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Midnight Beaus…

Chapter 1: The Question and the Answer

The acclaiming full moon gleamed down to the earth with its graces beams of delicate light catching the surfaces of the pools of silver, red and white fabric that lay spread across the ground. Droplets of sweat sparked like diamonds under the full moons effulgent luminescence upon two perfect bodies that resigning close to each other panting.

Inuyasha wiped away the few strands that covered his vision and tucked them back into place. His head rested upon his brother's chest and was listening enthralled with the tempo of the taiyoukai's heart beat. Sesshomaru embraced the hanyou close to him and caressed his slick back with a sharp claw. Reflectively, the hanyou began to moan from desire that was coming to life again.

A soft rumble came from Sesshomaru's throat; he could sense his brother's sudden pleads to be taken again, but he couldn't fulfill the hanyou's command considering he was worn out. Inuyasha nibbled playfully on his brother's flesh; his cunning tongue made its way downwards until he reached the taiyoukai's navel and began swirling his tongue inside the navel. Sesshomaru ran his fingers through the hanyou's hair and tugged on it, the sensation of his brother's tongue against his flesh was killing him.

He gently pushed the hanyou away and sighed, Inuyasha groaned, he did not appreciate it that he was being rejected. And for second, here he thought what he was doing was going to earn him another round of fun, but it would seem he had run out of luck for the night. He settled himself back against his brother and enjoyed his company and the companionship of the full moon enlightening them with joy. A calm silence fell upon them while they both stared up at the moon pondering of things.

As Inuyasha thought about his brother, a thought that had never so much crossed his mind surfaced to his comprehension and he gasped. Sesshomaru looked down at the hanyou resting upon his chest and gave him a concerned look. Inuyasha meant his brother's golden eyes and sat himself up; Sesshomaru sat himself as well but pulled the hanyou so he leaned against his chest. The hanyou did not protest, instead he was thankful. With baffled amber eyes, Inuyasha cocked his head to the side and said softly, "Sesshomaru-sama, can I ask you something…personal please?"

Sesshomaru was glancing straight ahead looking at something far off into the distance, but gave his brother a gentle squeeze to indicate that he was listening. Inuyasha inclined his head and asked meaningfully, "Sesshomaru, I know this is a boorish and personal question to ask you, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me…" Inuyasha trailed off, he glanced up at the taiyoukai to see what he thought about this. Sesshomaru looked away from the spot he had been staring at and glared down at the hanyou with an impassive mask concealing his emotions.

"Why have you stopped Inuyasha, this Sesshomaru was listening to you. You can ask me whatever you wish and expect an answer in return from me." He soothingly caressed the hanyou's flushed cheek and nibbled teasingly on his brother's soft doggie ears. Inuyasha purred jubilantly and forgot what he was going to say, but a good fang piercing from a certain impatient taiyoukai's teeth brought the hanyou to the world of consciousness.

"Ouch, I err…was going to ask…I was going to ask if you had a love life before you and I ended up with each other Sesshomaru." Inuyasha watched his brother's impassive expression dissipate into a look of sadness. His eyes gleamed monotonously, but he kept his eyes locked with Inuyasha's. Sesshomaru said nothing for a full seven minutes; he kept staring at the hanyou miserably and suddenly whispered, "Yes, I did have a love life before you and I came to be Inuyasha. Compared to that damn relationship and to the occurring relationship, I much prefer this one because I have you brother…and the pain so happens to be less to bear."

Sesshomaru kissed Inuyasha's partly open lips, the hanyou's eyes were wide with horror, his delicate features were set in a bewildered look. He had never imaged his brother would have suffered in a relationship with anyone, was it even possible to suffer when you had a handsome taiyoukai for a beau? Anger overwhelmed the hanyou and he growled viciously, "Who was the fucking bastard that caused you pain Sesshomaru? I'll kill the bastard who dared hurt you, where is he, I'll shred him into bloody pieces and then I'll-"

A zealous kiss silenced the hanyou's rant of killing; Sesshomaru pushed Inuyasha away from his lips and shoved him to the ground. Inuyasha blinked confusedly with his brother, why did he just kiss him and then push him away? He stared at Sesshomaru who glanced into the nocturnal night with a depressed look on his perfect features. By the way Sesshomaru looked; Inuyasha knew he had asked a painful question to his brother. Well there was no way to turn back; so he decided since he already brought up the topic, he might as well find out more from his brother.

"Sesshomaru who was he?" Nothing, Sesshomaru remained transfixed with the darkness of the night, his long tresses shield his face from enlightening Inuyasha what his emotions were. Inuyasha leaned forward so his nose was only a few inches away from Sesshomaru's face, the taiyoukai adverted his gaze and hissed, "He has long been dead for centuries Inuyasha, he brought his damn death upon himself and yet I can't get this damn feeling of guilt that he died because of me." The taiyoukai smirked nefariously and locked eyes with Inuyasha's innocent amber orbs, the hanyou was taken aback by his brother's sudden hostility with the topic of his former lover, had the dead bastard truly been cruel with Sesshomaru that it caused him to be bitter with being asked about his previous affairs?

Instinctively, Inuyasha cupped Sesshomaru's chin and whispered seductively, "Tell me his name brother, I want to know. I can't stand to see you look so depressed over a man that-" Sesshomaru nuzzled the side of cheek against Inuyasha's hand and said, "He was a taiyoukai such as my self Inuyasha, only he came before me. His name was…if I tell you, you will be shocked beyond reason. Are you sure you wish to know his name?" Inuyasha gave his brother a baffled look, but nodded his head that he wanted to know.

Sesshomaru removed Inuyasha's hands from his face and whispered into his ear, "The taiyoukai who was my former lover was…Inu no Taishou, our father Inuyasha dearest. He and I shared something very unique that could never occur between father and son brother that is way I have always kept it to myself and that is way the pain is excruciating to bare." Inuyasha's lips parted in shock, Sesshomaru and their father were once lovers?! How the hell did this sort of intimate thing happen between flesh and blood? A clawed finger shut the hanyou's mouth; Sesshomaru traced the outlines of those tender lips that would be soon his once Inuyasha agreed to be mates.

Inuyasha found his voice and stuttered, "Yo…you mean to te...tell me I just called our father a bastard and threatened to slay him for putting you through pain?! Sesshomaru how the hell does this sort of thing happened…what do you mean father put you through pain; I would have thought he would have been gentle with you? What happened between the two of you?" Sesshomaru remained mute; the topic of his intimate relationship with their father was causing hurtful memories to sweep through his mind as if everything was reoccurring before his eyes.

He furrowed his brows thoughtfully and said abjectly, "There was a time when I loathed you to death Inuyasha, I blamed you and your human mother for losing Inu no Taishou. I despised you so much that I thought one day when I would get my revenge, I would take pleasure seeing you die a slow and horrible death. But along with those abhorred sentiments that I carried in my heart for years, compassion formed along side with my hate…" The taiyoukai glanced down to see his brother was in utter shock; his frown deepened and pulled the hanyou so his head was resting upon his chest.

There was no remonstration from the hanyou, he allowed his light headed head to rest upon the taiyoukai's slick chest, he inhaled the rich masculine scent that he would never tire of. Inuyasha composed himself and muttered dumbfound, "So at one point, you really meant what you said that you despised me and that you would not rest until you saw me dead? And all these strong emotions of rancor were driven because of father? Please explain to me what happened between the two of you Sesshomaru, I want to know."

Silence was Inuyasha's only response, Sesshomaru seemed lost in the past, his eyes were blank and his face remained impassive stone. Inuyasha frowned; their father had caused some serious damage on Sesshomaru's ability to love. Now he understood why Sesshomaru had questioned him when Inuyasha had told his brother how he felt about him.

Anxiously, Inuyasha played with a lose strand of his brother's hair and swatted at it like a puppy. Sesshomaru watched Inuyasha out of the corner of his eye, the hanyou looked so cute and innocent playing with his hair, but he was still angry with himself for letting Inu no Taishou get under his skin to such an extent that he haunted him in his dreams. He growled, how could his father be so cruel with him, he had proven his loyalty, but that had not stopped the former taiyoukai from hurting his feelings.

With an agitated sigh, Sesshomaru cleared his throat and said silkily, "Brother, you wish to know what happened between father and my self? Fine I will tell although with that I will tell you how we began our relationship. I will tell you only if you remain silent and won't interrupt me once I begin." Inuyasha shot up alerted, this was extremely important to know, he had to understand how their father really was, and why Sesshomaru was so…coldhearted.

"I swear I will remain silent. You can begin brother; I am at your disposal." Inuyasha looked serious, Sesshomaru would have thought his own brother would have mocked him for the disgusting truth, but he had only been shock, he had not presented disgust. Although he would not have blamed him in the slightest. Sesshomaru covered Inuyasha with his silk white haori and slipped on his brother's red haori over his naked flesh.

The taiyoukai hesitated for a brief second before he found courage and began telling his brother the thing that he had confined to remain in the dark depths of his heart, but it was now time to release the pain and to share it with the only person who was willing to hear him out.

Sesshomaru smiled slightly and began to tell his depressing love life before he had had the fortune to realize his brother was not the despicable bastard he had once hoped he was. Inuyasha heard his brother with interest, nothing in the world could drive his attention away from his brother's stern words.

Each word Sesshomaru produced was like music, it followed with a tempo that would have drifted anyone to sleep, but Inuyasha was not under the spell. He was alert; he could not afford to fall asleep.

"My intimate relationship with father began when I was only sixteen years of age, I was barely being taught how to act like a diplomatic youkai to represent the Western Lands when the lord of the West was always doing important things, father was my teacher. He taught me how to act, how to talk, how to hold myself when I was in front of other hierarchy taiyoukai's, he taught me the art of killing and he also skilled me to perform other things I am bound to keep a secret until you and I are mates…that is to say you still wish to make." Sesshomaru gave Inuyasha a morose look; he was worried the hanyou would reject him because of the truth. A sweet grin spread across the hanyou's porcelain face. He was truly breath taking, but Sesshomaru had to continue, the burden the resigned in his heart was lifting.

Inuyasha placed a firm hand on his brother's shoulder and whispered, "Continue Sesshomaru, I am hearing and yes I do want to be your mate. I could never despise you for anything you ever did in the past. What's done is done." Sesshomaru smiled and kissed his brother's cheek before progressing onwards.

"Our feelings for each other were plain sentiments that a father and son would form normally, but something happened. I don't know what, but something came ablaze with in us and the next moment we were removing each others clothing and kissing…" Sesshomaru trailed off, the thought of that day came to his mind engulfing him to the past he had so desperately tried to forget…

-End Chapter-

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