My first SasukexSakura please review. I accept flames if you have a good reason for them. In this fic it starts with Tenten's and Sakura's pov and then goes to Sakura's.

Sakura's bio: 16 years old. Tall, kind of goth. Very smart and good athlete. Loves: sports, reading, listening to music (rock an heavy metal). Hates: life(just kidding), preppy people, perverted guys, shopping. Knows how to fight. Met Tenten at 13. Been in and out of orphanages a lot. Works with Tenten in a restaurant.

Tenten's bio:17 years old. Tall, kind of goth. Excellent athlete. Hates: preps, shopping, pervs, annoying teachers. Loves: sports, listening to music( punk and heavy metal). Gets creeped out by really happy, loud people. Knows how to fight. Met Sakura at 14. Been in and out of orphanages a lot. Works with Sakura in a restaurant.

They live in an apartment in Konoha together.


Sakura were working at the restaurant. They liked working for three reasons. One, they only had night shifts. Two, when you waited tables you did it in two. Three, the uniform, if anything was a random shirt with the restaurant pin on it and black cargo pants.

They went to get the orders of two guys. One had spiked black hair and the other had long hair and white eyes (no points for figuring out who they are). They were currently being called by fangirls "Sasuke I love you,'' and "I love you Neji,''.

"So that's their names,'' thought Sakura. Based on their reactions, Sakura figured onyx eyes was Sasuke and white eyes was Neji.

When she and Tenten got to their table the guys didn't notice them and were mumbling about how annoying fangirls were. Sakura and Tenten hated it they had to wait on an order and they were already in bad moods.

"An order sometime today would be nice,'' Sakura snapped. She looked to Tenten who was obviously just as annoyed as her then looked to the obviously shocked boys.

"Were you talking to us?'' Sasuke asked.

"No, I was talking to the Easter bunny,'' Sakura said sarcastically. The guys grumbled and ordered.

When Sakura and Tenten were in the kitchen Sakura looked to Tenten and said "I bet if we just stood there we would have been standing there for about 3 hours,''. Tenten snickered.

When they went out the guys asked for their names (their pins don't say it). "Why should we tell you?" asked Tenten. This really surprised the guys. "Are you going to eat or gawk all night?'' asked Tenten.

When their shift was over they changed in the bathroom. Sakura was wearing faded green camou pants with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath a brown t-shirt. Tenten was wearing navy blue jeans and a black t-shirt that said "if you have something to say don't say it'' (I know, stupid phrase).

"So what do think of those guys?'' asked Sakura.

"You mean the god-wanna-be one and two?'' asked Tenten.


"I think they belong in a mental institution,".

Sakura laughed at this.

Suddenly a bunch of drunk dudes showed up and asked 'you girls wanna go somewhere and have some fun?" one of them asked.

"No thanks,'' Sakura told them.

'To bad,'' the guy said and they lunged for them. Sakura and Tenten rolled their eyes and had the guys down in 30seconds.

'Idiots,'' Sakura mumbled. With that they walked home, unknowing to them they were being followed.

Guys pov…

"What do you think of them?" asked Sasuke after the girls were in their apartment.

"I think we found our mates," Neji replied then added 'I like the brunette,''.

'I like pinkie,'' Sasuke told him 'were getting them tomorrow,''.

With that they leaped into the darkness.