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Change of POV, location, and time

Bleach- Retold Story

Chapter 19

Normal POV

At this point Momo began to become suspicious. Before Hiei got too far she caught up with him and stood in his path. Hiei glared daggers into her, which didn't help any.

"Before you go you have to tell me which squad you're in."

Hiei still didn't answer her. By this point Momo had realized what she had done and cursed herself for being so careless. Drawing her sword she demanded that he drop his weapon and give up. Not liking the idea of running in the first place Hiei completely ignored the thought of running twice. Stepping back into a stance Hiei placed a hand onto his hilt and waited for her to make the first move. Momo saw this and ran forward and swung her sword. Hiei drew his and blocked the attack. His feet slid back slightly but he held his ground. Pushing her back he attacked next.

Momo barely stumbled from his push and blocked his attack. The two then continued to attack, blocking each blow with an attack of their own. When Hiei lunged at her Momo parried his attack and did a flip over him. Hiei took a moment to follow her with his eyes. As she was still in the air she held an open palm toward him and said, "Hado 31. Shakkaho!"

A red ball of energy shot out of her hand and towards Hiei. Using Flash Step he was able to dodge the attack in time and its blast. When Momo landed she searched for her opponent and saw him not to far off. Hiei watched her as she launched another ball of energy at him. Using Flash Step again he dodged her attack and made his way over to her. She managed to block his attack and the two stayed in their deadlock.

"Why have you come here?! What is it that you want?" Momo asked through gritted teeth.

At first Hiei was going to ignore her completely but decided that he would respond.

"Hn. If you can beat me then maybe I'll tell you," Hiei said as he forced out a smirk.

The two pushed off each other and jumped back a few feet. As they did so they both had the same thing in mind and released their zanpakuto's. They stared each other down before Hiei made the first move and launched a wave of fire at Momo. She jumped over it and her zanpakuto began to glow with power. When she was at the peak of her jump she swung her sword in Hiei's direction and a ball of energy was launched at him. Hiei jumped back to avoid the attack. They continued on like this until there was almost nothing left of the garden. Finally the two stopped doing this and resorted to close combat again.

As they delivered each blow their fatigue was becoming clearer and clearer. When they had made their last deadlock only one thought crossed Hiei's mind.

'I can't afford to waste anymore time here!'

Dumping more of his energy out Hiei started to push Momo back. She tried to stop her feet from sliding back but failed. Hiei gave a shove to separate them and then proceeded by hacking straight down. Momo managed to block it but winced from the force. Seeing this Hiei attacked again, this time slashing even harder to his right, and knocked Momo's sword from her hands. Momo watched in horror as her weapon tumbled through the air. For a brief moment Hiei had the option to end her life and was going to follow through with it. But he hesitated slightly when he saw her face. Instead he kicked her in the stomach, which caused her to double over in pain. Hiei stood there and watched as she clinched her stomach and glared briefly.

'Damn it. Being around humans for so long has made me soft. I should just kill her and be done with it,' Hiei thought to himself.

Wondering why the finishing blow never came Momo glanced up at her opponent with wary eyes. For a moment it looked like he was thinking about something but once he noticed her looking up at him he glared at her.

"Why haven't… you finished… me off?" Momo asked in-between breathes.

Hiei didn't answer. Instead, he returned his sword back to normal and placed it back in its sheath. Momo stared blankly at him. As he started to walk away she fumbled with her words before she stumbled to her feet, still clenching her stomach, and demanded that he stopped. She held up her palm as she ordered him to turn around. Hiei stopped walking and spoke over his shoulder.

"You've lost you stupid little girl. Unless you really want me to end your life so badly I suggest that you put your hand down now. I won't spare you a second time," Hiei said, making it clear in his voice that he meant it.

Momo struggled to make up her made at first. She hesitantly lowered her hand and looked away, ashamed. Glancing back to him she asked one last thing.

"I know that I lost but why have you come here? What could you want?"

Before Hiei used Flash Step to leave he said without looking at her, "Hn. That's my business to know."

With Rukia

Rukia had been trying to sleep when she heard explosions not too far in the distance. Looking out one of the many windows of her prison she saw what looked like a wild fire. Her eyes widened in surprise as she tried to think of what could have caused it. It was hard enough trying to sense others energy while hers was being suppressed by the tower.

"I wonder… if it was Ichigo or one of the others?"

As she sat there her thought wondered back to earlier when she had heard from Renji that there was a group of intruders that had broken into the Soul Society. When he had told her that a part of her was filled with joy while another was filled with despair and anger. Knowing that it could only be a select few it made her happy at the lengths they would go despite knowing her for such a short time. But what made her the happiest was that this meant that either one or both Hiei and Ichigo survived.

"Those idiots… why are they throwing away their lives. They should have just gone back to their lives as if they had never met me."

Glancing back out the window she saw that the flames were beginning to die down. She let out a sigh as she looked away and leaned back against the cold stonewall. Her mind started to wonder back to some memories of her time that she had spent in the Human Realm. She started to remember the time that she had spent with Ichigo, both good and bad. It brought a small smile to her face, the first in a while. Then her thoughts wondered over to Hiei. She didn't know him as well as she did Ichigo but for some reason she had felt drawn to him. Despite that most of their encounters ended with him making some comment to anger her. But she also remembered some of the conversations that they had and the time when they had fought Hollows together.


Rukia woke up early like she normally would but for some reason just couldn't find the energy to get up. So she just lied there and stared at the ceiling of the closet. There wasn't any school today so she knew Ichigo would sleep in a little, which was fine with her. After a few minutes she let out a sigh and sat up.

'Tomorrow… will be the day that I leave this place. I should probably spend it with Ichigo but I won't. I can't. I'll just wonder around for a while like I did yesterday. Hopefully I won't run into Hiei again either.'

Reaching to the clothes on the shelf above her she changed as quietly as she could. She slipped on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt that had a rabbit face on the front. Carefully, she slid the closet door open and walked over to Ichigo's desk. Grabbing a piece of paper she left a note that said that she was going to spend the day alone and that she would get him if there were any Hollows to be taken care of. Once she was done she snuck out his window.

By the time noon had rolled around Rukia found that she was a little exhausted from walking around so much. Reaching into her pocket she found that she had a little bit of money one her and it was just enough to buy a drink. Stopping at the nearest store she bought a bottle of water. When she stepped outside she opened the bottle and took a small sip while she looked around. She noticed that she was near Ichigo's school and decided to head towards the field next to it.

Once she reached it she saw some kids playing soccer and realized that one of them was one of Ichigo's little sisters. Rukia thought about leaving but decided to stay and watch them for a while. Walking over to a nearby tree she sat down under its shade and leaned against the bark. Rukia closed her eyes, let out a sigh and leaned her head back. Opening her eyes halfway she looked up and let out a small scream of surprise when she saw red eyes staring down at her. When Hiei smirked at her reaction Rukia glared up at him.

"Geesh! Are you stalking me or something?"

Hiei didn't answer her and leaned back against the tree instead. Rukia knew that he wasn't going to answer her and looked away. Neither one spoke for a few minutes and Rukia was happy for that. But it was short lived when surprisingly Hiei spoke.

"What are you doing running around on your own again?" Hiei asked.

"So you have been following me? Are you really a stalker?"

Rukia smiled when it sounded like Hiei growled in annoyance and just to be sure she glanced up at him. It was hard to tell from her angle but she was able to make out his expression and it had confirmed her curiosity.

"Just answer the damn question!"

"Why should I? It's not like you need to know or something, right?"

Hiei let out an aggravated sigh before he closed his eyes, through with talking, and silence fell upon them once again. Before Rukia realized it she had fallen asleep. When she awoke she saw that the sun was beginning to set. Amazed that she had fallen asleep for that long she got up and stretched. Before she started to walk away she glanced up at the branch that Hiei had been on to see if he was still there and he was and it appeared that he was asleep. As she walked away she heard a beeping noise coming from her pocket and pulled out her phone.

'There's a Hollow not too far from here. I'd best get Ichigo,' Rukia thought as she flipped the phone closed.

She heard a rustle behind her and turned to see that Hiei had jumped down. He calmly walked over to her with his hands in his pockets and stopped a few feet from her.

"What is it?" Rukia asked.

"The Hollow. Where is it?"

Rukia raised an eyebrow before she opened her phone again to look. When she saw where exactly it was she pointed in the direction.

"It's over that way. But don't worry about it. I'll just go get Ichigo."

"Don't bother. It'll be dead long before you two get back," Hiei said as he walked past her.

Rukia called for him to wait but he didn't listen. Catching up to him she stood in his path. Hiei looked at her with an annoyed expression before telling her to move.

"I'm going with you," Rukia said.

"You'll only get in my way. Now move before I make you."

"Then I guess you're going to have to make me because I'm going," Rukia said as she crossed her arms.

Hiei rolled his eyes before he leaped over her. As Rukia started to yell at him Hiei smirked before he ran off without her. It didn't take him long to lose her and as he moved more in the direction that she had pointed he could feel the Hollows energy. By the time that Hiei had reached a construction yard where he had felt its energy it was nowhere to be found. Thankfully it seemed like no one was around which would make this easier, assuming that he could find it.

'I can still feel its energy. But where is it?'

Hiei jumped to a random floor and began to search. He walked slowly and had his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Scanning the area carefully Hiei watched for any sign of life. Hearing a loud clanging noise Hiei spun around and drew his weapon. Hiei cursed as he couldn't find the source. Making his way towards the direction of the noise he hoped that it would come out from where it was hiding. When Hiei was close to where he had heard something he could hear something breathing. Quickly turning around he found what he was looking for. The Hollow let out a cry as it started to run towards him.

As it approached him Hiei took note of what it looked like. The Hollow was about twice his size and had four arms, two on each side, which had clawed hands. Behind it he noted that it had a tail as well. When it got close enough it lunged at him and he jumped back to avoid it. It quickly pursued him and lashed out over and over with its claws. Hiei smirked as he ducked, sidestepped, and jumped out of the way of its attacks.

"Come now. What's wrong? Can't you hit me?" Hiei taunted.

As if understanding him it cried out in angry and spun around and whipped its tail at him. Hiei easily jumped over it but widened his eyes in surprise when it stopped halfway through its turn and turned back and struck him with the back of two of its hands. The attack sent Hiei back a bit and he landed on his back. As he slid he placed his hands above his head and flipped off the ground and landed on his feet. Hiei glared at the Hollow and said in a low voice, "I guess you're not as stupid as I thought."

By the time Rukia had reached the construction yard the sun had set and she was out of breath. She leaned over and supported herself with her hands on her knees as she took in a few breaths.

"That… jerk! If I see him again I'm going to hit him so hard he'll…!"

Rukia was cut off when she heard her phone beep again. Pulling it out she saw that it was still the same one.

"That's strange. I thought Hiei would have killed it by now. What's talking him so long?"

As if to answer her question she heard a loud noise that sounded like a bunch of metal falling. Looking up she saw a few metal beams come tumbling down. Squinting her eyes she was barely able to make out the shape of two figures fighting thanks to the glow of the moon. When the taller one tried to grab the smaller one it jumped over it and kicked it in the back of its head and knocked it over the ledge.

'Well that big one is the Hollow. I guess he's having some trouble with it.'

The Hollow hit the ground with a loud thud and a cloud of dust filled the air around it. Looking up she saw Hiei looking down at it. He took a small step back before he leapt down and landed in a crouched position next to Rukia.

"Having some trouble?" Rukia asked with an all-knowing smile.

Hiei glared at her as he stood up. He turned away and said, "It's stronger than I thought it would be. But it'll be dead soon."

Rukia was about to say something else but stopped when she noticed that the cloud of dust had cleared. The Hollow was back on its feet and staring angrily at them.

"Good job. Now it's mad. You should hurry up and finish it off before it becomes a problem."

"Don't tell me what to do woman. I know how to handle creatures like these."

Hiei ran forward and leapt into the air and was ready to bring his sword down when it ran under him and towards Rukia. He cursed under his breath and yelled for Rukia to move but it seemed like she was already in the process of chanting one of her spells. Turning around in the air Hiei threw his sword at the Hollow. It stabbed into its left leg and it fell forward. Using its hands it stopped itself from falling over completely. It turned to growl at Hiei but stopped and looked back at Rukia when it heard her shout something. As it looked back at her a blast of energy struck its face destroying its head and killing it. When its body dispersed Hiei's sword fell to the ground.

Hiei retrieved his sword and glared at Rukia. He was going to say something but stopped as he watched her hunched over and trying to catch her breath. Instead he rolled his eyes and then said, "Are you really this weak?"

Rukia smirked back at him and between breaths said, "I could… say the same about you. After all that I… ended up being the one to kill it."

With a snort Hiei turned his back to her and started to walk away. When he heard her slightly panicked cry for him to wait he almost laughed. Turning around he looked at her with a blank expression.

"What do you want know?" Hiei asked.

"At least wait here until I recover some of my strength! I put as much power as I could into that spell."

"And how long will that take?" Hiei asked, sounding impatient while he did.

"I don't know. Maybe a few minutes or maybe even about fifteen," Rukia said with a thoughtful look on her face.

Hiei didn't feel like waiting that long and instead took a few steps towards her. Rukia looked at him skeptically and let out a small cry of surprise when he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"

"What does it look like? I don't feel like waiting on you so I'll just carry you back."

"Unless you want me to throw up all over your back I suggest you don't. Last time you did it felt like I was going to," Rukia said as she remembered what it felt like.

Hiei growled in frustration and shifted her around. Now he held her in both of his arms in front of himself.

"Is this better?" Hiei asked, annoyed.

Rukia blushed slightly and nodded slowly, seeming to have trouble wording anything. As soon as Hiei saw her nod he took off. When he jumped up onto the first roof Rukia was forced to wrap her arms around his neck, which caused Hiei to tense up slightly. Feeling that Rukia loosened her hold but didn't let go. Looking ahead she watched as everything flew by them. Questions started to rise in her mind about exactly whom Hiei was. He didn't seem to be another Soul Reaper but he did display power that wasn't normal amongst humans, like his speed or fire powers that she saw him use before. As time went by she felt tempted to ask and so she did.

"Hiei, there's something that I want to ask you," Rukia said.

"What is it now?"

"I know I asked you this before but I need to ask again. Who are you exactly? It's become clear that you're not some normal person. Plus there's that device that you have," Rukia said.

Hiei didn't respond at first so Rukia assumed that he wasn't going to answer her. She let out a sigh, thinking that she'd try tightening her grip to get him to speak but decided against it.

"It's best that you don't know that. Now be quiet Rukia."

End Flashback

Rukia let out a heavy sigh. That was the last time she had spent any time with Hiei before the night when her brother had struck him and Ichigo down. It was also one of the few times that he had actually called her by her name. As she thought about that a smile crept up to her face but just as quick as it was there it was gone. She wasn't even sure why the thought had made her smile. Pushing it aside she laid back down to try and sleep once again.

The Following Morning

With Kurama and Yoruichi

"This is where we will meet should anything happen, understood?" Yoruichi asked.

He had just finished explaining a few things to Kurama after he had led him to one of his hideouts that was located on the inside of a cliff. So far both of them had successfully avoided the guards that they had come across. Yoruichi had been impressed by Kurama's stealth since it was harder for him to move around unnoticed. He had briefly explained that he had "experience" and left it at that. Yoruichi didn't pursue the issue and Kurama was grateful.

"This place should come in handy should any of us become injuried," Kurama said as he continued to look around.

"Yes. It seems that no one has discovered it yet or at least hasn't bothered to come here. It should be safe."

Kurama stopped searching the area and turned to his feline companion. He had felt that there was more of a reason for Yoruichi bringing him here and confronted him about it. When he asked about it he thought he saw a gleam in the cats eyes.

"Actually, there is another reason why. Going by what we've sensed from our other companions I think that it's safe to assume that they could all use a little more training. At there current levels they can't hope to save Rukia if they confront any of the Captains."

Kurama closed his eyes in thought for a moment. In truth he had been wondering about the same thing for a while. He knew that he and his friends were plenty strong and it seemed to be the same case for their new allies. But it was also true that their enemies now where far stronger then anything they've faced before. Since they still had some time to spare they could possibly use it to train. But it seemed like it would also waste too much time to try and gather everyone back and it would be a huge risk as well. Once he was finished thinking some things over he voiced his thoughts to Yoruichi.

"Yes, it would be a problem gather everyone. Not to mention the other risks that goes along with it. So I suggest that we only get the two that are the most determined here. It would probably produce the best results," Yoruichi explained.

"That seems alright. Yusuke is the strongest from our group and he has that Chad person with him so they should be fine for now. Kuwabara's group seems to be moving along good for now as well. But I wonder…" Kurama trailed off at the end.

Yoruichi raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Kurama merely smiled and waved it off.

"Anyway we should probably get moving if we want to catch up to them. I'll go after Hiei," Kurama said.

Yoruichi watched as Kurama walked past him and smiled mentally. There was something different about this one he could tell. But wasn't able to exactly pinpoint it.

'This ought to be fun.'

With Hiei

Hiei crouched behind a wall as a few Soul Reapers ran by. Since his confrontations the previous night he had been in hiding to recover his energy. But now when he was finally ready to move on there seemed to be something else that stirred the Soul Reapers. The ones that had passed him earlier were talking about what sounded like the death of one of their Captains. Whatever it was though didn't matter to him. There was only one goal in his mind at the moment and it was getting to Rukia.

Once it was safe to move Hiei popped out from his spot and started running down the road. As he ran he looked up at the white tower and scowled at the distance that he still needed to make up. While he was staring up at the tower a couple of Soul Reapers came from around the corner up ahead. Hearing their yelling Hiei brought his gaze down to them. He saw them draw their weapons and smirked as jumped into the air slightly and placed his hand on his swords hilt. Once he was close enough Hiei slashed his sword and shattered his opponents weapons. Hiei landed behind them and glared at their shivering forms over his shoulder before they turned tail and ran. Satisfied with himself Hiei sheathed his sword and continued on.

For a while Hiei pressed on without any interruptions. He encountered a few lower ranked Soul Reapers, none of which slowed him down any, and was beginning to tire of their constant ambushes. Hiei stopped briefly to catch his breath and scanned the area. It appeared to be deserted and he didn't like the feeling that he was getting. Crossing his arms he leaned back against the wall that he was standing next too.

"I guess I can assume that you're the one that attacked Momo last night?"

Hiei looked up to the top of the wall opposite of him and saw a Soul Reaper that wore similar clothes as the Captain that he had met before. He didn't appear much taller if not the same height than himself and had spiky white hair with a piece that hung down in front. Hiei also noted that he carried his sword on his back as opposed to his waist. Without waiting for Hiei to answer he jumped down so that he stood on even ground with him. When he stood up straight it appeared that they were about the same height.

"I don't know anyone by that name," Hiei said.

"Even so. I'm sure you remember her. You two just fought last night and destroyed most of the garden."

Hiei couldn't help but smirk at remembering that. It hadn't been his intension but it had felt good. The smirk however didn't seem to faze the one in front of him and it went away. Deciding that he couldn't waste time here Hiei told him to get to the point.

"Since you spared Momo I thought I'd give you the same treatment. Surrender peacefully and I'll be sure that you're unharmed."

Snorting at his proposal Hiei pushed himself off the wall and unfolded his arms.

"What kind of fool do you think I am? If by some chance I were to surrender and you kept your word for now who's to say that I wouldn't be killed later?"

Toshiro closed his eyes as if he were thinking about something before opening them with a fierce look in them. Hiei glared at him and watched him carefully. Slowly, Toshiro stepped back with his right foot and reached for his sword and Hiei did the same.

"Sorry, but I gave you a chance. Now I won't be able to hold back."

"Good. I wouldn't want this to be too easy."

With Yusuke and Chad

"Maybe we should try avoiding some people. We don't seem to be making much progress," Chad said as he looked down at a pile of unconscious Soul Reapers.

"Yeah. It's starting to get boring fighting all these weaklings," Yusuke said as he scratched the back of his head.

The two of them looked around themselves at their latest work. Surrounding them were at least twenty unconscious Soul Reapers. It had been like this for most of their time since they split up from the others. A random group would try taking them on only to be easily defeated. One of their earlier victims was kind enough to tell them were Rukia was being held. Since then there progress seemed to be almost as slow as when they started.

"Man! This is taking forever! How about we take a short break or something?" Yusuke suggested from a crouched position.

Yusuke looked up at his new ally and waited for an answer. When it seemed like he wasn't going to get one he let out a sigh and stood up. Before Yusuke could get another word out Chad continued running towards their destination and he chased after him. Once he was next to him he glanced up at him.

"What's up? You look serious."

"It's Ichigo's spirit energy. He's fighting someone powerful."

"Yeah? You said the same thing the other day too," Yusuke said as he looked ahead of them.

Chad simply nodded and said nothing. The two continued to run and did their best to stay unnoticed. After they turned a corner they found themselves in a wide-open area and came to a stop. Yusuke took a few steps forward a surveyed the area.

"I hate this place. No matter where we go everything looks the same!" Yusuke said in frustration.

"It can't be helped. We'll just have to do our best to keep moving forward."

"Well unless we found a easy route soon I'm just going to blast a path straight to that stupid tower and I don't care who comes after us!"

"That probably wouldn't be a good idea," Chad said."

"Tch. And you punching down walls has been so much better," Yusuke said as he rolled his eyes.

"What's all the commotion out here all about?"

Yusuke and Chad looked to the other end of the open area to find a man standing there. The man wore the same garb as a Captain except he wore a straw hat and had a woman's pink flowered kimono draped over his shoulders. Yusuke lot out a heavy sigh and turned away from the man.

"Just great. Now we have to deal with another one," Yusuke said as he slumped over.

"Sorry, but could you stand aside? We really need to be on our way," Chad said.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. There seems to be some news about intruders running around and since you guys were nice enough to find me I guess I'll have to capture you. But do you think we could do this peacefully? I just woke up from a nap."

Turning back around to face the man Yusuke pointed a finger at him and said, "No can do pops! Now move or I'll make you!"

End Chapter 19

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