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Summer had officially ended and I was about to enter the classroom.


I took a deep breath, checked to see if I was wearing my uniform, checked my breath, and tiptoed into the classroom. I peeked my head in first, half-expecting some hideous sea creature to snap my neck and bite my head off.

To my relief, I found all the rich brats to be fairly normal looking. I guess Deidara was a special case. I grimaced. I wonder what he did in his past life to deserve such a comment from yours truly. Oh yeah. He yelled at me for barfing on his shirt.

Weird. When I worded it like that, it sounded like I was in the wrong and he even sounded nice, for not getting too angry. But then again, these words were nothing compared to the words he said at that moment. I frowned again. Why was I thinking of that loser? Today was my first day at this famous art school and gosh, I was going to make sure every moment was spent valuably. It wasn't ever day that a commoner like me get into such a grand school like this. I waved my arms upward and danced into my seat.

Shoot. That probably wasn't a good move, right? I heard snickers from my left and right; I turned my neck to catch a better of exactly what they were laughing at.

Oh. They were laughing at me.

What?! I tightened my fist, readying to attack the next unfortunate fellow to laugh, but they got lucky, for at that instant, the teacher started speaking.

"Hello, everybody!" He had a bright smile on his face, as if showing that he wanted to be here. "Mister doesn't really suit my ears, so you can all call me Iruka."

Iruka, huh. I nodded idly along with the class, still trying to contain my anger at being laughed at. His introduction flew by quickly. Turns out, he was a student studying at this university as well until he found out that art wasn't what he truly wanted to pursue as a career. No, he wanted to be someone that taught art to the masses. I guess that sounded somewhat nice. I didn't know many artists who could give up their art to teach it to others. I certainly couldn't.

Then all of a suddenly, the door slammed open. If that wasn't enough to give me a heart attack, the color of hair certainly did: blond. The hair was blond.

"Hey Iruka, I couldn't wake up early enough to hear a repeat of your introduction, yeah." Sure enough, when the rest of the body popped in the room, it was Deidara. I grimaced. I didn't expect to see him in any of my classes.

Iruka, instead of getting mad as I would have expected, merely sighed and told him to take a seat. Already, even as he was walking down the aisle, I could hear whispers. Well, I could hear the whispers, but I couldn't really hear what they were whispering about. Though, for a few times, I could catch the name "Deidara". He walked down until he reached the end of the all the rows and then he took a seat, right next to me.


"Hey commoner," he said, slinging his backpack to the ground.

I didn't respond because I was too busy twisting my pencil in half. Curse. My. Luck. What did I do to deserve this? I made sure to always be nice to the children and to the animals down the street. I cleared my throat.

"Well, uh, nice to see you two, rich br-kid," I muttered. By now, I had safely put away my pencil. God knows how many pencils I cracked in half because of my anger issues. We didn't talk for the rest of the period. Surprisingly, Deidara actually had the manners to keep quiet while Iruka continued on about how the rest of the semester would work. It reminded me of a free period actually. We were to draw our own art and once in a while, Iruka would look at them and comment.

I liked it actually. I wouldn't be forced to draw whatever the teacher dictated anymore. Maybe coming to such a school had its merits as well. Still, that didn't stop me from flying out of my chair when class ended. Deidara barely had enough time to stop me. I had to laugh at that.

Then again, I frowned. What makes me think that he would talk to me anyways? He was probably busy catching up with the other rich kids. I mean, they haven't seen each other for the whole summer.

I slapped my forehead. That was why there was something called the cell-phone, Sakura! Geez.

"Are you alright?" I was greeted by a cold voice. It was familiar though. I noticed the red hair immediately.

"Sasori!" I smiled, "I mean, Sasori-kun." I realized my mistake as soon as I had spoken. Drat. He probably thought I was rude or something now.

"It doesn't matter," he said, shrugging, "Your name's Sakura…right?"

I nodded sweetly. Hey, even I could look cute when I wanted to. It was a matter of when and who. You wouldn't expect me to act nice to Deidara, the annoying idiot, right?

Why did I keep calling him an idiot anyways? I shook my head. That was besides the point…I mean hey! I must have been super lucky to have been able to meet Sasori in such a big school.

Not that I had a crush on him. Of course not.

"So…what are you doing?" I giggled.

"Going to class?" he deadpanned.

"Oh," I cleared my throat, "I guess…I'll be going then." I said, hoping the embarrassment and disappointment wouldn't be too apparent in my voice.

He nodded with that emotionless face of his and started to walk away. I couldn't see him after a while. I grimaced. Why did I have to be such an idiot? He probably thought I was an idiot, right? Then the bell rang.


I was late! I went turbo and started running across the halls. It wasn't like anyone was there anymore anyways. Most were in their classes. I skidded and crashed against a wall. Never mind that. At least I found the classroom I was looking for. I opened the door, expecting to find a loud lecture.


What? I looked again, not trusting my eyes.

It was still empty.

Where on earth had the class had gone? I took a look at my schedule. I was sure that the room listed on my piece of paper was the same as the one engraved into the door.

"They're in the basement."

I turned to see Deidara once again. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed and eyes closed.

"Basement?" I asked, almost dumbfounded.

"This classroom has another level, for the purpose of style. Now are you coming are what?" He got up from the wall and stood straight. I could have sworn he muttered something under his breath about idiotic girls.

"Wait," I said, realizing something, "D-Did you wait for me?"

He merely glared at me, "Who would do such an idiotic act? I merely didn't want to go down this early."

"Thanks anyways," I insisted. I was an anger girl, sure, but I still had my manners. He didn't respond though, with a "your welcome." Instead, he opened another door, that led to a flight of stairs.

"They're downstairs." He said and started to walk down without waiting for me.

I nodded.

Perhaps he wasn't as mean as I had thought him to be.