My Mama Athrun

By nareiya


"Hey mister, can I get my football back?" the blue haired hottie almost cringed at that stupid favor from that kid. "Listen…I don't have any ball here 'cause I'm pregnant for crying out loud!" 'Note to self, kill that freaking best friend of yours and burn his fake doctor certificate!' AsuCaga!

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Previously in My Mama Athrun

Heine looked at him in disbelief, "Don't you know?"

"Know what?" he felt insecure as he saw people looking at him.

"We already know you're pregnant, bro!" Heine didn't exactly know what emotion to show Athrun. Would it be of joy, surprise, or disappointment? He didn't know so he kept a serious look plastered on his face.

"Oh God…" Athrun felt that dizzy feeling again and fainted.


Chappie 4: Shocking Discovery


"Oh babe, why are you back so soon?" Cagalli approached her hubby who seemed to be tired and confuse. She hugged him, "What's wrong, Ath?"

Athrun shook his head as he slumped on the love couch, "My colleagues…they know already…"

"Know what?" she tried to act innocent which she was really.

"That I'm PREGNANT!" he shouted, as if his lungs would burst. He slumped again, "I don't know what to do…people might think that I'm crazy and weird…"

"Hush now, baby," his caring wife planted a kiss on his forehead, "This will pass. I've talked to your boss already and tell him to give you a year leave."

"Okay…" he pouted, looking sad but he was still cute.

Then the door bell rang. Cagalli stood up and opened the door. Her eyes went wide as she saw her mother-in-law and father-in-law, "Hi!" she managed to squeak.

"Hello, darling." Lenore pinched Cagalli's cheek and Patrick gave him a small nod of acknowledgement, "May we come in, sweetie?" she had that saint look printed on her face.

"Sure…" She imitated the dad's voice in a corned beef commercial while sniffing the aroma of the corned beef. Her in-laws then came in and saw their son slumping on the love couch.

Lenore approached her oldest son, "What's wrong Athie-wallie-pooh?" she wrapped an arm around her son's broad shoulders which were slumped now.

Athrun shook his head, his eyes dull as doll's.

Patrick pulled a chair and sat in front of his wife and son, "Don't tell me Cagalli is selling you to rabid fan girls like pancakes?"

Cagalli laughed that out. I would never do that! I beat the crap out of those 'women' whenever they come near to my Athie-baby within a five meter radius! "That's silly!" she snickered, "I won't do that."

"She's right." Lenore agreed with her daughter-in-law, "Only Lunamaria does that to our Shinn-kun whenever she's angry with him, right, Callie?" (A/N: Shinn is Athrun's little bro in this fic!)

The caring wife nodded and cringed at the moment when she first saw that event. Lunamaria sold Shinn for ten million Yen when Shinn told her that she looked fat in her maternity clothes. Tsk. Tsk. that certainly got the crap out of Shinn and Athrun knew that he shouldn't copy that attitude of Shinn or else he would be staying in Alcatraz for ten years.

Cagalli nodded, "So, uh…Mother, what is your reason if visit if I may ask?"

"Oh," Lenore almost forgot to tell them, "Patrick found out that Athrun has a one year leave and we were surprise!" she turned to her son, "So why are you escaping work? Are you trying to…make a baby?" she tickled Ath at the sides and he laughed.

"No! We're having a baby!" he yelled out loud and Cagalli gasped.

Oh Shit! He just yanked that off! Now we're in big trouble! The blonde princess just smiled as if it was a normal thing—the thing that her hubby had just mentioned to her in-laws.

"Really?" Patrick's gloomy expression brightens up, "Since when?" his eyes were filled with curiosity.

"A week ago!" she piped in, "I 'm having morning sickness and the like!"

"Oh?" Lenore arched an eyebrow inquiringly, "But why haven't you gain much weight? And why is my son the one gaining it instead of you?" she drummed her palms on Athrun's tummy.

"We have a different world!" Athrun blurted and everyone's brains IQ dropped to the endless pit of sins, "Heheheehhehehe…just kidding!"

"Anyway…" Lenore gave Athrun two paper bags, "Athie, I brought you your favorite taho!"

Athrun took it out of the paper bag and sniffed it, "Yuck!" he looked disgusted, "Tofu? Eeww!"

Lenore and Patrick exchanged glances, "But you like this!" explanations then began from Cagalli, "Oh now! My son's pregnant? Oh God!" she then fainted.

After a few minutes, Lenore woke up…

"You okay mom?" Athrun asked as he looked at her with the utmost concern, "I know you're shock and all…"

Lenore suddenly sat up, "That's all what you're going to say after…'that'?" Athrun nodded, "Oh my! You've become crazy just like when your father has become preg—" "Lenore!" Patrick cut her off, having that 'don'tcontinue-it' look on his face.

It was Athrun's turn to be shock, "Dad became pregnant to me?"

"Not only you," Lenore added, "But to Shinn too! Haven't you notice that I don't have any stretch marks?"

"I guess this is genetics…heredity…"Cagalli mumbled to herself.


"What the heck is the meaning of this?" Milly asked her teenage staffers as they sat down on their chairs for the board meeting. She waved the newspaper, "Hello! Are you people deaf?"

"No!" Shinn retaliated, "We're just ignoring you!" he informed her.

"Thanks!" Milly then aimed and threw the newspaper at Shinn, making him unconscious, "Could anyone tell me who did this stupid cover story?"

"Luna raised her hand, "I, ma'am. I just can't help it, right, Stel?" she looked at the dazed blonde, "It was such a nice story that the world…needs to know!"

The editor-in-chief shook her head, "Have you ever thought what would be the reaction of your subject?"

"No." she answered flatly, "But we sold them just like pancakes!" she informed their boss.

"Really?" she asked in disbelief and all of them nodded, "Well then…starting from now on, we would be working for this nine-month hit!"


First Month…

-Week One-

"Aren't you up yet, Athrun?" Cagalli came out of the bathroom while brushing her hair, "It's already eight and we arranged an appointment with the doctor at ten." She reminded him.

Athrun pulled up the covers, "Don't wanna go!" he imitated a sick child's voice.

Cagalli rolled her eyes and marched up to their bed, "Come on, Ath! I only have limited patience…" she said in a sneaky voice that seems to initiate that she wasn't actually joking. She pulled down the covers and held Athrun's wrist, "Get. Out. Of. The. Bed. Right. Now." But once again, Athrun is heavier than Cagalli, causing her to fall on top of her hubby, "Eight more months…"

-Week Two-

"Cags…" he had a seductive mood on, "Would you buy your pregnant hubby green Indian mangoes and sweet shrimp paste?"

"Fine…" she muttered as she headed off. Minutes later, Cagalli came back and pecked her hubby's cheek, "Here's your mangoes" she gave the plastic bag to her but he pushed it away, "Don't you like it?"

He shook his head.

"Oh…boy…" she mumbled.

-Week Three-

"Hey Milly!" Cagalli waved at her friend that she had spotted in the supermarket, "What are you doing here?"

"Shopping!" she faced her friend, "How's Ath?"

"Ath? Well…he's good now…for this week he's been begging for my attention! He says that I'm the greatest woman on earth and every three hours he wants to have sex!" she told her journalist friend.

"Sexually-oriented Preggy Hubby?" she scratched her chin as she faced the wall and clicked something, "This is definitely strange!" she then faced Cagalli again, "Anything else?"

"Well…nothing that much…" then her cell phone beeped, "Oh! Got to go! My hubby is waiting for me. See you around!" she then zoomed off.

Milly then faced the wall, "That is the first month of a man's pregnancy! Tune in for more info. This Mirialia Haww-Elthman, signing off!" she then clicked something again.

-Week Four-

"Athrun…no need to be angry…" Cagalli slowly steps backwards as she attempted to calm down her pretty boy hubby, "Deep breaths…"

"Deep breaths my ass!" he pointed accusingly at her, "You ate all of my Kumocho! Don't you dare lie!"

"I didn't!" she defended herself.

"Yes you did! Here's some evidence," he showed her the empty boxes, "See! You ate them all! I was planning to mix them in my mug filled with fattening milk and have that rich cocoa Kumocho drink! But you ruined my plan!"

"Sorry!" she managed to squeak. She dropped on her knees and bowed down, "I promise I won't do it again! I promise Ath-hubby-bunnie!" she pleaded but it was no use. He was all fired up. Thanks to her deadly desire of eating Kumocho!

"GET OUT!" he then kicked her off their condominium and she sighed sadly, "Why do get the abusive ones?"


End of Chappie 4


Author's Note:

So…how is the fic coming along? I hope you guys love the flow of this chap. It's really hard to do research and stuff about pregnant guys! Ahehehehehhe…anyway, I hope you understand the 'Kumocho' part. I got that from Mirmo de pon. Katie's partner, Mirmo, loves Kumocho and he told about something like mixing it with milk. I think Ath is a bit out of character here…

Btw, application of being my beta reader/editor is still open. blinkie, if ever you're reading this, why haven't' you responded yet? Also, I do hope daisukiasu'n'caga would update her fic on living with a sneaky devil…we're waiting for it!

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