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Naruto's plan

It was starting to get to him. He, the ever grinning blond shinobi, was getting annoyed by something. Sakura paying attention to Sasuke was a fact, an old fact. He thought that after he came back bringing him she would pay more attention to him, but no, now she paid even more attention to Sasuke afraid that he might leave again. Sasuke acted like he used to, ignored her completely.

It was a normal day, Naruto trying not to sulk by the fact that Sakura had hit him, Sakura hugging Sasuke's arm and Sasuke was ignoring her and trying to get his arm of her grip. It made him angry and jealous, Sasuke was a guy that could have almost any girl he wanted but didn't seem to care. Then he thought of something.

"Maybe if Sasuke got a girlfriend Sakura would have to give up on Sasuke. But who?" Then he started to think about every girl he knew.

"Sakura is out of the question. Ino? No, she's to loud even for me, imagine Sasuke! Tenten? I don't really know her but I think she likes Neji. Temari? No, she lives to far away and Shikamaru would kill me if he knew. I think I'm forgetting someone. Who is left?"

And then as if answering his question, the only girl he hadn't thought of appeared near them.

"Hi Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan, Uchiha-san." Hinata said in her calm soft voice, her stuttering long gone but her shyness was still a little on her.

"Ohayo Hinata-chan! How are you?"

She and Sakura started talking about something but Naruto wasn't paying attention. He was looking at Hinata like he never seen her before.

"How could I forget Hinata? She is perfect! She is the only one who never bothered him, so he has no reason to find her annoying. She isn't loud but not to quiet either, at least now she isn't. She's not the type that tries to get attention by her looks. But let's admit she doesn't need to, she is quite pretty now. Even thought I still prefer Sakura-chan…" His thoughts were interrupted by someone shouting his name.

"Naruto!" Sasuke, who finally got his arm free, was calling him.

"What?!" He was annoyed because Sasuke cut his trait of thought.

"You've been staring at the Hyuuga for a while now."

Then he realized, he was staring at Hinata, who with Sakura was giving an odd look that said "What's up with you?"

"I was? Sorry Hinata-chan. I was thinking of something else."

"It's ok Naruto-kun. I have to go meet Shino and Kiba. See ya!" She said leaving still with a confused look on her face.

"She sure has changed." Naruto said. He would try to make Sasuke notice all the good things about Hinata so that he would like her.

"She sure has. For the best also, she is way cuter with long hair." And for Sakura's surprise and Naruto's joy Sasuke said

"Hn" That they knew it meant he agreed.

"He thinks Hinata is cute?" They thought with totally different reactions.

"I'm way cuter than Hinata. Wait. He only agreed, it doesn't mean he likes her or something." Sakura thought angrily.

"He thinks Hinata is cute! This make things a little easier" Naruto though, totally happy because of it.

The sudden silence of his teammates was welcomed by Sasuke

"Finally. They talk too much. It's weird though." The silence didn't last long though; soon Sakura and Naruto got out of their thoughts and started arguing about something stupid. The day went normally and by the end of it they went to their houses.

At his apartment Naruto started to think how to get Sasuke and Hinata together.

"Even though they would be nice together, getting them together is another thing. They are so formal with each other and she doesn't like him like all girls do. And he being cold to everyone doesn't help either, I need help with this."

So he decided that first thing in the morning he would get help from Hinata's best friend: TenTen

"What do you want Naruto?" TenTen asked a bit annoyed that he called her so early. It was Sunday for Kami's sake!

"Good morning to you too. Well, let's go straight to the point then."

"Good. Spill it."

"Such a lovely girl." He said with sarcasm. "I need your help with Hinata."

"Did he finally notice? I think it's a bit late though"

"Help with what exactly?"

"I want to get her and Sasuke together."

She could have laughed at his statement, but he was so serious she didn't. Instead she looked at him like he had grown an extra head.

"Hinata and Sasuke?! Thank Kami I didn't say a thing"

"Hinata and Sasuke?! Are you crazy? They have nothing in common!"

"Yes they do! They are both quiet, strong people from noble clans. Ok, Hinata is way a better person then Sasuke and he is a better fighter but that is not important. Even though I hate to say it I think Sasuke deserves someone like Hinata, she is caring, sweet and not obnoxious like other girls. And Hinata fits with Sasuke, you've got to admit they would make one good looking couple."

TenTen was quiet trying to find a reason why she shouldn't help the blond guy but she couldn't. It seemed like a good idea actually.

"He does have a point. And Hinata seems like she got over him so I think it would be good for her to fall for someone else, even if it is Sasuke."

"Ok Naruto. Let's hear what your plan is."

"Really? Well, actually that was why I called you, I don't have one yet."

"Oh gosh! Oh right, let's start thinking then. It would be easier if we had Shikamaru's brains though"

"I guess we can convince him to help."

It wasn't hard for them to find Shikamaru. It was common knowledge that the lazy shinobi was usually laying in some field watching the clouds or at the gaming parlor playing Shougi.

"Hey lazy bun, stand up. We need your help" Shikamaru lifted his head to see the last people he would expect, Naruto and TenTen.

"Yeah, like that's going to happen."

"Come on. You're not doing anything and we need your brains." TenTen said while kneeling down next to him and poking his shoulder.

"Tell me one reason why I should help you"

"I have a great one. If you don't help us we will never leave you alone and you'll never be able to watch your clouds in peace ever again." Naruto said grinning maliciously at the other boy.

"Fine! What do you want?"

"That you help us make a plan to get Sasuke and Hinata together."

"What?! No way! Ino will kill me if she knows!"

"Scared of a girl?"

"What did you say Naruto?" Said TenTen with a evil glare,

"Ano…I mean, it's your choice Ino or the clouds."

"Fine, I've been beaten up by her before. What do you have planed until now?"

"Nothing." They both of them said

"This is going to be troublesome"

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