Here's to the Nights

Flashback to the Future We Never Got

Chapter Thirteen

"What the hell happened?" Nathan asked to no one in particular, just wanted an answer. Well it is quite simple; what happened eight years changed people's lives forever.

Eight years ago.

"I am so sorry Luke, god, it's like I am their little lab rat and they run me crazy." Peyton announced as she walked into the hotel room that Lucas had gotten for them. He had surprised her at work five hours ago. She threw her purse down on the floor and walked over to Lucas.

"It's fine Peyton, really. It's only…one o'clock in the morning." Lucas chuckled, standing from his seat and enveloping Peyton into a hug.

"Luke, that's late," Peyton smiled right before his lips crashed onto hers and they began their frantic walk backwards to the bed. "I've missed you so much Lucas, god."

Lucas didn't need to say how much he had missed her, it was in the way he was holding onto her hips, the way his lips were capturing hers with each breath, how his heart beat loudly against her chest. She knew.

As she felt herself falling backwards onto the bed she shrieked with glee and pulled Lucas up more and fully on top of her. Her hands wandered down to the buttons on his shirt and began undressing him slowly. Each time she go in for a smoldering kiss she'd unbutton another button. She hadn't seen Lucas in over two months and they hadn't been intimate for at least five so she was taking her sweet, sweet time with undressing the love of her life, knowing he'd do the same with her.

Lucas trailed his hand up her shirt and cupped her breast through her bra, loving the feeling of touching her again and feeling her moan and arched into his hand felt the same as it did five months ago. After massaging her breast for a few minutes he brought his hand to the hem of her shirt and pulling it slowly up her body only stopping the kiss to allow the shirt to pass over her head and then he was back to attacking her mouth.

After her shirt went sailing over her head and onto the floor she whipped Lucas' off as well, struggling slightly with him detaching his hands from her form. She giggled when he groaned when he had to pull his hands off of her sensual hips to get the damn shirt off. But he was back to holding her in a matter of seconds.

Peyton wrapped her legs around Lucas' waist but frowned against his lips. When he pulled back and stared down at her with a question in her eyes she chuckled and licked her lips. "I think," She got out from under him and knelt in front of him. "We should take care of these," She began unbuttoning her jeans and bit her lip watching Lucas' eyes turn a dark blue.

Lucas watched in fascination at her fingers guiding her zipper down, revealing her black laced thong. He groaned as she took her time pulling them down her thighs. He couldn't take it anymore and launched 

at her and pinning her down on the bed with one arm and yanked her jeans off and tossed them behind him. Now she was only in her black bra and thong and she was beautiful.

"God, you're beautiful," He mumbled to himself but Peyton heard it and smiled up at him; his ears turned a slight rosy pink and lowered himself back on top of her and starting kissing her everywhere.

"Nu uh mister, we have to level the playing field here," Peyton sat up and reached for his jeans, pulling him deliberately closer. As she touched his zipper she saw and felt him take a deep breath and his abs went in. Getting a sneaky idea, she stuck out her tongue and glistened his stomach down to the top of his boxers.

"Damn, Peyton," Lucas let his head drop slightly.

Peyton inwardly congratulated herself and pushed his jeans fully off and refocused on his boxers but she felt Lucas' hot hands on her back, unclasping her bra. "If we are talking about leveled playing fields," Lucas smirked and licked his bottom lip at the gorgeous sight before him. "Now we are even," He growled.


An hour later and lots of hot overdue sex, Lucas and Peyton were under the covers breathing at a more normal rate. Peyton's head was resting on Lucas' chest and he was drawing doodles on her bare back. He let his mind wander with how much he loved her. He loved Peyton since the first day that he saw her. Sure, he might not have fully known that then but he was positive of it now, right now in this moment. He knew it was always going to be Peyton; everyone else would come second best. Not that he ever, ever wanted a second best. Never. He had to have her or he'd be alone. Then the mere thought of being alone scared the hell out of him.

"Marry me." It came out more of a demand rather than 'popping the question'.

Peyton jolt her head up and looked down at Lucas before maneuvering her body to switch the bedside lamp on. "What?"

"You heard me, marry me Peyton." Lucas smiled up at her as he propped himself on his elbows, chuckling that she still wrapped her body in the sheet after making love.

"Luke, let's…we need to think about this."

"What is there to think about? I love you and you love me." Lucas smiled juvenile at her. She would have smiled goofily back at him if this wasn't serious.

"You of all people should know that it isn't that easy." Peyton stared at the lampshade before looking into his eyes and saw that they contained a pang of guilt and embarrassment. "I want to but it's…a big step."

Lucas felt a knife stabbed his heart. Was Peyton saying no?

"Luke, we are just nineteen." Peyton added, wishing this wasn't so hard. Actually she was wishing he had never asked her.

"And Nathan and Haley were seventeen." Lucas sat up now, getting a little irritated and confused. Peyton loved him, why wasn't she just saying yes.

"And we saw how easy that was." Peyton rolled her eyes while giving him her best cocky smile.

"What are you saying Peyt?" Lucas squinted his eyes at her and she knew he was hurt.

She sighed and sat back on her feet on the bed. "I am saying not now."


"She said that?" Brooke slurred, hiccupping slightly.

Lucas finished off his sixth shot and nodded jerkily. "Mhm, and yeah, total smack in the face. I thought she loved me."

Brooke bit her lip.

"I don't know why I am telling you this." Lucas spat, looking at Brooke. He stopped glaring when he saw something in Brooke's eyes.

"You know you can tell me anything Luke," Brooke smiled and rubbed his shoulder.


"What did we just do?" Brooke got out of bed and began picking up her clothes hastily.

"I believe we had sex." Lucas chuckled, still a little drunk.

Brooke turned around and shot daggers at Lucas' face before pulling her underwear on and bra.

"Ouch I think that actually punctured me." Lucas grumbled.

"What are we? Where do we stand?" Brooke looked at Lucas, the boy who had always stolen her heart.

"I don't know. But. I really don't want you to leave so how about you come back to bed!" Lucas smiled and patted the mattress next to him.


Peyton looked down at the white, plastic stick like it was a virus. This is so not happening. It cannot be happening. Nineteen? And pregnant? No. Just, no.

She reached frantically for the fourth pregnancy test and stared down at the results, the stupid pink line. The stupid pink horizontal line. Then she glared at the box for the test and snatched it into her hands reading the directions. She did everything it had asked. Drank a whole thing of SunnyD in order to pee. Peed on the thing. Waited more than five minutes.


And fuck.


"Uh hey Luke, um…I am pregnant. I really wish you'd call me back. This is like the…fifth time I have gotten your ever so lovely voicemail but I'd really like to talk to the real you if you could stop being a child about the proposal. Shit, that was mean. Hormones I guess. Seriously, I need you right now, more than ever. I don't know what to do." Pause and muffled crying. "It's been a month Luke. Just call me…please. Bye."

Brooke stared down at the message machine and punched a button with anger.

"Message has been deleted. No more messages."

Eight months later.

"I love you Lucas Scott," Brooke whispered into her husband's ear as he fell asleep.

They had gotten married quickly. Brooke had convinced herself that it had nothing to do with the phone calls from Peyton and about her baby, their baby. But she couldn't escape the little feeling that she was being dishonest to him and herself.


"Here is your perfectly healthy baby boy Miss Sawyer. He is a beauty." The nurse handed Peyton her newborn who was crying.

Peyton took her son from the middle aged nurse and smiled into his eyes. He had her eyes but Lucas' forehead and ears. Those goofy ears. Yep. He had a little hair on his round head. "Hey you, hey," She began to rock him softly and hum a simple tune, one her mother used to sing to her when she was a child. They baby immediately stopped crying as he stared up into his mother's eyes. Peyton began crying for all sorts of reasons and gave him her pinky to grab onto and he did and it was a strong grip. She chuckled and his strength. "You and me both buddy," She smiled and kissed his forehead. "It's you and me babe. You and me. Always. We gotta stick up for each other cause we are all we have." Peyton seemed lost in her baby's eyes. She now knew the expression unconditional love while looking into her baby's tired eyes.

"Do we have a name for this beautiful boy?" The nurse asked, smiling and making silly faces at the newborn in Peyton's arms.

Peyton smiled and looked back down at her son and winked at him, causing him to laugh. "Keith Nathan Brian Sawyer."