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Chapter Three

As her friends sat around her bed, Tea could feel their love rising and wrapping around her like a warm quilt. She didn't want them to see her when she was sick from the medication but you know what, it didn't mean a damn thing to them because they held her as she got sick and they held her as she cried from the horrible pain.

She had fallen asleep with Yugi's arms around her and his soft words "we will get through this together."

She woke up to find Mai and Serenity there. They smiled and each gave her kisses and words of encouragement to help her through her darkest hours. One time when she was asleep, it was Joey who said "we need to find out how we can help find a cure for breast cancer."

Seto then laid a hand on Joey's shoulder and he said "we can have some kind of fund raiser to raise money for more research." That's just what they did.

With Seto's help they all contacted people that they knew who would be more then willing to help and soon they had several things in the works. Tristan, Duke and Joey went to their old High School and spoke to the Principal and got his permission to have an assembly to speak to the students about having things like bake sales or car washes to make money to donate to the Breast Cancer Society, in order to do more research into finding a cure for this debilitating disease that affects thousands of women all over the world.

Tea was overjoyed when she found out what they were doing and she couldn't find the words to thank them so she just let her love speak for her. With all of her strength she devoted her time that was left to help anyway she could.

One thing that Mai and Serenity did was to go to the Local Television Station and ask if they could do spots telling women and young ladies how important it was to do breast examinations and to have monthly examines by their doctors. The Owner of the Station was so impressed that he had them do several public information commercials and he even paid for each and everyone that they did.

Tea was getting worse everyday, and Yugi hoped that she could hold on long enough to see the things that they were doing work. It was one month since they first came to see her and in that amount they had over three hundred thousand dollars already raised to help in the fight for breast cancer. Seto had made challenges to the men that he did business with that if he would donate over fifty thousand dollars then they would have to also and believe it or not everyone of them did. The money was coming in and as Tea would lay there in bed she would smile at what her friends were doing and she knew that sometime in the future there wouldn't have to be anyone having to go through the hell she and women before her had to, because they would of found someway to eliminate this horrible disease all together.

It was a cloudy and stormy morning when Tea died. Her friends were at her side when she finally closed her eyes and just faded away. Just before she died, there standing by her bedside was her mother and she was smiling and held out her hand and Tea grasped it and together they walked off to be with everyone in Heaven.

The funeral wasn't a sad time, they knew that Tea would want them to remember her as she use to be and so the had a celebration of her life. They all one by one stood and remembered how they had met and loved her. It was a joyful time.

Tea Gardner died from Breast Cancer and was laid to rest next to her mother who also died from it. Yugi stood there and as he wiped tears from his eyes he said "everyone go tell your mothers, sisters, Aunts and any of your female friends to have annual examines and to do examines of their breasts and just maybe someday this horrible thing that took our friend away will be a thing of the past…….


A/N: Everyday more women are diagnosised with Breast Cancer and each of us needs to do weekly examines and go to our doctors and to know our bodies and if we are concerned go talk to your doctor and never be afraid to speak out. We need to get rid of this killer of women and do it now!!!!!