Sakura stood at the train station, she was only seven and they had to move again, she had to leave behind her best friend Sasori. He was a teenager and her parents were always worried about Sakura hanging around with the teen that looked like he had insomnia, that's all she ever did. No one ever saw Sasori with anyone else but that little girl. Her parents would always tell her to stay away from him, but she always found ways… Her friend Ino and her parents were going to move and Sakura's parents finally concluded that the only way to keep this boy away from her was to move with them and now the pink haired girl with a red bow in her hair was staring back. She was doing her best not to cry but his heavy eyes seemed to be able to see strait thru, she bit her bottom lip, dropped her teddy bear, and jumped strait into his arms, letting tears finally run down her cheeks "Sasori kun!!" She yelled, "I'll miss you!"

"Don't worry Sakura…" Sasori said kneeling to the ground letting her feat touch the ground so that she wasn't just hanging off his neck, he wrapped his arms around her, glaring up at Sakura's parents and Ino "We'll see each other again…"

"How do you know?!" She choked out.

"Trust me…" He said "Just trust me…"

That was nearly six or seven years ago that this happened and now Sakura was a teenager and the tears that she had once shed for Sasori were now lost at the back of her head. She was 14, she was in high school, had a crush on a boy who she was starting to believe didn't and probably never would like her, and was being crushed on by a couple other guys. She was in a group of strong girls who don't take crap from anyone but could still be cute for the boys at the same time. She still wore her hair back with hair bands, and still had that sensitive side. Sakura had just finished getting dressed for school, it was the last week before school break, she giggled, Gaara; the school bad boy had been giving her 'looks' lately. She walked over to her dresser to get socks but tripped over her own shoes on the way over 'CLUTZ! LOOK OUT!!' Her Inner screamed almost giving her a headache; she quickly looked up. The lamp on her dresser was falling! She leaned over falling to the ground again but the lamp fell strait into her hand. "Thank god…" She said sighing; she had that lamp since she was 7! Her mom would kill her if it broke. She looked at the lamp in relief but than something caught her attention, there was a piece of paper tucked under the plastic of the lamp "A picture?" She was about to open it because it was folded but than the time caught her eye "OH NO!" She grabbed her backpack and slipped on her shoes, she left the picture on her bedside; she would look at it when she got home…

At the bus stop.

As everyone filed off, running to relatives, just going to school, going to work, no one knew that there was someone in this crowd…someone who was untrustworthy someone…not quite stable. His red hair was a mess and he had heavy eyes, his cloths were black and red and most of the time he had his eyes to the ground. He watched the door close as a man came in "Almost there…" Slipped in an unheard whisper from his pale lips. The red head let his eyes wander over to the man who had come on last. The man was sweating and shaking, unsurness about what to do was written all over his face. After a few minutes the man stood and tore a gun from his pocket.

"ALL-ALRIGHT EVERYONE THIS IS A S-STICK UP!!" He yelled raising his gun "EVERYONE DOWN!" He yelled shooting the gun once, a few people screamed but obeyed, all but the tall red head, he just stared with his hands in his pockets. "You keep driving!" He yelled at the bus driver. He swung around seeing the red head "YOU GET DOWN!"

"All right," The man said sticking up his hands slowly kneeling to the ground.

"YA KNOW WHAT!" He grabbed the red head by the arm and put it behind his back and standing him up again (even though he was much shorter than the hostage), he shoved the gun into his head, "IF ANYONE ONE MOVES HE GETS IT!"

"Oh feisty aren't you?" He said still smiling, the man yelled again but the red head continued, "I see strait thru you… Your going down money wise and you really need it so you decided to rob a bus, but you knew that people might get hurt, that shows your not all that selfish but you got to do what ya got to do to get thru this world…but…" The red head said, the man was gasping as every fact was true "…but did you think of the consequences afterward?"

"Who-Who are you…" The man whispered.

"Sasori." But right than Sasori turned knocked the gun out of his hand and hit a mussel in the mans neck, right afterwards the man fainted, smashing into the bus ground. Every one watched for a moment but than all turned when the bus driver yelled for someone to call the police, at that second Sasori took the gun out of the mans hand and slipped it into his baggy pockets looked around to check if there was anyone who saw him. He left the bus the bus driver yelling to him to stay that they needed him as a witness but he kept walking. He had to find her…no matter what…

At school.

Sakura ran over to her friends laughing, they saw her from a distance and started yelling pretend insults to her about almost being late, except for Hinata-chan. "Well thanks for the uppers guys that'll make me more happy about coming to school every morning!" She said pretending to be angry.

"Well with that forehead I'm surprised that you can even run here if you run!" Ino said poking her in the forehead. They all laughed, Sakura slapped Ino's hand from her forehead. Sakura always had a large forehead which was how she met her best friend Ino. When Sakura was little she was always teased for her forehead but Ino led her to self confidence and now almost all the boys in the school are head over heals for her and would do just about anything for her, especially Lee-san. She remembered on her first day of middle school he yelled in front of everyone that he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever set his eyes upon in his entire life; all in front of the other new comers to, Lee was made fun of for that but she stopped them with her violent temper. Everyone knew never to mess with Sakura, Ino, Ten Ten, Temari, and even Hinata (She had beaten her cousin Neji senseless last year after the insults had taken a new height and everyone knew how strong she was.) But they were all so beautiful to the boys that they couldn't keep themselves away from them.

"So how's Neji doing?" Ino asked Ten Ten but than had to apologize to Hinata, she jumped every time she heard his name these days; it was hard to not mention him since Ten Ten was dating him. Before they could continue, the bell rang. As they walked Sakura noticed a book had dropped from her backpack, she kneeled down to pick it up, before she got it, a hand placed over it with purple nail polish on their hand, and handed it to her, "Oh thank-," She said looking up. The yard was empty, the wind blew, she stared but than swooped around and ran to class.

Ever since that morning, Sakura had been dazing off a bunch. She KNEW that someone had been there with her… She didn't even do her normal routines of trying to talk to Sasuke she was so confused, she just stared down eating her food. No one seemed to notice…

Sakura yawned; it was already dark outside. 'Damn it why did I have to stay late…'

Because you like extra credit more than the normal human being. Inner said.

She sighed, one of her many problems but she didn't know her problem with being caught off guard was going to go into effect today. She knew she wasn't going to get in trouble though, her parents weren't home, they'd be gone for a long time, they trusted her because she was a great student and daughter to be home alone.

A pair of eyes stared down at her from a tree, he wanted to fallow her for a while, but he was starting to feel fidgety. She was so beautiful to him…her shining pink cherry blossom hair…her milk like skin…he had longed to hold the young girl ever since that day at the train station, he had loved her then and loved her now, but now he longed for her. He hadn't seen her for 7 years until that morning; she had become so beautiful… he held back the strange thoughts of the things he wanted to do back…

Sakura was ignorant of this; she kneeled down to straiten some stuff in her backpack that was jabbing into her back. He could bare it no longer.

Sakura heard a tap against the road; before she knew it she being held against a wall by tight arms, she looked at her shoulders and than up to her captures pale face "What-What do you want?" She said terrified. If anyone her age had done this to her she would 'kick their fucking ass' as she would say but he was way taller than her and she knew that he was a lot older! 'Wait a minute! He is a lot older than her' Than she remembered a murder show she watched. Men kidnapping girls and raping them and murdering them!

"Don't be afraid my pretty little doll…" He said softly.

'Pretty little doll?!' She thought narrowing her eyes 'Didn't someone once call me that?'

"I've missed you all these years…" He said leaning towards her, his voice become a little more forceful but still calm "I'm sure you've forgotten almost about me haven't you… your best friend…" He twisted her hair with his finger, still keeping her against the wall.

Her eyes widened. Pretty little doll! Best friend! It all came back to her "Sasori!" She yelled.

He smiled a little. She expected this was all friendly, just to mess around with her, but he didn't let up his hands. "Wha-What are you doing?" She said a worried smile replacing her happy surprised one. All she got was a slight 'heh' from him. She pressed harder on her wrists but than lightened up and moved his hands to her hands, putting his hands on hers, she was trying to keep from being afraid…They're friends! What is he doing! What happened next was not the answer Sakura wanted.

Sasori practically threw himself at her, pressing his lips against hers. Her eyes were wide she tried to struggle but he had such a grip on her hands she couldn't move her arms, she didn't want to kick him but…but… he took his lips off of hers, and pressed himself against her "Cherry blossoms…" He said smiling "Tasty…" He kissed her again, this time he made it less light and more of a sexual kiss. Tears streamed down her face, she couldn't move!

He let go of her hands when the tears touched his lips, at that moment she pushed him away from her, making him fall to the ground. She glared at him for a moment tears falling to the ground, she ran past him to grab her backpack but right when she grabbed the sleeve Sasori grabbed her wrist, still smiling. "You will see me a lot more…" He said. She jerked her wrist from him and ran home. He smiled as she did…but…his lust wasn't even close to being satisfied yet…