The next day they got Shikamaru to take them to the mall again. They went to the store where their outfits were and changed into them outfits, then they took off each other's marks.

"Alright,'' announced Sakura "the cars are outside, I called yesterday and it's ok if they're dropped off at the Tokyo airport,''.

Taking a deep breath she continued " if the boys find us either don't talk at all or change your vice, you can't risk talking to them regularly. Only run or fight when you know 100 that they know who you really are and Hinata, try not to stutter,'' Looking at Ino and Hinata she said "this will be the last time we see you till the airport so remember, go to Suna, get only necessities and go to the airport, and Ino no shopping, I mean it,''.

With that they went out an exit to where they're cars were, they told each other goodbye and went in the cars.

This is Sakura's and Tenten's trip, if you want me to do Hinata's and Ino's trip you have to say so in the reviews and include why you want to see it, I need more then 15 of them to write it.

"Good job on the speech,'' complimented Tenten.

"Thanks,'' Sakura replied.

"How did you figure out what to say?'' Tenten asked.

"I needed something to do when Ino was looking at outfits, I still can't believe that she convinced you too where a skirt,'' Sakura told her as she looked at Tenten wearing a pink shirt and a white skirt (the world's going to end) with a dark purple wig and green contacts.

Tenten mumbled something about killing Ino and burning skirts then she said to Sakura "I can't believe what she made you wear,'' pointing to what Sakura was wearing, a long black coat that went down to her knees, tight jeans, and a brown tank top with a black wig and brown contacts.

"But we got her back,'' Sakura pointed out, they both laughed when they remembered what Ino's facial expression was when they got Ino's outfit, black cargo pants and t-shirt that said "life without shopping is my dream" (Ino hated it and swore she would burn it afterwards), wristbands with a dirty blonde wig and turquoise contacts.

"I like what we gave Hinata though,'' Tenten put in, Sakura nodded when they remembered what they put Hinata in, blue jeans, a black t-shirt that said " the biggest mistake of my life was meeting you'', a lot of jell bracelets with a wig that was the same colour as her actual hair but it went down to her waist and blue contacts.

Neither of them talked for about an hour then Tenten asked "how did you book the tickets?''.

"I slipped away when Ino was choosing your outfit,'' Sakura replied.

"I wish I could have came with you,'' Tenten mumbled, then she asked can I drive now?''.

"You can drive on the way to the airport,'' Sakura replied, them she wondered "I wonder if the guys know were gone yet?''.

Back at the guys house…

"How long do you they're going to be gone for?'' Neji asked.

"I heard Ino tell Shikamaru that they still had to go to most of the stores so they'll probably be a while,'' Naruto answered.

Back with girls…

They had just got to the apartment and were starting to get their stuff (passports, clothes etc…). When they were leaving Tenten suggested "why don't we leave a surprise for the guys?''.

"Sure,'' Sakura said, going back inside.


"Do you think the girls will try to get away?'' Naruto asked.

"I expect so but it's pointless to try,'' Sasuke told him.

Just as he said this Shikamaru burst in and said "the girls are gone!''.

"Relax, we'll find them,'' Sasuke told him, they tried and failed.

"They took the marks off!'' Naruto announced.

"No duh!'' Sasuke told him.


"Think the guys found out were gone yet?'' Tenten asked Sakura.

"Most likely,'' Sakura answered.


Naruto and Shikamaru had gone to look for Hinata and Ino while Sasuke and Neji had gone to look for Sakura and Tenten and since they had incredible speed it took them 32 minutes.

They got to the girls' apartment and were opening the door when they heard Tenten's voice say "go away".

"You two aren't very smart,'' Sasuke replied "you escape and go to most predictable place,'' then he and Neji burst in.

The voice was coming from a tape recorder which was saying "your pretty stupid, talking to a machine like that,''.

Sasuke got mad and smashed the tape recorder.

Neji looked on the computer and noticed a chunk of money recently, he recognized that it was about the amount of money you would spend on plane tickets.

"I know where they went,'' he announced.

"Where?'' demanded Sasuke.

"Tokyo airport,'' Neji replied.

The girls were going down the highway when they noticed another car coming up, inside was Sasuke and Neji!

Tenten was about to freak out when Sakura silenced her saying "they don't know yet,''.

Just then the guys weren't paying attention to where they going and Tenten yelled out without thinking "watch out!''.

The guys looked at them with smirks and yelled "found you,''.

Sakura leaned over to Tenten and told her "remember in driver's ed, to focus on safety instead of getting to the place as fast as possible?'' Tenten nodded and Sakura continued "forget everything they said,''.

"Everything?'' Tenten asked, surprised.

"Everything'' Sakura repeated. Tenten smiled and immediately started going 120 miles an hour. The guys followed but couldn't keep up with Tenten's ability to go around cars that were going a lot slower then she was.

The airport parking lot was near full but they managed to get a spot. They were running up to the entrance when the guys got to them, grabbed them then took them both to a separate section of the parking lot.

Sasuke and Sakura…

"Let me go!'' Sakura demanded, trying to pry Sasuke hands off from around her waist.

"I like your old look better Sakura,'' Sasuke told her, nuzzling her neck.

"Shut up!'' Sakura told him, giving him a final push to which managed to get him off.

Sasuke held up the amulet (if you don't remember it look in the other chapters) and said "you and me are a lot alike Sakura,''.

"I am nothing like you,'' Sakura yelled out, lightning coming out of like crazy.

Sasuke ignored her comment and continued "we both like being in control, we both try hard to hide our identity from humans, and we both like having as much power as we can, face it your like me,''.

"I TOLD YOU I'M NOTHING LIKE YOU!'' she yelled, giving him a huge jolt of lightning and made him faint.

Neji and Tenten…

"I didn't know you had a preppy side,'' Neji told her, looking at her clothes, grabbing her shoulder.

Tenten shook it off and said "shut up,''.

Neji threw the amulet up in the air and caught it saying "I'm surprised Tenten, I thought that in the human world the oldest took charge but you let Sakura take control but I guess it makes sense, knowing how weak you are,''.

He pushed Tenten's buttons hard "I'm not weak,'' she yelled at him.

"Then how come you let Sakura take charge and walk all over you, face it, you are weak,'' he told her.

That was all Tenten could stand "SHUT UP!'' she yelled at him. She punched him with a fist full of lightning which made him fall back and faint.

The girls got in the airport and met Ino and Hinata.

"Hey guys,'' Ino greeted. They returned the greeting and got on the plane.

On the plane Sakura thought to herself "finally, a new life, I guess that when light turns to darkness, it can also turn back.

That's the story everyone, hope you liked it. There will be a sequel called "Dark to light and back again" but don't expect it to come out for a while.


"I really like him and I'm breaking up with him just because you want me to,"

"I came all this way for you and I'm going back without you,"

"How could you think he's ok after all he did to you? Don't ever talk to me again!''