Last Cherished
Morbid Alex (Karasu8)

A/N: My first Final Fantasy VII fanfiction. Yes, it's a one-shot, and yes, the pairing is SephirothxCloud. If you don't like it, then, please, don't read it. If my characters or this drabble-ish one-shot could use anything, please let me know. I've just been having some serious issues with writing lately; almost as if writing has become a chore instead of something fun. Gah, it's a horrifying thing. Please read and review, kay? Kay.

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Heavy metal cuffs are wrapped tightly around my wrists and I know that if I struggle, they're never going to loosen. He's gotten that look in his eyes again - brilliant, mako green taunting me. It makes my heart pump faster. It thumps wildly against my chest and I can hear it. Kami, it hurts.

I think he hears it too. The fact that his hands have placed themselves on my chest, to feel, makes it rather obvious. He laughs, but it holds no warmth. There's nothing in his tone to console me. It doesn't take long until my blood runs cold. I suddenly feel numb. If any of them could see me now, I think I'd die of shame.

The bed creaks as he shifts, sitting on my lower half. He leans forward, and I can feel his breath, hot against my face. It's coming - I know just what he plans to do. Please don't ever let them see me like this. He removes his hands from my chest, puling back some to gaze down at me. What are you looking for? Is there something special that you see in me? Is there something you want?

"Cloud," he murmurs, almost purring, like a cat, lapping at a bowl of cream. "What is it you cherish most?"

It's that question again. I should've known he'd ask. Doesn't he always? A frown dawns upon my features and I find myself, my blue eyes tearing away from those of haunting green. Don't make me answer you. You've already taken it away more times than I can count. There isn't anything else I can possibly give up. I just don't have anything more, Sephiroth.

He probably isn't too surprised with my lack on an answer. So, instead of awaiting a response, he moves again. I can hear his heart now. It's so close to my own, puffs of soft air brushing against my neck. His lips connect with sensitive skin. I don't hear the sound that escapes me, don't realize how calm and steady his heartbeat is compared to mine. Why are you doing this?

He runs rough fingertips up and down my sides - I shiver at the feeling. Against my flesh, his mouth twists into a sastisfied leer, and those fingers move across the planes of my abdomen. I make a vain attempt, just as I always do, to ignore him as he traces the hollows of my hips. I know it isn't going to work; he always wins. Don't do this to me. I can't keep this up.

A growl escapes him and his teasingly gentle actions turn angry. I flinch as his teeth sink into swollen flesh. My breath catches in my chest and it's suddenly too hot. That crimson life fluid, my own, lazily trickles down and over my thin collarbone. A hiss of pain slips from between my lips and he let's go. I know you're breaking me down, piece by agonizing piece. I know you're admiring your bloody little masterpiece. As always, 'General', you're so fucking proud

I can feel his eyes on me yet again, but I don't dare look up. I know exactly what'll happen if I do. My own orbs close and I openly defy him without a thought. The sudden punch that's delivered to my pale face is no suprise. I reel back, arms straining, with nowhere to go. The stinging's starting to make my eyes water, but I keep them shut. I don't want you to do this, I don't want to let you win.

I want him to stop, no matter what. I clench my trembling hands into fists, knowing that, to him, the gesture is no way near threatening. It's too late for me, I know it. My cheeks flush from both the rush of thoughts bombarding my senses, lust, and anger. I don't want to give him what he wants, but I feel his cruel mouth slide father down. It gives me goosebumps and a shuddering breath leaves me. Kami, please, please, stop. Please, Sephiroth

But he doesn't stop. I don't think he's listened to me once - no matter how much I've begged and pleaded. Everyone else is gone and I'm stuck here - left with him. I feel so low, doing this, while the others undoubtedly watch from the heavens. I buck upwards, just a little, and his lips, his tongue, just him, he's moved further into territory I would rather he wouldn't. I'm so ashamed, but, forgive me, I think he's broken me, and it just...feels so good.

I catch a final few words from my captor before I lose myself to him. I know this is what he's been wanting all along. He must be ecstatic. He's ruined everything and there's nothing I can do or say about it to make things any better. He shudders above me, in something. Anticipation, perhaps? Most likely - this is something he's wanted for some time, he's told me - and he's finally gotten it. He removes that last shreds of my dignity by removing my boxers, slowly stripping himself as well. I can't take it, forgive me, I give in.

"I will be the only cherished thing you never lose."