Title: Spectrum

Rated K+

Summary: (Each color meant something. Every color was a certain memory)

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Blue: Tradition

At age 26, Kuki Sanban never really thought of herself as a superstitious person. Being the president of the Rainbow Monkey Corporation, she just didn't have time to waste worrying about things like Friday the 13th and how to prevent one's self from becoming unlucky. Needless to say, she was quite surprised as she replayed the best day of her life over and over again in her mind, smirking at how ridiculous the situation actually turned out to be.

"So, you're sure you've done everything on the list?"


Kuki scowled at the sure tone. "Absolutely positive?"
"Define positive . . ."


"Kidding!" Mushi exclaimed with a laugh. The older of the two sisters shot her a glare, feeling the nervous butterflies in her stomach fluttering at a quick pace. Mushi shrugged aside the rude look and positioned herself back on the hotel bed so she was facing the ceiling. "Relax sis, you've checked and double checked the list a billion times! I think it's safe to assume everything on it is completed."
"But what if it isn't though!?" She cried frantically snatching the list from Mushi's hold. Her eyes scanned it at top speed as the butterflies seemed to be multiplying at a rapid rate.

Mushi rolled her eyes. It was the morning of her sister's wedding and since she awoke she had the pleasure of watching Kuki's paranoia attack unfold. Her older sister was naturally paranoid but today her frets seemed to be set in over mode. Nerves on your wedding day were understandable of course, but frankly by this time, Mushi sort of wished she wasn't a part of the wedding party so she wouldn't have to deal with Kuki's 'pre-wedding jitters'.

"Okay, we've got the cake, the decorations, the limo, the food . . ."

"Don't forget the dancing Rainbow monkey for the entertainment!"

"Nah, that was taken off because Wally refused to spend a hundred bucks to rent a trained Rainbow monkey."


Kuki found herself giggling; the butterflies in her stomach seemed to relax for a moment. "I can't believe in a few hours you're going to be Mrs. Kuki Beatles, it's so weird, I mean, you just met the guy two months ago!"

The moment was short lived as the butterflies started fluttering once more. Mushi's words echoed in her thoughts. In a few short hours, she would indeed be Mrs. Kuki Beatles. It was too good to be true!

She had spent her days before today dreaming about what would come about in the future. Wally had been introduced to her by her best friend Abigail Lincoln. He was Abby's husband's best friend and Kuki never pictured them to be anything more than just acquaintances. He seemed a bit goofy and immature for her tastes at first, but as soon as he showed her his more romantic/serious side, she fell for him almost instantly. They had a tight bond, one that would never sever. He, like her, had faded memories of his childhood as well. At least Kuki wasn't the only human who wasn't able to really remember grades 4-6.

"Uh oh,"

Kuki snapped out of her thoughts as soon as Mushi uttered these two words. Her face paled. "Uh oh, what?" She asked, trying to keep her tone calm.

Mushi looked up from the list with shocked eyes and Kuki was beginning to think the worst until . . .

"You don't have something blue, do you?"

For a moment after she sighed with relief, Kuki gawked at her younger sister.

"Come again?" Her voice was hollow. Mushi sat up from the bed looking around her room with wide eyes. "You know something blue! From that rhyme: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!"

"Please tell me you didn't just get me worried over something as stupid as that!" Kuki glared at her sister who now hopped up from her place on the bed as she crossed the room to search Kuki's jewelry box. Mushi ignored her sister. "You have all the other things, right?"

"I've been too busy to notice." Kuki informed her sarcastically. Mushi shrugged off the sarcasm and started placing the jewelry in a pile next to the box. "Okay, think. What do you have on that's new?"
"Uh, my wedding dress?"

"Perfect! Now how about old?"

"Mushi, this is ridiculous!" Kuki whined as she tried to put all her jewelry back into the box. Her younger sister slapped her hand away with a glare. "Listen, Kuki. I'm doing this for you. Every bride needs to follow this rhyme in order to have a happy marriage!"

"Not necessarily," Kuki pointed out, narrowing her eyes. Mushi rolled her own eyes as she continued looking through jewelry pieces.

"Okay, back to the subject. What do you have that's old?"
"Er . . . my shoes are old, a month old."

"That'll do, now what do you have that's borrowed?"

"Abby's bracelet and hair clip."

"See! All you need is something blue!"
"Forget it," Kuki told her sister with a sigh. "Just because I don't have anything blue on me doesn't mean that I won't have a happy marriage."

"Oh yes it will," Kuki glanced over at her sister who was now looking at her, a serious expression in her features. "Don't you realize the real reason why Mom and Dad split up?"
"Of course I do," Kuki snapped. "Dad was a major control freak and Mom needed breathing space. Why'd you bring that up?"

Mushi sighed as if irritated from explaining. "Think about it! Mom told us that she was never nervous about her wedding, or the fact that she didn't stick with that rhyme. She never had anything blue! That's why their marriage turned out all messed up!"

"Now you're just being ridiculous," Kuki scoffed as she shook her head in disbelief. Even though she and her younger sister had grown closer over the years, it still surprised her how opposite they were. She knew they had been inseparable during childhood, but as soon as Kuki reached middle school their bond had loosened. Still, they managed to reconnect with one another as Kuki exited college and as Mushi finished high school, they found a lot more things to talk about. Yet no matter how many conversations they had with one another, Kuki always found that she and her sister were as different as peanut butter and jelly.

"I am not," Mushi insisted as she peered at a wonderfully crafted pearl necklace. She winced. "Why don't you have any jewelry with sapphires embedded in them!?"

"Because I prefer emeralds over sapphires." Kuki snapped, snatching the pearl necklace out of Mushi's hands. Mushi rounded on her older sister with another glare.

"Trust me on this Kuki, you need something blue!" Before Kuki even had time to retort, Mushi already had out her pink cell phone waiting for someone to pick up after pressing speed dial.

"Yeah, we have a problem," She said into the phone despite Kuki's death glare. "Be up here as soon as possible."

"Mushi, who was that?"

"Abby, duh. She's coming up."

"You're impossible!" Kuki cried in frustration. Mushi shrugged, now going through Kuki's suitcase.

"Okay, what's the problem?" Abby demanded as she barged into the room. Kuki's best friend was dressed in slacks and a tank top, but her hair was pulled up with a towel. Mushi smirked. "Did we interrupt something?"

"No, I just got finished taking a shower." Abby made a face at the younger girl.

"Yeah, whatever." Mushi continued, not really caring about the answer. "Abby, do you have anything blue?"


"Mushi is making me follow the old rhyme and she's persistent in driving me insane." Kuki informed her best friend. Abby looked between the two of them and stifled a giggle.

"Are you two crazy?" She protested. "Why would you be worrying about that when you've got so much more going on?"

"We're not crazy!" Mushi whined.

"And I'm not worried about it, but Mushi won't leave me alone!" Kuki shot her baby sister another glare. Abby smirked. "I've got something blue alright, but I don't think it's appropriate for this occasion."

"Not appropriate?" Kuki blinked. "How come?" Mushi, on the other hand, let out a squeal of happiness.

"Doesn't matter if it's appropriate or not-"
"Yes, it does!" Kuki interrupted, with a dark look.

"-as long as it's something blue. It is blue, right?"

Abby laughed. "Yeah, it's blue alright." Mushi's grin stretched across her face.

"Do you have it with you?"

"Yeah, actually it's in my pocket." Kuki paled. "Wait, Abby, what exactly do you have that's blue . . .?"

"Wally, please tell me I didn't do what I just did." Kuki moaned to her husband in disbelief. Wally, dressed in his very finest tuxedo, chuckled and gave his new wife a peck on the lips. "Don't worry love," He told her. "It wasn't as horrible as you keep making it out to be."

They were at the reception; Mr. and Mrs. Wallabee Beatles. The wedding had gone smoothly without problems. Kuki darted a look across the reception hall at her younger sister who was cheerfully dancing with her boyfriend.

"I can't believe she made me wear them!" Kuki cried in horror, dreading the day the wedding pictures would come out. At this Wally laughed good-natured, for the blue sunglasses were still perched on top of her head.


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