Oh, the classic 'if Dean had powers' story. Trust me, though. You'll want to read this one :)

Title: Stragiht From The Heart

Rating: T

Summary: He'd always been special. He just kind of forgot. Thanks to recent events, though, Dean's past is coming back to haunt him, bringing along some unwanted baggage in the form of his own freaky psychic powers.

Warnings: Other than the fact that I'm scared it's a little too sappy, nothing I can think of.

Disclaimer: Honestly, if I owned the show, Dean would get more screentime. And angst. And tears. Are you listening, Kripke! It's what the fans want!

Straight From The Heart

He'd always been special, his mother had said. He'd always known when to sit still and be good, when he could goof off, when she was sad, or when his father needed a hug. He'd known they were happy about something the minute they'd walked through the door after the first of many doctor's visits. He'd practically ambushed them, had made them tell him the secret.

He was going to be a big brother.

He was in tune with the baby, knew instinctively what the infant wanted when he cried. He was the best big brother ever, and his parents told him that every day. He knew exactly what they wanted, knew exactly what they were feeling, sometimes even before they did.

And then one night he woke up after a bad dream, a searing pain drawing its way across his four-year-old stomach, his whole body alight with burning pain. The feelings faded as he walked down the hall toward the nursery, desperate to find his parents and wallow in their love and safety and happiness.

The baby was thrust into his arms, and he could feel the raw sorrow and pain and fear radiating from his father. He did as daddy said, though. He did what daddy ordered. He took the baby outside as fast as he could and he didn't look back, not until they got onto the lawn and his whole childhood went up in smoke.

It didn't take him long after that to realize that he was a freak, that knowing what his family and those around him felt wasn't normal, but he never told anyone. He was too scared to tell. He didn't want the burning rage that had become an all-too familiar feeling when daddy was around to be turned at him. No, he liked it better when daddy was mad at the monsters.

So he never told, but he kept reading people. He read everyone he met, letting their emotions flow into him and provide him with comfort and warmth. Eventually, though, kind smiles turned into something else, hid something else, and he began trying to block them out. He didn't need to feel their sympathy. His family was just fine. There was nothing wrong with them.

He still read his father and brother, though. He liked doing nice things for the little boy, enjoyed the wave of happiness that washed over him when the kid's eyes lit up because big brother had come to the rescue. He liked the do everything his daddy told him to, when he was told to do it. He liked to feel his father's pride welling up within his own heart.

And then things changed. He was careless and selfish and his brother almost died. Suddenly, daddy wasn't proud anymore. Daddy wasn't nice. He wasn't happy. He was just scared and angry and disappointed.

So he began to build a wall, a wall that he'd started to build as soon as warmth and kindness had given way to sympathy. He blocked his father from his mind, blocked the disappointment, and for a while, he was ok.

Things changed again. The little boy that had once been so easy to please began to drift away, began to get angry. He didn't want to be part of the family anymore. He didn't want to have anything to do with them. And the wall got higher.

There were more people, over the years. People that rejected him, that took what little bit of himself that he gave them and stomped all over it. And the wall got higher. Sometimes they made him think that he was welcomed, and then they got rid of him. They made him think that he was loved, and they walked away. And the wall got higher.

The wall went up, the people stayed out, and he forgot he was special.

He remembered that he was a freak, though. He remembered the disappointment, anger, and rejection.

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