My Mama Athrun

By nareiya


"Hey mister, can I get my football back?" the blue haired hottie almost cringed at that stupid favor from that kid. "Listen…I don't have any ball here 'cause I'm pregnant for crying out loud!" 'Note to self, kill that freaking best friend of yours and burn his fake doctor certificate!' AsuCaga!

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Chappie 1: Hello Fake Doctor Kira!


"Athrun…" that name has been mentioned sexily so many times for this day because of one reason.

Baby making.

Our blue haired hottie always flinches whenever his wife was the one who makes the first move. He tried to divert their conversation to something…more "ethical" rather than having another baby making session but until now, it seems that his plans always fail. He even tried to ignore her, pretending that he was deaf but it didn't work because all she wants was to reach nirvana or in adult terms, orgasm.

He sighed heavily as he feigned to have such difficulty in signing documents but our sexy blonde knew this pretentious act of his.

She kneeled before him and held his hands, "Come on Ath," she begged, giving him those cute puppy dog eyes that he can't resist to look in and follow her. Temptation was something hard to battle with and in this case, he was again lured into its trap for the zillionth time.

He gazed at her, "Yes?"

She touched his hand gently with her index finger, "You know, I've been thinking about this for a long time…we have it everyday right?" he nodded, "And still…we want to have a baby and I'm still…not having one so…"

Don't tell me that I'm too sterile for you! Athrun panicked.

"I think it's about time that we should ask help from a doctor. Who knows, I might be the one with the defect or…I'm just not meant to have kids!" crocodile tears started to stream down and that made Athrun to be panic even more!

Not knowing exactly what to do in this situation, he enveloped his dear wife into tight, loving embrace, "Don't worry Ca-chan, I'll prove to you that you are meant to have children with me!"

Then they had another baby making session which would be posted in a later time under the rated m section


After that lengthy baby making session, the couple was sitting together (just imagine Cags sitting on Ath's lap) as they waited for the pregnancy kit to do its magic.

The pregnancy kit shows three answers and there must be three consecutive pink haros for a positive and if even one tori shows up, it means that better luck next time.

So our couple was waiting patiently…

One pink haro!

"Yes!" they did a high five and a three Mississippi count kiss.

Another pink haro!

"I can feel the baby!" that earned Cagalli a peck on her cheek from Athrun.





"OH FUCK!" Cagalli took the pregnancy kit from Athrun and threw it out of the window, "What the heck is wrong with me?" she began to cry.

Athrun sighed heavily. This happens very often in their household and it always makes Cagalli to cry in the end.

"Ca-chan, why don't we consult a doctor this time?" he suggested to his disappointed wife.



The nurse who was on duty, leaded them to a small room and told them to wait for the doctor. After five minutes or so of waiting, the doctor who looked very familiar with them, entered the room.

The doctor had brunette hair, amethyst eyes and reading glasses on, nervously shook hands with his patients.

Oh fuck! What the heck is my sister doing here! If she finds out that I would be their doctor…then I would get a knuckle sandwich form her when she visits the orphanage and that is today! Kira had some big sweats forming on his forehead.

"Doc," Cagalli noticed his awkward stance, "You okay?"

"Uh…yeah! I'm fine. By the way, I'm Doctor Ki—Raki Ya—Tamago! Your doctor for today." Thank God I didn't blurt out my true name!

Athrun looked suspiciously at the doctor with his eyes going on seed mode, Why does the doctor resemble Kira a lot?

"So," trying to gain some more confidence, he cleared his throat, "What is your reason of coming here?"

"You see…" And Cagalli basically told him the whole story and Kira jolted notes once in a while, an act that he has seen on films about doctors.

Kira raised his index finger, "I know now your sickness!" He pointed at them, "Both of you are baog!"

"Huh?" the couple didn't understand the word 'baog'.

"That means that both of you are sterile. I need to perform an operation to the both of you in order for to mechanically transfer the sperm cell from your husband to the spouse and ferment it through mechanical engineering." He answered.

"I see," Athrun scratched his chin, "How much is it, doc? And when would we have the operation?"

"It's just 1, 000, 000, 000 Yen and if you would have it today, I could put a discount and make it 1, 000 Yen just for you two love birds!" he acted as if he was the speaker of the home TV shopping.

"What do you think, Ath?" Cagalli looked at her husband.

He thought for a while, "If we avail his promo, it would be a great advantage for us because we don't have much money and—"

"We'll take it!" Cagalli shoved 1,000 Yen at their doctor's face.

Where did she get the money? Athrun wondered.

Kira kissed the bill and placed it inside his wallet, "Please go to the next room and the nurse there would help you change and prepare for the operation."


In the orphanage…

"How's your operation?" the pop songstress asked the couple as she passed the salad to her husband, the fake doctor.

Cagalli drank a bit, "Good. The doctor said that I would be able to see the results by next week and he would be giving the right medicines for me."

Lacus smiled, "That's good to know." She reached for the bottle of ketchup and squeezed it but nothing came out, "None?" she asked herself and looked around to see who was nearest to the refrigerator. And she spotted Athrun.

"Ath, could you get the big bottle of ketchup in the fridge?" She pleaded a bit and Athrun nodded.

He stood up and walked to the fridge, he opened it and got the thing that Lacus was asking for. As he walked back, he felt something strange.

What the heck is this dizzy feeling…? Before he knew it, it made him unconscious and he fell on the floor!

"Athrun!" everyone neared him and his eyes slowly closed.


End of Chappie 1


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