Title: Demon's Hold

Summary: Everything was perfect. Wars were no longer terrorizing the village and conflict had become non-existent. But little did the villagers know that everything came with a price...

Warnings: OOC Yaoi Con-R

Pairings: KyuuNaru

Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine, if it is, then you'll be seeing a lot of ItaNaru action in a whole new level. XP

Unbeta'd, for now...





Strong winds blew harshly over the Hidden Village of the Leaves. Lightning and thunder came in rapid successions as the inhabitants of the village scurried towards their homes for cover and protection.

Black clouds hovered over the cold skies as thunders continued to rumble.

While all the villagers ran for shelter, a blond boy sat quietly in the dark corner of his room, completely ignorant of the harsh weather and the commotion it caused.

Hard droplets of rain continued to knock on his window, as if trying to get his attention.

The boy just sat there, unmoving, unresponsive. His back pressed on the corner, his knees bent towards his chest with his arms hugging them close.

He stared blankly on his wooden floors, his blue eyes void of any emotion, empty like a hollow log.

Another lightning broke through the dark sky, making children scream for their parents.

The blond wrapped his around his knees tighter, hoping that the action would provide him with some warmth, some comfort at least.

A shadow slowly emerged from the darkness, looming over the blonde's small frame.

The boy began to shiver lightly, not because of the cold, but because of fear of what was about the happen.

"It is time, Naruto-kun..." the low voice from the shadow stated as it drew closer to the shivering blond.

Naruto bit his lower lip before nodding.

The shadow chuckled menacingly, and if one would look closely, the shadow resembled the figure of a fox with nine tails.



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