Nanaly's fingers find another stem to twirl around the crown she's making, one for him while Lelouch wears his around his neck. It's amazing, Suzaku thinks, how deft she has gotten at doing things sightlessly. He still remembers a scared six years old calling for her mother and only an equally tired and possibly scared ten years old for hold her hand.

Now Nanaly giggles as he brushes a flower against her face and he can see Lelouch's warm smile, the way he looks at them. Nanaly takes the flower, but she also holds his hand and tilts her head towards him, and Suzaku waits for whatever thing she's listening to be quiet.

"I want this to last forever," Nanaly finally murmurs, her already gentle voice barely above a whisper. "Me, brother and Suzaku, the three of us always together. Is that terribly selfish?"

Suzaku turns his eyes from Nanaly's pretty face and looks towards his best friend. From the other side, Lelouch shrugs and smiles, Suzako can almost believe there's no war, no deaths, no betrayal, nothing but flower gardens and sun and friends.

"Un," Suzaku shakes his head, smiles some more. "I think I would like that too."