Once again, I humbly come before you and lay a part of my soul bare for your inspection. I've always wanted to just write a story where Voldy and Harry get together and make babies! But I've been focusing on my Real life, so this will be slow going. Enjoy and pelase, tell me what I'm doing wrong.

This is for Hopetess, who made me look at this story again!

Ch 4.

They appeared in the middle of a beach, surrounded with people. Surprisingly they were payed no mind. Voldemort conjured a large towel for them to lay on and some shorts for them to play in. He hand Harry went to the rest rooms and changed.

When they emerged it was in a sight to behold. Voldemort was wearing a pair of red boy shorts. Even with the looseness of them he was still stretching the fabric out with his length. Harry was in a pair of Black Speedo's which cradled his sex and showed it off at the same time.

"You look amazing." Voldemort said.

"So do you. Uh, what do I call you? In public I mean?"

"You can call me Tom." Harry blushed and linked arms with Tom.

"Alright. Let's get this road on the show." Harry laughed, drawing attention to them.

The day was spent lounging in the sun, Voldemort, and playing in the ocean, building sand castles and eating hotdogs, Harry. At eleven pm Voldemort apparated he and Harry back to Slytherin Castle, where he and Harry shared another sensual bath before snuggling between the sheets.

"I had a wonderful time today." Harry said, kissing Voldemort. "It was the best birthday ever."

"So happy to oblige." they fell asleep with smiles upon their faces.

August first found an eager Harry Potter and a calm Dark Lord walking through the Ministry, hooded. They were searched and found to be unarmed, a situation Voldemort was going to remedy for Harry.

After an hour of a lot of bureaucratic red tape they were ushered into the veil room. Harry set up the things they would need; a sample of Sirius's DNA; which Harry had from a hair brush he had gotten from Snape. His heir, which was Harry. And his greatest foe, which was Snape, who waltzed in irritated. Not only was he going to bring Black back from behind the veil Dumbledore was going to grill him about it for hours.

Harry stood to one side of the veil, Snape to the other and Voldemort in the centre. Voldemort pulled a clump of Sirius's hair from the brush and tossed it into the veil. Snape and Harry stuck their hands into the fluttering curtains and waited.

A strong hand grabbed both of theirs and they pulled with all of their might. A naked, but healthy, Sirius fell from the veil and curled up on the ground. Harry cautiously approached him.

"Siri? Are you ok?" Sirius coughed.

"Yeah, but a certain werewolf is going to pay severely." Harry flung his arms around Sirius and cried into his neck.

"Shh, Harry, don't cry. I'm here now, I'll take care of you." Voldemort picked Harry up and Snape handed Black clothes.

"I guess I owe both you my thanks." Sirius said as he got dressed. "I believe that you have my godsons best interests at heart, so I'm not going to work against you. But if you hurt him, I'll murder you in your sleep."

"I'll never hurt my Harry."

"Good. Shall we go and declare me alive." Harry latched onto his side as they left the veil room and walked through the corridors.

Without preamble they walked into the minister's office. Fudge jumped up and opened his mouth to ream them out, but was silenced by the Dark looks thrown his way by the four Dark haired men.

"I need two people declared alive." Voldemort said sitting down at Fudge's desk.

"Who?" Fudge whispered, sitting down heavily.

"Sirius Orion Black and Harry James Potter. I believe that you have reports of Sirius falling through the veil last year, and reports of Harry Potter dying in June."

"Yes, Dumbledore Fire-called me an hour after Mr. Potter's supposed Death."

"I used a Dark ritual to bring him back. He has just fetched Sirius Black from beyond the veil."

"Uh, very well. The paper's will be filed within the hour."

"Before you do I'd like to change my name." everyone looked at him in astonishment.

"I want to be known as Harrison James Evans Black Potter." Sirius squeezed him harder.
"Thank you Harry."

"My parents made you my guardian for a reason. It's only right that I take your name."
Fudge himself wrote out the orders and they were rushed off and filed. Thirty minutes later two ID's popped onto his desk.

"Here you are. Harrison James Evans Black Potter, and Sirius Orion, Lord Black." Harry hugged Sirius tightly.

"You should also prepare to have declarations for Lily and James Potter. Harry will be beseeching the goddess."

"Of course. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Harry stepped forward.

"Actually, yes. I want Albus Dumbledore barred from direct contact with me."


"He sold me to Voldemort. While I'm not mad about that anymore, I hate the fact that he sold me without my consent."

"That, is why the war has ended? He only told me he had a solution. If I had have known I would have owled you!" Fudge declared.

"Thank you. I will return with my parents within the week." Harry said, a warm feeling settling in his chest. He turned and found Tom staring at him, pride in his eye. Harry hugged Tom close and the four of them used Fudge's Fire to floo away.

Tom sent Sirius off to bed so that he could rest and ordered Severus to return to the old goat. Taking Harry's hand Voldemort led him back to their room.. He slowly stripped Harry, then himself, and put them to bed. Harry turned to face him and curled up at his side. Tom wrapped his arms around him and kissed his forehead.

"Tomorrow we set up the chamber for the ritual. After that you will need to study the book for the correct procedure. I cannot help you once it begins."

"Alright. Will my parents come out ok?"

"It'll be like they never died. Rest up, you have a long day tomorrow." he and Harry fell
silent and drifted off to a peaceful sleep, watched over by Lily and James Potter.

Harry lay dozing on the couch in front of the fireplace. He had spent the entire day pouring his Blood, sweat, and Magic into the chamber. Preparing it for the ritual. Afterwards he had come back to the room and read up on the ritual procedure before falling asleep.

He slept all night and was awoken by Tom raining kisses all over his face. "Time to wake up. You need to purify yourself before the ritual." Tom picked him up and carried him to the bath.

It was filled with rose petals. Harry was stripped and dropped in. He came wake instantly, and threw a dirty glare at Tom.

"You could have warned me."

"Where's the fun in that?" Tom got down and washed every inch of Harry before pulling him out and drying him off. Instead of clothes he got Harry an open robe and draped it around him.

He summoned the purification oil and anointed Harry with it. After he had sufficiently covered Harry in the oil he placed a loin cloth around his waist.

Harry was then led down to the chamber, where he was locked in.

Harry took off the robe and sat in the centre of the room. He began chanting in another language, pleading with the goddess to hear his pleas. The room filled with a golden glow and Harry started to sing Il Dolce Suono, from Lucia Di Lammermoor. His beautiful voice was his offering to the goddess. Another voice joined his as he repeated Il Dolce Suono. They switched to a softer song, the words unintelligible, but beautiful none the less.

At the end the goddess embraced Harry and whispered into his ear.

"One so pure as you deserves to be happy. Throughout your entire Life fate has screwed you, I am here to give you some happiness."

She waved her hand and two people appeared. "You have done well. Never forget that you have the favour of the gods." the goddess kissed both his cheeks and then his forehead before disappearing in a flash of light.

Lily and James Potter approached Harry. Lily was barefoot in a pair of stone washed jeans and a tight white t-shirt. James was in an open flannel night shirt and boxer shorts.

"Dad!" Harry said, flinging himself into his father's arms. His head was kissed before he was passed on to Lily, where he broke down and they cried together.

The door opened Sirius rushed in, grabbed James and danced around the room with him. Lily broke away from Harry and went and hugged Sirius too. Voldemort hugged Harry from behind, and when Harry fainted from exhaustion, he scooped him up, bridal style and carried him to bed.

Two days passed and Harry was still unconscious. Lily and James had gone to the minister and been declared alive and were now holding civil conversation. Well, Tom, Sirius and James were, Lily was gently stroking the hair from her sons face. She began to sing and the men stopped to listen; what came from her mouth was the loveliest sound they had heard, except from Harry.

Harry's mouth opened and his voice joined to hers. Amazingly, he was still asleep. When they finished Lily shook her son awake.

"Wake up darling. Mums here for you." Harry sat bolt upright and flung him arms around his parents.

They were sitting down to lunch when Severus came running in with the daily prophet clenched in his hands.

"My Lord!" he handed Tom the paper. Tom opened it, read it and frowned.. He handed the paper to Harry who read it out loud.


Two months ago, in June of this year, Harry Potter was reported dead. Apparently, in a bid to end the war we found ourselves in, Albus Dumbledore apparently sold Mr. Harry Potter to the Dark Lord you-know-who, who stole Mr. Potter's soul. A month after that at four hours past midnight on July thirty first, a huge Magical surge was felt throughout the wizarding world. It appears that you-know-who used the same rebirth ritual he used, to bring Mr. Potter back to Life. Merely days after this, Mr. Potter and you-know-who were seen at the Ministry with Professor Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts. They left with escaped murderer Sirius Black, and went to see the minister. Barely an hour after this they left and records were filed that Sirius, Lord Black was innocent and alive.
This wasn't so shocking, as people who have fallen beyond the veil and are innocent can be retrieved. To top it all off, two days after freeing his godfather from the veil, Mr. Potter was the focus in a ritual to invoke the goddess herself. It seems to have worked because Lily and James Potter apparated to the Ministry to retrieve their new identification, and to have all of their possessions put back in their control. They were accompanied by Sirius Black to Gringotts where their titles were returned to them. The Lord and Lady Potter, and Lord Black appear to be alive and well, the daily prophet sends their congratulations to Harry Potter on having his family complete.
Rita Skeeter
Special Correspondent'

"Well, looks like it saves us the trouble of announcing our return." James joked. Harry put the paper down and sighed.

"I know what's coming next."


"Howlers. I haven't received any from the Weasley's and I think I'm due some. I'm also due some howlers from people I don't know for being alive due to a Dark ritual."

"Actually, you did receive some. I listened to them and returned in kind. Maybe a little hex." Tom said, smirking.

Harry laughed, and it was once again like bells. When Harry calmed down and looked around he found Sirius, James and Severus talking quietly in the corner.

"Tom, did you ever meet with the Death Eater's?"

"Shit. I forgot. I might as well. Where will you be?"

"I'll be getting to know my parents more. Maybe a trip into Diagon Alley, they need new clothes."

"As do you." Tom conjured a piece of paper and scribbled down an address. "I hope you don't mind, it's in Knockturn Alley."

"I've always wanted to see what was down there."

"Also, I would advise you on getting a new wand. There is a wand maker three stores down from Franko, the tailor."

"Alright." Harry gave him a quick but needy kiss. "I'll see you tonight." Lily and Harry stood and went over to where James and Sirius were hugging Severus.

"Man, where is a camera when you need it." Harry said, stamping his foot childishly. The three men broke apart and Severus walked over to Harry. Without a word he scooped Harry up in a hug.

"Please forgive me. I was a fool to treat you in such a way."

"It's alright. I apologize too, you didn't deserve the way I treated you." they broke apart and Snape hugged Lily before leaving the dining hall.

"Tom says I need new clothes. He gave me the name of his tailor and told me a wand shop is just down the block from him."

"Excellent. I think we all need new clothes. First stop, Gringotts!" Sirius said, his playful nature shining through.

"I'll catch you up." Harry said and the three adults apparated away. Harry turned in the direction that Tom was sitting in. "Tom." Tom looked up, Harry blew him a kiss and apparated out.