Here's to the Nights

The Take Over, the Breaks Over

Chapter One.

Baby, seasons change but people don't
And I'll always be waiting in the back of the room
I'm boring but overcompensate
With headlines and flash flash flash photography
But don't pretend you ever forgot about me
Don't pretend you ever forgot about me

Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee?
Style your wake through fashion magazines
Widow or a divorcee?
Don't pretend
don't pretend

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud; on the concrete. She began running every morning ever since the day after graduation, the day after she realized that things weren't ever going to change. That what she thought was meant to be was never written in some secret fairy tale book. Everything she had worked for for so long had vanished within one whole year, her senior year. So she ran.

As she neared her house she began to slow down her pace, and gently open the mailbox. There were a couple bills, a lot of junk mail, and a regular sized letter envelope which looked like an invitation or something like that.

Tucking the mail under her left arm, and hopped up her front steps, that on some days, seemed like a mountain; this morning wasn't any different. She grabbed the door knob and turned it softly and walked in. Duke, her great golden lab, greeted her with slobbery kisses. "Hey there boy!" She whispered while patting his head.

Next she laid the mail on the table by the door and kicked off her running shoes, wiped the sweat off her forehead and walked to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee with creamer and sugar. Looking outside the kitchen window she saw kids getting ready for school and kissing their moms goodbye and running to the big yellow school buses; which reminded her.

"Keith! Get out of bed or you are going to be late for school." She stood in her son's doorway, watching him slowly but surely getting out of bed.

"Hey mom." He mumbled.

She rubbed his shaggy head as he walked past her and into the bathroom. "Hey bud."

While Keith was getting ready she walked down the hall to her bedroom. She smirked with the sight before her. Her husband laying in every which way on their king bed with the blanket half way covering him and one arm draped across his forehead to block the morning sun light.

A smile creped across her porcelain face as she tipped toed over to their big bay windows. With one swift motion she pulled the blinds open, wide. She counted to three wordlessly in her head and looked over at her sleeping beauty.

Like she predicted he moaned and turned his backed towards her and the light.

"Oh no mister, you need to wake up. You have your son to take to school." She jumped on the bed and started to pull the covers off of his toned body.

"Why can't you?" He mumbled under his morning breath.

She began to kiss his ear, and it immediately turned red. Then she ran her fingers through his dark, bushy hair. And she gently whispered, "Because I have to…paint or something."

He turned his head around to kiss her sweetly on the lips. "Mhmm. I am sure you just happen to have to paint this morning. You know what I think? I think you are trying to get me out of the house. You know that is not very nice Peyton."

Peyton touched his nose. "Oh well you caught me. Oh darn." She laughed.

"Whatever. Let me just shower first."

"Okay. I will go make you some coffee and breakfast burrito, babe." Peyton yelled.

"Make me one too, mom." Keith yelled from his closet.

"Okay." Peyton smiled.


They say your head can be a prison.
Then these are just conjugal visits.
People will dissect us till
This doesn't mean a thing anymore.

Don't pretend you ever forgot about me.
Don't pretend you ever forgot about me.

Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee?
Style your wake for fashion magazines.
Widow or a divorcee?
Don't pretend, d-d-d-don't pretend.

Pow Pow Pow. Thud."Ugh!" Her fist hit the red, vinyl material. It released all her anger and stress. Everything she had done and left undone. Friendships she could have fixed chances she had ample time to take. She had been selfish and self-centered that senior year. She shouldn't have let her insecurities get in the way of being the friend Peyton needed. She didn't mean for them to go their separate ways after graduation and never speak again, or maybe she did and hadn't known it. Although she did get Lucas, it still wasn't the same without her P. Sawyer. But Peyton had hurt her badly, so badly there were still bruises on her heart. But it still didn't erase the fact she needed her last year when things were hell.

She hit the punching bag a few more times and then stretched out her muscles, not to pull anything out of place.

She heard the front door of their New York loft apartment shut and a smile helplessly crept across her face. She pulled off her gloves and ran over to the main hall and leaped into Lucas's arms.

A little surprised, he hugged her in return and held her there for a couple seconds. "Hey," he pushed a strand of hair out of her face, "Pretty Girl."

Lucas laid the mail down on the small table next to the door. Brooke began to sift through it as he took off his coat. "Oh what could this be?" Brooke pulled out a neat, small envelope address to the "other" Scotts. It must be from Haley and Nathan, she thought. The two couples always kidded each other about how they were the other Scotts.

"What is it babe?" Lucas came behind her and wrapped her arms around her small waist. Brooke winced remembering the day when her stomach wasn't so small…

Pushing the thought far into the back of her brain, "It is an invitation to…" Brooke's eyes ran across the colorful piece of paper, "Haley's baby shower. Naley is having a baby girl!" Brookes face brightened up. She loved babies. But then she remembered she was so close to having her own.

Lucas smiled, knowing how hard it must be…having a best friend who was able to have babies. "When is it so I can call my manager and get the days off?"

"Next month on the 23rd. It will be so nice to go back to Tree Hill and see your mom, my mom." Brooke smiled.

Lucas just pulled her into an embrace, but secretly hoping that Peyton somehow got an invitation as well…

Brooke held on tightly and closed her eyes secretly hoping Haley didn't find where Peyton was staying.


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