Twin's Delemma Part Two : Vida By mylissa

Chapter Two

"CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS" snapped Xander again.

The next day:

"WHY THOSE PIP SQUEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" squealed Vida as she now chased Nicholas and Kaitlyn as they entered Rootcore.
Vida stormed in as she caught Nicholas as she took him outside as she twirled him into the lake . Kaitlyn hid into her invisibility form as Vida looked and looked for her.

"where are you my sweetness, im not giving up on looking for you" smiled Vida.

Kaitlyn smiled as she now formed back into her human form as she now ran out of Rootcore.

"You to Slow Aunt V!" laughed Kaitie.

kaitlyn ran as she now turned back into her invisibility form.

Vida ran back out as she looked around.."ooph!" she now landed on the ground as she looked side ways and up as she now heard giggles.

"WHY YOU LITTLE WITCH!" screamed Madison.

"Acatha Unison Gramadan!!!!!!" screamed kaitlyn as she now turned Vida into a bannana.

Kaitlyn laughed hysterically as she saw her brother walking to her now soaked with a flounder in his mouth.

"Ewwww you stink Nick" said Kaitlyn.

Nicholas cracked up seeing his Aunt transformed into a Bananna. "Did you do that?" he asked as he now faced Kaitlyn.

she nodded as they just stood there.

"What are you both up too ?" asked Alianbow.

They both turned as they looked to each other and smiled innocently.

"nothing" they both said in a unison voice.

" Don't lie Kaitlyn and Nicholas" said Alianbow.

They now both moved away from Vida whom was now a bannana.

Alianbow looked at the mischievious kids as he sighed. " I am going to tell your parents you know that" said Alianbow.

Madison, Bowen and Udonna now entered as they saw the kids and Alianbow.

"Whats going on?" asked Bowen.

"Hey guy's have you seen vida" asked Chip.

"Im down here" said Vida as everyone took one look to Vida the Bannana.

"Oh my lord! " squealed Madison.

Bowen held his laughter as he looked to his kids . "TO THE ROOM BOTH OF YOU !"

Kaitlyn and Nicholas now marched to the castle as their father and mother followed them, once they arrived Madison busted out laughing as Bowen gave her a odd look saying that wasn't funny.

Kaitlyn and Nicholas looked to their parents as they sighed.

"We are sorry" they both said.

" sorry... Sorry! you made Xander short and Vida into a fruit! how can you be sorry" said Madison.

Kailtyn and Nicholas looked to their mother as they sighed.

" You are taking advantage of your magic and now I have to decide binding your magic until your fifteenth birthday, Is that what you want me to do" said Madison in a upset tone.

"No Ma'am" they both said in a unison voice.

"Well to bad, because I already did!" she snapped.

Bowen kept mum about binding their powers as he sighed. The twins looked to their father as they both turned and walked to their own rooms and entered.


Coming Soon : Chapter Three