She stared at herself in her full body mirror and sighed. It had taken a long time to get where she was; five years. Well, actually her whole life to be precise. It was finally her sister's eighteenth birthday and today was the day both of them broke the traditions of the clan; not that Hinata hadn't done that so much in the past five years of head of the clan anyway. The most important change of all was there the children of the branch family were no longer branded; an action that made many elders question Hinata's leadership. She didn't mind them tough; they never thought to highly of her anyway.

There was a knock on her door and she was brought out of her musings; she was probably making everything for the ceremony late.

"Come in" She said softly and looked to see her cousin and son to be leader of the clan enter her room. He bowed at her and she had the urge to roll her eyes; she wondered if after the ceremony he would stop bowing at her.

"Are you ready to go Hinata-sama?" He said looking after standing up straight again and setting his gaze onto Hinata.

"Yes I am Neji-sama" She said smiling lightly when Neji cringed.

"You shouldn't call me like that"

"I'll stop calling you like that if you stop calling me 'Hinata-sama'. I'm almost not leader after all"

"Fine… Hinata..." He said feeling her name sound weird without the usual suffix; but he'd get used to it.

"Great, now lead the way Neji-niisan" She said taking his arm and walking out off her bedroom. Hanabi was standing outside leaning on the wall and looking awkward in her formal kimono; she hated these occasions they had to dress up for even though she liked to make other people her dolls.

"Finally what took you so long?" She said getting off the wall and huffing at her sister and cousin

"I was just thinking about everything Hanabi-chan" Hinata said grabbing her sister's hand and continuing to walk to their destination. The three of them worked very hard to get where they were; first it was Hinata alone but when Sasuke started helping her too and coming frequently to the Hyuuga manor Neji got suspicious. So Hinata told him what she was planning and that she didn't want to tell him before she was sure what she wanted was possible; she thinks it was the first time she heard Neji calling her 'stupid'. Then he started helping too and since Hanabi always liked to know things she eventually started helping too. It was hard work and it was worth it.

"Here we go." Hanabi said once they where standing in front of the door where the ceremony was to be held.

"Yes, here we go." Hinata said tightening her hold on them before letting go and entering the room so they could stand in the places they should be.

Hinata was vaguely aware of some of the tense auras while she made her speech and passed her title as heir to Neji; some of the older elders felt like it was despicable to have a branded Hyuuga as an heir.

"Filth branded boy giving us orders; I never thought I'd live to see this day." One especially bitter elder said once the ceremony was over and she thought no one could hear her since most of the people present were giving their congrats to Neji. Hinata however heard her and turned to stare at the elder woman giving her a cold stare that she learned from so many years with her father.

"You should not speak of things you do not know obaasan." Hinata said in a equally cold voice bringing the attention of everyone present.

"Do not know? I know plenty little girl. First you and your sister resin your titles as heirs so this branded boy can have it and if is not enough, you shame our clan's name even more by getting married with that traitor soon. Hiashi was a fool to have trusted you so much; he should have branded you and you sister when he had the chance." The woman said looking quite content; apparently she had wanted to say that for quite some time.

"You will not talk about my father like that!" Hanabi said starting to stalk over to the elder but was stopped by Neji who was glaring at the older woman.

"Neji-niisan, if you could be so kind to come over here please?" Hinata said looking at him directly in the eye and seemingly not affected by the woman's words; Neji understood immediately and walked over to Hinata and kneeled in front of her getting some startled looks from the people present. Hinata gently touched the bandages on his forehead and tugged them off. There was absolute silence in the room; no one believed their eyes when they saw there was nothing on Neji's head.

"As I said before obaasan; you should not speak of what you do not know."

"But…how…when…" The woman said apparently not able to form a full sentence.

"Neji, Hanabi and I have been working on these for quite some time now; and this is only the first one. Soon there won't be any branded Hyuugas as it should have been since the beginning of our clan."

"Hi-Hiashi would never have approved of this."

"You seem to think you know more about my deceased father than me that was his daughter." That shut the older woman up; no one talked about Hiashi's death. He died protecting his elder daughter from another attempt of kidnap last year.

"Now let us start our celebration for the new leader of the clan" Hinata said smiling sweetly and obviously ending the conversation.

"You should have punched her Hinata!" Tenten said the day after while they were eating on a café near the hospital; after Sakura had left Hinata began to work at the hospital even though her position as heiress said she should only work as head of the clan.

"I couldn't punch her Tenten; she is my elder and even is she wasn't punching people is not the best way of resolving things"

"Whatever you say Hinata. Either way we should celebrate! Coffee!" Tenten said to a passing waiter.

"Don't serve her any coffee" Hinata said taking a sip from her tea

"Come on Hinata! I haven't had coffee in four months!" Tenten cried hugging her growing belly.

"And you are not going to have any for at least four more months" Hinata said gently trying to sooth her friend

"I hate being pregnant. No, I hate you for being such a good doctor. No! It's all Naruto's fault! I hate him!"

"No you don't; that is just the hormones talking."

"I know but I want coffee; and sake, sushi and a huge chocolate cake that has so much frosting that it's basically a frosting cake." Tenten whined and Hinata could swear she saw her friend's brown eyes sparkle.

"That doesn't seem healthy even if you weren't pregnant. But if it makes you feel better I'll let you eat cake at my wedding."

" Ha! As if you are going to stop me of having cake when everybody else is eating it."

"I have orders from de Hokage to keep you healthy."

" Please! You and I both know Naruto would never punish you for giving me cake."

"Either way you are only having cake at my wedding and after that only when the baby is born."

"Fine, I guess I can wait one week. Speaking of which; aren't you way too calm for someone that's going to get married so soon?"

"I don't think so. Shou-should I be nervous?"

"No, it's a good thing you are calm; it's just a bit weird."

"Are you trying to make Hinata dump me on the aisle, Uzumaki?" Sasuke said appearing suddenly next to their table.

"Maybe; it's no secret that I would like to keep Hinata for myself. I'm sure Naruto wouldn't mind sharing." Tenten said playfully making the Uchiha's eye twitch

"Don't you want to sit and join us Sasuke?" Hinata said smiling at him and ignoring Tenten's comment.

"No; I prefer to limit my contact with either of the Uzumakis. I just came here to tell you that Ino is fussing over something about the wedding and she needs your help at the flower shop."

"I'll be there right away. Do you mind me leaving, Tenten?"

"No, I have to go meet my mother soon anyway. She wants to go crib shopping or whatever she calls it." Tenten said rolling her eyes

"Okay then. Will you walk with me Sasuke?" Hinata said getting up from her seat and placing money on the table

"Of course" He answered immediately placing his hand on her waist when they began walking.

It was finally here; the day she was going to get married. Everyone she knew and loved was expecting her to come out of her dressing room so that they could begin the ceremony. She couldn't move from her spot in front of the mirror though. She never thought of herself as ugly but neither did she think she was beautiful as some claimed she was. For the first time in her life Hyuuga Hinata felt beautiful.

She didn't have much time to admire herself since someone knocked on her door

"Come in" She said softly without turning from her mirror expecting to be someone like Neji or Gaara

"You look beautiful Hinata-chan" A voice she hadn't heard in five years spoke and she immediately turned around.

"Sa-Sakura" Sakura hadn't changed much; maybe gotten a bit taller and a bit more feminine but basically she looked the same. She held a smile on her face and Hinata could see it was real.

"It's been a while right? Naruto informed me about the wedding and how you wanted me to come so that you could apologize." Sakura said looking at Hinata confusedly

"Yes; I'm very sorry Sakura!" Hinata said walking towards the other girl and taking Sakura's hands in hers.

"For what?" Sakura said disbelievingly

"For…for… I don't really know; I just feel like I have to apologize." Hinata said blushing deep red making Sakura chuckle.

"You haven't changed have you?" Sakura said gently grasping Hinata's hand back

"Yo-you got married!" Hinata said once she noticed the silver ring on the others hand.

"Yes; I met him on the hospital of the village I live in. He is a medic ninja too. He didn't come though; he stayed home taking care of Megumi-chan" Sakura said smiling

"You're happy; I'm very glad" Hinata said smiling brightly

"Thank you; I'm glad too. But enough about me; today is your day and there are a lot of people waiting for you. I had to convince Gaara and Neji to let me talk to you before they came to get you." Her marriage was such a mix up, she had heard someone talk about that in western weddings the father walked the bride to the groom and she wanted to do that and since her father had already passed away she had Neji and Gaara do it; she wished she had more arms so Kiba and Shino could walk her too but they understood her reasons.

"Okay, you can tell them I'm ready."

"Okay. And Hinata…" Sakura said before she left. "You are going to be happy. Sasuke is a great guy even though he seems like a jerk sometimes and you are a great girl. You two deserve each other." And with that she left leaving a stunned Hinata behind.

"Hinata, Sakura said you were rea…" Gaara said while entering the room with Neji behind him but they stopped in their tracks when they saw Hinata.

"You look gorgeous Hinata" Neji said after regaining his speaking ability making Hinata blush

"I think stunning is a better way to put it" Gaara said smirking when Hinata blushed even more.

"Tha-thank you both of you. I'm ready to go now; I think I kept people waiting long enough." She said placing her hand on one of the men's arms and letting them lead her towards her future.

"Stop fidgeting"

"I do not fidget dobe"

"Can't you show your Hokage any respect?" Naruto said pouting and fiddling with his Hokage's robe. He insisted on getting Hinata and Sasuke married himself since as Hokage he could do things like that. Hinata thought it was a wonderful idea while Sasuke just grunted and went with it.

"Fine dobe-sama. Better?" Sasuke said smirking.

"I guess that's the best I'll get from you teme"

"Tell me something dobe-sama; why is Sakura here?"

"I invited her."


"Don't you have anything better to say after five years without seeing her?"

"Not really"

"Damn, you are still a jerk. I don't get why sweet little Hinata is marrying you" Sakura said suddenly appearing next to them

"Is great to see you Sakura" Naruto said giving her his famous trade mark grin


"I great to see you two again. Team 7 together once again. Who would have thought we'd all end up married and not with each other?"

"You're married?" Naruto said widening his eyes

"Yes but he didn't come. He stayed back home to take care of Megumi-chan and the hospital."

"You have a kid?" This time was Sasuke who asked.

"You have a hospital?" Naruto said with his eyes widening even more

"Yes and yes. You guys weren't the only one to move on with your lives." Sakura said smirking at them and putting her hands on her hips

"Can't believe you two got married before me" Sasuke said frowning slightly. Wasn't he the one supposed to revive his clan?

"Can't believe you are getting married at all." Naruto and Sakura said at the same time. They were about to comment on it when the music started. Hinata was arriving.

"I have to go to my seat. You!" She said pointing at Sasuke "Treat. Her. Good." She said poking him on the shoulder with each word before turning around and getting to her seat.

"Ouch. That must have hurt"

"I've had worse"

"Sure you had. Now try to stand still and not have a nose bleed when Hinata comes down the aisle."

"Tch. I'm not you dobe"

It all passed in a blink of an eye. One minute she's walking down the aisle with Neji and Gaara and then she locks eyes with Sasuke and suddenly their world stops but everything around them seem to move faster and faster. Suddenly it was over, the ceremony the party, everything passed. They didn't really pay attention to it not even when Sakura decided to reminiscence old time and sent Naruto flying out one window.

"It's finally over" Sasuke said between kisses when they already in their new home in the Uchiha compound.

"Over? This is only the beginning Sasuke" Hinata said kissing him deeply and pulling him with her to the bed.

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