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Chapter 3: Refine Love

As the impassive demon lord held his beau in his strong embrace, the glowing blue moon enlightened him of things from his past. Inuyasha nuzzled close to his brother and drifted to sleep.

Sesshomaru ran his fingers through Inuyasha's silver tresses idly with a pensive frown gracing his sensuous lips. His hair fell over his shoulders and brushed gently against his brother's inert face.

The hanyou's even breaths reminded Sesshomaru of his childhood. He had slept as peaceful like his brother slept in his lap back then. There was only one thing different: his father. The old taiyoukai would stay late into the night besides his young pup humming a soothing tune and running his fingers through his son's hair.

The thought made Sesshomaru sigh, he missed those days. He missed them for they were days of utter innocence between his father and himself. There had never been intimate sentiments, only those a father and son bared.

Without his knowing, Sesshomaru began to hum the same melody their father had sung to him. The melody was soft, almost a hush whisper that only his brother and the silent night could hear. His voice was melodious and tender; the pitch was his voice was a low rumble from his chest, it never rose in pitch. For a moment, what he was doing reminded him of their old man.

The melody ceased, Sesshomaru looked away from his brother and sough guidance up to the moon and star lit midnight sky. The song brought back one memory in particular that he had forced his mind to chain in the depths of his mind.

When he had begun to hum, he had not realized he had unlocked the depressing memory…but now that he was strong enough to confront it, it wasn't all that depressing anymore. It only made him wonder why he had been so rash and unruly for nearly a century.

Images from his past avalanched upon his conscious. It had been that very year when his father had died; he had taken charge of the Western Lands. He had almost refused to take charge, but that wasn't an open option for him. He had sealed his faith when he and his father had become beaus on his sixteenth birthday reminding him, or rather taunting him that he could not go back on his word…nor could he go back on his word to neglect watching over the hanyou he had to acknowledge as his half brother.

He had not gotten a chance to see him; it was more like trying to avoid going to see him. Sesshomaru hadn't wanted to see the atrocity his father had created with his human mate Izayoi. But he couldn't avoid it any longer. He had to check up on him. Maybe if he was lucky, he could kill the half breed whilst he was there.

The thought had not seemed malevolent all those years ago, but not that he was reflecting about the piece of information all those years later, the demon lord felt close to sinister. How could he have hatred his own flesh and blood so much?

How could he have ever considered taking the life of his young and innocent brother who knew nothing about the events circulating around him? The thoughts made Sesshomaru feel repulsion for himself; he really was a cruel hearted bastard.

Quick flashback

It had been close to a year when things settled down and when the time had presented itself to the new taiyoukai of the Western Lands to visit his brother. He had left the palace and went to where he knew the half breed stayed with his human mother.

He waited until Izayoi had managed to cease her child's tears and had tucked him into his crib. In the darkness he watched everything, when the candle was blown out, he made his move. Sesshomaru jumped graceful to the shoji screen door and quietly slide the shoji door open. His eyes adjusted to the darkness of the child's room.

All was quiet except for the hanyou's whines of refusing to sleep. Sesshomaru closed the screen behind him and went to the hanyou's crib. What lay in the crib surprised him. He had not been expecting to find such a tiny creature with innocent orbs of rich gold like his own.

The child froze, but then giggled when he saw Sesshomaru with bewildered eyes. This was the child his father had produced? No, this wasn't what he had imaged the child to look like. Was it even his father's offspring? But there was no denying it. The giggling child gawking at him with round orbs was his father's son.

Sesshomaru composed himself and glared at the delicate child. With a small hand, the hanyou child reached up and tried to touch the demon lord. Sesshomaru had never fancied being around children, neither youkais nor humans, so when his little brother tried to touch him he had leaped back thinking the hanyou was trying to get the best of him.

A giggle came from the child; he was amused with his unknowing brother's reaction. He clapped his hands and smiled contently. The demon lord grunted and returned to stand besides his brother's crib. Again he scanned the child over and sighed.

There was something almost pleasant emitting from his younger brother that was confusing him, but he didn't know what it was. He reached down his hand into the crib to try to move a stray lock of silver hair from the hanyou's face only to have his finger confiscated by the tiny hand of his brother.

What was he doing…the child put Sesshomaru's clawed finger into his mouth and bit down with his sharp little teeth on the demon lord's finger. The demon lord arched an eyebrow and his lips were parted. He had no clue what was going on here.

All he could determine was that his finger was in his younger brother's mouth and thought his fingers were a clew toy. Annoyance coursed through his blood and he yanked back his hand. The small child pouted and threatened to cry. If he cried, Sesshomaru would kill him.

Or so he thought….when the hanyou child opened his mouth to release the cry, Sesshomaru acted out on instinct. He picked up the child and held him in his arms almost caringly. He had not worn his armor; he had only brought his Mokomoko-sama with him from habit. The child opened his mouth but giggled. He nuzzled his face into the soft fur and sighed.

Sesshomaru placed his clawed hand behind the child's head and rocked him to sleep. These things that he was doing stud him, Sesshomaru had never known he possessed such knowledge to treat a child. The child in his arms whimpered and shivered. He was cold.

The demon lord held onto his brother with his right hand and used his left hand to pull his Mokomoko-sama from his right shoulder. The long pelt was removed from its position on his shoulder and was wrapped around the small infant.

The child accepted the warmth of the pelt and cuddled close to it. He yawned tiredly and closed his eyes to his older brother. Sesshomaru held his brother in his arms for almost an hour until the infant fell asleep. He could have left him when he had closed his eyes, but that would have surely awoken the child and his mother.

That was one thing Sesshomaru wanted to avoid; he wanted nothing to do with the child's mother. She and the demon lord had only once crossed paths. His father's mate was kind and all, but he saw her as the woman who stole his father's heart and left him for dead.

Sesshomaru's hand reached for his Mokomoko-sama, but found that the child was indulging in his pelt's warmth that it was causing him. If he took his pelt by force, his brother would cry and alert the guards of this estate that he was here. Izayoi specifically informed him that if he wanted to see his brother, he had to ask before hand.

That was not how Sesshomaru liked to do things, he did things when he saw it fit and when he wanted to. Not when others ordered it from him. With a frustrated sigh he realized he was going to have to leave his Mokomoko-sama for the night with the hanyou.

He allowed his index and middle finger to brush lightly over the hanyou's soft cheek. The skin underneath his touch was warm and pleasant. The child gave a soft moan and turned to his left side so he had his back to Sesshomaru. That was fine; the demon lord had stayed too long anyways. It was time for him to depart, but he would return tomorrow in the night for his pelt.

Just because he had allowed his half brother to keep his pelt for one night did not mean he was going to make it into a habit. Sesshomaru looked at the sleeping child on last time before he left. His pelt was in safe innocent hands, he knew that much. As he slid the shoji screen open, he heard the child mutter something under his breath.

He looked over his shoulder to see that the child was gaping at him with tired eyes. Now what did he want? If he was expecting a good night kiss then he was dreaming. The demon lord of the Western Lands kissed no one if it wasn't…if it wasn't who? He was single, how could he forget that?

Knowing he could spare one minute more, Sesshomaru turned around completely and asked coldly, "What?" his voice was but a hush whisper. The child smiled kindly and pointed to him. What was he trying to say? Not understanding, Sesshomaru arched his eyebrow in question and whispered, "I suggest you try to say something hanyou for I am not a mind reader."

The child blinked and seemed like he was going to try to say something. Now this was appealing to the demon lord, so young and yet he knew the hanyou knew who was dominating here. The infant opened his mouth, but nothing came out. With a sigh Sesshomaru seemed to comprehend what the infant was trying to say.

"I presume you wish to know who I am for intruding am I correct?" he was answered with a blink, what an intelligent response…Sesshomaru looked at the hanyou with an almost hesitate expression before he answered softly, "I'm your older brother." the child amazingly understood, he nodded his head and pointed to himself. The demon lord nodded his head and asked, "As for your name, I heard your human mother call you…Inuyasha?"

The child nodded his head once more before closing his eyes and drifting to sleep. This hanyou…Inuyasha would turn out to be a compelling person to get to know. But for now he would let his brother sleep and return the next night.

As he had said, he returned, but not only came for his Mokomoko-sama, but to watch over the hanyou until dawn each night. He did this for almost three years until Inuyasha turned three and he stayed outside of his room. The child grew accustomed to his brother's nightly visits and looked forward to them. Sesshomaru would look off into the sky and find that his brother was cuddled besides him. He didn't push him away, he allowed him to stay there.

When the hanyou turned six, things changed. Little by little the demon lord became too overrun by his duties as lord and completely forgot about his brother for nearly three years. When word reached him that Izayoi had died and that his nine year old brother was running away from both youkais and humans who wished to kill him, he had for the first few nights felt nothing.

But it was on the seventh night when he had been informed about his brother's current predicament, did he hear the hanyou's terrified cries for help. He had acted blindly that he was not accustomed to. He had run to the hanyou's aid killing the youkais that had tried to claim the hanyou's life.

There on the forest floor lay the same child he had seen three years ago now a young boy with terrified eyes. Inuyasha's eyes still held innocence, but being left an orphan at such a tender age made him almost trust no one…not even his brother.

It took some persuasion from Sesshomaru's behalf to get the hanyou to come with him to the palace. As the years had passed them by, the hanyou became unruly and grew to be a stunning young man with brilliant eyes and a stubborn attitude. He put up with no one's crap, not even his brother's.

As to how Sesshomaru had managed not to kill his brother was beyond him. He was just glad he had not served the hanyou's head years ago. When Inuyasha had turned seventeen, he had bid ado his handsome brother and left behind his brother and his life of formality. Although the hanyou had been unruly and stubborn, he somehow had managed to pull of being a completely civilized person when he needed to be.

It had somewhat pained Sesshomaru to see his brother leave, but it was all for the best. Four years after Inuyasha's departure, Sesshomaru was informed that his brother had fallen for a human miko and was no suffering for his blindness of love for the woman. He was told his younger brother was pinned to The God Tree where the miko had lived.

He went and sought out his brother and indeed found him where he had been said to be. He was pinned to the tree under the miko's spelling almost sleeping. Sesshomaru glared at his brother and cursed him for his stupidity for falling for a human and a damn miko at that.

Inuyasha's lips caught Sesshomaru's attention. They were slightly parted and were gesturing him to taste them. The demon lord had never seen his brother in such a manner, yet again he never had time for things of those sort with his responsibilities to tend to. But those full lips teased him. The gentle breeze swept through the forest fanning the hanyou's silver mane around him. A stray lock brushed against Sesshomaru's cheek.

Should he, should he kiss his brother in his state of inertness? Would it be wrong? Would it even matter, he had been with his father, so what was the difference if he kissed his brother? He didn't need to think anymore, Sesshomaru took a bold step forward and gently kissed his brother. He licked the hanyou's lips and indulged in the divine taste his brother had.

He pulled back and didn't know what else to do. He had never expected the kiss to be so…desiring. He cleared his mind and remained besides his brother until the sunset and he left. He watched over his brother's body until he wasn't needed anymore. A strangely dressed girl released Inuyasha and he was awoken.

Inuyasha never knew about the kiss Sesshomaru had bestowed upon him nor did he know now. The demon lord had kept it to himself and he planned to take it with him to his grave. It was not a good idea to inform his brother that he had taken advantage of his brother's state.

End flashback… (Or if you can call that a flashback)

The thoughts left Sesshomaru be, he looked down at his brother to find him wide awake gawking at him. Had he said something to awaken the hanyou whilst he slept? Inuyasha smirked and replied, "The answers no. you didn't say anything whilst you were thinking, I just felt you stiffen…why's that Sesshomaru?" of course, the bound they shared allowed them to detect each other's discomfort.

"Nothing, I was just thinking about the past." He would not say anything else about the matter, what for? The past was dead and there was no form to amend mistakes. With a grunt, the hanyou cuddled closer to his brother and replied, "Fine, it's not like I was going to ask, I was only worried when you stopped humming…where'd you learn that song?"

That song…he meant the tune Sesshomaru had been humming to him. Should he tell him? There was no reason to hide it. "Father used to sing it to me when I was a child…I started humming it thinking you would fine comfort in it." He said it dryly. Inuyasha blinked and said, "You say it for me? That doesn't seem like-"

"People have a habit to change Inuyasha. You can say I am one of those people." Sesshomaru's voice was dry, but his eyes twinkled vividly and he smirked vaguely. Whatever he had been thinking, he had made him different was all Inuyasha could determine.

"Change? You haven't changed if you ask me. You're still the same bastard I grew up with, what makes you think you've changed Sesshomaru?" Sesshomaru didn't answer right away. Why should he? They had their lives ahead of them; there was no need to rush. The demon lord's smile grew. He kissed his beau and whispered, "Although you can't understand yet Inuyasha, I have changed. But don't concern yourself about it. We have better things to worry about."

"Oh like what Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha said looking up at his brother. He was acting like when they had first meant. What was wrong with him?

"I'll tell you tomorrow Inuyasha, for now we should sleep. You and I have been running all day, don't you think we need rest?" Sesshomaru said.

"If you ask me, I think you and I could go for another round-" before the hanyou uttered another word, his request was being fulfilled. Anything his brother asked of him, he would comply. No matter how exhausted he found himself to be, be would do whatever Inuyasha said.

Inuyasha found himself under his brother without their clothes on and once more they made love. What Sesshomaru was doing had nothing to do with their father; he was doing this because he loved his brother and would never use him as a replacement. He wanted Inuyasha to believe him and what better way then without the use of words to express himself then with what he was doing now?

As sweet sweat trickled from their heated bodies, they smiled and laughed. They had each other that was all that mattered. The rest of the world around them could wait until the morning, but for now they just wanted to be with each other…

Life had presented them a chance to amend their love lives. They had seized the opportunity and got each other. When none others would comprehend them, they understood each other perfectly….all had worked our well for both brothers. Tomorrow would be a new day with new challenges, but they would not face them alone, they would stand besides each other and confront them like brothers, like beaus and like mates…­

End Story…