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Five days passed without incident. Hyde occasionally stopped by to finalize plans with Kangor. Ferret hardly paid attention as Hyde would bark his orders once he found use for Ferret. Supposedly Hyde received word from a reliable source that a multi-million dollar software company transferred funds every Friday. They were going to raid the building just before the transaction took place. Ferret knew better than to question Hyde's sources, for they were almost near accurate.

Tension ran high everytime the giant and the rodent made eye contact. It was Kangor who always had to step between the two to keep a fight from breaking out which would ultimately involve Ferret receiving some kind of medical attention. The last time the two argued Ferret had to receive twenty stitches in his forehead.

The hospital expenses cost everything the two had and they were slowly paying the rest with what money they could scrape from various heists. They managed to pay the hospital bills each month, which left their pockets nearly bare when it came to funds for food. Since Ferret knew he was the reason for their low resources he often chose not to eat so that Kangor could. That meant many nights going to sleep with a growling stomach. Through it all they somehow miraculously survived, but both knew it was only a matter of time before their tiny bit of luck ended.

Ferret just finished washing his clothes from the water they collected from buckets they stored beneath the leaks in the ceiling during the recent rainstorms. The various items drip-dried from a wire in the bathroom. He wore one of Kangor's jackets along with the black knee-length shorts he found in a donation bin.

The taller meta-human exited the bathroom to see his friend sitting cross-legged on the floor playing with his fingers. The worst part of waiting for Hyde to finalize his plans was the boredom that came along with it. Sure the laundry took a good half hour, but there was still six hours of daylight left.

Ferret had been banned from the library the instant one of the patrons recognized his face from a news story on television. He never caused any trouble there, but the head librarian used the "rather safe than sorry" excuse. With free books removed from their source of entertainment that left many days where the two only had each other for company, and occasionally a third person (most of the time Hyde and even rarer, Ebon) who stopped by, reminding Ferret of the two main characters in that play Waiting for Godot that he once skimmed through when he was still allowed access to the library.

"You ready for tonight?" Kangor asked, breaking the silence.

Ferret glanced up at his friend. He stood dressed in all black with his arms crossed. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he sported his trademark sunglasses.

He shrugged. "It's just another robbery, right?" Ferret asked. "Nothing to be concerned about."

"Let's just hope the authorities and Sparky didn't get wind of it," Kangor stated.

Ferret allowed himself to fall backwards with his knees bent and his arms behind his head. He stared at the molding ceiling. It was probably a bad idea for them to be using the rainwater that leaked from there just as much as what they gathered from outside for drinking. However they had yet to get sick from the unsanitary source, so if anything it improved their immune systems.

Out of the corner of his eye Ferret watched Kangor sigh. Ferret's eyes fell back on the ceiling. He knew he was the reason they had to often steal funds. It was not as if the two of them could get jobs and medical expenses had to be paid.

Ferret leaned harder against his arms. At moments such as the present when he thought of how much of a burden he was on Kangor he wondered if he should relieve him of that weight. Kangor chose to stay for Ferret's sake and Ferret was well aware of that. Those guilty thoughts pressed hard on his chest and influenced him to pick up the razors again. The thin scars about his wrists and forearms had turned brown and nearly faded into his skin over the past years. However the scars remained as a reminder of his actions to himself and Kangor.

The darkest part of his mind whispered the solution in his ears each night as he drifted into slumber. In one quick slice he would be a burden on what few friends he was blessed to have no longer. It was not as if the mold from the drafty building was aiding his health.

"I suppose I'm as ready as I'll ever be," Ferret said at last. He only hoped that the theft would be done with quickly so he could return to his pitiful excuse for a home without attracting the attention of the cops. It would be a shame to miss Natalie's party because he stood behind steel bars.

The thought of Natalie brought a smile to his face. His hand touched where her soft lips touched nearly a week ago. It had been so long since he felt the kiss of a woman. The menial middle school relationship was nothing to brag about. The girls at that age were fickle, a lesson he found out the hard way.

However, with Natalie, it seemed that someone was able to see past his monstrous appearance in addition to his record. After all, the girl had to have some knowledge of his criminal past. He finally understood how the Beast in Beauty and the Beast felt. Natalie's smile and hug when she greeted him at the picnic, and the fact that she stood up for him, gave him hope of a fairytale ending. Sure, it was only the beginning of a relationship and the odds were definitely against him, but as he had been told numerous times, he was an idealist.

Kangor accepted his friend's response. There was obviously something that interfered with his thoughts, but he chose not to worry about it at the moment. Ferret always came through for the team when he was needed.

All that was left for the day was to wait for the dreaded evening.

Nightfall approached like the darkest storm cloud. There was nothing to look forward to other than heavy rain, wind, and thunder. All involved were unaware of just how sadistic that night's storm would be.

Ferret and Kangor stood at the area they were to rendezvous with Hyde. Ferret, now dressed in black jeans and a black shirt and his hoodie, paced in an oval about Kangor. The big-footed giant watched in annoyance as the hunched over bang baby muttered under his breath with hands shoved into the depths of his pocket.

"Ferret," Kangor said reaching out and placing a firm hand on the smaller male's shoulder. Ferret glanced up at him with those pleading brown eyes. Kangor gave him a half smile. "Calm down, this is no different than our other missions."

Ferret shuddered at the word "mission." It made it sound more important and honorable than the awful crime it truly was.

As always Ferret was to infiltrate the building and search out any possible traps before sneaking into the room to do the dirty work. Kangor was appointed as the lookout and to take down any guards, or anyone who might interfere with their plans. Hyde was to help load up the goods and oversee that everything went according to plan. As long as no wires were tripped and no cameras left intact to clue the police to their identities, there was no reason to worry.

There was some rustling in the trees which caught the attention of both. Kangor nodded to their leader who frowned in response. Ferret could not recall a time he saw Hyde actually smile. Even if a plan went smoothly and he gained everything he wanted, his lips never curved upwards.

"Let's make this quick," Hyde said to his subordinates. With a grunt he led the two to the building.

Their destination was a boring, gray building that stood thirty levels high. The red light glowed from within the glass doors signaling to the trio that cameras were in use. Hyde beckoned them to follow him to the back.

The wind picked up causing Ferret to tighten his grip on his jacket. They reached the back door that had a small glass window at the top. Kangor received the frown from Hyde which signaled him to begin. With one swift kick the hinges snapped and the door toppled down.

Ferret slipped inside just as they heard footsteps approaching. The static from a walkie-talkie echoed in the darkened hall. The only light shined from the guard's flashlight. Kangor and Hyde kept themselves hidden as the man in blue searched the area. The moonlight glistening in through the gaping hole where a door once stood caused him to gasp and start running towards the destruction. The guard gulped as he backed up. His back collided with the bulky body belonging to the trio's leader. Hyde reared his arm back and let his fist collide with the security guard's cheek, splintering his jaw in the process.

Ferret winced at the sight. He shut his eyes to silence the flashbacks of the time his face met with Hyde's knuckles. That man would be lucky if he could ever talk again after the night's events.

The security guard grabbed at his throbbing face. He yelled out with the realization that he could not move his jaw. Hyde growled and kicked him twice in the stomach to silence his cries.

"That's enough," Kangor said as he grabbed Hyde's wrist. Hyde stared at the smaller man, but the glare on Kangor's face was enough to tranquilize him for the moment. Hyde stepped back. "There's no need for overkill," he said.

Hyde growled then turned his attention to Ferret. "You got those wires cut yet, rat?" he snapped at the frail member of his team.

Ferret ground his teeth together to keep himself from saying something he would later regret while lying in a hospital bed next to the guard. He hated how Hyde always had to belittle him and throw in his face how the two of them needed him to survive. One of those days he was going to snap and slash the giant's throat.

"Just about," Ferret said as he positioned the scissors about the last wire in the main security panel. One quick snip and all the cameras in the building shut down.

"Good, that should do it," Hyde said. He stared down at the two. "They'll be here soon, we need to get upstairs. You know your jobs."

The two followed Hyde into the main lobby. They waited for the other security guard, who mumbled curses under his breath, to pass by before opening the door that led to the stairs.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Stetson," called Dylan as he, his sister, and another from the office exited the main office.

"Thanks for helping me with that extra report," Mr. Stetson said with a smile. "Not many would stay two hours after to help with a mountain of paperwork. You're going to go far, kid."

Dylan waved once more before shutting the door. His grin showed no signs of vanishing after hearing the best compliment of his life. Dressed in a blue suit with his hair combed to the side he slung an arm around his sister.

Natalie walked beside him wearing a blue jumper atop a short-sleeved pink shirt. Her golden locks were pulled up into a ponytail and tied off in a matching blue ribbon. She was out for a walk when her mother contacted her in hysterics to where Dylan was. Natalie called her absentminded brother to discover he merely got caught up in his work and forgot to call home. Once her parents discovered his reason for staying out they found no reason to hold any anger.

"Wait 'til I tell Dad," Dylan exclaimed with a pumped fist.

"He's going to be proud of you," Natalie said with a smile. Though she felt a pang of envy, she was truly happy for her brother's success. He worked hard and she was glad to see that people noticed.

One of the reasons Dylan chose to intern at a company other than his father's was so that people would judge him fairly because of his efforts and not assume that he only got the position because he was the CEO's son. His father understood his son's argument and respected his decision even more.

Mr. Taylor walked two paces behind the siblings, chuckling at their conversation. He was a middle-aged man who had dedicated almost thirty years to the company. He was a plump man with circular framed glasses. His graying hairs poked through the black ones. He sported a neat mustache that was also fading in color. Taylor was Stetson's most trusted accountant. He held a brown, leather briefcase in his hand.

Taylor had to admit from what little time he knew Dylan that he was a diligent, honest boy who had a career ahead of him. Dylan was highly respected by his colleagues for the mere fact that he expected no special treatment for having a successful businessman for a father.

The three stopped at the elevator. Dylan pressed the button and waited with that smile still present. Natalie's gentle smile gave her brother more of a reason to grin. She locked arms with Dylan as the neon numbers above the door showed the lift slowly approaching their floor.

Dylan turned to Taylor. "What do you have planned this evening?" he asked.

Taylor replied, "I have to transfer these funds over then I'll probably start a new book," he said.

Dylan nodded. From what he heard from the gossipy secretary, Mr. Taylor's wife passed away two years ago and he had yet to get over the loss. He had not even tried to socialize with anyone outside company functions for fear of tarnishing his late wife's memory. There were rumors that he was an alcoholic, but Dylan found out in his youth that one should not believe everything he heard from other people's mouths.

Natalie's smile faded at the comment. She was exploding inside, wanting to invite the man over for dinner, but she had already brought one questionable guest within the past two weeks to the evening meal and could not afford a second. However, if Dylan invited him her parents would think nothing of it.

The elevator rang as the doors opened. The three stepped in. Dylan pressed the button for the ground floor and the three waited for the doors to shut.

About that time the door from the stairs swung open to allow the rodent and the leader access to the hallway. The two managed to climb the stairs without any animosity.

Hyde and Ferret snuck up to the door that read: Stetson. Hyde cracked his neck then punched a hole through the oak door. The startled cry of the company's head clued the two in that they were only mere feet from the money.

Hyde punched the door a second time, causing it to break in half. He pushed what was left of the door aside and stepped inside. Ferret followed after him taking a good look around the office. For the most part it seemed like a normal office with typical equipment sitting about. There were two framed photographs of smiling people who Ferret assumed to be the man's family.

Stetson cowered behind his desk. He looked from one meta-human to the other.

"Please, wha—what do you want?" he cried.

Hyde brought his arm back and swung it across the desk, sending the computer monitor flying. The appliance smacked against the bookshelf and the screen shattered. Several volumes of a collection that appeared to be leather-bound encyclopedias toppled off the shelf.

"Okay, just tell me what you want!" Stetson yelled as he jumped from his swiveling chair. He backed up against the window. The blinds bunched up against his back. "You want money, fine, I can get it for you." The images of his family and the possibility of never seeing them again passed through his mind.

"Yes you will," Hyde growled. He grabbed the man by his collar and hoisted him to his eyelevel. The company's president shuddered and wiggled in Hyde's grasp. Hyde shook him then rammed his head against the wall. Two tiles from the roof fell on the desk. Hyde pressed his face against the other man's. "Where are the funds?"

"F—funds?" Stetson asked.

Hyde bashed Stetson's head against the wall a second time. A stream of blood stained what used to be sky blue. "The five-hundred grand. I know that's how much you transfer every Friday. Where is it?" he barked the last words while throwing Stetson into the file cabinet.

Stetson cried out as his arm went to the opposite injured shoulder.

"I think you broke my arm!" he yelled.

"I'll break more than that if you don't get me my money!" Hyde growled as he kicked the man in the face. His head collided with the metal file cabinet.

Stetson fell unconscious at Hyde's feet. The giant kicked him two more times to no avail. Blood trickled from the gash on Stetson's lip. A puddle of blood collected in his auburn hair on the back of his head.

"Stop, you'll kill him!" Ferret shouted as he rushed to the man.

"You have a job!" Hyde screamed as he grabbed Ferret by the arm and threw him over the desk.

Ferret rolled over the wooden surface and landed on the cold floor tiles. Ferret struggled and groaned as he lifted himself from the floor. He glared at Hyde for a few seconds until a growl sent him into motion. Ferret continued searching the drawers to find nothing.

Hyde ripped the files from the cabinet out and emptied their contents onto the desk. All he could find were various documents having to do with business transactions.

"It's not here!" Ferret called. He went to search through the drawers again just incase he missed something. "I don't think it's in this office."

"It's not," Stetson weakly muttered. He coughed into the floor. "I sent it away not ten minutes ago."

"What?" Hyde screamed. He grabbed Stetson and tightened his fingers about the man's throat. He listened for him to cough and choke before loosening enough for him to talk. "Where is it?"

Stetson laughed then said, "He's long gone with it by now. You'll never get—" That was all he was allowed to say before Hyde threw him against the wall.

Hyde grabbed one of the metal drawers from the file cabinet and began to beat Stetson over the back and head with it. He cried out as Ferret watched on in horror while blood went flying about the room. A minute into the assault and all verbal protests from the victim were silenced. Ferret's heart stung at the realization of the worst.

Hyde glared at his underling. "What are you waiting for?" he hissed. He pointed at Ferret and snarled, "You and Kangor follow that man. Find that money!"

Ferret nodded and left. He was glad to have a few walls between him and Hyde's temper. Ferret slung open the door that led to the staircase and dashed down the first three flights before stopping to catch his breath.

The rodent-faced bang baby leaned over the railing and inhaled deeply. His heart burst for the man who was enduring unnecessary pain because he foolishly chose to cross the monster known as Hyde. Ferret released a sob then a gag. That poor man would be lucky to make it out alive, but it was crazy to even begin to assume he would be allowed that after witnessing Hyde's brutality. Hyde openly admitted to killing several men before, what would one more count.

Having regained control of his lungs Ferret continued his flight down the steps. He had to fulfill Hyde's orders lest he be another victim of Hyde's insatiable bloodlust.

The elevator chimed announcing to the three that they had arrived on the ground floor. Dylan stepped out first, followed by Natalie, then Taylor. The three walked towards the front of the building.

Taylor glanced over to where the security guard usually waited. He narrowed his brow at the sight of the desk vacant. He shrugged and figured one might be in the bathroom. Still it was rather odd for both of them to be missing.

His sharp eyes looked up at the camera atop the door. The usual red light that warned all that the cameras were constantly recording had been shut off. While it was possible for technical difficulties to occur, the fact that it would happen on the same night that both guards went missing was too uncanny for the head accountant.

Taylor reached out a hand and clamped it tightly on Dylan's shoulder. The young blond glanced back and frowned at the worried look on his colleague's face.

"What's wrong?" Dylan asked. His question stopped Natalie in her tracks.

"Be on guard," Taylor said silently. "Something's not right."

Dylan glanced about the room for any sign of something out of the ordinary. Natalie wrapped her arms about herself and stepped closer to her brother. Dylan placed a protective arm around Natalie's shoulder and clamped the other one about her thin bicep.

In the silence they heard a muffled voice talking to another. Dylan beckoned for the others to follow. Taylor kept a lookout while Dylan slowly turned the lock on the door. Natalie brought her hands to her mouth.

"I understand," they heard someone with a distinct accent say as loud footsteps hurried towards the lobby.

"Hurry, hurry," Natalie whispered.

Dylan tossed aside all efforts to be silent and pushed the door open. The ventilation system turned on as the door opened signaling all within a ten foot radius of their attempted departure.

The three pushed through the doors as the heavy footsteps closed in on them. Dylan grabbed Natalie's arm and pulled her alongside him while Taylor hurried behind. He stopped suddenly to catch his breath with his hand over his pounding heart.

Dylan turned to help the older man when the gigantic foot kicked through the glass. Natalie's scream pierced through the air.

A tall, dark meta-human with a menacing frown stared at the three. There was a stunned silence in which no one moved for a few seconds. Kangor then began to run after the targets. Dylan grabbed hold of Taylor and assisted him towards the parking lot.

Kangor was not about to let his prey leave his field of vision. Hyde just called him on his cellular phone to announce that the ones carrying the money might be out in the parking lot. It seemed that luck was on his side that they had only just left the building. From what he gathered by Hyde's voice over the phone, the leader of their group was not in a good mood. For his and Ferret's safety, in addition to the well-being of the three targets he had to move quickly.

Kangor leapt in the air and landed two feet in front of the fleeing trio. He stood up and smirked at the older man who held the briefcase.

Kangor held out his hand. "Give me the money and there'll be no trouble," he said. Taylor held the briefcase closer to his body. Kangor frowned. "Look, man, I don't want to see any of you get hurt, especially the girl." Kangor's gaze switched over to the shuddering Natalie.

Kangor stepped closer to Taylor. He would never harm a woman no matter what the circumstances. However, he was well aware that Hyde did not share the same morals.

"My teammate won't be as kind," Kangor said.

He jumped forward and pushed Dylan onto the ground. Taylor growled and smacked Kangor across the face with the briefcase. Dylan grabbed Natalie and darted for the car.

Kangor held his throbbing cheek. He ran after Taylor and leapt in the air, tackling him to the ground. The two flipped twice and Taylor landed on his back. Kangor pinned his arms down. The man writhed to no avail. Seeing there were no other options he head butted the meta-human in the nose. A thin stream of blood leaked from Kangor's nostril. He momentarily released his hold on Taylor to examine the extent of the damage.

"Go, run!" Taylor yelled as he tossed the briefcase to the younger man.

Taylor faced Kangor who was heading towards him. Seeing the item missing from the man's hands and nowhere near he searched for the other two. The blond male ran with the briefcase tightly in his grasp.

Dylan glanced over his shoulder to see Kangor heading for him. He tossed Natalie the keys.

"Drive," he commanded. "Get to safety then call the police."

"No! Dylan what are you—" she began.

"Don't argue with me!" he shouted. He gripped the briefcase and held it in clear view for Kangor to see. "Get out of here!" he yelled at Natalie then ran off in the opposite direction of his vehicle.

Kangor chased the young man who had been a star athlete in high school.

Natalie closed the driver's door and shakily inserted the key into the ignition. It took two tries before she managed to steady her hand enough to turn the key. The car roared to life. She drove in the direction that her brother headed. Kangor turned around just as Natalie turned on the brights. The meta-human shielded his eyes giving Dylan the chance to escape.

Natalie stopped the car. Dylan jumped into the passenger seat and Natalie took off before her brother shut the door. The open car door smacked Kangor in the arm, sending him plummeting on the tarmac.

"I hit him!" Natalie cried.

"Drive! Drive!" Dylan ordered. "It's in self-defense, no cop'll arrest you. Drive!"

Natalie's foot slammed against the accelerator. The Porsche skidded before darting out of the parking lot. Kangor stood, his hand gripping his slightly injured arm. There was no blood and very little evidence of a fracture. He turned to where he left the other man to see the area vacant. All three of their targets had escaped. Despite the fact that Hyde would be infuriated, Kangor had to applaud the actions of the victims.

Ferret ran out of the building. A few stray shards of glass stuck to his jacket. He stopped beside Kangor and could tell from the look on his friend's face that the ones they were supposed to be chasing got away.

"Come on, we have to follow them!" Kangor said. He picked up a blue ribbon from the pavement. "The girl was wearing this. Track her."

"We can't attack a girl," Ferret said.

"We won't," Kangor stated. "As long as Hyde's not there we won't have to."

Ferret accepted the ribbon and placed the silk beneath his enlarged nose. He took a deep whiff of a familiar scent. He could not put his finger, or more accurately, nose, on it at the moment, but he was hit with a sudden urge to cease the chase.

"Something wrong?" Kangor asked.

Ferret shook his head. "Nothing," he said. The looming figure in what used to be a doorway fueled his motivation to continue the search. "This way," he yelled.

Ferret dashed off in the direction of the car. Kangor leapt in unison with Ferret's running. The two were rather fast. The two bang babies caused oncoming traffic to swerve and nearly collide into one another. Kangor sighed, he was not exactly feeling up to being hit by a car a second time.

Kangor squinted then smiled when his eyes fixed on the bright red paint. He leapt over three cars and landed on the one that contained the siblings. Natalie screamed as she slammed on breaks. Kangor held onto the roof of the car then sent his foot through the ceiling. Natalie swerved off the road and into the ditch.

Both Natalie and Dylan dashed out of the car and into the nearby woods. Dylan held the briefcase in his grip. He pushed Natalie ahead and kept his eyes out for his attacker. Kangor watched the two disappear into the wooded area that led to a small park. He followed after them, using his feet to bounce off the trunks of various trees.

The two stopped just as they reached the clearing. It would be a good ten minute walk to their house from the park. There was no time for delay. Dylan nodded to his sister then the two continued to run. They passed through the playground equipment hoping to lose the mutant on their trail.

The nightfall blinded the scenery. Natalie never saw the giant root protruding from the ground. She tripped over the wood and faceplanted on the ground. Dylan rushed to her side. Natalie hissed as she gripped at her swollen ankle.

"Natalie," cried Dylan.

"I think I twisted it," she said in a strained voice.

Dylan lifted the girl onto his back and ran with all his might. Natalie's weight slowed him tremendously. Kangor landed in front of them. Dylan stepped back with a glare on his face.

Ferret approached from behind. He gasped when he realized just who they were following.

Dylan held out the briefcase. "Okay, take it!" he cried. "Take it and leave us be."

Kangor snatched the desired item from the other man's hold. He saw the fear in the girl's eyes as well as the ones of pure disdain wore by her brother. He backed up as Kangor advanced.

"Please, she's injured," Dylan begged. "You have what you want, now leave us alone."

Ferret's eyes widened at Dylan's confession. He shook as he heard a slight whimper escape Natalie's throat. He saw how tightly she held onto her brother's torso.

"You never saw us," Kangor said as he straightened his posture.

"Kill them, Kangor," barked Hyde.

"No!" Ferret cried. "We don't need to!" Ferret grasped Hyde's massive hand. "Please, just leave them alone. We don't need to hurt them."

Hyde pushed Ferret into the nearest tree. He held his aching head.

"We have what we came for," Kangor retorted, tossing the briefcase to their leader.

Dylan watched the interactions between the two. Hyde gripped the briefcase as if he were deliberating whether or not he should break it.

Hyde shoved the leather bag into Kangor's hands and grabbed Dylan by the collar of his shirt. The blond could smell the meta-human's rancid breath. The action caused him to drop his already wounded sister onto the ground.

Ferret's eyes narrowed.

"You ever speak a word to anyone and I will kill you both," he growled. "And don't think I can't find you!" He nodded over to Ferret who was no longer where he once stood.

Ferret rammed himself into Hyde's side. "I said leave them alone!" he yelled.

"Ferret!" Natalie shouted. She grabbed onto the tree's trunk to help lift herself to her feet. Even when fully standing she had to hold onto the tree for support against the sharp pain shooting through her ankle every two seconds.

"You know them?" Kangor asked.

"You have what you want now let them go," Ferret said with red in his eyes.

Hyde grabbed Ferret by the hair then threw him hard on the ground. The smaller meta-human cried out in pain which caused Natalie to shriek. Had she full control of her legs she would have dashed in to rescue her friend. Dylan was somewhat glad that his sister suffered an injury for he knew her rash actions which would have ultimately led her to possible death.

"Get out of here!" Ferret called to the two.

Dylan nodded and picked up his sister. The two dashed off into the darkness.

Hyde growled and began to run after him. He only stopped when Kangor jumped in front of him with his arms spread apart.

"Ferret's right," Kangor said. "We have the money and they don't look foolish enough to try and get it back. The police are probably on their way to that building right now. We better get out of here before they track us down."

Hyde growled in anger. "Fine," he snapped. He hated when those below him spoke with better logic. He turned to Ferret. "Mark my words, Rodent, you'll pay for this. You and your little girlfriend."

Ferret stood with his fists clenched. At times like that he wished he had gained super strength or telekinesis, or something useful from the gas. Now all he had on his side was his courage and anger that had been boiling since the very moment he met Hyde.

"Don't count on it, Hyde," Ferret snarled. "I'm through with you." He swung his arm in front of his body to help accentuate his point.

"What are you saying, Ferret man?" Kangor asked.

Ferret softened his features while speaking to Kangor. "I really appreciate all you've done for me, Kangor," he said. "You're a great friend." Kangor's face fell into a sorrowful frown while listening to his friend talk. Ferret resumed his glower towards Hyde. "I quit!" he announced. "I'm not doing your dirty work anymore." He snarled then screamed, "And if you ever touch her I will personally amputate your heart!"

With those words Ferret ran off through the words. Hyde was too stunned to follow after him. He growled then tightened his grip on what he came for in the first place.

"To Hell with him then," Hyde barked.

"Let's just get out of here," Kangor said. He placed a hand on Hyde's arm. "Don't worry, man, Ferret won't rat us out."

Hyde nodded though he was only half listening to Kangor. Unknown to the Jamaican, when Hyde spoke those words he had meant it as a threat. He planned to remove Ferret from his earthly life sooner than later. First he would make the rodent suffer by making him watch that fair-haired girl writhe in agony.

Thus ends chapter nine. I hope you all enjoyed the events here.

I used a lot of liberties when it came to Hyde's character. He was only in the episode, "Static Shaq" and Shiv briefly mentioned him in "The Big Leagues," so that left a lot of room for his character. I decided to make his heart darker and to better fit the ruthless personality I believe he would have if Static Shock were not a kid's show.

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