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Haruno sakura: hair color: pink

Eye color: jade

Birth date: march 28

Height: 150.1 cm
Weight: 35.9 kg

City: Tokyo

School: Konoha all girls' school, soon Konoha all boys school
Blood Type: O

Favorite food: syrup coated anko dumplings and umeboshi.

Least favorite food: anything that is spicy.

Hobbies: quizzes and memorizing things, and likes to play electric guitar (in fact she has a band with her friends: ino, tenten, hinata, temari) and playing basketball and soccer.


Konichiwa! My name is Haruno Sakura and this is where my adventure begins! I used to go to Konoha all girls school senior year, I'm a big fan of basketball but sadly this year they took our basketball team which my friends loved too. The principal said it was not for girls. All of our friends were really angry, but this year I'm going to Konoha all boys' school. I heard they're basketball team is number 1 one team around here they never lost a game. So I wanted to be in that team! And I'll prove girls can play basketball good as boys!


Today was the first day that Sakura will be going to her/his new school. She had a wig and used a cloth to keep her chest flat. Man was this scary what if they find out that he was a girl? She would be in deep trouble. Sakura fixed his tie, and behind her there were her friends. Waving at her as they all cheered good luck!

Sakura took a step forward and looked at her list.

Haruno Saki (her new name)

Id number: 1033822

Room number 702




Art class




Physical Education



She sighed and took another step and she could see all the boys. They were crazy (to Sakura's point) throwing footballs at each other. Playing on their skateboard, she gently passed through them. Sakura saw where the student's dorm was it was huge. It was much fancier than girls. "Tch, assholes…" she mutters as she eyes the building. Well it wasn't fair to her, when the girls had to stay in a crappy building. Sakura's room was in third level, she walked up the stairs and in the halls boys playing games.

"Naruto catch!" some brunette haired guy yelled, throwing a basketball at the blonde guys face.

"Oy kiba that hurt you asshole!" the blonde yelled back, Sakura shook her head, 'boys and their ways and their languages…' she thought to herself. Sakura was more of a tomboy but she never used full languages. Room 702 she sighed deeply hoping her roommate wont be an: idiot, asshole, jerk, pervert, gay person, nerd, prep, girly guy whatever. Sakura knocked the door lightly and she could hear faint footsteps. A handsome man with black hair and black eyes opened the door and he wasn't wearing any shirt. He blankly looked at sakura, 'shannaroo! I'm going to be in heaven!' inner Sakura screamed at her, sakura ignored her. Sakura was blushing and staring for a while and then shook her head.

"-ahem-(deep voice) Yo! I'm you're new roomma-"when Sakura was about to finish off.

"Losers aren't welcome…" he said flatly and then Slam! The door was closed right in her face. She sweat dropped 'was it something I said?' she thought to herself. Sakura stood there for a while not knowing what to do… the boys were still screaming until someone called him/her.

"oy… having a problem?" some asked when she turned around and saw a guy with brown long hair, and pale eyes. 'this is nicer then paradise, shannaro!' inner Sakura screamed again.

"um- I meant The gu- dude wont allow me enter…" Sakura said with a deep voice.

"tch, you're unlucky…" The pale eyed guy said.


"you're roommate is spoiled…" The guy with a long hair said. Sakura swat dropped again. Then the door opened revealing her hot roommate.

"I heard that Neji…" roomy said.

"good, well good luck ermm… what's you're name again?" Neji asked.

"oh! I'm Haruno saku- I mean Saki!" she said as the both guys looked at her blankly.

"so you're the new kid huh? Then I'm the dorm manager Hyuga Neji if you have any question let me know. And you Uchiha be nice to him that's an order." Neji said and started walking away as Sasuke 'tch'-d, Sakura entered the room it really was bigger then her last room! Twice! And it even had its own bathroom! (fact: some of japan's dorm have to share bathrooms). But there were only one bed…a king sized bed. Sakura wondered where she will be sleeping…

"stop standing there idiot. And you will be sleeping on the floor…" Sasuke said. Sakura twitched she was about to punch the guy out no matter if he was hot or not.

'calm down sakura for basketball… yes think about basketball! You cant get in trouble on the first day.' Sakura tried to calm down her inner self.

"and here are the rules no touching my stuffs, no touching me, don't talk to me, don't even look at me, don't even think about me because I'm not gay…" To sakura it was almost a threat.

"uhm-uhmmm Yo dude! What are you barking I'm not gay!" she joked as she lightly punched him on the arm.

"like I said no touching… maybe you're stupidity is contagious" Sakura madly twitched at him, when her inner self was trying to attack him. Sasuke took a seat on his bed and started to read manga. Sakura sat on the couch; she observed the room for a bit, it was a nice room. Better then her last room, after a while she got bored. Sakura started to whistle the thing she didn't notice was vein pops on Sasuke's head.

"would you mind?" Sasuke asked harshly, sakura snapped.

"oh sorry my bad…" she muttered. After a while she started to tap her fingers on the table, more vein pops appeared on Sasukes forehead.

"I'm trying to read here…" Sasuke harshly said again. Sakura stopped there was an awkward silence and she could hear the boys screaming outside of their room. Then she noticed something an electric guitar. It was the most beautiful guitar she had ever seen it was like a museum a light glowing on top of it and it was spinning slowly. Sakura's eye twinkled.

"Hey you play guitar?!" Sakura asked excitedly as she stood up and walked to the guitar and when she almost touched it she felt a dangerous presence behind her. Sakura trembled and sweating when she looked back Sasuke was standing behind her with a flat look but she knew it was his Threatening look… Sakura gulped…

"like I said… don't touch my stuff… don't talk to me…you got that?" Sasuke asked in a dangerous voice. Sakura nodded violently and Sasuke went to bathroom slamming the door.

Sakura sighed in relief as she took a seat on the couch again.

"geez what is wrong with him…I mean the next thing I knew he was behind me. I'm not even sure if I'm in heaven or hell now…my heart is still racing…" She put her palm of her heart and tried to calm herself. Well after a while sitting there without moving or talking it was finally time to sleep. She prepared her bed on the floor it was no biggie to her, her last room didn't have beds either so they had to sleep on the floor. She took out her friends picture and sighed 'what have I gotten myself into…I guess what's done should be finished…' she thought to herself as she put her picture back in the bag. Sakura lied down on her bed, as she stared at the ceiling thinking tomorrow is gonna be most big and the hardest she will have to face.

To be continued (tsuzuku)

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