Title: The Black Tattoo
Author: SilverWing147
Part: Prologue
Rating: Yet to be classified
Warning: AU, BL
Pairing: eventual YYxY, YxA, other pairings yet to be realised.
Summary: He didn't know when it came, or where from, but he'd been cursed with a mark on his back. A tattoo of a pyramid with an Egyptian eye, a black tattoo. What some people call a hero, and others a menace, emerges under the name of The Black Raven, and Yuugi's life has never been more complicated.

A/N: So here it is at long last. I'll try to stay frequent with my updates but yeah, depends on the speed of me and my beta reader. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the trailer, I hope I can live up to some part of the expectation.


Once upon a time…

"The witching hour past, and I saw not your shadow at my door." A dark voice murmured from the shadows, his accent laden with the confident, rich tones of a goblin king. His manner mocked all that surrounded him, the man cloaked in black teasing fear from the other standing before him while waited for a reply.

"My apologies for my tardiness in attending this matter." The other replied. He was dressed in a trodden brown cloth, his forehead shimmered with sweat, and eyes dark and small like a rodents as they darted uneasily. And who wouldn't be uneasy? "I-I bring with me what thou did request."

A smilefrom the dark, and then a swirl of cloak as the mysterious figure turned without a word, heading down a dark stairwell to a store below. The rat-like man nervously ushered the two other men behind him to follow. He himself remained as he was, rubbing his hands nervously before him, unsure. He had payed the sum to the Dark Dealer but he could still pull out now, there was still time to back out… The Dealer had assured him that it wouldn't be his loss if he did back out. He had already been paid, there would be no inconvenience… but yet, it had to be done, and he — he had only to gain, onlyto gain yes…

His two accomplices carried in a brown burlap sack between them, moving awkwardly down the stairs. The air was sweetened, the lingering scent of frankincense still permeating the air though the stick itself hadlong since burnt out, but there was a sinister undertone. They fought away chills and the urge to flinch away from the very scent of the store. The suppressed the need to shudder as though disentangling webs of fright from their clothes, the knowledge of what they were here for creating menacing, laughing shadows from trinkets on the walls.

The cloaked man headed into a door to the left of the store, hidden in a small corner, holding it open and gesturing in invitation.

The layer of sweat on the rat's browincreased as he followed, entering the room cautiously. His pupils expanded as he entered the darkness of the room, the only source of light emitting froma large black candle towards the other end of the room. It stood raised before a dark, engraved, stone slab which served as an altar. The walls could be could have been a dark grey stone, though in the current light (or lack of) there was only black. The floor was stone, cold, and void of any sensation, utterly smooth and seamless. He was surprised at the bareness of the room as well. Apart from the altar and candle, the room was completely bare and eerily silent. And although he could smell moreincense burning, he could not locate the source.

"Place him o-on the altar?" He asked nervously, gesturing to the sack carried by the two other men who had entered this deal with him. The Dark Dealer nodded curtly, his boots thudding on the ground as he swept forward to stand behind the sacred platform. The two men shuffled forward with their bundle, laying the dirty burlap sack down on it apprehensively, deliberately careful under the critical eye of the Dealer.

When they completed their task there they quickly moved beside the man with the rodent's eyes. This did not escape the cloaked figure who smiled to himself in amusement before turning to the coarse mesh of hemp. In one swift movement he brought out a nine inch blade, wickedly curved, to cut it open lengthways, and then folding back the edges to reveal the body inside.

As many of the sacrifices who agreed to be taken were, he was asleep. Many of them did not wish to go through the trauma of being awake through the ceremony, screaming and writhing as the first dagger pierced their tensed flesh, and having to have people holding them down only made things messy. And so he often provided his clients a vial to offer to the willing soul, which once drunk would bring them an oblivious numb of deep unconsciousness. They would feel no pain or fear, only calm sedation.

It was also not that uncommon for them to be in a bag so that people did not suspect that any foulness and body keeping went on in his store. It would not do to have people who, for in all senses, looked like corpses to be seen being taken into his store at all twilight hours.

This sacrifice was a beauty though, the dark dealer observed, eyes sweeping over the figure of a young boy. His hair shimmered as though it were white, though it was closer to ash blonde, he had pale complexion which was not uncommon for how often there were blue skies. Dark sooty eyelashes laid atop the softest swoop of a cheekbone. He was very beautiful for a boy. Once cleaned and placed in a suit he would probably seduce many a damsel with his charm, innocence and dazzling blue eyes. Although they were closed he knew, those eyes hidden beneath pale eyelids, they should be blue…

But as it was he was dressed in a dirty peasant's rags, hair a snarled mess, tangled around his head, though once brushed it would have been quite a treasure, it looked soft even now. He was not shoed in finely polished boots like those the governors and dukes would wear, but cloth slippers with thin, worn soles. His nails were dirty cuticles, his hands grubby from dirt instead of pristinely clean as gentleman's were. His fingers tapered gently at the end like that of an artisan, but they were calloused with labour. He was still so warm lying atop the cold hard stone, so young. Too young.

'Why is it that he should desire to die so?' He sighed. It wasn't his place to ask, but perhaps life was too hard for him. Perhaps this young boy hoped to end it in providing gain. Perhaps a better life lay ahead for him this way. There were many perhaps's, he knew he wouldn't ever know the true reason. However summer always pasts, and in sweeps the bitter frost.

Closing his eyes, he began.

The rat-man shuddered, the feeling of spiders crawling beneath his skin making his hair stand on end. He couldn't hear what the Dealer chanted, his voice mute as the darkness kept its secrets to itself. The candle became bluer, hotter. The air thrummed and he felt his companions shake slightly at his side. A choking feeling filled the air, as though pressure were being mounted upon them, brick after brick. A horrible feeling of the air being too thick to breath, gagging them to silence as the soundless chanting continued.

A dull and sickening thud resounded as the first dagger was slammed down and through the breast bone. He breathed in sharply, the chanting still unheard as the second slid into her stomach passing through the boys delicate navel. He watched in silent horror, gagging on the air as pale wrists were slit and blood began to slide down into the cracks of the alter stone. The air smelt of death, the copper stirring with the incense in a sickening bouquet. Dark smoke gathered atop the blue flame, glowing from the inside as it condensed.

He heard his name and flinched, hearing his companions names as well he focused on the Dealer his arms held out to the smoke gathering it in his hands and spreading it above the body.

The pressure in the room increased, and although he desperately wanted to make a sound the ability was lost on him. He was unable to speak just as he was unable to hear the Dealer in his chantings, though… the dealer… he must be chanting. The dark thrum increased as a feeling pierced his heart and he fell to a knee. Sweat broke out all over his body. The pressure!

His vision became hazy as he tried to continue to watch. Light glowed at the edges of the still body, a soul leaving, or was it the spark of life? He watched it be drawn into the black, sucked up like a sponge.

"I call on the dark."

Wind roared, colours blurred – what little colour there was. There was a scream of pain to his left, his companions falling. He felt a tingle race up his legs, painful pinpricks like rats clawing their way up him and his head bowed down in pain, a scream rising in his throat. But it never made it. He felt a tentacle of air reach into his mouth; thick, cold air that hummed and ate sound. It, it felt alive. He couldn't close his mouth to stop it as it pushed inside. He tried to fight with tongue and teeth but both were useless and unmoving. He gagged slightly, but that was the only noise to escape him. He froze as it neared the very top of his throat. No…

Light suddenly erupted in the room and he glanced up seeing the Dark Dealer staring at him, eyes wide with horror and anger. The Dealer didn't make a sound as a shaft of light pierced him, merely grunting as he was lifted from the floor with it, suspending him within the air by that one, cruel, shaft of brightness. Was this normal… no. This wasn't normal. The look in his eyes told him that. Something had gone wrong. Were things continuing to go wrong even now? What was…what was…

An ancient and terrible voice tore through the air, so loud and furious it made his ears bleed. He couldn't understand what it said, though it translated perfectly in his mind. They had all done something terribly wrong. The Dealer had sacrificed an unwilling soul. A soul pure, vibrant and completely untouched. The Dealer's name had been given to the shadows, they would all be punished.

The Dealer screamed as shafts of black and white and grey tore through him and pulled free his soul from his body, the rat eyed man staring in unabashed horror. The pressure increased and the cold tentacle of air in his mouth expanded. They had thought that anyone would do, they hadn't been able to find someone, so they'd just taken her. The Dealer had said they had to be willing but they thought it was just his own desire not an actual rule.

The tentacle of air pushed down, expanding more, he couldn't breathe; and it felt like a giant was standing on his back. Between the two his body strained briefly before it couldn't take anymore, his heart failing, lungs collapsing. The last thing burnt into his mind was sad emerald eyes and the agonising cry before the Dark Dealer's body crumbled to the floor.

The Black Tattoo

Domino, Japan

Not so long ago…

Life in general had been normal for Yuugi. He had enjoyed a normal childhood, although throughout his educated years he had received more than the average attention person from bullies, but apart from that it had been normal. He received very average grades, was slightly bellow the average height but made up for those shortcomings with an extra enthusiasm for games and a cheery disposition that unnerved some people to the point where they saw fit to bully him some more.

This unfortunate style of living had decreased when he had graduated from school and moved into the world of the adult. The supposed 'real world', though life previously had seemed fairly real as well. In fact, he'd almost say that life had gotten easier since he'd left school when most adult people had assured him that it would only get harder. He only occasionally became injured, which came from bumping into angry people or drunks on his way home. He always seemed to attract those kinds of people and every time he got back home, his grandfather would ask him what happened, in detail.

He would ask if he was okay, if he felt strange, bandage the grazes and then head back into the lounge room to ponder. His face was worried whenever Yuugi returned with an injury. But so was life. As he got older the worry increased.

Yuugi himself never understood the reason why his worry would increase, he was older, the injuries hardly bothered him, and never got worse. Really things were just fine.

He adjusted the collar of his shirt before the mirror as he passed it in the hallway. He paused, taking in his strangely spiked black hair and blonde frontal bangs. He had matured though his face was still youthful to the point of being overly childish. His cheeks were still soft with a slight roundness to edges that should have become harder with age, his eyes were still large, though appeared slightly older and his skin was smooth as though he had shaved this morning instead of near on five days ago.

He dressed like a punk. Leather and jeans (mercifully untorn) and a set of sneakers that seemed mismatched to the rest of his ensemble though were easy to spend long hours in. He waved a farewell to his Grandfather behind the counter as he exited the shop area of his home, pulling his jacket around him against the chill of late autumn.

He was heading to the local café to meet up with a long time friend of his. Jounouchi Katsuya had recently returned from the gambling circuit with his girlfriend Mai. They had been touring small islands off the main continent for five months, and had come into port late last night. Jounouchi had of course called Yuugi within 3 minutes of getting into his hotel room to tell him they should meet for coffee, a burger, 'or something.' His grandfather had given him the time off work to meet up with his friend on the agreement that when he got back he was to lock himself in a storage cupboard and not return until it was clean.

He grinned in anticipation. It had felt like forever since he had seen Jounouchi, and a fair bit had happened in between. He was slightly nervous as he headed to their usual booth and found it empty, though it wasn't unusual for him to be late.

"Hi Yuugi-kun." A voice chirped from beside him as he settled into the cushions of the booth.

"Oh." Yuugi blinked, turning to face the owner of the greeting. "Hi Bakura-san." Said person smiled and shook his head woefully, white locks rustling faintly.

"How many times must I ask you to call me Ryou, or even Ryou-kun. You confuse me calling me Bakura-san." He said, placing a hand on his hip.

"I'll try." Yuugi grinned in response. "But now that you mention it, how goes your demon half?"

Ryou, who was mild mannered, polite and was sometimes compared to a lamb dated someone who was truly a wolf. Bakura looked similar to Ryou, but sharper, with a vicious edge and more unruly hair. His eyes were a few shades in the darker to be scary direction than Ryou's. He worked at the pawn shop down the street, selling and valuing expertly, and some of the items had questionable origins but no one ever asked twice. Ryou worked in a café. This café.

Ryou's face slipped slightly. "He's, been sick recently. He's at home sleeping."

Yuugi frowned slightly. "But Bakura-san never gets sick. Apart from that one time when we were on camp and he decided that it was better to be sitting outside in the rain all night then put up with our ' mindless jabber'." He said.

Ryou shrugged. "True, but I suppose that you've got to get sick at some point. Though I'm glad he's not sick very often, not just for the usual 'I don't like it when my partner is hurting' but just because he's whinier and more demanding that usual." He joked.

Yuugi had the grace to smile and not notice the worry that still lined the corners of Ryou's eyes, he was sure that Bakura would be fine. "Demons don't stay down for long."

Ryou smiled. "True, and they don't get any worse than my demon."

"Hey, did you ever found out where he sto- acquired, that ring from?" Yuugi asked, leaning forward inquisitively as Ryou did as well, as though they were talking about some scandalous secret.

"Well now that you mention it, I was talking to Florey the other day, you know that strange British guy who likes to talk to me because I speak English? well he said that—"

"Hey Yuug'! I'm sorry I'm late! Got held up at the, oh, hey Ryou!" Jounouchi said gallivanting into the café and sliding onto the bench opposite Yuugi's. He looked just as Yuugi remembered him, bright eyes, blond hair and an over excited, careless smile. The same goofy grin as always, teeth sparking with confidence.

"Jounouchi-kun!" Ryou exclaimed, leaning back and cutting off everything he had previously been saying. "I didn't know you were back in town! When did you get in?"

"Last night." He said flopping back into the cushions, hands splaying on either side of him. "Flew in from Okinawa." He explained. "Plane got in to the airport about half an hour late, as they do, so we ended up arriving about nine thirty."

"And how's Mai?"

Jounouchi's smile somehow got brighter. "Fantastic. Me an' her have been doing really well ya know? No bumps or ditches in the road."

Yuugi smiled. "That's great Jounouchi." He was really happy for his friend. He and Mai were so well suited. Both were loud and feared no shame, bold, and bright; and while Mai could take care of herself, she isn't as able she would claim or lead anyone to believe, and Jounouchi was always the best big brother. He'd brought her under the wing without her even realising it.

"Speakin' of things going great. I know you have some big news for me buddy." Jounouchi's grin changed mischievous. "How's you and Anzu?"

"Really great. We've been thinking of moving in together." Yuugi said with a grin.

"Woowoo Yuug'! You're gonna be gettin' married next." He teased, poking out his tongue, and Ryou chuckled from his place at the end of the table.

"No way! I'm not even sure if I'm ready for the moving in thing. I mean, things have been going really great, but sometimes I've wondered you know, that she's going to loose interest or something. It's a pretty big step, to go from just seeing someone to seeing them every night pretty much. What if I just annoy her too much or something I mean, I've never really lived with a girl in the house, it's just been me and Grandpa for the most part, you know how often mum's home." Yuugi rambled.

Ryou chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "Well I'd better get back to work." He took his tray back up. "I'll bring you guys your usual." He said over his shoulder heading to the counter, scribbling on his pad their orders.

"Thanks Ryou!" They chorused.

"So." Jounouchi said turning back to his friend. "You're not so sure about moving in with Anzu then? Given that in one breath you were saying it was great, and then the next you were ranting about how it could go wrong."

Yuugi sighed, averting his eyes slightly. "I'm not sure. I, I really like Anzu, I love her. I have since… since forever. When she agreed to go out with me, it was like Christmas. But… she always seemed a little reluctant, like I wasn't her first choice, and that never bothered me but lately it's been getting more and more like that, and so maybe this moving in together is an effort to reassure me or something." He ran a hand through his hair. "I'm sure everything's fine and I'm just being paranoid, but things have been a little shaky with us, so the 'let's move in together' proposal was a bit wow."

"Sounds like you need to come out clubbin' with me tonight Yuug'." Jounouchi stated simply. Yuugi stared at him.

"That's not an answer." He said flatly.

"Sure it is." He grinned. "Listen Yuug' I'm sure Anzu's just havin' some girly moment that we'll never understand because of our amazing masculinity. Give her some time, I'm sure everything'll turn out all right."

Yuugi sighed. "I hope so."

"Yeah, no problems Yuug', now what do you say about tonight?" He watched his friend hesitate. He knew that Yuugi wasn't one for the night life scene. "Come on, for me?" He added.

Yuugi caved. "Sure Jounouchi."

"Great! I'll meet you at the Black Spider, ten 'o' clock."

Yuugi nodded. "Mm, okay. So how was the trip this time?" He asked settling in to listen to Jounouchi begin an exuberant tale of his 'adventures' just as he always did when he returned home. And Yuugi smiled, nodded, laughed appropriately and enjoyed his company, just as he always did.


The Black Spider, infamous on the night club circuit for being the place that everyone started at, and everyone ended up at by the end of the night. Jounouchi had been known to spend an entire night there instead of club jumping, enjoying the pub atmosphere and then enjoying the nightclub atmosphere that slowly settled in as the night grew later. The air became hot with the panting and sweating of the dancers on the floor as they dipped and ground, twisting their bodies.

The lights were dim and fast, coloured blue, white, red, yellow. There were lasers and a smoke machine that activated as late night grew later night. It was three AM and his mind was foggy, and at some point while he was dancing, his shirt had gone missing – a not so common occurrence – and every so often he'd feel the brush of a hand on his body. Yuugi knew there was a reason he didn't go out much. The drinking had hit him hard and fast early in the night, light drinking every so often had kept him beyond the realm of tipsy for the remainder of the evening. The DJ had taken to playing tracks with the bass turned up to nearing maximum level. His body thudded with it; he could feel the air vibrating as he inhaled. It was strange.

It was a seduction game on the floor, and the Black Spider by this time of the night didn't show much discrepancy in cliental. He felt his body rock and move with the music, mind relaxing. But he needed to get off the floor, he didn't like being without a shirt. He felt a chest against his, a very flat chest. He veered away from it, but it followed pressing to his back, hips grinding suggestively into his backside. He flinched and slid away from the offending man, and kept on sliding until he was out and at the side lines.

He shuddered.

He wasn't homophobic, but having his backside ground into never particularly made him happy, added with that he wasn't wearing a shirt and it was worse. Luckily his jacket was being held in the coat room, so at least he wouldn't be walking home with his top half bare.

"Hey Yuug'!" Jounouchi called, wiping sweat from his brow and heading over to where he could see the mop of his hair, his eyes widening when he saw his state of dress. "You didn't like your shirt pal?"

"Someone did." Yuugi replied. "I think I'm gonna go for the night now Jounouchi." He continued, words slightly slurring with the effects of his drinking.

"Kay man, I'll walk you back." He offered.

Yuugi simply nodded his assent. He knew better than to refuse an offer like that. It wouldn't be a good idea to push his luck by walking around the streets this late at night. He'd never had much luck. He headed back to the front desk to collect his jacket, the lady behind the counter raising eyebrow to his state of dress before heading off to fetch his coat.

Now that he'd stopped moving, stopped drinking, and contemplated his bed, he was tireder than he'd first thought. He thought that yes he was tired, but not really that tired, but stopping caught all the wariness back up to him. Stopping was always the worst part of anything that you started and enjoyed to an extent.

Jounouchi suddenly appeared from seemingly out of nowhere, already wearing his jacket and motioning for the door. He staggered forward but regained his feet properly at the first taste of night air. It rushed against him, waking him, sobering him, alerting him to how cold it was with only his jacket and no shirt.

"So did ya have fun?" Jounouchi asked casually.

Yuugi nodded and smiled in his direction. "Yeah, minus that I liked the shirt I was wearing."

Jounouchi laughed, the sound encouraging Yuugi to smile more, he always liked it when Jounouchi laughed. It was so carefree, and embodied a lot of his personality… well at least the lighter side of his personality. "How about you?"

"Yeah, it was great. There was this chick right, and man I reckon even you, oh king of fidelity, would've wanted her in your bed." He declared. "I mean, I think even Mai wouldn't have minded if I had brought her back, she'd understand."

Yuugi chuckled. Knowing Mai, she was more likely to hit him with something that was hard and in easy reach before she'd understand why he'd brought back another woman. He rubbed his cold arms with equally cold hands, hoping the friction would generate enough warmth that his skin would stop prickling. It didn't.

"Man it's cold." Jounouchi commented. "How you farin' there shirtless wonder?"

Yuugi shot him a dirty look as response, causing Jounouchi to laugh, but he stopped when another laugh joined in with his. Harsh like gravel.

"What the?" Jounouchi spun on his heel just in time to catch a hard blow to his face, sending him sprawling on to the concrete. His head smacked into the pavement with hard thud and for a moment it looked like he'd get up, but he just collapsed, lateness, alcohol and injury getting the better of him.

The alcohol and his own feet impeded him as he turned to avoid the man who had knocked Jounouchi down, conflict over staying and helping his friend and fleeing. There was nothing he could do to defend Jounouchi, but what sort of friend would he be for leaving Jounouchi to the mercy of this guy.

The guy in question was tall and broad shouldered. He had a square set jaw and medium length black hair that fell around his face dangerously. He was clad in a dark jacket and black jeans, a ring on one finger and a dark smile. This guy was trouble. Built for beating, his eyes steely and sparking with bloodlust and desire.

"You left so quickly pretty." He said, stepping forward as Yuugi instinctively stepped back. "I only touched a little of you and you left, that's not a nice thing for a pretty to do."

Yuugi paled, slow to react as a hand grabbed him by the front of his jacket (which seemed painfully inadequate clothing to those undressing eyes) and was unceremoniously dragged into a dark alleyway. It was dank, the stones cold and biting as he was thrown down on them. His vision greyed.

Beating he had had, but the fear and dread that swelled in him as a large heavy body covered his own as he tried to scramble away, was indescribable. A hand squirmed between their pressed bodies and brought the zip of his jacket down, baring his chest. He screamed, feeling helpless as he squirmed more to try and free himself, but this man was huge and heavy.

"Mmm pretty, keep moving like that."

Yuugi froze and the other man chuckled. "Aw, does pretty not want to play." The sound of that gravely voice teasing him made him sick as he felt something press against his thigh. He couldn't even bring himself to scream through the terror.

'Oh gods, Jou-Jounouchi, wake up, wake up and get this guy off me, please, he's he's going to...' He clenched his eyes closed, and tried to being all he strength he had to his arms and legs to try and push him off, but it was in vain, something that was shoved in his face as the man laughed at the pitiful attempt to dislodge him.

When he felt a hand on the top button of his pants his effort returned with renewed vigour. Yelling, roaring, and he tried to get the behemoth off, he had to get him off. Frustrated tears welled in his eyes as he could do nothing and a fresh wave of nausea and fear struck his heart.

'Help… someone help. HELP ME!'

His vision greyed, a smile coming to his lips that wasn't his own. His back exploded in pain, as though something so cold it was hot was branding his back. His skin seemed to crackle and heat even as chill after cold chill shuddered through him. What… what was going on?

He screamed, vision greying more as his back burnt more but it began to spread. It felt as though someone was carving patterns onto his skin with red hot pokers. His back tried to arch from the ground as though it was the source of his pain, but the body above him prohibited the motion.

"What the…"

Everything exploded, and his consciousness fled, a chuckle sounding in his airs that wasn't gravely or carefree, but rich as dark chocolate and as chilling as winter. It crept into his mind like icy rain through cracks in stone. A maliciously gleeful voice crying 'Freedom!'

"You give in pretty?" The other man leaned back staring at the body below his. Suddenly there were black marks all over the pale skin, sharp points and smooth deadly curves. The eyes were blood red and outlined in black, the hair had changed so that it was entirely black. The boy he'd captured who was scared and squirming was gone, the body now tense, the boy now smirking at him.

"Oh no friend." Deeper voice, dangerous voice. "Not this night, nor any night which follows."

He was flung backwards, into one of the walls. He grunted at the impact, pain flaring along his back as the boy stood up, confident strong. His eyes glowed red and he smiled viciously as he came at him. He never had a chance.

Grandpa Mutou prided himself over many things. Staying calm in a crisis was one of the top things on the list. It had saved him on many a dig and in many situations where he had dealt with unsavoury characters, and although his hair had greyed his pride hadn't. It had been a shock when he had found that mark on his grandsons back, the black tattoo. He had read ghost stories about strange marks on children, of violence, attacks, confusion and illness, but nothing peculiar had never happened to his grandson.

It was just some strange mark, maybe his parents had it done to him, or it was the remnants of a curse some upset girl in middle school had made to put on Yuugi that had never worked without a killing intention behind it. He had encountered far too many strange things to count magic out of the marking. But it wasn't active, just some strange mark.

That didn't stop him worrying as it didn't fade. Didn't stop him worrying when nothing happened to make it go away or get worse. Perhaps it needed something to trigger it, and that rose fear in him whenever Yuugi returned home with scrapes or bruises. He hadn't escaped them even as he got older. He was still a magnet for bullies. Maybe that was the curse…

He sighed, placing down his unread newspaper and switching out the lights, he'd given up on waiting up for his grandson. It hadn't been intentional, but by the time midnight had clocked around he realised that Yuugi shouldn't be too long away, so he might as well stay awake a little longer so that he could let him in, likely he'd be somewhat intoxicated and Jounouchi would be staying around.

He slowly ambled his way upstairs when there was a sudden loud thudding sound from his front door. He jumped, then sighed shaking his head and heading to the door.

"You kids are gonna give me a heart attack." He said unlocking the door and opening it, though he didn't understand why Yuugi didn't just use his…key…


Jounouchi stood, ragged looking in the door with a small bundle in his arms. Yuugi was unconscious and shirtless held close to the young mans chest. His skin covered in strange black marks and there was blood covering his one visible hand, though he didn't have a scratch on him.

"Jounouchi, what happened?!" He demanded.

Jounouchi looked at a loss for words. "I don't know Grandpa…We was walkin' back, and then there was this guy. He got me a cheap one to the head, and I musta passed out or something, 'cause the next thing I know I wake up on the ground and... Yuug' couldn't… shouldn't have even been able to even scratch him, that guy was massive gramps, I mean I don't even know if I could beat him, and when I woke up well… he looked pretty bad, I took a look at him afterwards, he was so badly beaten you could hardly tell he'd even had a face, and Yuug', he just collapsed, and he's got all these strange marks on him, gramps what's going on?!" Panicked.

Grandpa simply stood, his mind brightly realising why his grandsons hands were bloodied with an impassive detachment. Yuugi looked so small and frail in Jounouchi's arms, with dark wicked curves all over his torso and arms. How could this have happened to his grandson? "I don't know Jounouchi…I – I don't know."

'Gods Yuugi…'


It would take Yuugi three days before he woke up, the markings fading away completely but for the pyramid on his back, and he didn't remember a thing. This was the start of things. The time when the curse became active, irremovable, and Yuugi's problems truly began. The creature he became when he was threatened became known as the Black Raven. A being with black wings, red eyes and a cursing smile.

Only his grandfather and Jounouchi knew of what transpired that night, and the identity of the Black Raven, calling the creature that the curse produced the Dark Yuugi, Yami no Yuugi. Yuugi could never remember what had happened while Yami no Yuugi took his vengeance upon whatever poor soul crossed Yuugi path, but after a while he began to hear them, hear Yami no Yuugi taunt, hear a scream as a predator became a victim, and more than once wished he was deaf but forced himself to hear so that next time he would try harder to keep the dark at bay.

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