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Edward had never appreciated fruit so much before.

He fingered the empty plastic bag that had once held five peaches inside, the fruit now sitting in a small brown ceramic bowl on the kitchen worktop. Black Hayate was nudging his leg where he sat at the kitchen table, possibly hoping for a scratch behind the ears but was being ignored.

Not that the alchemist was aware the dog was there anyway, occupied as he was with what the blonde woman before him was doing.

They'd just been shopping for groceries, and Edward had put them away while fending off a hungry Hayate. Meanwhile, Riza had gone to answer the phone.

It hadn't taken long for Edward to put the few things they bought down at the market into the various cupboards and had sat down at the wooden table to wait for Riza.

She'd come in after a while, plucking a peach from the fruit bowl and leant against the kitchen counter to explain what the phone call was about.

After hearing that it been had mean Mustang, Edward had switched off, not really caring what the smug idiot wanted and becoming far more interested in watching Riza eat the peach she had picked up.

Golden eyes watch the slow trickle of juice that had escaped from the fruit slide over the curve of her wrist and trail slowly down her forearm. She hadn't appeared to have noticed, and took another bite of the peach.

Edward swallowed thickly as he watched a small trail of juice slide down the side of her mouth and along the line of her jaw. He was highly disappointed when she reached up to wipe away the fluid.

Black Hayate had given up trying to get Edward's attention and flopped down on the floor to watch the dazed alchemist with sulky brown eyes.

It was a few minutes after receiving simple nods to her words as she talked that Riza noticed that Edward wasn't paying attention to what she was saying. "Edward?" She questioned, turning and throwing the peach core into the bin at the far side of the kitchen.

The blond haired man blinked and snapped back to reality, staring off at where the peach had landed in the bin with an odd expression on his face. Standing up, he crossed the short space in between himself and Riza and grabbed her arm, holding it gently as he cleaned up the peach juice trail with his tongue.

Riza's eyebrows shot up as he finished, "Edward?" She murmured, voice soft.

He didn't offer an explanation, tugging her to the doorway and down the hallway towards the bedroom, making a mental note to keep the fruit bowl full at all times.

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