Power Rangers Mystic Force :

Twins Dilemma :


By Melissa

Part One :

"Okay! This isn't funny!" yelled Xander as he now walked inside with a small body and a big head.

Clare looked back seeing Xander as she held her laughter.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Did you get the number of those to brats!" snapped Xander.

Alianbow and Udonna now entered seeing Xander as they broke out laughing.

"WHAT HAPPENED!" yelled Udonna as she held her laughter.

"Those twin brats of Bowen and Madison made me short!" snapped Xander.

Chip and Vida now entered Rootcore as they entered and walked over to Alianbow and Udonna.

"Where's Xander?" they asked.

Udonna now poynted down as Vida looked as she broke out laughing so hard that she could not stop.

"Awwwww look chip look at the cutie pie little boy ' said Vida .

"A ha Aha , very cute V, Im going to ring your neice and nephew once im back to my ownself" said Xander .

"Oh hell no, I hope that wasn't a threat Xander" said Vida.

"Can someone get me out of this situation before Bowen and Madison come in " said Xander.

Daggeron now entered as he looked at Alianbow, Udonna, Chip, Clare, and Vida.

Where's Xander?" asked Daggeron.

"I am right here" he answered as he waved his hand to Daggeron's Face.

Arching a brow Daggeron laughed as he now studied Xander.

"What happened?" he asked.

Giggles were heard as the kids brought in Bowen and Madison from the Castle.

Bowen and Madison now looked at Xander in shocked as they looked to each other ."I can't believe they did that , especially to you Xander.

Xander rolled his eyes as Madison took a picture. " This is going to be posted on the window to Rock Porium" she laughed.

"See, our magic did work, we wanted a friend so we made him smaller like us" said Nicholas.

Kaitlyn laughed her head off as she giggled away. "You did a good job brother" .

Xander growled.

"CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS" yelled Xander.