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Author's Note: I know it's been almost two years since this story was updated. I apologize for the wait. I was unsure of how this story would play out. Also I felt it was best that the first six chapters were rewritten before adding onto the story. The writing was of poor quality, so that's all been edited. As for the plot, nothing much has changed.

The crimson lights penetrated the darkness as the wailing sirens split the traffic. It was a familiar constant that screamed through Dakota's nights since the evening of the big bang.

Static and Gear successfully stopped another catastrophe. However neither of them wore their usual proud smile. There was little to celebrate with this case. Sure it was a relief that Hyde was already unconscious when the police arrived and the paramedics could take him into custody without the brute putting up a fight. The back of his left calf was shredded requiring multiple wraps to slow the flow. The sight made the duo question the humanity of the one who inflicted the wound.

The bang baby known as Kangor struggled as he was pushed towards a police car. He refused to step inside the vehicle until he was certain that Ferret would survive. The cop who cuffed him assured him that Ferret was in good hands.

Kangor ceased struggling when he witnessed a paramedic lift Ferret atop a stretcher. The rodent-faced meta-human groaned as he was strapped down. Kangor tore his eyes from his best friend; he knew how Ferret despised restraints. Still it was the quantity of blood staining the bandage on Ferret's side that concerned those involved. Static had witnessed much carnage at the hands of the bang babies, but never had he seen a meta-human on meta-human with this amount of brutality.

One bang baby was secured inside a police car and the other fastened inside an ambulance. Static watched as a paramedic placed an oxygen mask atop Ferret's deformed nose. The ghastly sight of the numerous contusions painting the frail body in various colors caused the duo's stomachs to turn. The ambulance door slammed shut and the driver dashed off. The cop escorting Kangor to the police station was in no hurry.

The remaining officers thanked the heroes for their assistance on capturing the kidnappers. The young electric wielder glanced back at the final piece of the puzzle. The golden-haired girl, one who went by the name of Natalie, gave her statement to the detective. He jotted down everything she said while his partner recorded her words on tape. She clutched her arms as the evening wind danced about her, twirling the skirt of her yellow sundress. The detective nodded his head and motioned for an inferior to give the girl a ride home.

Static stepped forward and offered to escort the blonde to her house. The two cops exchanged glances and complied. Static heard them mutter something about the paperwork and press associated with this case. The young superhero returned his attention to the teenage female.

"Are you okay?" Static asked as he slowly her.

Natalie jumped at the voice. She calmed upon realizing where the words originated. She inhaled deeply then nodded.

"What happened?" Static asked having only caught the tail end of the fight.

Supposedly Kangor stood in front of Natalie as they watched the other two deck it out. He witnessed Hyde grab Ferret by the hair and twice slam his face into the wall. He then gripped his gargantuan fingers about Ferret's frail neck. The rodent inserted his claws into Hyde's thick skin. It seemed that sharp objects were the only thing capable of penetrating the bulky hide. The shock caused Hyde to drop Ferret, giving the latter the chance to go on the offensive. Ferret took advantage of the opportunity and sliced the back of his calf, severing the hind tendon. Hyde lost the use of his leg, but showed no signs of backing down from the battle. He then battered Ferret with his fist until Static and Gear got the chance to intervene. By that time the bloodshed was already to a maximum.

Now that the only innocent witness involved was alone in his presence, the young superhero yearned to discover the truth behind the fight. He knew that Ferret and Hyde never got along and that the latter often coerced the former into doing his bidding by threatening him with bodily harm. Even though Static could not excuse Ferret's kleptomania, he felt pity when he got wrangled into fulfilling Hyde's dirty work. Luckily for the smallest meta-human the courts often granted him compassion when presented with the argument of bullying.

"I mean I've never seen the violence to this extreme with two teammates," Static stated.

"Ferret," Natalie managed to say before breaking into sobs. Static looked at her with pity. She cradled her face in her hands. The images of the fight threatened to haunt her memory for the rest of her life.

"Is he the one who kidnapped you?" Static asked recalling the ransom note her parents received. He figured Hyde forced Ferret to abduct the girl. Though he was the smallest of the group, the fact that he was a member of the rough pack would frighten a normal girl like Natalie.

"No, not at all!" Natalie exclaimed. She sniffed the quietly added, "He saved my life." Static wrinkled his brow. Natalie wiped the tears from her eyes and the leak from her nostril. She sniffed once more then chose to reveal more information to the hero. She felt that the more people she told would spread the truth of Ferret's heroics. "Hyde was going to kill me. Then Ferret—he saved me."

The news surprised Static. Ferret was not usually one to show courage. Usually he ended up running and escaping. However it would explain the reason the two were fighting. Static witnessed a new set of tears replacing the ones that had recently been wiped away. He placed a comforting hand on Natalie's shoulder.

"He'll be okay, won't he?" Natalie asked, her cerulean eyes staring at Static's masked face.

Not knowing the answer to the question he felt it best not to give her false hope. Natalie noticed the silence and resumed weeping. Her hands covered her lovely eyes. Static wrapped his arms around her frame. Natalie gave into the comfort and returned the embrace.

"Why did he do that?" Static asked Natalie as he pet her hair.

"Do what?" Natalie asked back, glancing up at the boy.

"Take on Hyde," Static replied. "I mean he knows he's no match for him."

"Do you think he'll recover?" Natalie asked her eyes threatened to spill another flood.

Static frantically replied, "He'll be fine, don't worry. He's been through worse."

Natalie could sense the lies as Static spoke, but chose to believe his words if merely to keep from crying. The two parted. Natalie stared down at her white sandals. Her toes twitched while thinking of the mangled body of one she considered a friend bleeding to his demise.

Static sighed. He began to think out loud. "I just don't know what made him do that." He noticed Natalie staring at him and decided not to hide his concerns. "Was there a dispute about the ransom?" It baffled the superhero that Ferret would willingly help someone out of the goodness of his heart.

"That's a long story," Natalie said. She suddenly regained an intense interest with her shoes. "Well, you see—he's sort of become…" Natalie's face reddened. She silently said, "I love him."

The confession surprised him to say the least. Despite the questions running through his head he knew it was none of his business to pry. He saw Natalie shiver.

"Do you want a lift home?" Static offered.

Natalie nodded as Static picked her up and placed her gently on the disk. On the way home Natalie told Static the story of her and Ferret.