Chapter 2: U for Uppermost (Chakra-control-training Day)

Kakashi had his book to the ground. Now normally, that would be so unnorthodox about that situation. Kakashi was a renewed, bona fied pervert. It was unusual of seeing that from the grey haired male shinobi.

He had his jaw dropped 20 feet into the ground, not believing the thing he hearing.

"Tell me your joking."


"So all it is true?!"

"Yep, Kakashi-sensei."

"Naruto, you can't be tell the truth. Did Sasuke pay you to get revenge on me for all the times I been late to our meetings?"

Now Naruto had his chin in his hands, in a thinking pose. Kakashi dropped his jaw even futher into the ground. Naruto's thinking? He wasn't saying the boy was stupid but thinking and boisterous, loud and rowdy Naruto didn't go hand-in-hand with each other.

"Nope sensei, I telling the truth. Though the last part sounded like a good idea." Naruto whispered the last part.

"What did you say?"

"Oh nothing."

"So Sasuke didn't pay you to say that?"

"Sensei! One, Sasuke doesn't know about Kyuubi and second, I wouldn't work with that bastard even if he was my mother's husband. He just so insufferable."

"Ok Naruto, if that how you put it but why are you tell me this?"

"Because of Kyuu! He's so bossy sometimes. I can't stand the both of 'em!"

"Well how do feel about this?"

"Do I need to sit down for this?"

"Go right ahead."

"Okay." Naruto sat down on the bed of Kakashi's room in Tsunami's house. They were still staying there, recovering from the tight battle. In two more days, they would be gone.

Naruto sighed and went on telling the story. "Well... as soon as we defeated Zabuza and Haku, I fell to unconsciousness, I fell into the cage of Kyuubi. I enter the sewer place more then once since my last encounter with Mizuki-teme. Kyuubi and me were somewhat familiar with each other so they was no real tension between us."

"Ok... continue?"

"Alright. Now, since he was impressed with my performance with Haku, he decided to inform me about the inevitable fusion of his and mine chakra, body, mind and soul. I would take his essence in a way and become immortal. So far, I'm not."

"Ah... but why are you telling me this now?"

"Because this is the night the full moon and I will go through my transformation, receive one tail."

"Oh... you want me to keep an eye on you."

"Exactly, see I knew you get it."

"But do you get transformations every montht of the full moon?"

"Yes but when every month when the full moon has blossomed. If it's a half-moon, no. If it's a quater-moon, no. It has to be full. Which means, since we are in the month of May, the full moons are tonight, then two months prior to this, July. Now each time the number of tails I will receive, the more I gotta wait so next I gotta wait three months for October for three tails. Which I would be about 14. Then four tails/months later in January, I will receive four tails and next five months later in June, I get five tails. Next, I would have to wait six more months and at November, I will six tails. Next, I will have to seven more months and in June again, I would have to get seven tails. In eight months, I would have to wait to January. Now to receive the last two tails, I would have to wait until my birthdays to receive them. So in all, at the age of eighteen, I would have all ten of my tails."

"T...TEN?! Why ten?"

"Kyuubi said I would undoubtfully surpass him and with our chakra combine, we would already have a tail. So you see, I'm not receive them from the usual demon stage. When you're a full-blooded family member of the fox clan, you will be able to have already one tail. I may not be a full-blooded member yet but I have Kyuubi inside of me so I will already have a tail, created from both of our chakras."

"So you must have a lot of chakra to generate a tail?"

"Hee hee." Naruto laughed sheepishly. "I don't like to brag... but-"

"Then don't. Sasuke would be angered if he heard this."

"Power hungry fool. Well, let him be made because he can not compete with me at all."

"Naruto, don't stoop down to that level. Tell you what, I'll help you with a few pointers and teach you a few thing today, alright?"

Naruto jumped in joy of get taught more attacks. "Yippee!!! Sugoi, Kakashi-sensei! So what are you teaching me? How to breathe out fire or how to swim under water without gils. Oh, tell me, tell me!"

"Whhhhooooaaa there boy. Nothing so trival. Now this move I going to teach you is help full. This is called the Chouyaku no Shinpou, the leap of faith technique. At any given moment of a battle, this technique not only protects you from any elemental attack but heals all your wounds and also ups your strength in a battle. Now to do this, you need to have at least chunnin level chakra control, so, you and me are going to work on that."

"Great... how hard could it be...?"


(10 seconds later)


"Kami, damn you, Kakashi-sensei!! I can barely stay on the tree!!"

"Keep on, Naruto! You can do it."

Naruto was barely hanging on to the tree and was about to fall off but then he got an idea. Naruto gathered more chakra and started running up the tree instead of walking. With more chakra channeled, he ran with more speed and could go up the tree. When he did that, he also stopped worrying about falling off and focus on getting to the top.

When Kakashi saw this, his eyes wrinked in happiness.

"Very good, Naruto. Now, do it at least four more times."

Naruto almost fell off the branch again in disbelief. "AH... COME ON!!!"


A exhausted Naruto Uzumaki was on the ground, gasping for air.

"No... more... please sensei."

"Don't worry I won't. Now, it's time for dinner, come inside."

"Hehe... could you drag me in."

Kakashi smiled a little and sympathically, dragged Naruto's carass inside.

'Just like old time, huh, Obito?'

The two headed for Tsunami's house and right inside was Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Tsunami, her father, Tazuna and Inari. Sasuke was the first to notice Naruto and Kakashi.

"What's wrong with the dobe?"

Everybody turned their attention to the two.

"Just... training."

"Yep. Naruto did good today. As of matter of fact, I am teach you all tommorrow at noon something new and soon we will start pack out to go."

Naruto cheered. Sakura groaned and Sasuke smirked of being taught something new. It could help in his quest for power and to kill Itachi. Sakura really didn't want to get hurt or dirty but the only thing left in her mind was to please and impress Sasuke so this could actually be a good thing for her.

Naruto, meanwhile, felt he could get more training and become more stronger. After all, he would all the training in the world. No time for playing around and Naruto knew that he would have to show him real self now. Focus on training and not ask Sakura on dates. If he wanted to get those tools of power, he would have to get strong because no matter how much he trained, there was somebody always stronger then him. So he need to train his body and mind, not just his body.

Suddenly, Naruto stomach ached out of pain. A low but loud enough screech of pain was heard by the rest. Naruto whispered in Kakashi's ears.

"It's... it's time, Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi nodded. The others looked at him, seeing that he only heard what Naruto heard.

"If you excuse me and Naruto but he's tired and his back is hurting."

Inari, Tsunami, Sakura and Tazuna looked out of concern. Sasuke scoffed.

'I bet he's trying to get attention from Kakashi.'


Everybody though Naruto was in his room, asleep and Kakashi just was watching Naruto or he was asleep in his room but really, Naruto and Kakashi were farther in an forest just outside of the town.

Naruto still held his stomach in pain and Kakashi was standing in back of him.

"How long will this take?"

"...Kyuubi said at least a hour or so."

"Right. Everybody thinks you're still inside with me. I put up clones to cover us."

Naruto nodded without a sound and screeched again as he felt intensive pain in his navel. Then Naruto screamed as he felt a red aura surround him and he yelled loudly as pain overflowed him. Kakashi looked at him with pity in his eyes.

"I put a sound-proof barrier so you wouldn't alert anybody. Good luck, Naruto."

Naruto yelled even loud as the pain got worse. Red aura filled with lightning sparking to life, covering him, drowning him in a sea of red flames also. It got worse and worse and Naruto almost passed out of the pain inside of him. Kyuubi was giving him a tail, changing him, upgrading his strength, intelligence, speed and his body.

Naruto, who had a white tank top on, now ripped to streds as his body expanded. At the end of the hour, Naruto stopped screaming and looked changed completely. His torso and chest expanded but not by much, his arms becamed more in detail and his height increased by two inches. His hair grew a little becoming more wild and untamed. Then it had a little color change. It gotten more darker, a dirty yellow color with unnoticeable orange tints in his hair. His canines grew more sharper and dense but not too much to notice. His eyes slitled a little and his deep blue eyes became more darker bordering from aqua blue to navy blue. The whiskers on his face became more darker, feral and fierce. On his backside, he could feel a tail on him. A furry tail.

Naruto fainted in pain and exhaustion. He slipped into unconsciousness and enter Kyuubi's domain.


"Ah... I see that you have came and changed."

"..." Naruto did not talk but then soon, Kyuubi heard a inside voice in its head.

'I... what's... what's happening to me?' Kyuubi was surpised that he could now talk inside its own head.

"Nothing, kit but a new change. You have a tail, now and I know the pain was intensive to you but still, you are still Naruto Uzumaki, the human with a little demon in you now. Your attitude will start to change from friendly and nice into feral and sadistic so don't be alarmed. Once you at least have another tail or two, you will start thinking like a demon would. However, you would still be in control at least into a certain number of tails and more of my influence will come on to you. If you can control it, however, you will be your own controller. Now you will start thinking like a demon, become more calm and start to feel less and less pain as you go through the metamorphisises, that much is good. You will start again, with terrrible chakra control. Since you had chakra control today and your body started adapting to it, you have average chakra control of a chunnin. Keep training in that, and it will be okay. Forget to do so and you will become very weak. Do not forget."

'I promise, Kyuubi.'

"Good. Now, this right now is one of the first abilities I had when I gotten my first tail. The ability to speak inside another person's mind. It is called, "Omoi Isou", "Mind Transfer". This nifty ability allowes the user to speak inwardly inside another's mind, having an conversation. You can turn it on and off anytime you like. This is a free ability. Try it."



"Like this?"

"Good. Now, since you have gotten the first tail, I will teach you the Kitsune Hi now."


Kyuubi sighed and shook his head. Tail or not, Naruto is still that loud kid inside. We got to work on that, dearly.'

"Okay. The object of the jutsu is to create a flame that can be held for more then a minute. Here since this is your unconsciousness, you do not spend any chakra at all so you try this all you like as long you don't wake up from unconsciousness but even if you do, train it in the outside world too, alright."

Naruto nodded 'yes' to Kyuubi. Naruto asked how do you do this exactly.

"Well, invision an everlasting flame in your hand. Focus on keeping that fire burning."

Naruto did what Kyuubi told him and soon enough a flame popped into existance. And soon enough, a flame was erased from existance.


Naruto tried again and kept the flame going for five seconds then it was erased again.


Naruto tried again and only lasted ten seconds.

"Naruto, try it again."

He tried again and again until finally after five full hours, he got it to stay at least at to stay at a minute but Kyuubi said that just was not enough. So Naruto was required to do it again, but this time two minutes. Then, every time he even got past the minutes, he do it more. Naruto held on until five minutes this time, and in this world, his chakra automatically, he felt anew again.

However, Kyuubi was very smart giving him this training. This proved to him that Naruto wouldn't get training willy-nilly. On his experince and power, he would get the technique but he would have very strict training. He would not get a new technique until he completely master the first one.

The Kitsune Hi was a technique that requires the user to invision a ball of fire in his/her hands. Then, in order to either change that fire into a solid or liquid, the user must have a high level of chakra control to do so. When he was done with this, he could move on to the second part of this.

Naruto needed this training if he was going to be his successor. He need Kyuubi's guidance, if he was going to be a Bijuu lord. He wanted everything for him, unlike Kyuubi failed to get when Kyuubi was training to become one. The humans could help him on the pointers he couldn't give him.

Naruto was finished doing up to ten hours of chakra control, Kyuubi decided to "kick it up a notch".

"All right, Naruto. You have at least did up to ten hours of chakra control training. When you wake up, it will be different. When you have finish and go back to the outside world, the "power hour" I like to call it, will be over. Your body will change and adapt to the chakra training we did in here. You have at least now chakra control bordering average and high chunnin. This next thing I going to teach you will be a new technique. Kitsune Hi: Sorrido or Fox fire: Solid. I think with your control, you be able to create a solid. Try it now."

Naruto created a fire ball in his hand. He tried keep the fire going and create a solid but it proved too hard. Naruto became frustrated.

"Damnit! Why can't I get it?"

"It's a demon technique, it's amazing you can get past the first stage. Go home, and get some rest after you wake up."

Naruto found himself being thrown out and back to the world of the living.


He awoke in his bed and yawned. It was now 9:00 in the morning. He guessed because he spend a few hours in the Kyuubi's den, that he spent more time here. Anyway, Naruto stretched and felt his bones loosen up and crack.

"Ahhhhhh! It feels so good to be alive."

Naruto had a small smile on his face and looked in the mirror and looked at himself.


It took him three seconds to look at all of himself.


He screamed and his scream probably could be heard throughout the house. Good thing nobody rushed themselves to Naruto's room.

"Wha-What did Kyuubi do?!"

Naruto was furious. He changed, a lot in a little time. He was going to pay back Kyuubi for this one.


A yawn was heard throughout Naruto's head.

'What is it, kit?'

'What's with the kit calling and what the hell did you do to me?!'

'What do you mean?' Kyuubi said innocently.

'Don't start up, Kyuubi-teme! You know what you did to me. Look at me. Sharper nails, my hair's darker now, my ears are long and I think I gotten tall.'

It was true Naruto was taller and Kyuubi's transformation made him have other traits but Kyuubi did not see the problem in this.

'So! I don't see the problem, kit.'

'Stop that! I don't want to look freaker then before, you Aku-baka!' Naruto exclaimed loudly.

'I told you there would be changes, Naruto. I wouldn't lie. I am brass and undenying, just like any ol' demon. You are simply look different but you could use a Genjutsu to veil your new appearance.'

'Really?! Sugoi!'

'Settle down. Alright, here's the jutsu. It's called
Kitsune Fukumen or Fox Veil. No seals are need, just channel chakra into your eyes and the jutsu will take place. This will change your outer apperance back your regular self but the only thing that will be different are your eyes. Your eyes will be blue like your human but slightly slitted.'

'Damn... oh well,' Naruto sighed slightly crestfallened about his eyes will still stay unchanged. 'Can have it my way all the time.'

'Kit, get dressed and show Kakashi your new appearance. Kakashi and nobody else.'

'Right, Kyuubi.'

Naruto cut the signal with him and Kyuubi and head to Kakashi's room.



"What is it sensei?"

"This is interesting... you're growing a tail?"

"Hmmm... yeah. I know. That damn Kyuubi!!!"

Kakashi was talking with his student about his new transformation. Naruto looked crestfall and believed he looked like a freak.

"No doubt the villagers going to have their fun and glares and stupid taunts about this one. It's a good thing Kyuubi is going to teach me about the henge-like Genjutsu technique."

"Then what's the worry then? You will be okay."

"Yeah... I guess you're right."

"See? Now you better get ready soon because I'm teach you guys the Chouyaku no Shinpou. Okay?"



Chapter 2 Finished

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