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Warnings: Ummm...slash I believe. Maybe mature themes.

Author's Notes: haha...um...no plot, pure fluff. :B

A slight whisper of sheets filled the almost quiet dorm room.

A stout boy snored like a freight train in the corner, sprawled in his sheets.

In the bed next to his a mop of black hair poked out from under a scarlet bedspread, breathing deeply.

Across the room, yet another boy was sprawled out in his blankets his light, mousey brown hair was sticking up in ways that in waking, the boy would have never allowed. But there was something obviously troubling the boy as he slept. His face was contorted in an expression of fear, and his hands groped at his twisted sheets.

A shadow cast over his bed and another boy sat on the edge of the mattress, drawing the drapes in case any of his roommates should wake. He leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to the smaller boy's forehead

"Hush Remy…"

Remus stirred a bit and his features relaxed, Sirius smiled and laid down next to his friend turned lover.

Remus stirred again and turned, facing Sirius. The smaller boy smiled and cuddled closer


"You were having another nightmare Remy…"

Remus frowned and burrowed his face in Sirius' chest

"I know…"

"Was it about--?" Sirius started, but the look or Remus' face soon stopped him. The subject of Remus' lycanthropy was something not even Sirius could talk to him about.

Remus was only a small child when it happened, but the memories still seemed to be as fresh as if it had happened yesterday. Sirius had his share of bad memories turned nightmares also…but he still wished the smaller boy would confide in him…

It broke his heart every time Remus turned, and he desperately wanted to find some hope for him.

Remus looked up at Sirius and blinked

"What're you thinking about…?"

The black-haired boy looked down and sighed


Remus blinked and perked his head a little


Sirius sighed and ran his fingers through Remus' silky hair

"I wish I could help you Remy…"

Remus frowned

"You do…"

"How?? I feel so helpless about…" Sirius paused and Remus put a finger to his lips

"Siri…you help me just by being here…" Remus glanced down "Do you know how hard it would be to live with this…without you being here?" He paused again and looked back up "Siri…I love you."

Sirius' eyes widened and he started to respond

"I KNEW IT" a voice shouted, Sirius paused and peeked out of the drapes, James stood there with a triumphant look on his face

Sirius stared at him and James blinked

"I um…I'll just be going now."

Reviiiiiiew? Pweese?