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- Digital Winter


"Sora! This way!" Taking him by the hand, Alice started running down the hallway, Sora struggling to keep up.

"There's no hurry, Alice!" Sora laughed. The two ran down the checkered tile hallway to the sound of clockwork and into the bizarre room. Alice let go of Soras hand and walked over to the table and grabbed one of the two bottles from the table and faced Sora.

"Cheers!" Alice put the bottle to her mouth and drank a sip of the liquid inside, then, she handed the bottle to Sora, who did the same. After a few seconds, the two of them shrank to the size of a mouse.

Before Sora had a chance to survey his surroundings, Alice was pulling him by the hand again and running into a secret passageway leading into the lotus forest.

"Do hurry, Sora!" She yelled, running ahead of him.

"Wait up!" Sora laughed, almost loosing his way. The ecstatic Alice called him deeper into the forest. Alice suddenly stopped, and faced Sora.

"What's you're about to see, I- I mean, WE'VE planned for a very long time! I hope you enjoy it!"

"Who's WE?" Alice smiled at him.

"You'll just have to wait and see! Now, let's keep going." Sora followed Alice deeper into the lotus forest. Taking twist and turns, Alice finally stopped in front of two gates.

"Are you ready Sora?"

"Sure am!"


Sora violently fell out of his bed and onto the cold floor.

"Huh? What? Where did-? When…?" Sora scratched his head and yawned. Yuffie looked down at him and helped him up.

"Good morning! You slept in late, silly! Get dressed! We won't eat breakfast without you, and Donald's getting maaad." Yuffie walked out and closed the door to the hotel room as Sora closed his eyes.

"Was it just a dream? It was a nice one though." Sora stripped off his night shirt and pants and changed into his everyday clothes, and sleepily went downstairs into the dining room, where everyone was sitting at a table, looking very hungry.

"There you are! We've been waiting forever for you!"

"Donald! Not so loud!" Yuffie yelled at him. Aerith turned to face Sora.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well, Sora?"

"Yeah, I slept great, thanks." Sora yawned and sat down next to her. Donald and Yuffie dug into their food instantly. Sora poked at the strawberries on is pancakes before finally waking up, and realising how hungry he was. He viciously stabbed the pancakes, and entered the race that Donald and Yuffie were in to finish breakfast first.



"UH HUH!!!"

"I'LL EAT TEN TIMES MORE THAN YOU!!!" The battle raged on. For a time. Until Leon, expecting a normal peaceful breakfast broke up the battle.

"KNOCK IT OFF, ALL OF YOU!!!" The room fell silent, even others in the hotel fell silent. Donald near choked on an over-sized strawberry, Yuffie held a fork in defence, and Sora kept eating. The room returned to its normal state and everyone continued eating.

After breakfast, Sora left the hotel and walked around Hollow Bastion. The cold air was brisk bur refreshing. He laid flat on his back on a ledge and stared off into the cloudy sky. It looked like it was going to rain. He pulled out some of his key chains and spun them around on his fingers in boredom as he watched the gray clouds roll by. He stretched and turned over to lie on his stomach. After a few minutes of day dreaming, rain started falling lightly down on him. Sora simply stood up. It didn't bother him much.

"Hello Sora!" Aerith was next to him, holding a spare umbrella over him. He gladly took it.

"Hey thanks!" Sora smiled, taking the umbrella in her free hand.

"It's no trouble." She said softly, sitting next to him.

"Are you thinking about anything in particular?"

"Nah. Just a dream I had." Sora smiled at her.

"Well then, let's get back inside."


Sora yawned widely and stretched, before sighing and falling back onto the bed. The pitter-patter of rain on the window was relaxing. The ticking from the clock was intoxicating. He felt himself drift off to sleep.

Pop. His eyes flashed open. There he was in the Bizarre Room. The clockwork sounded so familiar.

Again. Just like his previous dream. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? This was just a dream.

Sora grabbed the bottle from the table, and took a large swig of it. He shrunk down the size of a mouse and surveyed the room. There it was. The secret passage. His curiosity building up, he walked towards the path. As he got closer, he heard humming. It was a happy tune, and very playful. The humming came from none other but Alice. She sat on the thick tree trunk by the passage. As she hummed, she played with daisies to make a flower crown and put it on her head with a giggle. Sora walked into the clearing and next to Alice.

"Hey there!" Alice turned to face him. And with an angry "Hmp!" She stuck her nose in the air, turned her head and folded her arms.

"Hey, are you mad at me?"

"Oh, goodness no! Why would I be mad? You just ran away from me after we planned something special for you! I'm not mad at all!" Alice said, sarcasm boiling over. Sora sat down next to her.

"Listen, I didn't mean to leave. I don't even know HOW I left. If I could stay here I would! Really!" Alice, turning her head towards him, smiled.

"Oh bugger. I can't stay mad at you, Sora!" Sora smiled at her.

"So, what is it that you had planned for me?"

"Oh yes! Please, follow me." She jumped off the tree trunk and signalled Sora to follow her. He kept his pace with Alice and they then arrived where Alice led them. Over the hedges, Sora could see red and yellow paper lanterns with the lights dimmed, and steam rising into the air. Alice stopped abruptly in her tracks.

"Wait here, Sora." Alice then opened the pink gates and after closing them, walked inside. Sora obediently waited. After a few minutes time past, Alice called for him to come inside. Sora slowly opened the gates, and closed them behind him as he walked in. There was a spotlight shining on a pink armchair, but it was the only thing his eyes could see. He walked over to it and sat down. Suddenly the lights flashed on and he was in a garden, at the head of a long table that was covered in teapots and cups of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the table, there were three chairs filled by three people; Alice was one of them. The other was a strange person in a large hat and a rabbit. They all jumped out of their chairs and onto the table throwing confetti and other things into the air.

"Surprise! Happy Unbirthday!!!!" The group yelled, Alice jumped off the table and embraced Sora with wide arms. Sora's smile was so wide he was laughing from ecstatic joy.

"This is what The Mad Hatter, The Match Hare and I have been planning for you! Do you like it?" Alice said, holding Sora's hand and swinging it playfully.

"Yeah, I love it! But it's not my birthday." The March Hare walked over to Sora.

"Ah, but it's not a birthday! It's an UN-birthday!" Sora gave him a raised eyebrow.


"Yes, that's right." The Mad Hatter walked over and handed him a cup of tea.

"Statistics prove, prove that you've one birthday, one birthday ev'ry year. But there are three hundred and sixty four unbirthdays!"

"That is why we're gathered here to cheer. A very merry unbirthday to you, to you!" As the Hatter and Hare sang, Alice was humming along, then she pulled Sora out of his chair and began to dance in circles with him, and the teapots blew steam sounded like music. Sora hasn't even felt happier in a dream before. He knew dreams felt realistic, but this just made him wish it was real. The Hatter and Hare stopped singing.

"Okay sit down sit down!" They said, pushing Sora and Alice most rudely into their chairs, then sitting in their own.

"Now that the singing is over, how about some'ore tea? And after the tea, we'll have some cake!" The Hatter said, pouring tea out of his sleeve for the Hare. Sora looked down at his own cup, about ready to take a sip. The Hatter, unexpectedly, was right behind him.

"Clean Cup, clean cup! Move down, move down!" He yelled, grabbing his full teacup and tossing it over his shoulder, then pushing Sora out of his hair and into another chair, the Hare doing the same to Alice.

"But I didn't even finish min-" Before Sora could finish his sentence, he was handed a new cup. He gave Alice a 'What the hell just happened' expression, before taking a sip.

"So, where's the cake?" Sora asked, taking another long sip.

"I beg your pardon?" Said the Hatter, most bewildered.

"Isn't there gonna be cake?" Sora said, setting the cup down.

"Oh, so now you want a cake? We most generously give you tea, and now you want us to give you cake! How selfish!" The March Hare said, turning his head.

"But didn't you say…" Sora didn't bother finishing his sentence.

"What did I say?" The Hatter asked, looking confused.

"You said there would be cake."

"I did? Oh goodness, cake sounds wonderful right now! Let's get some!" He said, jumping under the table. Sora covered his face with his hands and sighed. Alice laughed slightly, before turning her head towards the March Hare. He held a teapot and the lid flew open and a firework flew out. But not just a firework, a mouse too! The looked extremely drowsy and it held and umbrella to help him float down safely. As he fell, he sang Sora a poem.

"Twinkle twinkle little bat… how I wonder what you're at…." The poor thing was too tired to even finish, and he fell asleep mid-flight, and landed right back into the teapot as the Hare put the lid back over it. Sora raised another eyebrow.

"That was pointless…" Their attentions were then turned to The Mad Hatter, who was holding a large pink cake with the words, "Happy Unbirthday Sora!" written in dark pink icing on the top. They set the cake in front of Sora, as Alice stood next to him looking extremely anxious; she was bouncing and her face held the brightest smile. Sora took a deep breath and blew out the candles and everyone cheered. . Sora took a knife in hand and slowly cut into the cake. Even after one cut, the cake exploded, and in the remains there was a single present. Though small, it was colourfully wrapped with a satin red ribbon. Before Sora hand a chance to open it, Alice pushed his hands away.

"Now Sora, this is from all of us. We found it together! We hope you like it!" Alice smiled, letting go of his hands. Sora untied the ribbon and the box fell open. Inside the box was a keychain; a card keychain with a red Ace and Heart. It took him a few moments to realise it was a Keyblade keychain. He pulled put the Keyblade and unhooked his current keychain, and latched on the new keychain. In a pink light, the Keyblade changed. The new Keyblade was purple with a mixture of yellows, oranges and reds. On the blade was a diamond, clubs, a heart and spade. Sora's jaw hung low as he embraced Alice tightly.

"Alice, I love it! Thanks so much!" He said, as Alice hugging him back as well, both jumping up and down in joy. The Hatter and March Hare looked somewhat ignored.

"We helped too you know." They said with jealously. Sora smiled at them.

"Thanks you guys. It's awesome!" He said, swinging it around and nearly hitting them with it.

"It's called the Lady Luck keychain! So we all hope it'll bring you luck!" She said smiling.

"It means a lot, Alice. Thanks. And here's my unbirthday present to you." He said leaning in, and pecked her lightly on the cheek. The blushing Alice turned around quickly, trying to hide her red face.

"W-well I'm g-glad you liked it." She stuttered, twiddling her fingers nervously.

Sora woke up with a jump. The room was bright from the open window and the alarm clock next to him wasn't helping at all. He slowly reached to turn the alarm clock off and didn't bother with the window. He stretched widely and closed his eyes again.

"Man, another dream…" he sighed. He lifted his right arm to shade his eyes from the sunlight. But after he did so, something fell off of his hand and onto his face. Sora's eyes opened and he grabbed the object and held it in his hand.

It was the Lady Luck keychain. Sora's heart skipped five beats as his eyes widened. Could these not be dreams at all?