Me: First of the four drabbles, a cute fluffy idea that popped into my head that a I couldn't make into a full one-shot.

Every morning, Riza wondered sometimes why Edward sometimes bothered getting out of bed so early.

Because Edward Elric, although frequently grumpy during the day, was especially cranky in the mornings, especially after just having rolled out of bed.

Blond hair mussed and rumbled, sleeping pants wrinkled and eyes large and unfocused, the alchemist would sit on the edge of bed in a daze while Riza would pad around the bedroom, awake and alert.

The lieutenant greeted him with a "good morning" while picking out her uniform from its place in the wardrobe, and was often replied with "what's so good about it?"

Riza's face would twitch in amusement as she watched him stretch and scratch his lower back, which always seemed to itchy in the mornings. This was shortly followed by a small screech of horror when Riza drew back the curtains, allowing sunlight to stream through.

Edward would duck his head forward into his hands and start rubbing his sleepy eyes with grumbles of how 'he wasn't ready for that'.

The blonde woman would apologise, padding around the bed to place a soothing kiss on his temple and murmuring "I'll go and put the coffee on."

The word 'coffee' would manage to coax Edward to lift his head and smile at her dreamily at the thought of much-needed caffeine. "Thanks." He would reply, leaning his head forward and bumping his forehead against hers gently before standing and attempting to remove the hair tie which had once again gotten tangled with his hair during the night.

Riza would sigh and reach out, pulling at the knotted strands of yellow-blond hair gently, easing out the red elastic band and running her fingers through the rest of it. "You should leave your hair down at night, and then you won't get this tangled." She would murmur, showing him the hair tie to emphasise her point.

"Yeah, ok…" Edward would reply, turning around to give her a half-grin, and promising to leave it out that night.

The lieutenant would simply shake her head, knowing that he would forget and she would be too tired to remind him. And as she gathered up her uniform to head for the shower, she wondered how exactly the pair of them managed function fine with little sleep.

Black Hayate would soon be awake after she had left the bedroom and placed her change of clothing in the bathroom, switching on the shower and let the water run and become hot. The black and white dog would dash along the hallway to greet her with an excited bark and skid to a halt, looking up at her hopefully and panting.

Riza would smile warmly at him and follow him into the kitchen, where she would get out two mugs, pour coffee grains in them and switch on the kettle. Idly, she would scratch behind Black Hayate's ears while preparing his breakfast.

A few commands later, the dog would be eating and the lieutenant would head off to take her shower.

Refreshed and clean, Riza would re-enter the kitchen and be greeted by still sleepy-eyed Edward, drinking coffee and half dressed.

Edward would look up at her, bleary eyed, and raise his free hand (normally his auto-mail one) and wave in a silent greeting.

Riza would simply nod with a smile in response and sit down in the spare chair in front of him, another cup of coffee waiting for her.

Alphonse had told her once that this was a habit of Edward's, to get up early despite the fact how long it took him to actually fully awake. The younger Elric had guessed it was because Edward felt guilty about Alphonse being awake and alone all through the night as a suit of armour while Edward slept and so woke early to give his younger brother some company that didn't snore in response (although dazed Edward never gave many intelligent responses either).

Alphonse supposed that it was something that Edward had simply gotten used to as part of a routine of sorts, because he still continued to rise early even though Alphonse was no longer armour.

Edward and Riza would sit there, at the table, in content (or, in Edward's case, sleepy) silence for around twenty minutes as they finished off their morning coffee. Edward would normally finish first, and would sit there in a haze, eyelids drooping as he waited for the caffeine to take effect.

"Maybe you should go back to bed? We don't need to leave for the office for another hour or so." The lieutenant would suggest to him, standing and gathering up their mugs before beginning to wash them in the sink.

"Nah." Edward would reply with a yawn, "I'm fine."

Riza would hear the legs of the chair Edward was sitting on scrape back, and the soft 'pad, clink, pad, clink' of Edward's mismatched steps as he walked up behind her and wound his flesh and metal arms around her waist loosely, resting his chin on her shoulder with a mumble.

The blonde woman would continue washing the coffee cups as normal, her head inclined back slightly. After drying the mugs, she would reach up and squeeze his left hand slightly, and Edward would pull away gently, murmuring more nonsense.

"I'm gonna go take a shower…" He would call drowsily over his shoulder as he left the kitchen for the bathroom, waving his auto-mail hand.

Riza would simply wave her hand once in reply and wait patiently for him to return, hopefully back to full awareness.

Although the lieutenant wasn't quite sure why Edward still bothered waking up so early and didn't try to brake out of the habit, she didn't exactly mind the sleepy holds she got in return, either.

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