Vow of Silence

Author: justslummin

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. Wish I did!

Pairing: Mal/River

Rating: T

Author's Note: This is a departure for me. Just a little light fluff to brighten the day.


Summary: Mal accepts a challenge from River.


River lay on her side, tracing lazy circles across Mal's chest. "Wash was really loud with Zoe," she said thoughtfully.

"Guess he was at that," Mal replied, wondering where that random thought would lead.

"Why aren't you loud?" River looked at him intently.

"Maybehaps I just got more control."

Silence fell for a moment, as River considered his answer. Getting onto her knees to lean across him more fully, she fixed him with an evil grin. "Bet I can make you loud,"

Mal thought for a second. Win or lose, weren't nothin' but good to be had from such a bet. "And if you lose?"

"Loser takes winner's dish duty for a month."

Easy peasy, Mal thought. "You're on."

River immediately devoted her entire attention to the task at hand. Working her way from his neck to his navel with feather-light touches and a wicked tongue, she smiled when she heard his breath begin to hitch in his throat.

Mal locked his jaws, determined not to be so easily defeated. But when her mouth went farther south and his toes began to curl, he realized he might be in trouble. A very low moan managed to escape.

River immediately stopped her ministrations. "What was that, ai ren?" she teased.

"What was what?" Mal managed to get out.

"Thought I heard something, but I must have been mistaken." And she began again, her silky hair sliding softly across his thighs.

Minutes, later, Mal's head was thrown back, neck tendons stretching tautly, as his hands sought to stop her motions.

"No fair, ai ren," River warned.

Clenching his jaws tight, Mal moved his hands to grasp the sheets instead. And just in time, too, he thought, as the gorram witch woman straddled his hips and began some freakishly flexible movements.

His own hips beginning to buck jerkily, Mal saw starbursts behind his closed eyelids. Ai ya, but it was gorram hard not to…

"Sweet Ye Su, woman!" His voice reverberated in the small room, as he lost all semblance of control. When his blood meandered back up to his brain, he saw that River was looking down at him triumphantly. Moving swiftly, he flipped her onto her back. "How 'bout best two outta three?"