protested.

"It's okay, just take it," snapped Kyo. Yes, they were right. Red for Kyoko, the warrior. White for Katsuya, the snow. Pink for Tohru, who was just the right combination of both. And, shaking the unbidden thought from his head, Kyo went to catch up with the others.