Walkerville, United States of America: 1996

On a quiet street in the town of Walkerville, two children were walking home from school at Walkerville Elementary. One was a tall, African-American boy wearing a green sweater and blue jeans. His name was Tim. The other, a shorter girl, whose blond pigtails stood out against her purple sweater, was named Dorothy Ann.

"So, Tim," asked Dorothy Ann (or D.A., as she was commonly called) as she adjusted the backpack on her shoulders, "did you finish the assignment in Science? You know, the one on symbiosis?"

"Yup," answered Tim as he glanced at his friend. "Ms. Frizzle sure is a great teacher, isn't she?" He paused. "You know, sometimes I wonder where she got the magic school bus from. I mean, it's not something you can just go out and buy, is it?"

"Yeah," agreed D.A. "It's almost as if she's not from this planet, but that's ridiculous! I mean, there's no such thing as aliens. Right?"

Tim frowned. "Don't be so sure there aren't," he reminded Dorothy. "Anything's possible if you think hard enough about it. Anyways, I should be going. Mom's cooking dinner, and it's spaghetti night."

"Yes, Tim, but according to my research--" Dorothy Ann was cut off by a tall man with brown hair in a long brown trenchcoat bumping into the two students.

"Oh, hello," he said quickly, in a polished British accent. "Erm, sorry about that. I was just wondering if you knew the way to Walkerville Elementary?"

Tim spoke up first. Although he had been warned never to talk to strangers, there was something about this man that made him instantly likeable.

"Uh, sure," the boy said with a smile. "Just go down Cleveland Road and turn left onto Autumn Drive. You can't miss it."

"Good. Thanks." Then the man was gone, already heading behind a nearby house. D.A. frowned.

"Um, mister," she asked, "should you really be going on those peoples' lawn? It's trespassing, you know."

"Not if it's my own house," he called from the backyard. D.A. was stupefied.

"But how can it be your own house?" she asked, a puzzled look on her face. "That's the Smiths' house! They've owned that house for ten years now!"

"I know," curtly replied the man from the backyard. Then there was a glowing blue light and a loud sound from behind the Smiths' house. When it ceased, Tim began to run towards the back of the house.

"DON'T!" Dorothy exclaimed as she restrained him with an arm. "We'd be trespassing, too!"

"Yeah," said Tim, "but I want to find out what that noise was. Don't you?"

Dorothy Ann sighed and followed Tim to the backyard, muttering under her breath as she did so. Once the two children got there, however, they were struck dumb with what they saw.

The mysterious man stepped into a tall, blue box that said "POLICE BOX" on it and promptly faded away.

"D.A..?" Tim turned to her friend after the box disappeared.

"Yes?" answered Dorothy

"You know what you said about aliens?"


"I think we just saw one."


The man stood at the circular console of the blue box, which was called a TARDIS, standing for Time and Relative Dimension In Space. One of the odd things about the man's TARDIS was that it was far larger on the inside than it was the outside, so the control room of the TARDIS was a large, amber-hued room with strangely organic columns twisting everywhere and the outside was, well, a box.

Right now, the man's attention was focused on a screen on the console that showed a map of Walkerville and a single green dot pulsing in Walkerville Elementary.

"So that's where she is," he said, half-smiling. "Such a small, insignificant town. Who'd have thought?"

The Doctor started up the TARDIS. Next stop, Walkerville Elementary.