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Chapter One

Tea Gardner's body is racked with pain, though she smiles and remembers all the good times she had as she was growing up. As she looks out the window from her room, she drift's back through time and thinks about the first time she saw her mother's smile. Tea's father had died when she was a little girl and her mother raised her alone. Her mother had worked two jobs just to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

Tea stops and takes a deep breath because another wave of pain flows through her body. As it subsides she continues to think of growing up knowing that she was loved and that she really never wanted anything at all. She loved living in that little two bedroom apartment because it was always full of love. A tear runs down her face as she remembers the day that her mother came to her and said "baby mommy is really sick, I have what they call breast cancer and it's not good. Her mother went on to tell her that it was in the advanced stage and that she would die soon.

Tea cried herself to sleep in her mothers arms that night and every night after that. That's when they moved to Domino so that they could be near her Aunt Trudey and she would be there to help take care of not only Tea's mom but her also. When they arrived in Domino, it was like coming to a whole different world. Tea loved the idea of being somewhere where there was space to walk and not bump into someone like where they use to live. Trudey was an angel, she accepted Tea right away and in some ways she looked more like her Aunt then her own mother.

The first thing that Trudey did when they arrived was to get her mom to a good doctor. Doctor Jamison was the best in the field of breast cancer. Upon examining Mrs. Gardner he found out that she was indeed in the last stages of the terrible disease and that she had probably less then a week to live. Doctor Jamison did one thing that her other Doctor never did, he listened to everything that she had to say. In fact he even held her as she cried because she was leaving her baby girl. It was like opening the gates to a dam and letting the water rush out. Victoria was able for the first time since being diagnosis really let go of the anger and start to get ready for when her time was over.

While Victoria was at the Doctor's, Trudey was enrolling Tea into Domino High. Tea loved the idea of going back to school. She was an Honor Student and loved learning. As they talked to the Principal, Tea found out that the school had a Dance Class and she had always dreamed of dancing. When it was time for Trudey to leave, Tea was frightened about being in a new school with new people, but she knew that she would soon be making friends.

Her first class was English and as she was telling the class who she was, she looked up and there in the front of the class was a young man and when he smiled she felt at ease. Tea had met her first of many friends, she met Yugi Motou. Yugi would become an influence in her life that would help her through dealing with the death of her beloved mother.

As she went from one class to the other she realized that Yugi was in all of her classes and he would walk with her and she began to open up to him about her life. Yugi was like an angel to her because he would listen and would never make fun of her like some of her old friend did back in the States. She met Joey Wheeler and instantly like him too. Joey was like the class clown but as she found out he wasn't stupid in fact he was far from it. Joey was very smart but would rather goof off then flaunt his being somewhat smarter then his friends.

Tea went on to meet both Tristan Taylor and Duke Devlon and she also found that they were to be some of her best friends. The one person that Tea met that well acted far superior to everyone else was Seto Kaiba. Seto acted like he was totally bored with being there in school. That was when Tea learned the he was the CEO of Kaiba Corp and she also found out that he was raising his younger brother too.

Tea nearly screamed out loud. The pains were beginning to get worse and more intense as the days passed. She didn't want any of her friends to know what was wrong and she begged her Aunt Trudey never to let any of them to know where she was or to even tell them that she was sick. Tea couldn't stand it if they were there only because of her illness, but what she didn't know was that a certain someone had already found out where she was and that in a few days she would be getting some very special visitors.

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