Ergh…. Here tis…


Quietly lying beside her husband, Christine listened to the night. There was no sound but for his breathing and the occasional animal outside. She rolled onto her side, snuggling into his narrow chest and listening to his heart beat steadily. They'd been through so much in the past few months… She'd nearly lost him again a few times. This time he was hers for good. No one was going to be able to part them.

As she looked at him, a moonlight dancing over the distorted features of his right cheek, it seemed to be beyond her why she had run from him in the first place. She had grown accustomed to the scars, she had grown to love them because they were a part of him. A part of the man she loved.

She gently traced the scars with her forefinger, memorizing them again like she had memorized the scars on his back. For a few moments it was silent, until Erik's subconscious realized his face was being touched, then he flinched away and slowly awakened. His mismatched eyes slowly focussed on her. The look he gave her was one of confusion.

"Christine? What's the matter? Were you trying to wake me up? Is something wrong?" he asked, sitting up and fixing her with a look of complete confusion.

" No, I-I…" Christine was at a loss as to what to say. "I was just… thinking about how lucky I am to have you."

Erik frowned, rubbing a hand over his face as he peered at her sleepily.

"No need to tease me, Christine…"

"I was not teasing, Erik." she said, somewhat hurt at what he thought of her actions.

He raised his good eyebrow, eyes gazing at her appraisingly.

"It is I who am lucky to have you, Christine." he murmured, taking her hands in his and pressing kisses to her palms. "I'll never forget that it was you who rescued a monster from his personal hell."

Christine sighed exasperatedly and tugged her hands gently from his.

"You aren't a monster, Erik! I wish you wouldn't say such things!" she exclaimed.

Erik blinked at her, then turned his face away, hiding once again in the shadows.

"It's true though…" he whispered. "This face… this face has made me separate from the human race. I owe you everything for bringing me back to the light."

Christine slipped out of bed and stood in front of her mirror. She held her hand out to Erik, eyes imploring. He gave her a confused look, but came to her side.

"The hell you lived in was self-imposed, Erik. I only showed you that you could love and be loved in turn."

Erik blinked at her, seemingly unable to form any coherent thought. He felt what she had just said was in some way an insult, but he couldn't figure out which part of it was the insulting one. She pulled his arms around her and together they stared into the mirror.

"What do you see?" she asked softly, leaning her head back against his chest.

He gazed into the mirror. His face was unmasked and he wanted nothing more than to look away. What did he see?

"I see an Angel and a Daemon. I see a lovely dark haired Angel in the arms of a deformed monster."

"You're wrong." She said bluntly. "Look past the scars, Erik. I see them every day and I know that behind them is the man I love."

"How can you? How can you love me? How can you look upon my face day in and day out?"

She turned around and buried her face in his shoulder; he smelled good. Like bow rosin and his cologne with a hint of mint hiding behind it all. Christine felt one of his hands tangle in her long dark hair. Little did she know that he himself was thinking that she was the one who smelled heavenly. He kissed her forehead.

"Can we go back to bed now?" he asked quietly.

"Not until you look in that mirror and see how beautiful you really are."

Erik couldn't help but scoff. She stiffened against him in anger; she seized him by the collar and pulled his face close to hers. Breathing heavily she told him exactly what had been running through her mind.

"When I first saw you, I thought you were the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. I didn't know why you wore the mask, but it seemed to fit with you. That hat and cloak you wore. And the way your suit fit you…" she shivered at the memory, "I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life."

He opened him mouth as if to speak and she silenced him with a kiss.

"You are beautiful, Erik."

The former Phantom did not speak; instead he folded his body around hers, holding her tightly to him. Erik buried his face in her neck.

"Can't you see? Can't you see that you are beautiful?" Christine implored.

She felt his lips move against her throat.

"Yes. Through your eyes I can."