Every Girl's A Princess

(Based on Frances Hodgeson Burnett's A Little Princess)

"Like this, Miss Sara." Becky showed Sarah, once again, how the needles and yarn worked together to form the stitches.

"Thank you again for teaching me, Becky." Sara Crewe said presently, "I think I understand how the increase works now, and the decrease. I think I'll just practice those for awhile, if you don't mind."

"Yes, Miss Sara. Just you practice those stitches 'til you know 'em. Practice makes perfect, so Cook says." Becky went back to her own knitting, her needles flying, as the senior housemaid had taught her to do.

And so they sat in front of the fire for quite so time, until Princess Sara was struck by a most exiting idea.

"Becky," Princess Sara said, "Oh, Becky, I have just thought of the most marvelous thing! Suppose," Eyes shining, checks flushed a healthy rose, breathing hard with excitement, "Suppose," she continued, "Suppose, I made all the increases and decreases on the same side, and, when I was finished, sewed the beginning and the end together in a sort of circle. What do you think I'd make?"

"Why a crown Miss Sara!" laughed Becky, "Trust you to think o' that, being Princess Sara an' all!"

"And if I did make a crown for myself, I'd make one for you too, of course, Becky. We're both Princesses remember. And I'd make one for Emily. She'd like that. Do you suppose Ermengarde and Lottie would like some as well?"

"I dare say they would, Miss!"

Sara smiled, " I wonder if I could get Ram Dass' monkey to wear one as well, and be our Prince..."

AN: Looking back on it, I think Becky was a little OOC, but hey. I'm just impressed that I wrote two one-shots, re-drew my little knitting designs/doodles, and got my entry in with an hour to spare. And all in one afternoon, might I add. I'll post more about the contest at my Blog.