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Change of POV, location, and time

Bleach/Yu Yu Hakusho

Chapter 1

Normal POV

Koenma sat behind his desk, filing paperwork. He had summoned Hiei to his office not too long ago and wanted to be done his work before he arrived. Just as the doors to his office opened he had put away the last of his work.

In through the doors came Hiei. He appeared to be annoyed being there, but than again he seemed like he was always annoyed. Botan came in right after him shutting the doors. Koenma sat straight up in his chair as Hiei walked up to his desk. When Hiei reached the desk Koenma stayed quiet as he waited for Botan to walk around to his side of the desk. When she was the he began to talk.

"Thank you for showing up Hiei. I was a little worried that you wouldn't come."

Hiei just glared at Koenma. Koenma started to sweat under the pressure from Hiei's hard glare. Clearing his voice Koenma continued.

"I was planning to try and get Kurama for this but with not knowing how long this will take I couldn't ask him. As for Yusuke and Kuwabara, I need them here. You were the only one I could turn to for this case," Koenma said.

Hiei just rolled his eyes. He obviously wasn't excited to be there.

"What kind of ridiculous case are you going to send me on that the others can't do themselves?" Hiei asked.

"Here. Look at these files," Koenma said.

Botan pulled out a folder from behind her back and handed it to Hiei. Hiei took it from her and looked inside. Inside he saw pictures of creatures that he had never seen before. After looking at a couple of the pictures he looked back at Koenma.

"What the hell are these?"

"Those are called Hollows. They're similar, to an extent, to demons. The one big difference between them and most demons is that they feed on the souls of the living," Koenma explained.

Hiei looked at Koenma suspiciously.

"If they only feed on the souls of the living than why haven't I ever seen one before? And if they've been around long enough to be a problem than why haven't any of us seen any signs of something like this?"

"That, Hiei, is because they aren't in this world, human world, or even in the demon world."

Hiei looked at him skeptically. Koenma then looked at Hiei with a serious expression, one that showed that he was joking around.

"Hiei, Botan. What I'm about to say can never leave this room. Only few people know of the Hollows and where they come from. If word of this were to spread out it could be bad for all of us. I'm already afraid to tell this to you Hiei, but, I've been left with no choice," Koenma said.

Botan looked like she didn't know what to say and Hiei remained expressionless. Koenma took a deep breath and let it out.

"There is, to put it simply, another world that is adjacent to this one."

Botan gasped at the news, even Hiei couldn't stop his surprise from showing. Koenma remained silent, deciding he would wait until Hiei was ready for the rest. When he saw the surprised expression on his face fade Koenma assumed that he should continue, but was interrupted by Hiei.

"What the hell does this have to do with me?" Hiei said in a dangerously low voice.

It was clear to Koenma that Hiei definitely didn't want anything to do with this. He let out another sigh before continuing.

"It seems that there are more Hollows appearing in that world's living world more often. Like they're after something. What I need you to do is go to that world and find out what it is they're after and make sure that they don't get it," Koenma explained.

Hiei would have glared even harder than before at Koenma if possible.

"Why should I go and do this for you? Get your detective to do this. It's not really my thing to save people anyway," Hiei said as he turned to start walking away.

Koenma watched as Hiei walked away from his desk. When Hiei was halfway to the doors Koenma said, "I'm sorry Hiei but you don't have a choice here."

Hiei stopped where he was. He turned halfway and looked back at Koenma with one of his most intimidating glares.

"What did you say," he said in a low voice, but loud enough for Koenma to hear.

"I said you don't have a choice. That is unless you rather be sentenced to death."

Both Botan and Hiei looked at Koenma with surprised looks, although Hiei's was more of an angry one.


"I've told you Hiei. That information that I just told you can't leave this room. If I were to allow you to just walk out of here without accepting this mission I would have to make sure that word of this never gets the chance to spread. I'm sure you wouldn't go talking to every demon you see about this but I can't take the chance. I'm sorry for getting you into this situation like this but there was no other way."

Hiei stayed where he was and continued to glare at Koenma.

"So Hiei. What will you do?"

"How do I get there?"

A Few Days Later

Koenma told Hiei that he would be called again in a few days once the portal was opened. He had given Hiei more detailed information after he agreed to accept the mission. Since than Hiei has been hanging around different parks, waiting for Botan to come back and get him. Needless to say he was greatly displeased by the recent events.

Hiei sat on a branch in one of the many trees overlooking the park. He was watching as the many humans passed by with their children. It disgusted him.

'I'll get Koenma back for this as soon as I get back.'

It was about midday and Hiei was bored. The only thing about his new mission that interested him was that there was supposedly a dangerous Hollow moving about. He was curious as to how strong it could be but it still angered him that he had to go.

With not being able to visit Kurama since he was still in school Hiei decided to sleep for the day.

Bleach World

Soul Society

Rukia Kuchiki was preparing for her trip to the living world. She was planning on going there for some Hollow hunting. As she was walking down one of the many roads she crossed paths with Renji Abarai.

"Hey Rukia. Where do you think you're going?"

"If you must know I'm heading for the living world."

"What? What are you going to do there?"

"I'm planning on exterminating some of the Hollows that have been appearing. I'll be back later."

Renji watched as she walked away.

YYH World

Human World

Hiei awoke a few hours later to Botan yelling out his name. He opened his eyes and saw her flying towards him on her oar.

'It must be time.'

He stood up on the branch and waited for her to reach him.

"Hiei. Koenma has the portal ready for your departure. Are you ready?" Botan asked.

"Hn." Hiei said before jumping onto her oar.

When he was seated Botan flew them back to Spirit World. Upon their arrival they were greeted by employs of Spirit World. They seemed like they held great pride about themselves as they looked down on them like they were inferior. Botan looked back at them nervously and Hiei glared at them.

"You must the scum that now knows of the secret. Follow us," one of the spirits said as it and the others started to walk away.

At the comment Hiei started to grind his teeth and reach for his sword.

"Well that was awfully rude. Come on Hiei. Lets follow them before we lose sight of them," Botan said, grabbing Hiei's right hand, which stopped him from grabbing his sword.

As she dragged Hiei along he quickly pulled his hand back. They followed the spirits to a secluded room. From there they went through a secret passage, which went down in a spiral staircase. When they reached the bottom they went through a door. In the room the first thing they noticed was a large portal. Both stared in awe at its size. It was at least ten times bigger than the two of them put together. Standing in front of the large portal was Koenma.

"Gratings Hiei. Please come over here," Koenma said.

Hiei, followed by Botan, walked over to Koenma.

"I'm sure it's quite obvious but this will be the portal that will transport you to the other world," Koenma said.

Hiei looked the portal once over again. Botan joined him in looking at it. She looked back at Koenma.

"Why is the portal so big?" Botan asked.

Instead of looking at her when he answered he looked at Hiei.

"It's a dangerous and long path that leads to the other world. To ensure that you have enough time to reach the other side safely we made the portal larger. Once you enter the portal, Hiei, it will begin to slowly shrink. That's one of the reasons why it's a dangerous path. The second is because Hollows will eventually notice the portal and start entering it. That's why few only know that the other world exists. If we use it this portal too often than Hollows could start getting through and start infesting our world," Koenma explained.

Even though it appeared like Hiei wasn't listening he heard every word. Hiei seemed annoyed by something. He looked at Koenma and said, "How do the two worlds even know of the others existence?"

"It's because in the past one would help the other in a crisis. We, the rulers, used to be good friends. Although I don't know the ruler of the other world personally, I was always left here incase something happened. But over time for some reason the two began to not trust the other. It even got to the point of where they cut off communication completely. But now there's something going on and I want to try and reestablish what these two worlds once had. That's why I'm having you go Hiei. I need Yusuke and Kuwabara here to protect this world and I can't ask Kurama unless I knew more about this. Please try and not screw this up," Koenma said.

"Hn. I'll do this the way I see fit. If you don't like that than change your mind now."

Koenma let out a deep sigh.

'I have the strongest feeling that this whole plan will backfire,' Koenma thought to himself.

"Here Hiei. Use this to report back to us if something goes wrong, you need help, or you finish your mission," Koenma said, handing him a small communicator, like the one Yusuke got from Botan.

Hiei shoved the device into his cloaks pocket and stepped closer to the portal. Before he could get closer Koenma stopped him.

"Before you go are you sure you have what you need? Because once you leave you can't turn back. We won't be able to open another portal for at least a few days."

"Worry about yourself," Hiei said before he jumped into the portal.

Botan stood were she was with a worried expression on her face. She looked back over to Koenma after about a minute since Hiei left.

"Do you think he'll be alright? I mean I'm sure he can handle a few of those Hollow things but he's going in to a completely new world."

"He should be fine, as long as he stays away from the Soul Society. The human world over there really isn't any different than the one here," Koenma said.

Over in the corner of the room stood the spirits that led Hiei and Botan to the portal. They all seemed to have their doubts about Koenma's decision. Finally one of the spirits stepped up.

"Do you believe this choice was wise Koenma? He is a demon after all. What if he decides to not complete his mission or worse, create more of crisis than the Hollows are?"

"I know choosing Hiei was risky but I was left with no other choice. If we don't act now it might be too late later."

The spirit lifted its right hand and pointed its index finger at him.

"Remember this Koenma. If anything goes wrong you will be held responsible. This is now your problem," said the spirit as it and the others faded away.


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