You know you are obsessed with Prince of Tennis when..

A fanfic by KunoichiofKonoha!

No commentary for this one. Suggestions welcome!

You know you are obsessed with prince of tennis when…

You can name, not only the names of every member of every teams, but their birthdays, signature moves, etc

You find yourself muttering Mada Mada Dane at random people

You find yourself planning the next nine haloweens (going as each member of Seigaku, of course!)

You yell "Don't let your guard down!" at jaywalkers

You begin to say 'Nya' at the end of every sentence

Hamburgers suddenly appeal to you

Along with Himalayan cats

You suddenly have an urge to buy thick rimmed glasses just to look cool

You find yourself flipping your hair excessively

You stay up all night watching episodes online , to 'see what happens next'.

Mmk. Just wanted to write for some reason.

Enjoy my random drabble of total crack!