Huh... well... this is it. This is the last chapter of my story. I never imagined this day would come, but here it is. I want to thank you all for reading this; I couldn't have gotten here without you. And now, without further ado... here's the end.

... The beginning of a desired adventure leading to an unwanted end. After awaking from their one week slumber, the Strawhats have learned from Master Hand that they have Dimentio, and saved the Grand Universe, and all life beyond it's boundaries. The unlimited amount of power Obscurum had to grab hold of every speck of life since nearly the beginning of time was now just a thing of the past, as it was now just a core, helping create more life like it's neighboring planets in the Monarch Ring system, rather than being a planet of doom like it was just a week ago. Hearing this, the Strawhats celebrated all day long, taking a well deserved break after from their unique and unforgettable adventure across the cosmos.

But while the crew were having fun, Master Hand was troubled by the people outside of the Grand Universe. Since many worlds in the Egasm reality have witnessed the events in Obscurum thanks to Dimentio, Master Hand believed that this will cause many burdens throughout the reality, and will lead to destruction. Master Hand decided to take full responsibility, and try to fix this dilemma before it could escalate any further. And after thinking through every solution possible, he decided to go with the best remedy to resolve this dilemma... but not without taking away something even greater.

On the next day, the Strawhats were ready to go back home, and sail on the Grand Line to pursue their dreams once again. At first, they were sad to leave, since they have gained very fond memories of the worlds they have visited, including the experience they have gained, and the wonderful people they have met along the way. They will never forget the time they had in this adventure, as they were ready to get back into their world via the Master Door. However, that door never appeared. Instead, it was the Crazy door that Master Hand summoned upon the crew, and once that door appeared, everything quickly turned for the worst.

Master Hand explained to the crew about the events in the Egasm reality, and that in order for the people there to forget everything that have happened in Obscurum, including about the planet itself, the Strawhats must leave using the Crazy Door, which Master Hand modified to take the crew's memories of their adventure. Their memories will transfer signals that will erase the events of Obscurum from the minds of those that reside in the Egasm reality, which life there will go back to normal, and regain it's natural balance.

However... by doing this, all of the Strawhats' memories of this adventure will be destroyed, and the crwe will have no recollection of anything, and anybody of this cosmical voyage. Therefore, without having those great memories, the Strawhats can never come back.

What will the Strawhat pirates do? Can they really go back to their world, and resume the adventure they left off with their memories of their cosmical voyage gone forever? All of those answers will be answered here in the last chapter of One Piece: A Smash Adventure!

Chapter 138: Our farewell, The end of a Smash Adventure

On the last day of the Strawhats' time outside their world, the last thing anyone would expect, and would want to hear is that they can never come back. That was what Master Hand just told the crew that the memories of their adventure must be destroyed in order to restore order in the Egasm reality. The news was simply shocking, and at the same time, it was unbearable.

The Strawhats have not said a word after hearing this, as they didn't know what to say. Crazy Hand's fingers twitched with sadness, as he broke the silence.

"This isn't fair, bro!" Crazy yelled at Master Hand from behind, "You can't just take their memories away! They risked their lives countless of times to save your non-existent butt in Obscurum! Admit it; they saved us from that clown, and you want to screw them over even knowing that!"

Master Hand was silent, looking down at the grass he floated over. No one else answered for Crazy, so he just kept yelling.

"W-We had a glorious time yesterday!" Crazy yelled, sounding like he was crying, "We laughed when our furniture got destroyed; I was finally found in our game of hide and seek; the vault room blew up without me actually doing anything that time; and in the town.." Crazy paused, "We had the best time of our lives partying in the town! Everyone was happy! I was happy that my idols were happy! It was the best day of my life! I can't believe you want to take all of that away!" Crazy shivered under his own words, and calmed down while everything was quiet again, "You have to think of something... there has to be another way! There's just has to be one! They cannot leave like this! You're the smartest guy I know, so I know you can come up with another way!"

"Crazy... I did my best." Master Hand said in a sorrowful tone, and without looking at Crazy, "There is no other way... this must be done."

"Why!" Crazy asked, "Why do you even care about those guys! Forget about them-"

"CRAZY!" Master Hand interrupted with a furious tone. Crazy shivered in fear, and backed away in silence. Master Hand regained his composure, and continued to look downward at the ground.

The area near the lake was quiet once more, as Nami walked up to the lake, and looked at her reflection.

"... Since we've been taken out of our world, I've always thought of this incident as a nightmare." Nami explained, "I wanted to forget about it, and go back home. Every world we went, there was nothing but trouble all the time, and we had to get involved with it. It irritated me so much, I thought this nightmare would never end..." Nami then smiled softly, "But... in those times, there were also good moments. It made me forget about the bad things altogether. In the end.. I've come to like what I have experienced. It was very unique and fun... and it actually made me change my opinion about this trip. I never want to forget about it..." Nami then raised her right hand, and grasped tightly around her left elbow, "But to know that I actually have to forget about it... it hurts..."

Nami bit her lower lip, trying not to cry as Sanji went over to her, and comforted her. Her comrades felt the same way, as Chopper sat down on the grass.

"We made so many friends." Chopper said, already letting out some tears, "They helped us when we really needed it, and we helped them back... I.. -sniff-... I don't want to forget about them!" Chopper cried, unable to hold back his tears, "Why do we have to forget! This isn't fair! I don't want to forget about anything! Ehuhh! I don't want to! No!"

While Chopper cried uncontrollably, Robin looked up at the sky in sadness. "Memories are precious... and so are those who are in need of help." Robin said as she lowered her head, and closed her eyes, "I understand what must be done, and it's not in our place to question your intentions, Master Hand. I won't be selfish... I am willing to go along with your plan, but..." She gritted her teeth, as her tears gently went down across her cheeks, "This is too hard for me to give up... I'm sorry..."

"Hold on! This has to be a joke!" Usopp yelled as his lips quiver while smiling, "Right, Master Hand! This is a joke... a big joke to throw us off guard! Of course, it's a really bad joke, but it's okay since you don't look like a jokester anyway! Ha ha.. If you say something silly, the joke will then..." Usopp stopped; he knew Master Hand wasn't messing around. Usopp gritted his teeth in frustration, and held his right fist up against his forehead in pain.

Zoro didn't like the news either, as he was thinking about all the battles he has was in, and what he had learned from them. He crossed his arms up against his chest with a frown, "I don't like this at all. I won't complain if there is no other way, but there has to be atleast one other option."

"Yeah... this can't end like this." Sanji said, still comforting Nami with a frown.

"This sucks! You can't do this to us!" Franky yelled while pointing at himself, "I made tons of friends out here! There is no way we're going to forget about them, even if you say so!"

"Can't you think of another way!" Nami asked, setting her gaze towards Master Hand with some tears in her eyes, "I-I know that were asking for too much, but I don't want to leave like this."

"Yeah!" Franky agreed instantly, "We don't have to leave now! We can stay here until you come up with some idea that will work for all of us! This place is the core of knowledge, right! I'm sure you can come up with something!"

"Please, Master Hand!" Chopper said with a sad face, "We don't want to forget about you and everyone else..."

"I've learned so much out here, and it has made me stronger. I used my strength to protect my friends..." Usopp said as he looked down at the floor with clenched fists, "I can't leave... knowing that I will get weaker once we go through that door..."

Master Hand heard all of them, and understood that the crew were upset, and that they were going to react this way. He remained calm, though, and didn't feel disturbed by the crew's words. The only thing that troubled him was Luffy, who didn't even say anything once he heard the sad news. Master Hand took a quick look at Luffy standing behind, as the captain of the Strawhat crew was looking down on his trophy he held with both his hands. Master Hand couldn't see Luffy's expression due to his hat shading his face.

Master Hand looked away, and stared at the lake, as everyone just stared at him silently, "... Don't misunderstand me," He said in a soft tone, "I am grateful for what you have done... but my role as an observer of life comes first. Everything around me... I want to protect it. It's what the Emperor Gods created, and are a part of... and mostly because every life out there means everything to me. I can't sit by, and let a part of life go to ruin when I know I can save it." Master Hand paused, "Please understand... this is very hard for me to do as well."

Everyone continued to stare at him, understanding what he was saying, but didn't say anything. Master then stared at the mane of the Thousand Sunny, "It's been so long since the war between light and darkness took place here in the Grand Universe. And yet, I can still remember how it all went... in every detail in that horrid century. I knew I had the power to stop them, but I was so scared.. It was the first time I have witnessed such chaos. I didn't wanted to interfere against the Emperor Gods' creatures, and I thought things would turn out alright once the war was over. It did brought peace between the people of Luminarium and Obscurum, but... things turned far worse than it did for the better."

The wind whistled by the lake again, "... A long time has passed since that event, and finally, everything was finally back the way it was, thanks to you kind people." Master Hand said, referring to the Strawhats, "I will never forget your kindness.. that is why it brings me such regret that you have to leave like this. I'm sorry, but you can't stay here anymore. Your true adventure awaits you back in your homeworld; you can't afford to stay here any longer. I really did all the research to fix this current dilemma, and take you back to your world without any trouble. I spent the entire week, gaining knowledge from all the realities, and the Grand Universe, but this is the only method possible. Normally, your lives would have been needed for something like this, but after making some modifications to the Crazy door, your memories are the only links I need to use."

Master Hand then turned towards everyone, "I know you're hurt... I know that this is a big loss, and you have trusted in me, but there is nothing else I can do. I'm sorry..."

Everyone stood in silence, but they looked as if they understand, especially the crew. The only one that hasn't said anything yet was Luffy. The crew, Crazy, R.O.B, and the Alloy team stared at him with concern.

"Luffy..." Nami said, wondering what was going on in Luffy's thoughts. Master Hand turned towards Luffy, as the hand was having difficulty trying to say something to the captain.

"Luffy... I-I..." Master Hand stuttered, "I don't know what to say to you. You had the most respect for me as I do for you, and seeing you upset is the last thing I would ever want to see. When we talked last night, I knew you entrusted me to always do the right thing, and.. I don't know what you are thinking, but all I want you to know is that I am deeply sorry that this has to end this way." But even with those sincere words, Luffy still didn't say anything, making Master Hand feel more anxious as the Hand looked away several times before looking back at Luffy.

"I see... this isn't just about that. This is also about our promise, that one day, when you become the Pirate King, I would accept you as a Smasher... I know we made that promise, and that I would fulfill my word, but your memories... there would no point in bringing you back without knowing what you have done for all of us. It wouldn't be fair for us, but it would certainly not be fair for you. You deserve to keep your memories... and coming back here without them would be terrible for you, because you will make memories of how you thought you first got here, how you will meet the other Smashers you will believe you have never met them in your life, and you will leave with nothing but fake memories that you will treasure in your lifetime. That's why..." Master Hand paused as his figure began to shook, "That's why you can never come back!"

Master Hand then fell on the back of his fingers; he was so upset, he couldn't remain floating from the ground. Everyone was concerned as Master Hand sounded like he was crying, as his body shivered with sadness, "I'm sorry! I really am sorry!" He exclaimed, "I don't want you to leave like this! Who am I to take your memories! I know I shouldn't, but I have no other choice! Those people in Egasm.. I don't want to abandon them! I don't want to feel helpless like that time during that wretched war! I want to help anybody and anything in desperate need of aid... I need to do this! Please, forgive me!" Master Hand's fingers curled up, dragging a chunk of the grass and dirt underneath him, and took up into his palm, "Please understand... I really am sorry... I'm sorry..."

Luffy then raised his trophy in the air, and slammed it down hard into the ground.

Everyone was shocked upon seeing that, including Master Hand. However, the trophy didn't break as Luffy simply placed it down on the ground in front of Master Hand before standing straight up. Master Hand was confused at this, as Luffy slightly raised his up, showing a determined look before putting his right hand against his waist, and pointed down at the trophy with the other.

"When we get back here, I want you to give me this trophy!" Luffy exclaimed.

The crew, Crazy, everybody was utterly shocked hearing those words, especially Master Hand, who was paying close attention to Luffy, but was still confused.

"I don't deserve to keep this trophy yet." Luffy explained, "When I become the Pirate King, I want this trophy on my hands as a prize once we get back here in your world!"

Master Hand did not expect this answer; in fact, he didn't think he would get an answer at all. "W-What!" Master Hand gasped, before he took some time to regain his composure. "N-No! I told you; without your memories-"

"I don't need memories to remember things!" Luffy said determinedly, "Let me tell you something; I never forget my promises! Never! If there is something, or somebody that I know, and my head won't let me remember what or who it is," Luffy then punches the side of his own head with some force, startling some his crewmembers, and everyone else watching, "I will kick my own ass, until I can remember!"

"I don't understand..." Master Hand said with a surprised tone, "You know what you're saying isn't possible, do you? You're memories will be taken, and will be destroyed as soon as you get back to your world! Coming back here without your memories will hurt you... you can't just say that you will remember by hurting yourself." Master Hand then floated back in the air, "I know it's difficult to accept this, but this must happen before things get worse in Egasm. Please understand!"

"I understand what you have to do. I didn't say you shouldn't do this to us." Luffy said as he then smirked, "Because once me and my crew will get back to our world, you're going to start finding a way to get our memories back."

Crazy, R.O.B., and the Alloy team were surprised, but not as much as Master Hand was when Luffy said that. Zoro and Sanji smirked as they, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, and Franky were feeling happy seeing their captain so confident.

"Like you said before; we made a promise. All that talk about you not keeping your word sounded really stupid." Luffy said, "As if you're going to hate yourself forever when you destroy our memories. You're not going to cry about it! Instead, you're going start thinking plenty of smart things to get our memories back, even if it means taking forever! And when you do find a way, you're going to keep your promise, and bring us back here in next Super Smash Bros. Tournament! I know you are going to do this, because that's what we promised! I will become the Pirate King, and you will be take us back, and be happy!"

"Yeah! You tell him! You rock, Luffy!" Crazy exclaimed, crying with utter joy as R.O.B., and the Alloy team were proud for Luffy. The crew were proud for their captain as well, as Master Hand didn't felt sad anymore. Looking into Luffy's determined eyes, Master Hand was slowly feeling better. And seeing Luffy's crew now feeling the same way, it was hard for Master Hand to feel bad when people around are feeling confident and happy.

"Amazing..." Master Hand said in awe, "This is definitely the first time I've ever met someone like you, Luffy. You have a heart of gold... thank you."

Luffy smiled widely as Master Hand then looked at the Crazy Door, "Are you sure you want to go like this? Because even if I try and find a way to get your memories back, there is no telling if I will succeed. Restoring something destroyed back in it's top condition is the hardest challenge for anybody to accomplish."

"Hee hee! Stop saying 'try'; you can do this. You're the best!" Luffy said with a thumbs up.

Master Hand looked at Luffy, and laughed pleasantly, "Ha ha ha... yes. I will do this. Once you become the Pirate King, I'll welcome you all back, and I promise you will have a great time."

Luffy smiled widely again as his crew then approached, "So, Luffy... ready to go?" Zoro asked with a smile.

Luffy turned around, and saw the crew were ready once more, "Yep! Everything is fine now. Let's go home."

And with that said, the Strawhats were ready to go. The Strawhats approached Crazy, and the others, saying their farewells. "You guys are pretty tough as a team." Zoro said to the Alloy Team, "Maybe one day, we can have a rematch, and see who truly is the strongest team."

"You bros take care now, alright?" Franky said. The Alloy team saluted simultaneously in response, showing their respect for the two as they smiled.

Robin hugged R.O.B., and then smiled at him, "Thank you for your kindness, R.O.B.. I hope we will meet again someday."

"Goodbye, R.O.B.. We won't forget about you either." Chopper said happily.

"Damn, I wish we had more time to know about you." Usopp said with a smile, "Don't worry; when we come back, I'll tell you how great it is to be me, Captain Usopp."

R.O.B. nodded, as he wished he could cry to show how sad, but happy to see his new friends finally getting back in their world.

Crazy Hand sniffed, as he sounded like he was crying, "Oi, what's wrong with you this time?" Nami asked with a smile.

"N-Nothing!" Crazy exclaimed, "I-I'm just happy that you guys were even here in the first place. You may lose memories when you get back to your world, but if you can, try not to forget about my gorgeous self!"

"Don't worry about that. How can we ever someone like you. That's impossible." Sanji said with a smile, actually saying that like a compliment instead of an insult.

"And above else, it was thanks to you that we had such a wonderful experience out here." Nami said with a pleasant, "We should be thanking you too, because if you hadn't picked us to do your dirty work, I doubt whoever else you picked could have get the job done successfully as we did."

"Oh... you guys..." Crazy whimpered in sheer happiness, "I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! LET'S GET BACK TO THE BEDROOMS, AND HAVE SEX RIGHT NOW!"

"Don't ruin this moment..." Nami and Sanji irritatedly in unison.

"Hee hee! Kidding! I was kidding..." Crazy said with a wave of his hand, "Ha ha ha... thanks for all your help, guys!"

The Strawhats laughed along with Crazy, as Master Hand then approached Luffy, "I will take you to your ship." Master Hand then faced his back towards the ground, and spread out his fingers away from his palm, "Get on my palm, everyone. Don't be afraid; I won't drop any of you."

Luffy and his crew then got on Master Hand's palm, as Master Hand then took the crew up to the Thousand Sunny, with Crazy, and the others watching them from where they stood. Master Hand floated over the ship's railing, as the Strawhats got off of him, and got on the lawn deck. "Ahh.. thanks, Master Hand!" Luffy said.

"No problem." Master Hand replied, "Now, allow me to turn the ship towards the door." Master Hand then floated closer to the lake floor, and pushed the Thousand Sunny from the side, turning it around until it faced the Crazy Door. Master Hand floated back up, and spoke with the crew once more, "There you go. Now, all you have to do is sail through that door. The ride may get bumpier than you are used to, but you will reach your world safely." Master Hand then paused, looking at the crew smiling at him, "Thank you all... your actions will never be forgotten. You have saved us all, and we're forever in your debt. May you have a safe journey back to your world."

The crew smiled, as Luffy then gave another thumbs up at Master Hand, and winked at him, "See you later, Master Hand!"

"Yes... farewell, my friends." Master Hand said.

The hand then left the crew, and went back to his brother, and the others. The Strawhats didn't move, as even though they look happy, they were sad that they were leaving. Luffy turned around, and raised his arms in the air.

"SET SAAAAIILLLL!" Luffy yelled.

With smiles on their faces, the crew got into their stations, setting the sails of the Thousand Sunny. "Crazy Door! You may now open!" Master Hand said from afar. The Crazy Door laughed as it sticked it's tongue back into it's mouth, and opened itself up to reveal a path of streams. The streams weren't made of light, darkness, or golden, but it was rainbow-colored stream, as the colors of the rainbow were flowing along the stream as well.

The wind blew, as the Thousand Sunny began to drift along the lake, and headed towards the door, where they would finally get back home.

But as the ship sailed forward, all the Strawhats rushed back to the railing behind the ship. Once they all got there, they saw Master Hand, Crazy Hand, R.O.B., and the Alloy team there seeing them off. They and the Strawhats stared at each other, before everyone screamed with joy.

"Goodbye, Master Hand! Goodbye!" Luffy waved, as he and his crew were waving goodbye to Master Hand, and the others, who were doing the same to them. Usopp, Chopper, and Franky had their faces filled with tears, but they kept on smiling while waving goodbye; Nami, and Robin had tears in their eyes, but they laughed while waving their hands; and Zoro and Sanji smirked while also saying their goodbyes. Luffy put his right foot on the railing, and happily waved goodbye to Master Hand, who waved back.

R.O.B. waved goodbye with his arm; the Alloy team waved goodbye in unison; and Master Hand watched the Strawhats, happily hearing their shouts.

"Unnghh! Take care of yourselves!" Franky yelled while crying uncontrollably, "And I am not crying! Ughh hu hu hu!"

"Farewell for now! I hope we will meet again very soon!" Robin exclaimed.

"Goodbye! Please don't forget about us!" Chopper cried while waving both his arms.

"See ya! I'm sure we'll see each other again!" Sanji said with a smile.

"We may leave now, but we'll always be together by spirit! Take care!" Usopp cried.

"Bye! Thanks for all the great memories!" Nami exclaimed.

"We'll show you that we can fulfill our dreams! You guys wait and see!" Zoro said with a smirk.

"Goodbye! Remember our promise, Master Hand! Goodbye, Crazy! I will never forget you either!" Luffy exclaimed happily.

"Guughh huh huh huh huh! Byyee! Don't forget about us! Especially me!" Crazy yelled, crying uncontrollably while waving back at the crew in a crazy manner.

"Luffy!" Master Hand shouted happily, getting Luffy's attention as Master Hand then gave a thumbs up, "Until we meet again!"

Luffy smiled, and continued to wave to him along with his crew, as the Thousand Sunny sailed closer to the door. Master Hand, Crazy Hand, R.O.B., and the Alloy team watched as the ship entered through the door, and disappeared as the streams took the ship away with great speed.

"Whugh!" The Strawhats cried as they nearly fell off their ship from the sudden increase of speed.

"Dammit! Master Hand wasn't kidding when he said this was going to be a bumpy ride!" Sanji exclaimed while holding onto the railing.

"Whoaah! This is way too fast! We're going to fall off at this rate!" Usopp exclaimed while also holding onto the railing.

"No we're not! Come on!" Luffy yelled as he suddenly ran off. The crew followed their to the lawn deck as quickly, and carefully as they could, as the ship was now moving even faster.

"Ah!" Chopper cried as he fell on his back when something flew out of the back his head.

"Chopper! Are you alright!" Franky asked, helping Chopper up.

"I-I don't know!" Chopper replied while rubbing his head, "I think something hit me in the head!"

Nami turned around, and saw what came out of Chopper's head, which was a light stream flying up into the rainbow stream path, "I think that was... a memory! Ahh!" Nami cried as a light stream also flew from out of her head.

"Nami-san! Aghh!" Sanji cried as a light stream also came flying off his head. Shortly afterwards, everybody was experiencing the same thing.

"Gagh!" Zoro cried as he gritted his teeth, looking at the streams flying away, "That has to be our memories! They're being shot from out of our heads!"

"At this rate, we will lose all our precious memories! Grergh!" Robin gasped as more light streams flew out of her head, and some of her memories faded away.

"No! Stay inside!" Chopper yelled, putting his hooves up against his head to prevent his memories in leaving, but to no avail.

The Thousand Sunny flew even faster across the path as several streams flew out of Usopp's head, as Usopp began to panic, "I don't even know what I'm forgetting! This has to stop!"

"We can't stop it! We've already agreed to do this! We can't turn back!" Sanji yelled before some more streams left his head.

"Everyone, calm down! We can't let this be the last moment we have while we still have some of our memories left!" Nami exclaimed with her hands on her head as some streams continue to fly off.

"What do you want us to do!" Franky asked before he cried upon more streams being shot out of his head, and more memories disappearing, "This isn't fun, it's messed up! I feel like we're getting killed here!"

"Concentrate! We have to get through this! If we have to lose our memories, I don't want to lose them this way!" Nami replied.

The ship then went even faster than before, "This is nothing compared to our last travels!" Zoro yelled while gritting his teeth, "I refuse to leave like this in a defeated manner! We will leave this place without any frustration!"


Everyone turned towards Luffy, who stood in front of them with multiple light streams flying out from his head. And yet, Luffy wasn't flinching when this was happening. In fact, he was grinning widely.

"I plan to leave with a big smile on my face!" Luffy yelled, "You guys must do the same, for when we get back to the Smash World with our memories back, we will remember this day as the day we finished our greatest adventure with the happiest faces anyone has ever seen!"

The crew understood quickly. Despite their memories leaving them, Luffy, and his crew rushed up the staircase, and gathered around the helm. They all looked ready as Luffy then jumped on the mane of the ship, and raised his arms up high.

"Take away all our memories if you want; you'll never destroy the fun we had in this adventure!" Luffy yelled happily as more memories repeatedly flew out of the back his head, "We will never lose our memories! Do you hear me! WE WILL NEVER FORGET!"

A light could be seen at the end of the path, as it grew bigger and brighter the more closer the ship was getting towards it. Everyone smiled as the light engulfed them, along with Luffy, who continued to shout while the light silenced his words. The ship was engulfed with the light, along with the entire rainbow path. The light didn't dim as the Strawhats disappeared into it, and couldn't be seen anymore.

The Crazy Door then closed, and vanished into thin air. Master Hand, Crazy Hand, R.O.B., and the Alloy team stood there on the grassy field in silence once the crew have left their world.

"They're gone..." Master Hand said in a stoic tone.

"Yep..." Crazy Hand replied, sounding sad.

The wind whistled once more, as the hands were looking at the spot where the Strawhats have left. R.O.B., and the Alloy team already missed the crew, as R.O.B. then looked to his left to see the trophy Luffy left behind. R.O.B. went up to the trophy, lowered his arms, and grabbed the trophy, staring at it once he brought the trophy closer to his vision. After looking at it long enough, R.O.B. brought the trophy to Master Hand, who saw it, and felt happy.

"Don't worry about them, Crazy." Master Hand said, "I know that they have already forgotten about us, but we will never forget about them."

"I know." Crazy replied as he turned towards Master Hand, "But now that they're gone, what are we going to do? Without them, this place has gotten boring again, and I'm afraid of the zombies that might pop up in town..."

"Hmph! You seemed to have gotten over them." Master Hand chuckled, "And rather quickly, I might add."

"No way!" Crazy retorted, "I still feel bad that they left! It's just... ugh, I miss them already..."

Master Hand looked back at the lake, seeing a brief image of Luffy, and his crew smiling at him. That image faded into thin air, as Master Hand then sighed, "I miss them too." He said, "Come on, let's go back inside."

Crazy took one last look where the Strawhats have left the Smashworld, cherishing the last moments he had with them. Crazy then sighed sadly as he joined his brother, along with R.O.B. and the Alloy team back to Smash Mansion up the hill.

Once they have arrived home, Crazy opened the door, and cracked his knuckle while feeling a little better. "I'm going to see if they've got back to their world yet. I don't want to miss any second more of their lives, you know?"

Crazy then floated up the front staircase, and headed towards Master Hand's office in the second floor. Meanwhile, Master Hand was deep in thought while R.O.B. placed the bronze Luffy trophy in the center of the coffee in front of the big screen TV. Master Hand turned around, and looked at the trophy again, seeing the big smile on it.

"Hmm... you know what? Why not?" Master Hand said in a motivated tone as he then turned towards the Alloy team, "I'm going to find a way to get their memories back! I got nothing else to do, and it should be fun! What do you all think?"

The Alloy team looked at each other, and nodded with their master's idea. "Alright... I'll do it." Master Hand said happily as he folded into a fist, "I shall find a way to get their memories back, even if I die!" He said determinedly. He then looked at the Alloys and R.O.B., who were giving their master an odd look. Master Hand felt embarrassed, and unfolded himself, "Sorry... I was trying to say something Luffy would usually say in a tough time." Master Hand then faced towards the staircase, "-sigh-... okay, I should probably get started."

Knock! Knock!

Then suddenly, there was a knock on the right front door, catching Master Hand's attention.

"Oh? Now who could that be?" Master Hand asked.

R.O.B. went to open the entire door, as Master Hand looked outside, but saw no one. He then looked down, and saw somebody standing in front of him. The person in front of Master Hand was a man, wearing a long and black robe, with the back end of his robe formed in spike-like pattern that mostly covered the steps of the porch behind him. He wore a long hood over his head, concealing his face with darkness, and his arms were tucked inside his long round sleeves nearly touching the porch he stood on, and stood with a slouched posture, and with his knees bent.

"Oh, hello." Master Hand greeted the robed man as if he knew him, "Um... may I help you?"

"Greetings, Master Hand. I hope I didn't come at a bad time." The robed man said with a calm, yet somewhat eerie voice. Master Hand didn't reply quickly as R.O.B., and the Alloy team took some steps away from the man for some reason. The robed man then looked over his shoulder, and took a brief look at the sun. "Mmm, it's awfully sunny today. May I come in?"

"Um, yes. Please step inside." Master Hand said, welcoming the robed man in his mansion.

The robed man walked forward with the posture he had, and entered the mansion quietly. Once the back end of the man's robe was inside, R.O.B. closed the front door, and sticked closely with the Alloy team, staring at the robed man from behind. The man took note of his surroundings, as Master Hand gestured at R.O.B.

"R.O.B., if you be so kindly to serve some tea to our guest." Master Hand said politely.

"There is no need for that, Master Hand. I'm not going to take much of your time." The robed man said, "I am only here to finish some business."

"Oh, I see." Master Hand said, "That time again, I presume..."

Crazy Hand then appeared over the front staircase, as he looked pretty excited, "Hey, bro! I see them! They are back in their world!" Crazy exclaimed, "They looked knocked out, but I tell you when...!" Crazy stopped as soon as he noticed the robed standing in front of his brother. For some reason, Crazy felt enraged upon seeing this man. He felt so angry, that he actually forgot what he was talking about. The man looked up at Crazy, who twitched as he turned red while steam blew out of his fingers.

"Crazy... control yourself..." Master Hand said sternly.

"Yoouu.." Crazy said to the man in an unpleasant voice, "If it isn't my greatest enemy... I knew you'd come sooner or later... YOU FILTHY TAX COLLECTOR!" Crazy then stormed up through the roof, leaving a hole behind, until he then came back, "Bro, hold them there! I'm going to get my fly swatter!" He yelled from the second before he left again.

Master Hand sighed, "I'm sorry about him; he should know better by now..."

"Let's get back on topic." The robed man said, wasting no time explaining his intentions, "As you know, this is that time of the month again. I'm afraid I am going to need a certain amount of fee from you today."

"... That's fine." Master Hand said stoically as he then turned away, "I'll send you the Smash coins as soon as I can."

"Oh, but I'm not only here for that." The robe man added, confusing Master Hand, "You must also pay for your recent actions."

"Excuse me?" Master Hand asked, turning back towards the robed man.

"It's come to my knowledge that your precious Master Door has been used not once, but several times in such a short amount of time." The robed man explained, "I don't know why you would use it this much, but it doesn't matter to me. However, using that door goes against the fine print... and that is against the rules, Mr. Rule follower. Hm hm hm!"

Master Hand stared at the robed man in disdain, until Crazy Hand bursted through the floor of the 2nd floor, leaving another hole next to the one he created a while ago as he flew towards the robed man, holding a giant fly swatter.

"I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU IN A NON-EROTIC WAY!" Crazy yelled furiously.


Crazy lied on the ground with a big bump on his back he received from his brother, as Master Hand turned back towards the robed man.

"Forgive me, but haven't you seen what was going on the last couple of weeks!" Master Hand asked.

"Maybe... but it doesn't have anything to do with this." the robed man said.

"It has everything to do with this!" Master Hand yelled furiously.

"Calm down; no need to get upset." The robed man said calmly, "However, if you wish to argue, do it with someone that actually cares." The robed man then took out a bill from his sleeves, holding the paper with his hand still hidden under his long sleeves, "Right now, I recommend you pay the fine, before things get more out of hand."

Hearing the word 'fine' made Crazy jump back in reality. Crazy approached his brother, sounding very nervous, "Um, bro... you might want to let me take a look at that first, so... you won't have to look at it."

"It's alright, Crazy." Master Hand assured. The robed man held up the bill in front of Master Hand so he could see it. Master Hand read the amount he needed to pay, and... "... WHAAAAT! THIS MUCH!"

Crazy Hand looked over his brother to see the amount, and jumped back in shock, "Oh shiatzu! Take cover!" Crazy hid behind R.O.B., and the Alloy team, as they all shivered nervously behind the robed man. Master Hand sounded dumbfounded upon seeing the bill, as his fingers twitched in surprise, and was also hyperventilating.

"I know it seems a little too much than what you are used to, but it's nothing to complain about." The robed man said, not realized that Master Hand was seething, "After all, you're just a hand; you don't really need money to keep you alive. You can have more eventually, so I don't really see the problem. So, what do you think? Be a smart hand, and pay the amount so I may leave already?"

Master Hand's figure twitched, as he really looked upset, but it was hard to tell since he didn't had a face. It's obvious that whatever might happen, Master Hand will be respectful, and-


Crazy, R.O.B., and the Alloy team completely afraid of Master Hand, going absolutely nuts over a bill, while the robed man didn't seem intimidated.


Master Hand flew next to the living room couch in a way Crazy would approach anything, "OH, LOOKY HERE! IT'S A COUCH!" Master Hand laughed in a berserked way, "GEE, WHY I WOULD I MAKE A COUCH, IF I HAVE NO BUTTOCKS TO LAY UPON THEM! I KNOW! I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU INSTEAD!" Master Hand then picked up the couch with ease, and threw it over the robed man, where the couch then broke upon hitting the next to the man, and fell into big pieces, "YOU LIKE IT! BECAUSE I'M NOT DONE GIVING YOU MY THINGS!"

Master Hand then flew over the robed man, who watched as Master Hand dug his fingertips into a wall, and dragged them downward, tearing the wallpaper, including the wall itself in the process. Some of the wallpaper fell on the robed man, who just stood there as Master Hand then laughed, "HOW ABOUT SOME WALLPAPER! IT'S PART OF A WALL... AND IT'S MADE OF PAPER! DYA BLB BLB BLB BLB LBL BLAH!"

Master Hand wasn't done as he then flew towards the big screen TV, and picked it up. The robed man removed the wallpaper from his head, and watched as Master Hand flew up high near the roof of the first floor, and aimed towards the center.

"BOMBS AWAY!" Master Hand yelled as he flew down, yelling out some more gibberish as he then slammed the television set into the ground, which then exploded into several pieces. The explosion created a dust cloud that spreads out throughout the ground in the first floor, as Master Hand emerged from the cloud triumphantly. "YYYES! TAKE THAT, SOCIETY! I'M THE KINDEST PERSON EVER TO GIVE AWAY SO MANY VALUABLE THINGS TO A STUPID PERSON!" Master Hand's finger twitched as he looked back at the robed man, who still doesn't seem intimidated, "WHAT'S THAT! YOU WANT MORE OF MY THINGS! OKIE-DOKIE! GWAAH HA HA HA HA HA!"

Master Hand then flew into the dining room, destroying every single thing that was there, creating even more of a mess. Crazy Hand, R.O.B., and the Alloy stood next to the robed man, as they continue to watch this madness, "DIE! DIE STUFF! I DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE! I HAVE censored TO PLAY WITH censored, AND WITH THE BILL, HE CAN censored AND censored UNTIL THE CORPSES DISAPPEAR WITH censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored AND FINALLY censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored ALL THE WAY TO THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM!"

"Ah ha.. and they said I was crazy." Crazy Hand chuckled with a cocky attitude, and then looked at his brother with shame. They all just stared at Master Hand wreack havoc in his own home, while the sunlight from outside shined over the bronze Luffy trophy.


A dangerous sea exists where it takes more than guts to sail on. It takes knowledge, emotion, willpower, and ambition to overcome this deadly sea. This sea... is the Grand Line.

Today, the sea was calm, which was rather rare considering it's the Grand Line, as nothing else seemed to be going on this crazy sea. There was no island on sight, just some seagulls flying across the air... and one ship.

The Thousand Sunny was in the middle of nowhere, as Luffy, and his crew were sleeping on several sections of the ship. Zoro was sleeping on the staircase to the helm; Nami and Robin were sleeping on the lawn deck, as well as Chopper, who had his face in the grass; Usopp was sleeping as his body was hanging from the gaffles of the ship; Sanji was sleeping on the swing on the lawn deck; Franky was sleeping upside with his body lied against the mast, and his head and arms on the floor; and Luffy was sleeping on the ship's mane.

The Strawhats were home. After such a long journey, they have finally returned to where they belong.

"Mmm..." Luffy's eyelids began to open, and saw the bright sun shining over his vision. "Uh?" Luffy sat up, and realized that he was on the mane. He looked at his surroundings, seeing nothing but the sea, and looked puzzled, "Was I sleeping? Hmm..."

The crew were also waking up, "Ow, my head..." Nami sighed irritably while getting up.

"Hmm..." Usopp stretched his muscles, and woked up while rubbing his eyes to see that he was hanging from the gaffles, "Gah! What am I doing up here! Whoa!" From panicking, Usopp fell of the gaffle, and landed on the deck hard. "Ough.." He moaned as his body twitched upon landing.

"Gyargh. Wha? Where am I?" Franky asked, rolling over onto his chest. Robin and Chopper got up, as Zoro yawned before he got up from the stairs as well.

"My back..." Zoro said while holding his back. Sanji woke up, and got up from the swing, but not before tripping over it, and fell in front of Usopp, who hasn't got up yet after his rough landing. "Ouch! What the...?"

Everyone looked confused; they didn't seem to recall how they ended up sleeping when they came back to their world. ".. Is everyone okay?" Nami asked with a confused look.

"I don't know." Franky said, a little irritated, "I don't even know why we're out here."

"Did you guys just wake up?" Sanji asked, helping Usopp up on his feet.

"I think so..." Chopper said, rubbing his head, "Do you know why we were asleep?"

"No. I just woke up the same time you guys did. Strange..." Sanji said.

"This is strange indeed." Robin said rubbing her chin.

"You guys probably didn't felt like sleeping indoors, and ended up sleeping outside like I usually do." Zoro said, approaching his crew from the stairway, "It's no big deal, if you ask me."

"Oh, yeah? You never rest on the stairs before. Why start now?" Nami asked. Zoro looked back, and wondered why he slept on the stairs, rather than taking a nap on the lawn deck.

"And can someone explain to me how I ended up sleeping up there? I don't even know what's going on!" Usopp yelled, pointing up at the gaffles.

Then Luffy walked over to the rail near the helm, and looked at his crew on the deck. "Hey, guys." Luffy said with a tired look.

"Luffy." Nami said in a surprised tone, as she and her comrades looked at Luffy as he then walked down the stairs.

"Oi, Luffy. Where were you?" Sanji asked.

"I was on my favorite spot. I just woke up... -yawn-.." Luffy yawned as he took as he approached his crew on the deck.

"You were sleeping too, Luffy?" Chopper asked.

"You don't happen to know how you fell asleep, do you?" Franky asked.

"Mm... no, I don't remember anything." Luffy replied after thinking it through.

"-sigh-, This is so weird." Nami sighed, "Why were we all asleep out here during the day?"

"Perhaps we were attacked by somebody all night, and we were so exhausted, we ended up sleeping out here." Robin said.

"If that's true, the ship wouldn't be in such good condition." Zoro said upon noticing his surroundings, "Not to mention there is not a single living thing in sight."

"You guys were sleeping too?" Luffy asked.

"Yeah. We just woke up, and we don't even know we were all sleeping out here to begin with." Usopp said as he then crossed his arms, and was trying to remember, "Let's see, all I can remember was having a dream about me telling Chopper about my adventures."

"Huh?" Chopper said with a surprised look.

"What's wrong, Doctor-kun?" Robin asked.

"That's funny; what Usopp just said... I was having that same dream too." Chopper said, "He was telling me a story how he defeated a demon, and... I don't remember what happened after that."

"Strange, that also sounds familiar..." Nami said, as she then looked at the others, "What about you guys? Did you dream of anything?"

"I don't see how this is important, but all I know is that I was dreaming that I was arguing with Franky, and the cook about something... I think." Zoro said.

"No way! I was dreaming something like that too!" Franky gasped.

"Me too..." Sanji said as well, "Were we dreaming of the same thing?"

"That isn't possible." Nami said with her hands on her hips, "But... for some reason, what you guys just explained, I happened to see that in my dream too. I also remember I was talking to Robin. Right, Robin?"

"Yes, I remember." Robin replied. The Strawhats were now even more curious, as they were only remembering about the time before they were taken out of their world. They don't seem to mention anything from the ride they used to get back to their world. It's as if they...

"What about you, Luffy? What were you dreaming about?" Zoro asked.

Luffy thought long and hard, closing his eyes as he tried to remember his dream, "I was fishing... yeah, I was fishing. And then... a door?"

"Door? What door?" Franky asked.

Luffy tried to remember; he was thinking about the second Master door that took him, and his crew from their world, but couldn't remember in detail. He thought harder, trying to force that image to pop up in his head. He kept trying, until he then said, "Door? Did I say that?" Luffy blinked as that image instantly vanished from his head, "I don't remember a door.. all I remember is that I was fishing, and then I woke up. I don't think there was more, but if there was... I don't remember anymore."

The Strawhats have lost all their memories of their special adventure. They had no clue what they have lost, and as treasurable those memories were to them, the crew have lost them probably forever.

"Um, maybe we just felt tired, and fell asleep out here." Chopper said, "Nothing seems to be wrong with us, so I don't think we should keep worrying about it."

The Strawhats looked at each other, and seeing how they felt fine, and nothing out of place, they decided to agree with that statement.

"I guess so." Sanji said.

"Heck, even if we did had the same dream, I'm sure it was just a coincidence." Franky said with a smirk.

"Not really. Although, we are in the Grand line, and anything can happen here." Nami said while staring out at the sea.

"I'm hungry..." Luffy whined all of a sudden, "Sanji, food!"

"Right on it..." Sanji sighed as he headed towards the kitchen.

The Strawhats resumed their day like any other day, not thinking about anything else, for it was pointless to remember something forever gone from their minds.

Some time has passed since the Strawhats have awakened, as the Thousand Sunny was drifting across the sea, still in the middle of nowhere. Luffy was sitting on the rail of the left side of the ship, fishing after eating his lunch Sanji prepared for him. "Bite already, you stupid fish!" Luffy yawned, as he hasn't caught anything yet.

Zoro was up at the crow's nest, lifting some incredible weights alone. While he lifted his weights, he couldn't help, but wonder what he was doing the day before, but he was getting a headache upon doing so, and resumed to his daily activity.

Nami was in the library at the back of the ship, drawing some charts. "No, that doesn't look right." Nami said as she erased some lines in her chart, and started over.

Usopp and Franky were down in the Soldier dock area, checking up their supplies, "Are you sure this is all the stuff we need?" Usopp asked, standing on some lumber.

"I know what I'm doing, Longnose. Just count on me." Franky replied with his arms crossed.

Sanji was in the kitchen, washing the dishes. Chopper was in the medical room next door, preparing some medicines on his table. "Ha ha! I should be done in no time." Chopper said happily. Hearing Chopper's laughter from the room made Sanji smiled, as he then whistled while finishing up with the dishes.

Robin was in the lawn deck near where Luffy was fishing. She was reading a book on her chair under an umbrella, reading quietly to herself on this relaxing day.

The Strawhats resumed their lives on the Grand Line. If only they still remembered... they'd probably have a great time remembering about the good things they have done for the sake of life in every other world. If only they could remember...

"Aw, the fish are ignoring me!" Luffy whined. He turned around, and placed his feet on the deck, and reeled in his fishing hook. He faced back towards the deck while looking at his hook with no bait, "Maybe I should put bait on here next time..." Luffy then looked straight, and noticed some peculiar far off on the sea. Luffy blinked, as he squinted his eyes, and actually saw something nearly over the horizon. "Ohh! Oi, everyone! Come out here!"

Robin stopped reading, and looked at Luffy in confusion.

"What's going on?" Nami asked as soon as she left the library, and headed towards the deck. Sanji and Chopper came out from the kitchen, and walked over to the railing to see Luffy running across the deck.

"Hey, what is it, Luffy?" Usopp asked as he, and Franky appeared climbing up from the floor entrance to the soldier dock system room in the center of the lawn deck, and watched Luffy run towards the right side of the ship, and stopped in front of the rail.

It took a while for the crew to approach him from where they stood, as they wondered what Luffy was yelling about, "What's going on, Luffy? Why did you call us here?" Sanji asked.

"Look over there! There's an island right there!" Luffy exclaimed while pointing at the land far off. The crew took a good look, and could see it also.

"Oh? Is that really an island?" Chopper asked.

"It's a little far off. It could be a ship." Franky said with his hand shading over his eyes.

"Hey, guys." Zoro said as his voice could be heard from the megaphone on the bottom of the crow's nest he was in, "I can see an island from up here."

"You see! I told you it's an island!" Luffy exclaimed happily.

"By the looks of the place, it looks like a spring island." Usopp said by looking far away at the island with his binoculars. He placed his binoculars over his his forehead, and rubbed his chin, "I don't see anybody there. It looks suspicious."

"Hey, let's go over there, and check it out!" Luffy said.

"Are you kidding? We don't have time for that." Nami said as she raised her log pose around her wrist, "We would be going off course if we go all the way over there. And besides, what if the log pose resets, and picks up a location of another island? How do you expect we get to Merman Island if that happens?"

"The island is not that far off. This may be our only chance to investigate it." Robin said as Zoro then appeared going down the rope ladder, and jumped down on the deck to approach his comrades as they talked.

"So, do we go there or not?" Zoro asked.

"I say we go! Right now! I have a good feeling about that place!" Luffy said, smiling over at the island. Nami sighed as Franky hurried up to the helm, and changed course to the island.

"I don't know about this..." Usopp said as he went into a fetal position, "I think my I-don't-want-to-go-to-a-suspiciously-looking-island disease is acting up again."

"Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait any longer!" Luffy said excitedly as he then raised his arms in the air, "Here we come, island!"

And so, the Thousand Sunny sailed all the way towards the Mystery island.

Once the ship has arrived at the shore, it's paws made anchor, as everyone got off their ship via the staircase, and looked at the sight before them.

The island was indeed a Spring island as Usopp said before. The island was filled with trees, flowers, rivers, and every natural and beautiful thing you can encounter during the spring time. There has never been such a peaceful looking island than the one the Strawhats are on right now.

What's very interesting about this island, is the fact that it's the same island I first mentioned at the start of this story, and I guess it did had something to do with this story after all. What do you know...

"Wow, this place is beautiful." Chopper said in awe.

"Let's take a look around." Luffy said happily, still holding his fishing rod over his shoulder. The Strawhat crew walked along the between some healthy-looking trees and flowers. They walked over a small bridge that leads a small river as the crew kept on walking for several minutes, until the ended up out of the forest, and into a meadow filled with flowers, and some trees as well.

"This is amazing." Nami said happily, "I don't even remember why I didn't want to come here."

"It's because you like to complain all the time." Franky chuckled until Nami hits him before walking off, "Ow!"

Luffy and Chopper ran ahead, while everyone else took a good look at their relaxing surroundings.

"So far, we haven't seen anybody here." Usopp said, "Maybe this island is uninhabited."

"No, there are some birds here." Zoro said, seeing some birds chirping on the tree close by, "But it's still a little too quiet here. It's getting to be uncomfortable."

"Relax for once, Marimo." Sanji said, walking pass Zoro, "This place is perfect for a romantic evening. And speaking of which..." Sanji then picked out some flowers from the ground, and held up against his face as his visible turned into a big heart, "These flowers will certainly make Nami-san, and Robin-chan happy! Hee hee hee!"

"There is something about this island, that you just want to relax here for a good while." Robin said happily.

"Oi, everyone! Come look at this!" Luffy yelled. Everyone came over to Luffy, and saw that there was an X shaped river that was connected to the sea, separating the island into four different parts, and sizes.

"Whoa! This is a big river!" Usopp said in awe.

"This is a perfect place to set up a picnic." Sanji said, "What do you think, Nami-san?"

"Y-Yeah. I want to be here for a little while longer." Nami replied with a smile.

"Yosh! Then let's party here all day!" Luffy yelled happily as he, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, and Franky shouted in agreement, while everyone else just smiled.

"Right! I'll go get our stuff!" Franky said as he then rushed back to the ship. But he didn't managed to get far, as he stopped suddenly, and yawned, "Ughh.. but first, in order to have a supaa party, I need a supaa rest..." Franky then collapsed, and slept in the middle of the empty path between the field of flowers.

"Franky!" Chopper, and Robin noticed Franky passing out, and rushed over to his aid. When they checked up on him, they realized he was just sleeping. "Franky, what's wrong?"

"Mmm..." Robin then rubbed her eyes, as her vision was getting blurry.

This also caught Chopper's attention, "Robin? Are you feeling okay."

"I'm fine..." She said with her eyes half open, "It's just that this island is so relaxing, I can't... stay awake..." Robin then fell on her side, and fell asleep.

"Robin-chan!" Sanji immediately noticed Robin was in some sort of trouble, and rushed to her aid, while everyone else didn't even notice as they were close to the river, and were talking. Once Sanji arrived, he raised Robin's upper body from the ground, "Chopper, what happened here!"

"I-I don't know! All of sudden, Franky passed out, and then Robin did the same." Chopper said frantically.

Sanji stared at Robin, who just looked as if she was sleeping, "She looks alright. Are you sure...!" Sanji then saw Chopper losing his balance, and fell on his rear, and laid his back against a tree. "Chopper, are you okay!"

"I'm so sleepy..." Chopper yawned, "I want to take a nap..." Chopper then passed out sitting up.

Sanji was now more worried, and looked back to his comrades, "Oi, guys! You have to get..." Sanji stopped as he suddenly felt dazed, and wondered into the flower field nearby.

"Did you say something, Sanji?" Usopp asked as he, Nami, and Zoro looked at Sanji, "Sanji?"

"These flowers look pretty... Nami-san and... Robin-chan might like them..." Sanji then passed out in the flower field, and went right asleep.

"Sanji-kun!" Nami gasped.

Nami, Zoro, and Usopp went to check what was going on, while Luffy was left behind, as he was staring at the river, not realizing what was going on with his crew.

"Hey, Sanji! Why did you fell asleep!" Usopp yelled while running. But then, Usopp also felt sleepy, and tripped over his shoelace, "Oopsie... I need more rest..."

Usopp fell face first into the empty path, and fell into a deep sleep. "Usopp!" Zoro glanced over his shoulder, and checked what was wrong with Usopp, "Hey, Usopp! What happened to you!"

"You know... I'm getting tired again..." Nami said as she stopped in the flower field as well, "The climate won't change... it's a perfect time to sleep..."

"Oi, Nami!" Zoro yelled as he then watched Nami fall into a deep sleep in the flower field. Zoro went to check on her, until he too, was going through the same fate, "Tsk... dammit... I need a nap... a long nap..." Zoro collapsed, and fell straight to sleep on his back.

The entire crew was asleep, and the only one up was Luffy, who then turned around, and saw his crew sleeping all over the ground. "Hey, what are you guys doing?" Luffy asked, taking a few steps away from the river, "This isn't the time to be sleeping again. We should be having fun."

Luffy then stopped on his tracks, as he too, was going through the same phase his crew went through just now. "Huh... why am I so tired...?" Luffy asked. Luffy was losing conciousness, as he dropped his fishing rod on the floor. He turned around slowly, and walked towards the intersection of the river. "Heh heh... this a weird day. I keep sleeping all day... and I don't know why. This must be a weird day... a weird... day..."

Luffy collapsed on his knees, and fell on his chest, and went fast asleep.

The Strawhats slept as the wind blew through the flowers, and the leaves of the trees. Don't worry, for they were not in any danger. There just having there well-deserved rest from the best adventure of their lives, and there was no better place to rest on the island they were on right now.

The wind grew a little stronger, as it blew Luffy's hat from his head, and was blown up high in the air. The hat flew up high in a great distance, where anyone could get a perfect look of the spring island below, which very much resembles the emblem of Super Smash Bros.


The Strawhats may have lost their memories, but what they gave in return was peace in the Egasm reality.

In some calm meadows of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario & Luigi were helping Princess Peach, and Toadsworth set up their picnic table with delicious goods. Wario was there too, but he sat alone on a tree stump, still having stomach trouble as he grumbles to himself.

"There, all done." Peach said satisfied as the Mario Bros sat down, as they were ready to eat.

"This-a looks so-a delicious, Peach." Mario said happily.

"Princess Peach worked very hard to prepare this wonderful evening for us." Toadsworth said, "Let's not leave any leftovers, shall we?"

"Oh boy! I am so hungry!" Luigi said, rubbing his hands together as he picked up a piece of cake from the center of the table, and placed on his dish. He picked it up as he was about to eat, but Yoshi appeared from behind a tree, and took away Luigi's cake with his tongue, "Ha!" Luigi gasped as Yoshi sticked out his tongue, and took every single meal on table into his mouth. Everyone looked shocked, as Luigi jumped out of his chair, "No, Yoshi! That's mine!"

"Yoshi!" Yoshi cried as he ran away while Luigi chased after him in circles.

"Wah ha ha ha ha! Loser... ow!" Wario grunted as his stomach disease acted up again.

"Oh, mama-mia..." Mario rubbed his head as Peach laughed, clearly enjoying this beautiful day. She then looked up at the sky, and thought of the Strawhats. Mario looked at her, and knew what she was thinking about.

"How do you think they are doing, Mario?" Peach asked.

"I know they're doing-a just-a fine." Mario said, "They are-a numbah one!"

"Indeed they are, Master Mario. Indeed they are." Toadsworth agreed. They all stared at the sky, remembering the Strawhat crew for the rest of the day.


Zelda sat on her throne, as it was a peaceful day in her kingdom of Hyrule. She got up, and walked to a stain glass window on the right side of her throne room, and she could see the bridge of eldin through it. She smiled as she placed her hand on the window.

"Link... how are you doing today?" Zelda asked pleasantly.

Link was venturing through the field of Hyrule as he usually does. His horse, Epona, galloped towards the center of the bridge of eldin, and stopped. Link looked towards, and felt that Zelda was watching him. He smiled, and looked up at the sky over the mountains to his left.

"Luffy... everyone... I hope we could meet again someday." Link said with a smile. "Ha!" With a loud cry, Epona raised it's upper body, as Link held tight as his galloped across the bridge, with Link smiling all the way.


In a big alley in some part of a town, there were several small pokemon sitting on tires, watching a little play of some sort from their friend, Pichu. Pichu's big brother watched his little brother with curiosity, as Pichu wore his green cloth Zoro gave him around his head.

"Pichu!" Pichu said happily as he then picked up some sticks, holding two with his paws, and the third with his teeth. Pichu concentrated, and crossed his sticks across his chest. "Piii chuu!" Pichu performed Zoro's Oni Giri, slashing through a leaf on the ground, not cutting it in half, but only it knocking it up in the air.

Nonetheless, Pichu's friends were still amazed, and clapped for their little buddy. Pichu's big brother came up to his little brother, and patted him on the back, "Pi, Pichu." He said with a smile.

"Pichu!" The little Pichu replied happily while blushing, and rubbing the back of his head.

Meanwhile, at the Sinnoh region; Ash, Dawn, and Brock walked along an empty, until Ash began to feel tired.

"I'm hungry again..." Ash sighed.

"We just ate a while ago, Ash. Can't it wait until we reach town?" Dawn asked.

"That's Ash for ya; if he doesn't he eat now, he'll complain for the rest of the way." Brock said with a smile. Ash panted as Pikachu climbed up on his shoulder.

"Pika, pi." Pikachu said, as Ash then looked at him. Ash then smirked, as he stood straight, and looked up at the sky, holding his fist in front of his chest.

"You're right, Pikachu! Luffy wouldn't have given up this easily if he was in my shoes!" Ash said with a smirk, "Let's show him what we are made of!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu exclaimed happily with a raised paw.

Brock, Dawn, and Piplup had no idea who Ash was talking about, as they looked at each other in confusion. "Uh, Ash?" Brock said before Ash turned towards him.

"Come on, guys! Let's not slack off! Let's keep going until we reach town! I'll race ya there!" Ash said energetically as he then sped off.

Brock and Dawn still looked confused, "Piplup?" Piplup said to Dawn in a confused tone.

"I don't know either, but let's not get left behind! Let's go, Brock!" Dawn said.

"Ah! Wait for me, guys!" Brock said as he went off after his friends.

As the they left, Team Rocket appeared hiding over a hill a little far away from the path Ash and his friends were running on.

"They seem in a hurry." Jesse said after putting away her binoculars, "Let's take this chance, and take that Pikachu!"

"Alright!" James and Meowth said in unison. They all looked excited at first, but then sighed sadly as they stood up, and walked away with their heads lowered.

"I don't feel like doing that today." Jesse said sadly.

"It's the end of the story, anyway..." James added.

"Again, we were only used as comic relief in the last minute..." Meowth added as well.

The three sighed, as they all then said simultaneously, "Looks like Team Rocket is wondering off again..."



It's the final lap in the finals of the Grand Prix. The F-Zero racers drove hard across the tough tracks, receiving multiple cheers from the audience, and the spectators watching at home. The one leading in first place was, surprisingly, Samurai Goroh.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Finally, I will win the Grand Prix!" Samurai Goroh laughed in his cockpit, "Nothing can stop me from this glorious moment! Not even...!"

But then, from out of nowhere, the blue falcon zoomed past the Fire Stingray, making lose control of his vehicle. "Nooo!" The Fire Stingray spins uncontrollably as every other racer went past him, leaving that poor samurai dead last.

The Blue falcon made it first through the finish line, as the crowd shouted in sheer happiness. "And the winner of this year's Grand Prix! Captain Falcon!"

The Blue Falcon stopped, and out came Captain Falcon, who saluted his fans as they were throwing countless amount of flowers around his vehicle. Captain Falcon then saluted towards the sky.

"Strawhat pirates! This victory is for you!" Captain Falcon said proudly before he was showered with his fans.

The Fire Stingray then crossed the finish line in last place, before it broke down in pieces, with the only things intact was Goroh, and his seat.

"Aw, nuts!"


In Aether, the Luminoth were rebuilding their land. U-mos watched the construction from his quarters, and looked up at the sky. "Luffy... if only you could see us bringing our life back together. I'm sure you would enjoy it."

U-mos looked down on his land, which was now looking like a peaceful land for the Luminoth to live in for plenty of time to come.

And in a distant planet, Samus was investigating a world, suspected to have Space pirates hiding in. She walked around a forest, and there, she saw a base, with some space pirates lurking around.

Samus was ready to face them, but before she did, she looked at her arm cannon, and looked up at the sky, "Hmph... how do you keep getting in my head?" She asked with a smirk. She then came out of hiding, and shot the guards dead, which caused the alarm of the base to go off. "Lucky kid... go become a great man..."

Samus then ran off into the base, ready to kick some Space pirate butt.

Tuff was playing soccer with Kirby in the front garden of Dedede's castle. Tiff was nearby, reading a book near the fountain. "Heads up, Kirby!" Tuff said as he kicked the ball hard towards Kirby.

"Poyo!" Kirby leaped, and kicked the ball in midair. The ball soured into the castle, bouncing from every wall and ceiling in the second floor, and it wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

On that same floor, King Dedede is taking a bubble bath, as he was in tub, blowing some bubbles in the air. "Ah... this is the life." Dedede said as he then played with his rubber duckie, "I haven't had such a relaxing time like this in years. Yep... it's good to be the king."

But suddenly, the bathroom bursted open as the soccer ball Kirby kicked flew into the room. "What the!" Dedede gasped as he saw the soccer ball bouncing everywhere in the bathroom. The ball then bounced off the wall, and headed straight for Dedede. "DYEEEEHHHHHH!"


The soccerball landed directly into Dedede's face, as Dedede leaned back from getting hit, causing his weight to tip the tub over him, and splashed him with water. Escargoon, Waddle Doo, and some Waddle Dees entered the room from hearing the noise.

"Your Majesty, what-AHH! Your Majesty! What happened!" Escargoon cried as everyone went to check on Dedede.

From outside the castle, nothing but loud yelling from Dedede could be heard. Tuff, and Kirby wondered what was going on, as Tiff walked up to him from behind. "Okay, from now on, you'll play where you won't hurt anyone... even if it's Dedede."

"Okay." Tuff said.

"Poyo." Kirby said. "Poyo?" Kirby then looked up at the sky.

"Hmm? What is it, Kirby?" Tiff asked as she and Tuff looked up at the sky too, "What are you looking at?"

"It's the Strawhats, Tiff." Metaknight said, appearing right behind Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby, startling them in the process. Metaknight stood next to them, and looked up at the sky with his eyes turning blue in the process, "Kirby is remembering about the Strawhats. It's been a while since we've last seen them... so it's no wonder Kirby is thinking about them."

Tiff smiled, and looked up at the sky again, "I can't forget about them either. I really miss them."

"I hope they come back again." Tuff said.

"Me too, Tuff." Tiff said as she then looked at Kirby, "Kirby, you want to see Luffy and his friends back here again, right? Let's hope one day they will come back, and have fun with them again."

"Poyo!" Kirby replied happily, and stared at the sky once more.


In a cemetery, Snake stood in front of a grave, wearing a black suit instead of his usual attire. He saluted the grave in silence, and after a while, he left without saying word.

In an empty parking lot, Otacon waited for him, standing next to his jeep. "You never stop coming here, huh, Snake?" Otacon asked. Snake didn't felt like saying, and only nodded. Otacon patted Snake on his shoulder, and walked around his jeep to get to the driver seat. "I'll go prepare the car."

While Otacon got behind the wheel, Snake sat over the cover of the jeeps engine, and took out a cigarette. He took out his lighter, and lighted his cigarette with it. He was about to put the cigarette on his lips, but then stopped. He took the cigarette away from him, and looked up at the sky. He looked up for a while, remembering the day the Strawhats helped him stop Liquid. He smirked, and dropped the cigarette, and puts it out with his shoe.

"Not today." Snake said. He then got inside the jeep, and closed the door. He looked up at the sky once more before Otacon droved away from the parking lot.


In Sauria, The Sharpclaws were at peace with the other tribes, as they were helping the Earthwalkers lift up something in the Walled City with some rope.

General Scales, the once fearless leader of the Sharpclaws, was sitting in a cage, where two big Earthwalkers were watching over him. Scales weep to himself as Tricky looked over at the thing his people and the Sharpclaws were helping to rise up. At the end, they managed to rise up a rock statue of Zoro, posing with his arm raised.

"That looks awesome! Great job, everyone!" Tricky exclaimed happily as everyone shouted, feeling great after a job well done.

In Corneria, Peppy looked up at the sky through his window in the office, smiling, "Franky.. I wonder how you and your crew are doing. I hope you're doing well." He said.

And outside in space, Starfox just secured a transport, filled with illegal weapons that were being transported to Venom. "Where are they!" Asked a nervous lizardman pilot maneuvering the transport. It was then that Starwolf came with their Wolfens, and attack Starfox head on. "Finally!"

"Huh! Look who brought some fun!" Falco said as he maneuvered his Arwing as he faced against Leon in his Wolfen, "Come on, Bug eyes! It's that the best you got!"

"I'll show you the true meaning of fear, bird brain!" Leon replied, firing back at Falco.

Krystal and Slippy were taking on against Panther, "Ah, my sweet Krystal." Panther said romantically, holding a rose, "Forgive me for you meeting you again like this, but I will take it easy on you if decide to be with me again."

"Sorry, Panther, but I've already decided that I will always be on Fox's side!" Krystal replied.

"Yeah, so get ready, Panther! Here we come!" Slippy exclaimed.

Fox and Wolf were showing off their piloting skills, as neither one of them can hit each other, "Nothing personal, Fox, this is just business." Wolf said, shooting at Fox, "I make a good living doing the things I do, and I prefer you don't get in my way!"

Fox avoided Wolf's shots, and did a barrel roll, before activitating his boosters to fly towards Wolf, "I don't care what you do for a living! As long as you keep putting obstacles in my life, I will always fly through them!"

Wolf barrel rolled away to avoid Fox's ship, as Wolf then laughed, "Don't make me laugh, pup! You got that courage from that boy, didn't you!" Wolf then made a U-turned, and went after Fox, "Face it, Fox, that boy did everything you couldn't do, and that's why you'll never get in his league!"

By that time, everyone was smiling. Remembering about the Strawhats made them felt good, and it was probably the only thing Starfox and Starwolf can relate with. Fox looked up in the dark depths of space with a smile, and then smirked as he also did U-turn, and piloted his Arwing towards Wolf's Wolfen.

"If I can't get into Luffy's league, then neither can you, Wolf! Especially after he kicked your ass!"

"Ha ha ha ha!" Wolf laughed as his Wolfen, and Fox's Arwing crossed paths, with sparks spewing out from between there wings. Fox and Wolf smirked at each other as this battle between rivals continued.

It was all thanks to the Strawhat pirates that life continues to give us these treasure-able moments. It was all thanks to them, we can live our lives the way we want to. And with that said, there is nothing else to tell of this glorious journey.

BUT WAIT! We're forgetting one teensy, weensy, widdle thang!

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom...

In the volcano area, all of Bowser's minions were gathered up together, panting heavily for some odd reason. Kammy Koopa stood in front of Bowser's army, along with Bowser Jr., standing next to her. Everyone looked extremely tired, as Kammy wiped some sweat off her brow.

"I thought this wasn't possible... I thought something like this would only appear in some fantasy..." Kammy said with a surprised tone, "But, at last... after so much hard work... after countless of sleepless nights.. with no breaks, and constant suffering... the new castle... IS COMPLETE!"

What stood before Kammy, and Bowser's army, was a castle so unbelievable, it was hard to describe it in words. After such a long time, Bowser's minions have finished building Bowser's brand new castle, and with all honesty, this is THE castle.

The castle was the size of an impenetrable fortress, taking most of the space in the volcano. All the pretty flowers and trees the last time we've heard of this place were long gone, as the lava was pouring out of the sides of the castle, and into the pool of lava below the volcano recently regained. The castle was about several stories tall, with statues of Bowser holding giant cannons onto their shoulders in the front gate, as the power of those cannons were strong enough to destroy an entire land. The gate walls also have countless of spikes sticking out from everywhere, and above the gate walls were giant-sized thwomps, ready to crush anybody and anything that dares come over the walls.

Through the gates were several traps, like a giant spiky balls that were covered in flames, hanging by some chains that keep swinging around in circles while moving around the entire area, and a river of lava that can only be walked over using the small platforms floating above it, but they were so small, only ants will have an easy standing on them. Not only them, but in front of the castles entrance, there were multiple cannons that had gatling gun-like features, and can shoot hundreds of bullets bills in seconds, and not to mention, there was also giant spiked drills that drill into each other in every 2 seconds behind the cannons. And if there is a chance somebody was skilled enough to go through all that, there was also an invisible springboard behind the cannons, for if anybody steps on it, they will bounce back to start of the area, and redo the entire course again!

Inside the castle were even more deadly things, like holes in the ground, where spikes would pop up from there every 5 seconds, and giant statues of Bowser's heads on the walls would spit out streams of flames between that time. One could get high enough to avoid all that, but if they did, they would get pulled by a reverse gravitational field, sucking them into a pool of poison, meeting their foul end.

Deep in the castle were even more spikes, more lava, more fire, more spikey balls, more poison, more traps... AND MORE CANNONS!

The last notable feature of this place would be at the very top of the castle, where lied the biggest statue of Bowser, posing victoriously with his fist raised in the air, and his eyes and mouth spewing out flames.

I could tell you more about this castle, but it would just be impossible to describe it's epicness. This castle is so indestructible, it makes Obscurum's castle looked like it was built by kindergartners! This is the biggest, deadliest, scariest, mightiest, heaviest, awe-struckedness, artisticness, baffleness (I making some of these words up, just incase you haven't noticed), strongest, sexiest, and the best castle that has ever been created in real life, video game, movie, anime, and fanfiction history!

Bowser's minions roared with happiness, admiring at what they have accomplished. "It's soo beautiful!"

"That's fine craftsmanship right there! I love it!"

"This is the best castle EVER! I can't wait to live in it!"

"My life long dream has finally come true!"

"After living 90 years of a miserable life, I can finally have this one good moment!"

"I was afraid I was going to spend the rest of my life, seeing our lord capture the princess over and over again, only for Mario to come ruin it like always, and destroy our lords castle, along with our self-esteem. The lack of creativity of lord Bowser has brought my life into an everlasting depression, which makes me think of committing suicide. Like, I would use a starman, and fall into the first bottomless pit in World 1-1 like an accident. Yes... that pathetic... BUT WHO CARES NOW! Seeing this castle made me happy again!"

Everyone just stared blankly at the goomba who said that, before they resumed their shouts of glory over their new castle.

"Wait till' pops see this!" Bowser Jr. said excitedly, "He's going to be so happy!"

"Yes! Our Mightyness will finally have the power to kidnap Princess Peach, and do away with Mario once and for all! Nyeh heh heh heh heh!" Kammy laughed, "All that is left to do is wait until Our Beefiness comes back, and then, we will start the Bowser era!"

Bowser's minions cheered, as they knew this was their moment to shine. Nothing can possibly go wrong... right?

Just then, in the dark smoke that filled up the sky, a bright flash could be seen.

"Ehhh?" Everyone stopped cheering, and simultaneously looked up to see that something was coming. Something big appeared to be falling, or in this... somebody.


It was our favorite villain, Bowser. The last time we've seen him, he was kicked away from Obscurum, and just now arrived at his home world.

"Yo-Your Chunkiness?" Kammy gasped.

"Pops?" Bowser Jr. blinked.

"GWAAAAAHH!" Bowser was falling straight towards his brand new castle, and ended up crashing through the giant statue of himself on the top through the head, destroying that, and the rest of the statue as it crumbles into a million pieces. A big dust cloud appeared from where the statue used to be, as the dust was coming from the hole over fancy throne room, and inside, Bowser was lying unconsciously on his new throne, which was crushed to bits once Bowser landed hard on it.

Fortunately, that ended Bowser's suffering, as he lied fast asleep, not needing to suffer anymore not that he's back home... pfft! Yeah right!

A little pebble from the cracks Bowser made upon his fall rolled down the steps of the throne, bouncing higher from each step it landed on. The pebble then fell into a fan, cooling off the paint on the pillars supporting the room. The pebble was being bounced left and right within the fan, until it was then shot forward, and hits a pillar in it's way. The force from that little pebble actually made the pillar to topple over, hitting the pillar nearby, which also toppled over, and hits the other pillar, and so on.

All of the pillars were knocked down, causing the room Bowser was in to cave, which also made the rooms below the throne room to cave in as well. This destruction also messed up the gravitational fields, causing the poison water to shower over the traps, and clogging up the flames from the statues mouths, which later, caused an explosion of flames. The sudden explosion teared through the east and western castle, with streams of lava pouring out from there in the process.

Bowser's minions just watched their mouths gaping open, as the destruction didn't end there. The lava that was still in the castle seeped through the entrance of the Bob-omb storage room, and eventually, all the Bob-ombs in there exploded, destroying the castle from within even more.

The castle was caving into itself, as the swinging spiked balls flew across the place once the chains have been melted. They collided with the giant drills, destroying them as they then knocked into gatling bullet bill cannons. The cannons shot multiple bullet bills everywhere, destroying every single thing in sight without remorse. And even worse, the bullet bills that were flying below the thwomps over the gates caught the Thowmps attention, and crushed the bullet bills without mercy, but also ended up destroying the entire gate walls in the process before falling into the lava below.

The entire castle was turning into ruins as the rubble from the castle was filling up the lava, slowly hardening it into solid ground. The castle was done for, but it wasn't over yet.

The Bowser statues on the gates fell over, as one of them fell on it's back, and automatically fired a gigantic cannonball in the air. All the minions stared up at the ball as it was covered with magic.

"The reverse cannonball..." Kammy said monotonously. The cannonball was suspended in midair for a while, until the minions watched it fall on the remains of the castle.


The cannonball released a sphere of magical power, turning everything ontop of the volcano into something else. The cannonball had the power to reverse something in it's surroundings other than it's target, so once it's firepower destroyed the castle, it's magic effects began to take effect around it.

The dark smoke of the volcano dispersed, showing the clear sky. All the lava dried up into the land, and the land grew a meadow of flowers, and trees in an instant.

In long story short, all of Bowser's lair turned back the way it was way back in hundred chapters ago; the exact same way during the time Bowser went to chase after the Strawhats.

The minions stared on sadly as their precious castle was completely in ruins after minutes of finishing it. They were at a loss of words, for they really didn't expect for this to happen... okay, maybe they did, but not this soon.

Bowser slowly stood up from the middle of the remains of his once glorious castle his minions worked hard to build for him. He looked at his surroundings, seeing only the pretty-giddy stuff he despised so much. Bowser breathed heavily with a big frown, and with time, his lips began to quiver upon aggravation. His eyes were then filled with tears, and enclosed in hands to fists. He growled before he then cried,


The mighty koopa then cried like a baby, as his words echoed throughout the bright sky.

And so our adventure ends, with the crew sleeping on the peaceful island. They all slept soundly, with smiles on their faces, dreaming of things that might come true some day. Luffy was the one having the biggest smile, for he laughed heartily in his sleep, dreaming of the many adventures of him and his crew together. What lies ahead for them is uncertain, but that is another story.

Luffy's hat then fell back on the grass near the river, and also there, was the Strawhats pirate flag, blowing along with the breeze on this perfect day.


And done...

... Wow... just wow. I really don't know what to say. I mean, it was nearly three years ago I started this fic out of sheer boredom, and I never thought it would feel this great to finish it at last. I'm speechless, really... I mean, this story was really something for me, and I'm glad that I was able to share this fic with you guys to the very end.

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