It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, The flowers were blooming; yes, everything was perfect. It was an island so beautiful that once you set foot on it, you would never want to leave again. This island is one of the greatest islands of the Grand Line that has ever existed. Too bad that this island has nothing to do with this story whatsoever.

What has to do with this story is the Strawhat Crew that are sailing through the seas.

Luffy, the future pirate king, is fishing. Zoro, The future strongest swordsman, was taking a long nap (what a surprise). Nami, the woman who will draw a map of the world someday, is counting all the berri she has left after leaving water 7. Usopp, the man who will become a brave warrior of the sea, is telling Chopper, the one who will make a medicine that will cure everything , one of his stories on how he defeated a black-hearted demon with just one hit of his slingshot, which was obviously a lie. Sanji, the man who will find the All Blue, is making a delicious meal for Robin. Robin, the woman who will find the Rio Poneglyph, is reading her third book of the week. Franky, the man who built the ship "The Thousand Sunny" for the Strawhat crew which will reach Raftel, is for some reason dancing and singing some random song all over the deck. Yes, it was a normal day for the Strawhats, but what they don't know is that this day will lead them to another great adventure.

One Piece

A Smash Adventure

Chapter 1: A crazy storm, A new adventure

"Oi Zoro." Luffy said as he tried to wake up Zoro. Luffy couldn't catch any fish, so he tries to wake Zoro up so he can help. "Zoro, wake up!" Luffy said again, but to no avail. Luffy couldn't wait anymore so he grabbed one of Nami's Orange trees and whacked Zoro with it.

"Oww!" Zoro shouted in pain, instantly waking up from his nap, "What the hell was that for Luffy?!" Zoro yelled.

"I cant get any fish. come help me." Luffy said plainly.

"Why dont you ask Usopp instead?", Zoro asked.

"I need someone to...GAHHHH!" Luffy cried out as he was hit in the head by one of Nami's deadly punches.

"Luffy, what the hell are you doing with one of my orange trees?!" Nami shouted at Luffy.

"I was trying to wake Zoro up so he can help me fish." Luffy said as he is holding his head in pain.


"Oi!" Usopp yelled.

"Will you guys shut up! I am trying to hear myself sing.", Franky said arrogantly.

"Oi, you shitty pants-less man! Don't yell at Nami-san." Sanji said as he stomped out of the kitchen and confronts Franky.

"Don't mess with me lover boy. You wouldn't like me if you gave my week a bad start." Franky said.

"I didn't like you the first time I met you!" Sanji said.

"WHAT WAS THAT! Franky said as he confronts Sanji eye to eye.

"Would you two keep it down? I am trying to go back to sleep." Zoro said.

"Shut up, you shitty marimo!" Sanji said as he throw a frying pan at Zoro's face. Zoro didn't even flinch when that happened, but it did make him angry.

"You want a piece of me, you dumb cook!?" Zoro yelled angrily.

Zoro,Sanji,and Franky continued to argue with each other, while the rest of the crew were doing what they were originally doing, except for Nami who is still looking at the three stooges or so she calls them. "Man, Everyday is the same thing. when something stupid happens, these three always argue about it." Nami said to nobody in particular.

"Its best this way navigator-san." Robin said while reading her book.

"How is this best for anything? Look at them." Luffy is fishing and stuffing a cooked turkey in his mouth at the same time, Zoro,Sanji, and Franky were arguing about hair color for no clear reason, and Chopper keeps listening to Usopp about how he defeated a giant squid noodle.

Even with all this strange activity going around, Robin smiles at Nami and said "It's better to have all this than to not have anything at all." After hearing this, Nami let out a small smile. It was true that these people did more than arguing, telling lies or stuffing a cooked turkey down their throat all the time. They have always sticked together like one big happy family.

"I guess you're right, Robin. This is worth it." says Nami. Nami was about to return to her berri counting when all of a sudden she heard the sound of thunder. "What the? A storm now? Well this is the Grand Line after all."Nami thought to herself. "Oi, everyone get in your positions!" Nami said to everyone.

"My hair is not stupid, you stupid cook!" Franky said to Sanji.

"Hey, you three. Quit arguing and hoist the sails already." Nami said.

"YES, NAMI-SAN!" says Sanji in a delightful way.

The Strawhat crew always confronted storms but not like this one. This storm was quite odd, Instead of dealing with huge waves of the sea, there wasn't any at all, but it was still raining hard and the wind was blowing like crazy yet there is still no monstrous waves to crush them. "What is up with this storm? How come there aren't any waves?" Usopp asked.

"I think it's sick." Luffy replied.

"How can the sea be sick?" Usopp asked.

"Well I had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to leave the fishing pole, So I..."

"Say no more, I get the picture." Usopp said.

"Don't worry, Usopp, I didn't pee on the sea, I actually po..." Before Luffy could finish that sentence there was thunderous lightning bolt that almost hit the Strawhat crew. This completely scared the heck out of Chopper as he jumped on Zoro's head.

"Get off of me Chopper, I can't see!" Zoro said.

"NO! I am too scared!" screams Chopper. "Somethings not right, even though this is the Grand Line, There should always be waves during a terrible storm such as this." Nami said with a concerned look.

"GYAAAAAAAHHHHH WHAT IS THAT!?" Usopp and Chopper screamed in unison. Nami checked to see what is going on and saw something unbelievable.

Everyone was at shock at what they are seeing, even Robin couldn't believe it.

"What the heck is THAT doing out here!?" Franky screamed.

"I don't know, but it's so coooooooooool!" Luffy said.

"THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO BE ADMIRING THINGS LUFFY!" Usopp yelled. What stands in front of the Strawhat crew was an enormous door, about five times the size of the Thousand Sunny, The door looks antique and it has a weird marking that is in a shape of a hand. the odd thing about it is that it's in the middle of the sea.

"Why would there be a door in the middle of nowhere?!" Sanji asked.

"That has to be the door to the next life, were gonna be punished for our pirate ways!" Usopp cried.

"REALLY!?" Asked the frightened Chopper.

"Look, it's opening." Robin said.

The door is indeed opening and when it completely opened, there was nothing in it but pure darkness, so dark that nobody in their rightful mind would go in their.

"I'm scared..." Chopper said as he was still holding on Zoro's head. Zoro on the other hand felt excitement and fear at the same time. From some place that is so dark there where sure to be some powerful creatures inside. Usopp is so scared his nose is trembling with fear. Robin felt like she was in Enies Lobby again. Sanji didn't want to even look at it since it makes him remember his past. Franky seems as if he saw his life flashing through his eyes, Nami was standing still as if she is paralyzed. And Luffy didn't even know how to react, he was just looking at it plainly, as if it's not there at all.

"OI, LETS GET OUT HERE!" says Usopp. The rest agreed except for Luffy who is still looking at the door. The wind stopped blowing all of a sudden, nobody seemed to notice as they were trying to move the ship far away from the door as possible.

When they finally moved the ship around, Franky was about to use the Thousand Sunny's booster to escape faster. Before he could though,
the door suddenly started to suck the Strawhats in.

"ARRGHH, COUP DE BURST!" the ship then let out a huge pressure that it went flying at the opposite direction of the door, but is was no use, the door's wind current was just to powerful to escape from.

The ship was about half way in the door and almost everyone was panicking for their lives. Luffy was still looking at it as if he was hypnotized. "LUFFY, DO SOMETHING!" Usopp shouted as he is trying to knock some sense into Luffy by doing karate chops on his head countless of times, but to no avail.

"...We can't escape..." Luffy said in a plainly way.

"No shit, Einstein! Tell us something we don't know!" Usopp shouted in a very rude way. Luffy then started to smile, and Usopp is confused by this.

"This door might...might...lead us to an adventure!" Luffy says in an excited way. Usopp is dumbfounded by hearing that, but at the same time it didn't really surprised him.

Usopp then sat at the floor all scared and said, "My I-am-going-to-have-a-heart-attack-when-I-enter-a-giant-door disease is acting up again". The ship was finally inside the door. The door closed and vanished into thin air, making the weather return to its normal peaceful habitat.


Well this is it, my first story already in progress, This chapter may not have been very good, but I will assure you that it will get better later. See ya.