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Chapter 17

"We're together now."

"Yes, thanks to Sasuke. We'll always be together now."

That voice...Naruto? Sasuke opened his eyes, shielding them from the blinding sun. Where am I? He sat up and felt...grass, by his hands. Looking around, Sasuke found himself on a green flowery hillside.

What's going on?


The raven haired turned around. Naruto? He saw his blonde right on top of the hill...holding hand with another girl...with shocking pink hair?

"Sasuke," Naruto said, "We would have never been together, if it wasn't for you. So thank you so much." What? You two together? No... Sasuke opened up his mouth to speak. But not a sound came out.

"Thank you." The girl said. "Sasuke."


"Thank you." She said again. "For getting us together again."

What the hell are you saying?

"Thank you." Her voice resonated in Sasuke's mind. Why did it have to sound so...soft? So unlike his.

"Thank you."

Shut up.

"Thank you."

Shut up!

"Sasuke," Naruto smiled. "Goodbye."

Naruto? No, Naruto! Sasuke reached out a hand but Naruto already turned his back on him. His voice wasn't working but his mind was screaming it.

Naruto, wait...Please stay with me...Don't go! Naruto!

"Naruto!" Sasuke shot up and found himself in Naruto's king size bed.

"Jeez, Sasuke," Naruto stuck his head into the bedroom door frame. "The neighbors are gonna think we're having raunchy sex if you scream any louder." Sasuke stared at him before letting out a sigh of relief. The blonde came in the room with a kitchen towel over one shoulder. "What's wrong?" He sat on the edge of the bed and cupped a hand against Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke subconsciously rubbed his cheek against Naruto's hand.

"What time is it?" Sasuke asked.

"It's seven in the morning, why?"

"Are you going to work today?"


Sasuke smirked and pulled Naruto down with him. "Then the day is ours." He licked Naruto's lips, drawing Naruto's own tongue out to tangle with his own. "I want you so bad right now..." Sasuke groaned, pulling at the hem of Naruto's shirt. "Naruto..."

"Aw, fuck, Sasuke." Naruto growled and ripped off his own shirt off. "I lose it when you say my name like that." Sasuke licked Naruto's ear before whispering hotly into it.


The blonde shuddered, taking his pants off quickly and flinging them off the side of the bed. Thank god, Sasuke was already naked. His lips took Sasuke's own mouth roughly, combing his fingers through the black hair before tightening up on back of his head and tugging at the roots. Sasuke moaned into kiss, running his hands up Naruto's shoulder blades and pulling him closer to rub his naked body against him. Both men groaned at the contact but it wasn't enough.

It'll never be enough... Naruto thought as he hitched one of Sasuke's leg up and around his waist. Sasuke instinctively wrapped his legs around the blonde, allowing better access. Their stomachs trapped their arousal, as Naruto began a steady rhythm, thrusting against Sasuke who, for the love of god, could not even think of anything else but the beautiful blonde and how he could feel him, all of him. There was something about what they were doing that was so carnal and archaic that left Sasuke letting out small gasps of pleasure as he arched into Naruto's body, groaning.

"Does that feel good? Sasuke?" Naruto panted against Sasuke's lips who answered by kissing him, entangling themselves in another feverish kiss as their bodies twisted and jerked against each other. Naruto's hip began rocking erratically in an intense rhythm, losing any pattern and Sasuke pulled back from the kiss, his head falling on the pillow with a cry. But Naruto chased after him, giving him another hard kiss before attacking the slave mark on his neck.

"Naruto!" Sasuke yelled in ecstasy, clutching a hand at Naruto's hair and lifting his torso evermore slightly to keep the addicting sensation going for as long as he could. "More..." Naruto bit the slave mark and felt unbelievable tremors rock through Sasuke before he felt himself fall into the currents with him and warm liquid erupted between them.

"Sasuke!" Naruto managed to bite out before letting his weight fall against the raven hair completely. "Oh, fuck...," he gasped. "What a way to start the morning."

"Oh yea..." Sasuke breathed, feeling tired but wired at the same time. One thing for certain, he felt undeniably content with Naruto's full weight against him, as the intensive pulses of pleasure still ran through them both. Sasuke idly drew his hands against the blonde's back and Naruto returned his gesture with small butterfly kisses along his shoulder blade. One of which, landed on his slave mark. Sasuke bit back a groan before grabbing onto Naruto and rolling him over so that he was on top. Naruto let out an 'oomph'. "Now..." Sasuke dragged his hands along Naruto's body, namely pecs and abs, before giving him a slow sensuous kiss that had Naruto nearly whining for more. "That was fantastic foreplay but I'm still waiting for the actual morning sex." Sasuke smirked and Naruto didn't know if he should be surprised or ecstatic.

"Seriously?" Naruto asked, breathlessly watching Sasuke straddle him.

"Oh yea."

"Oh god...is it eleven already?" Naruto groaned. "Four hours? Good thing I didn't start cooking yet...You're relentless, Sasuke."

"Mmm." Sasuke groaned and stretched himself out like a cat in Naruto's arms before wrapping his own arms around the blonde's neck. "What's wrong with doing nothing but hot sweaty sex for 4 hours?"

"Well!" Naruto blushed. "Nothing, I suppose...But damn, right in the morning? Where did you get the stamina?" Sasuke was quiet, he couldn't mention the energy that he's been harvesting was overflowing now could he?

"Seeing you first thing in the morning has me all hot and bothered what can I say? Besides you were an animal yourself, don't pin everything on me." Sasuke gave Naruto a cute smooch and snuggled into his arms some more. "I'm going to have a problem waking up next to you every morning from now on if the sex is going to be this good." It was for a second but Sasuke felt Naruto stiffen up next to him before relaxing.

"The sex was and will always be this good." Naruto chuckled. "Well, time for a little breakfast before we head out. Or lunch actually..." The blonde shimmied out of Sasuke grasp and put his pants back on. "Come on."

"Were we going somewhere today?" Sasuke asked.

"Yea. I wanna go visit someone and you're coming with me." Naruto bent down and kissed Sasuke hard. "If I leave you alone again, you'll wander off somewhere out of my reach." Naruto smiled softly and walked out into the kitchen. Sasuke felt an ache in his chest and frowned, wondering why it felt that way.



"Let's see...she was allergic to these, did not like those..." Naruto was looking at the assortment of flowers at a floral shop close to their apartment and was having a tough time picking out the right kind. "That shade is a little off."

"This is ridiculous, just pick something." Sasuke rolled his eyes. "They're flowers." Naruto looked at Sasuke and grinned before shaking his head. "What?"

"They aren't just flowers Sasuke." Naruto picked up another set of purple flowers and looked them over before feeling unsatisfied and putting it back down. "All flowers have certain meaning. They carry messages in a form of life, they all say something." Naruto brought Sasuke over to the roses. "Like here, these are roses, different colors have different meanings." He handed a red rose to Sasuke. "Red roses, commonly means passion, desire, and romance." Naruto kissed Sasuke on the lips.

"Indeed." Sasuke smiled.

"White roses symbolizes innocence or purity." Naruto pretended to hand one to him but kept it out of his grasp. "Everything that you are not." And placed it back.

"Haha, very funny What about the yellow ones?"

"Yellow roses can mean many things from friendship to extreme betrayal." Sasuke flinched. "As well as jealousy and broken heart." Naruto handed one to him and Sasuke took it reluctantly.

"No more roses, what else is there?" Sasuke asked quickly. Naruto gave Sasuke a lingering look before moving on.

"Well, we have Lily of the Valleys which represent trustworthiness and humility. A personal favorite, mind you." Naruto grinned and Sasuke scoffed.

"That was very humble of you." He said sarcastically. "What about these?"

"Here we have Marigolds with pain and grief."

"Okay..." Sasuke said quietly, before pointing to another random flower at the other end of the shop, trying to pick something not so negative.

"And Cyclamens..." Naruto smiled sadly. " Says goodbye." Cyclamens...Sasuke thought before searching Naruto's face. And we were having such a good morning.

"I think we're wasting time here, don't we have to be somewhere?" Sasuke said abruptly.

"Yea but we can be late, she won't mind." Naruto answered with that relaxed silly demeanor of his.

"What are you going to get?"

"These, tea roses. They're her all time favorite." Naruto smiled and brought them to his nose, taking a whiff. "Nice and fresh." He walked over to the counter and paid for them while Sasuke stared at the Cyclamens, frowning. Familiar...So familiar... And he was sure. They were the same flowers that littered the hillside in his dream this morning.

"Come on! Off we go..." Naruto wrapped an arm around Sasuke's shoulders.

"And what do these tea roses say?" He asked and already knew he would immediately regret it.

"She loved these because it meant, 'I'll remember you always.' " Naruto explained. "Every time I got her these, she always knew that I kept her in my mind. Always." Sasuke shrugged Naruto's arm off with a slow breath and kept walking. "Sasuke? Where are you going? Are you pouting?" Naruto grinned. "Sasuke! You're going the wrong way!"

Sasuke sat thoughtfully on the backseat of a giant metal rectangle box on wheels, a 'bus' Naruto had called it. The cheap plastic seats weren't particularly comfortable but for some reason, Sasuke felt completely at ease. Naruto was sleeping with his head on Sasuke's shoulder, his soft blonde spikes brushing against Sasuke's cheek. The flowers sat on the other side of Naruto and Sasuke had half the mind to toss them out a window but he knew Naruto wouldn't like that so he refrained himself. And resorted to fiddling with Naruto's fingers to try and cure his boredom. Naruto has such long tough fingers but his fingernails were almost feminine. So weird! Sasuke studied his own hand next to Naruto's. His was paler, more slender but a tad shorter than the blonde. "Made to play a piano.", Naruto had said before. Whatever a piano was. Naruto sifted in his seat, knocking Sasuke out of his thoughts.



"Four more stops..." Naruto mumbled.

"Ah. Okay." Sasuke sighed. He had no idea where they were going. They had taken a subway until the last stop and now taking a bus to...wherever Naruto suddenly felt like and Sasuke almost felt inclined to give him this last act. Almost like giving a prisoner his last demands before sentencing him. Wait, I'm helping him. Sasuke shook his head. His conscience is clear, he's doing all this for Naruto and the blonde didn't even know it. Whatever. Let him think what he wants. Tonight, Sasuke will release Kyuubi and that's that. Nothing to it.

Sasuke peered down at the blonde and sighed. Okay...It's not like Sasuke wanted to release Kyuubi 'just for fun', contrary to popular belief of Naruto's friends. It's just...He has seen Kyuubi. The way he resides in Naruto. He wasn't just there as some other entity inside Naruto's mind, laying around like some bad dream or upsetting reminder.

Kyuubi is a parasite.

Gaara thought Kyuubi was simply living in Naruto's mind with no defects save for things Naruto didn't want to remember and he is so wrong, it's much more than that. He's been leeching energy from Naruto, making him constantly feel empty. At first, Sasuke couldn't figure out the problem, Naruto seemed so happy and borderline ditzy all the time and Gaara's theory had thrown him off. There wasn't a visible problem until he really saw Kyuubi and realized that it was him that concealed Naruto's fear.

Kyuubi wanted that energy for himself. He appeared to be chained to Naruto and looked all insane and food deprived but it was a facade! By having the power to hold Naruto's fears at bay, the damn bastard can let Naruto taste his own fears from time to time in order to continue the energy flow by nightmares. Just like the other night when Naruto was moaning Sakura's name in his sleep.

Okay so yes, Sasuke was taking Naruto's energy too...but in a good way! At least he was doing favors rather than scaring his victims. Sure, he may have to amplify his victims' fears to get them to confront it before he can get rid of it but it was just a tactic he used!

I'm so misunderstood. Sasuke rolled his eyes and sighed again.

Sasuke's power allows him to see people's worst fears and despair, figure out the problem and fix it. Often times people mistaken his powers as evil in wanting to bring up the individual's fears and making it so vivid but if he didn't do that, he wouldn't be able to fix it. He couldn't help himself if he wanted to fix people that were broken inside. It's not like he 'likes' to fix people and make them happy or anything...



Sasuke gave his head a strong shake and focused his resolve. He liked fixing people because it makes them happy and in return he's able to leech off their 'happiness'. Yes, that's it. Sasuke repeated that in his head. He just prefered positive energy as opposed to negative energy. It just has a better taste, that's all. And he was a man of fine taste.

If he got rid of Kyuubi from Naruto's head, the blonde would be happier and taste better than he already does. It's all about me! Sasuke thought. He looked down at Naruto again and felt himself soften. Bringing his hand up to the blonde's head and running his finger through the sunny soft hair. Sunny Soft? What's wrong with me? What the hell does sunny soft mean?

The bus suddenly lurched and Sasuke fell out of his seat, thankfully Naruto had an arm around his waist and caught him just in time before his face made contact with the chewed gum on the bus floor. "Whoa, Sasuke get a hold of yourself. You okay?" Naruto asked.

"Y-yea, fine." Sasuke stuttered. Naruto pulled him up and picked up the flowers.

"We're here."

They got off the bus and Sasuke looked around. Where are we? They were standing across a small bus station facing a lush green plain with an abundance of shady trees and rocks that stood upright. An iron picket fence seem to continue on endlessly.

"This is St. Arc's Cemetery." Naruto said.


"I'll show you, come on." Naruto entered the cemetery holding on to Sasuke's hand. "It's a pretty place right?"

"Yea..." Sasuke agreed. There was an elaborate fountain in the middle, big enough for people to sit on the edges and with a statue of some kind of angel at the top (DON'T BLINK!*). Many of the trees were starting to flower and little animals were flying and pouncing about. It was nice but Sasuke didn't understand...What's with all those boxy rocks standing upright?

"This is where we bury our dead." He looked at Sasuke, noticing his confused expression. "When people die, we have a funeral and bury them in coffins six feet under. There's a tombstone for each of them to signify their names, date of birth and death and whatnot. They get a little place at a cemetery like this one and their loved ones can come and visit them. "

"But they're already dead. Why would you need visit them?"

"It's a way of remembering them." Naruto explained softly.

"It seems a little excessive to do all that for someone who's already dead." Sasuke said. "Back at the slave drive, they would just toss dead slaves into the dumpsters."

"And you agree with that?" Naruto asked, catching Sasuke off guard. He wasn't sure if it was a trick question or not. It wasn't like he could say, 'Hey! Don't throw poor Jimmy in the back alley!' when he was a slave. He just accepted it as a norm, he never knew there were any other options in disposing the dead. But, sometimes they weren't even dead when they get thrown out like trash... Those were the lucky ones.

"No...I suppose not."

"Good. I wouldn't want to leave with my opinion of you diminishing."

Opinion of me?

Why did that sound like Naruto didn't care? He suddenly felt distant from Naruto like they had nothing together as if they were simply acquaintances. What was he? An annoying co-worker that he just had to meet everyday with generic chats and no real connections? What's up with the sudden change?

"Here we are." Naruto suddenly stopped and knelt down in front of a tombstone close by the fountain. "Sasuke, meet Sakura." Sasuke looked at the tombstone and his eyes widen. The picture was in black and white but Sasuke could make out the face to be the same girl who was holding hands with Naruto in his dream. "Sasuke?"

"Huh? Oh uh, hey." Sasuke quickly said.

"I brought your favorite flowers." Naruto placed the flowers by the tombstone and sat down, placing a hand on the gray rock. "I miss you." He whispered it but Sasuke heard it clearly ringing in his ears and he felt his eyebrow twitch.

"So...Who is she?" Sasuke asked.

"Sakura was my best friend. We first met at an orphanage." Naruto smiled sadly. "We were outcasts, singled out when year after year, neither of us got adopted. Actually Sakura almost did but when the parents realized that adopting her came with adopting all her health issues, they quickly dropped the adoption papers."

"Health issues?" He remembered Gaara said that a girl named Sakura had something wrong with her brain.

"I didn't know about it until much later but Sakura had the earliest stages of brain cancer then. She never told me." Naruto started playing with his fingers, in an attempt to distract himself. "A tumor had grown between her parietal lobe and frontal lobe, the worst kind because the surgery is much more intensive than a typical brain tumor that would grow on top of the brain. It's easier to cut off if it was on top of a certain lobe but in between lobes?" He scoffed and Sasuke could tell that he was reciting words from a doctor long ago. "The surgery would be double the time and triple the cash."

"Don't they have government agencies that help people like her? Charities or something?" Sasuke asked.

"Nah, not for orphaned kids with no backing. Organizations like that only seem to exist for rich kids that have health issues because if they get better, their parents are sure to fund those companies. What are two orphaned kids going to give back? A lifetime of gratitude? You can't make money off that." Naruto sighed.

"So when did you know?"

"Sakura and I began working as soon as we got out of the orphanage. For two years, we worked at this classy little restaurant that the orphanage had gotten us jobs at. The pay was good and we got enough to open a bank account together and saved money by living at the orphanage and helping out part time. Those were the happiest two years we had." He clenched his jaws and ran his fingers through his hair.

"One day during a late shift, Sakura suddenly fell over unconscious." Sasuke watched as Naruto's face went from reminiscent to intense. "Her ears were bleeding and her body twitching in small tremors uncontrollably. I was petrified, not knowing what was going on with her. Once we got to the hospital, the doctor told me that she was in stage two of the four stages. Brain seizures would occur every now and again but with the right treatment the cancer spread could be contained until a two day surgery was initiated to remove the tumor."

"You had enough money to pay for medical surgeries?" Sasuke was almost baffled. There were slaves that had health issues but any kind of medical care was out of the question. Asthma? There's no shots for that. In fact, some clients liked it. Thought it was better during sex.

"No, of course not." Naruto scoffed. "I barely had enough for two months of treatment. Two years of work, Sasuke, and I could only pay for two months of treatment with the money both of us earned!" He leaned against the tombstone. "Then she came along."

"Who?" To say Sasuke was intrigued was an understatement. Gaara hadn't told him a whole lot.

"The mistress of Cloud Nine."

Cloud Nine. Sasuke thought back to the business cards in Naruto's drawer.

"She was a regular at the restaurant, always wanted me to serve her, offered me a better job."

Taken a liking to Naruto.

"I was hesitant for only a moment! And she immediately wrote me a check with enough money to cover Sakura's treatment for the remainder of the year, six months! This check that she just felt like handing out to me in order to change my mind had enough to cover six months! While the money both Sakura and I earned for two years only had enough for two months. She even told me to take it as tips, 'money to sleep on' and that I didn't even need to give it back."

"Good deal." Sasuke merely whispered to himself, not expecting Naruto to hear.

"I thought so too, so I took it without telling Sakura. I signed a contract and got a huge advance. That's where I met Gaara and he showed me the ropes." Naruto chuckled. "It was almost like working like a waiter, you please people keep them company and make sure you satisfy their every need. After working there for a couple years, I had enough to pay for intensive chemo treatment that pushed Sakura back to stage 1 of her cancer, start her surgery, pay for therapy afterward, and then buy a giant house by a lake just for the two of us."

Sweet Jesus.

"But it was so painful." Naruto voice broke slightly and his hand shook just a tad. "Throughout those years, Sakura kept asking me where I was getting the money and I couldn't tell her. I lied saying that our boss gave me an advance or I took another job on the side. I couldn't tell her that I was a host and fucking rich people for cash. She was clever though, called our old boss and asked. Knew I didn't work there anymore and thought I was into all sorts of things. Drug dealings, illegal activities, whatever. She was so heartbroken, thinking she was the cause of everything."

"She was." Sasuke accidentally said out loud.

"She wasn't!" Naruto glared at Sasuke. "I wanted to do it for her! I wanted to help her, she was my everything! All we ever had was each other."

It was clear then. Everything was suddenly crystal clear to Sasuke. What he had with Naruto was nothing compared to what Naruto had with Sakura. That's why he felt like Naruto didn't care because in reality, he didn't. The days he shared with Naruto was bliss to him but to Naruto? It could never touch all those years he spent with Sakura.

"She begged me to quit, you know." Naruto swallowed. "Didn't want me working somewhere I didn't like, she was always so perceptive. No matter how much I tried to hide my guilt and pain from her, she could read me like a book. So I promised her I would quit after her surgery was successful, which it was. I told the mistress that I was done and she laughed. Saying that my contract was for life. Said I was naïve for thinking I could earn so much money with no consequences but I was so full of myself then. I thought I could cheat her system, I stopped showing up for work, thinking that she would just fire me when she realize I was never coming back in."

Naruto was silent for a moment as he closed his eyes, seeming to envision the following events.

"Soon enough, she called me back saying she acknowledged my leaving and told me to come by. When I came into the office, I was immediately knocked out and I woke up to an excruciating burn." Naruto put a hand to his head, his face deep in concentration. "My brain felt like it was being seared in two, my body on fire from flames that seemed to come from the depths of hell. I was paralyzed, unable to move as the torture coursed through me. That woman leered down at me, brought a hand to my cheek and said, 'Finish your duty.' " He opened his eyes again and Sasuke gasped at the immense agony and remorse evident."It was my fault, I should have fought harder." Naruto whispered.

"What happened?"

"I killed her. Sakura...I watched myself pick up that needle and inject it into her. I watched myself pull that oxygen mask. I watched her look at me with fear, she didn't even know who I was." Naruto shook his head. "God, I looked into a mirror and saw Kyuubi smirking at me, 'Good Job, Naruto' and his laughter ringing in my head as the machines around Sakura flat lined. And she said my name, so softly... I couldn't even reply, couldn't even say that I was so sorry."


"Don't!" Naruto said, harshly. "Don't say my name like that. You sound just like her then." Sasuke's mind snapped but he refrained from saying anything. The thought of being compared to Sakura put him off. He wasn't Sakura! "Since then Kyuubi has been in my head-"

"Shut up."

Okay, so he couldn't refrain for long.

Naruto looked up sharply at Sasuke with a guarded look.

"I think Kyuubi has been in your head for long enough. It's time to take him out." Sasuke said, aggressively. "If you're going to bolt. Do it now." Then Sasuke's heart broke, at least he swore he could feel it being shaved into with a razor when Naruto kissed that picture of Sakura on the tombstone.

"I love you." He whispered against that smooth granite.

Sasuke's inside twisted and he tried to swallow despite his dry throat.

"Your time's up."


The long trip home from visiting Sakura's grave should have been an unpleasant and awkward one but neither Sasuke nor Naruto felt that way. In fact, they sat apart from one another and barely acknowledged each other, each lost in their own thoughts. Walking together like strangers until they reached Naruto's apartment.

"Take a shower and I'll meet you in your bedroom."

With barely a look at Sasuke, Naruto listened and went into his room. Sasuke waited until he heard the shower turn on before he went into the kitchen. Going straight for Naruto's liquor cabinet that Sasuke discovered in the pantry and grabbed a bottle with half of some high-end vodka left. Oh he knew it was high end, he tasted it the morning he made those pancakes.


Sasuke played that morning with Naruto in his mind before angrily shaking his head.

Stupid pancakes.

He took a knife and popped the cork off the bottle.

Stupid fucking pancakes.

Sasuke took a good hard swig of vodka, kicking his energy storage on. After taking several more hard gulps, he heard the water line turn off and he proceeded to grab another full bottle of vodka before entering the bedroom. He was gonna need more than one half empty bottle. Placing the two bottles and knife on the floor next to the foot of the bed, he sat down waiting for Naruto to come out. This may very well be the last time he'd see Naruto for a quite a while and that's if he gets this right. If his plans messes up then...whoops?

Naruto attitude today really pissed him off. So maybe it would be a good thing to have some time away from Naruto so he could clear his head. Wait, what time? They weren't going out, they don't need 'time' away from each other, one of them could just leave at any time. This is ridiculous-

Sasuke breath caught when Naruto came out of the bathroom with a nothing but a towel around his waist. A few water droplets were sliding off his damp hair onto his body. Sasuke watched one dip into every curve of Naruto's pecs and abs before hitting his v-line and meeting its doom when it dissolved into the towel.

Severely distracted.

He cleared his throat and stood up from the bed.

"Come here." Sasuke commanded. Naruto casually walked over and looked down at Sasuke with non-expressive eyes. "You won't be needing this." Sasuke tugged at the towel and let it fall around Naruto's feet. "This will be easy, Naruto. As long as you help me, it won't have to go any longer than it has too."

"Good." Naruto said.

And Sasuke was so sure that his heart couldn't possibly break anymore. So he pulled Naruto's head down and kissed him hard, trying to drown out whatever hurt he was feeling. But Naruto didn't respond. Come on, Naruto, don't make it any harder than this. He licked Naruto lips, demanding permission in, but Naruto barely opened his mouth. Sasuke angrily pulled back.

"Is this how we're playing, Naruto?" Sasuke growled.

"The problem is, I don't feel like playing."

Sasuke's energy was pulsing as he pushed Naruto down onto the bed. "I don't care, if you don't feel like playing. This is going to happen whether you're gonna let yourself enjoy it or not." He grabbed the opened vodka bottle and drank some down before handing it to Naruto roughly. "Have some if it'll make you feel better, better yet, pretend I'm Sakura when you kiss me."

Naruto said nothing but drank the rest of the bottle down and tossed it to the side of the bed.

"Quite the drinker-"

Naruto reached up and pulled Sasuke down, returning the kiss with heavy passion, clutching Sasuke to his own body.

"Mm!..." Sasuke gave a breathy moan in surprise at the intensity of Naruto's kiss. He wrapped his arms around Naruto's neck and dug one hand into his blonde locks while Naruto leaned back down onto the bed, holding Sasuke over him.

Sasuke broke away to take in some much needed air but Naruto continued to place kisses along his jawline and neck. "Naruto!" Sasuke gasped when the blonde bit at his slave mark. "That's it...", he groaned as Naruto had little difficulty pulling his jeans off. Sasuke ran one hand down Naruto's front, managing to get a pleasurable grunt out of Naruto but the blonde's markings on his stomach was barely appearing. He's holding himself back...Sasuke thought and smirked in his head, he knew how to fix that.

He sat up and peeled his shirt off before lowering himself down to Naruto's dick, giving it a few hard pumps. Naruto gritted his teeth but Sasuke could see his toes curling in pleasure as he tried not to arch into Sasuke's touch. But then he opened his mouth and sucked the tip of Naruto's stiff cock lightly, causing the blonde's breath to hiss out. Naruto's thighs were tense as he tried extremely hard not to thrust into Sasuke's mouth. So Sasuke continued with his actions, wanting Naruto to lose control. He felt like he hadn't given enough attention to Naruto's dick the first time he did this so he wanted to enjoy it now.

Licking the head countless times before sliding his entire erection into his mouth, letting his cock touch the back of his throat and more. Naruto's hand, unable to control itself, wandered to Sasuke's hair, clenching tightly, before quickly withdrawing. Sasuke pulled back until just the head was in his mouth and watched Naruto writhed in pleasure but he was determined not to let any kind of sound out of his lips, why was that? Sasuke was vocal and he love hearing sounds of pleasures, it heightened his energy allowing him to connect with his partner more.

Besides, Sasuke was a damn good cock sucker! This felt like a bit of an insult so Sasuke sucked on the head again, hard. Naruto rolled his head around and breathless noises escaped his lips, there you go. Sasuke smirked, licking at the pre-cum which Sasuke was thoroughly enjoying and felt his energy capacity expanding. He pushed at Naruto's barriers, trying to get through in order to access his energy channels but Naruto had strong defenses today but he couldn't hold out for long...

Falling into a sensual rhythm. Sasuke began sucking Naruto with every last bit of skill he had, loving the velvet soft skin. After teasing the slit and using his hand to massage his balls, Sasuke saw Naruto blissfully coming undone. Gasps of pleasure left Naruto's lips as he clutched one hand to his own hair, gripping and pulling before a soft gritted, "Aw, fuck..." managed to be heard by Sasuke.

The energy barriers were slowly crumbling.

Sasuke hummed in pleasure around Naruto's cock, garnering a low moan from him. He was starting to feel Naruto's slow trickle of lustful mental energy flow through his body and Sasuke became adamant in his resolve. He took himself off Naruto and heard him whimper, trying not to be full of himself, Sasuke sucked two fingers in his mouth and lathered it before pulling out. Naruto watched him with guarded eyes but he let his lids close in ecstasy when Sasuke closed his mouth over his cock again. Surrounded with slick wet heat, Naruto couldn't contain the needy moan that left his lips.

Sasuke mentally chuckled, adoring the lustful noises coming from Naruto. A sharp breath left the blonde when Sasuke pushed a slicked finger at his entrance and Naruto resisted but Sasuke slammed energy through the cracks in the barrier and the resistance lessened considerably. Sasuke swallowed around Naruto's cock when the tip hit the back of his throat again and stabbed the finger inside him hard. Both the sensations made Naruto cry out and throw his head back against the pillow from the pleasure. Naruto barely even registered it when Sasuke had two fingers inside him already curling until it brushed against his sweet spot and heat exploded inside him. Sasuke watched the markings on Naruto stomach become bolder.

He's going down hard... Sasuke grinned as he felt the barriers breaking as Naruto's pleasure pounded at the walls, letting in a good flow of energy. Sasuke obliged, consuming the lust before sending it back two-fold into Naruto. Keeping up the motions on Naruto's cock and stroking his insides at the same time, the energy's cycle played its part by letting the two's pleasures blaze constantly in between them. Sasuke worked faster, thrusting and taking Naruto's cock harder with longer strokes and Naruto continued thrusting his hips, subconsciously, into Sasuke's mouth. The energy flowing from Naruto told Sasuke that he wasn't going to hold out much longer so Sasuke pushed his fingers against that sweet spot almost brutally and felt the Naruto's release crash into the barriers, disintegrating the wall, before bursting in Sasuke's mind.

The pleasure was so intense that Sasuke had to pull his own energy to stop himself from coming as Naruto let out a strangled cry. Letting Naruto's cock fall from his mouth, he fell back against Naruto's leg trying to catch his breath. Looking over at Naruto, he felt the blonde's mind in a state of frenzy also trying to collect itself from his high but failing miserably. The pleasure between them was still pulsing and Sasuke took this chance to grab the other bottle of vodka and the knife. Popping the cork off, he consumed a quarter of the alcohol before bringing the opening to Naruto's lips and letting him consume another quarter. The blonde was in such a lost state that Sasuke almost felt bad until he saw the markings losing its color.

He pressed himself against Naruto's sides and kissed him roughly, getting him back to reality. Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke, kissing back just as harsh, tasting himself and alcohol. "Naruto..." Sasuke groaned when his erection pressed up against their stomachs. "I...I need to be in you." Naruto stared at Sasuke with a longing that Sasuke didn't notice. He picked up the the vodka and drank some more.


The blonde knocked his head back and almost glared at Sasuke. "Do what you want..." Naruto whispered.

"Don't look at me like that." Sasuke whispered, placing a hand on Naruto's cheek that Naruto turned from. "Listen to me." He gripped Naruto's head and whispered into his mind. "Open up your eyes. Let me in your mind."

Naruto eyes widen at the swirling black and red in Sasuke's eyes. They were reaching, reaching into the depths of his thoughts.

No... Naruto automatically braced himself.

"Let me in." Sasuke whispered again and Naruto's eyes soften. "Naruto..." The energy flowing between them was completely open to each other. Once Sasuke had Naruto's attention, he got on top of Naruto but never breaking eye contact. Lowering his head, he reached down to give the blonde a soft sensual kiss with his eyes opened. He felt Naruto's chest heave as he breathed heavily, it's working...Naruto's eyes were turning a sharp red, his whiskers prominent and his fangs grew sharper. Sasuke without looking away, brought one of Naruto's leg up and pushed into his entrance. Naruto let a small gasp of pain and gripped the bedsheets.

"It's okay...Relax..." Sasuke murmured against Naruto's lips. He pushed in further, letting Naruto hook his own leg around his waist. They both let out a simultaneous moan of carnal satisfaction when Sasuke filled Naruto ballsdeep. Sasuke took one of Naruto's hand and linked them with his before sliding the knife in between and slicing both their palms. Naruto grunted in pain but when their blood connected, he let out a desperate cry of pain and pleasure. Sasuke soothed Naruto hair's out of his face and whispered meaningless words of sweet nothings. Sasuke kept one hand on Naruto's cheek and the other with Naruto's bloody palm right over his head. The blood opened an even more intimate level of connection something that would use most of Sasuke's energy up but it was needed to be able to reach into Naruto at his most vulnerable and pull Kyuubi out.

He began sliding himself in and out of the blonde, slowly at first before pumping in with almost a coarse desire. "Naruto...Look at me."

They got lost in each other's burning red eyes, they were in tune with each other but the distance between them now seemed even further apart than when they sat separately on the way home. Naruto was looking, but not at him. Their link was connected, but his mind has strayed off. Sasuke tried not to sob out his grief as his heart fell, there was absolutely nothing worse than a lover that didn't recognize you.

Naruto moaned in continuous abandoned as Sasuke pressed into him over and over. Sasuke felt amazing bliss at the intimacy they were sharing but nothing could shake off that overwhelming sense of...lost. And he didn't know if they were his feelings or Naruto's.

Sasuke looked down to Naruto's black marks shining, just in time...with a few more hard thrust he was on the brink of coming inside Naruto, so at that exact moment, using his claws he swiped the markings and watching the blood well up, he came undone. Letting out a cry of exceptional pleasure before landing his head next to Naruto's who was groaning in agonizing intensity. A warm red slick hand touched Sasuke's face and he looked up into Naruto's eyes.


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