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Long after his talk with the others, Harry is sitting at the desk in his room, with a piece of parchment in front of him. He's been doodling for hours. Nothing of importance, just meaningless shapes and designs, a word here or there, his mind isn't really on the task, so he's extremely surprised at what he sees when he looks at the parchment.

That's new. Harry thought wryly.

It looks like the ingredients to a potion. The dark haired boy almost wishes he had paid better attention in potions class. Almost. He doesn't recognize half the ingredients. Ugh. He feels a headache coming on already.

With a long suffering sigh he goes to fetch the special parchment Dumbledore gave him for just these occasions. The young wizard writes in vivid detail everything he can remember about his almost trance like state, as well as relaying what he had written on the other piece of parchment. When he's finished he is fairly certain he covered everything Dumbledore would want to know.

Harry put his wand to the insignia and watched blankly as the words disappeared.

Later in the night, the hotel was quiet when Harry slipped from room. A muffling charm kept the sound of his feet hitting the floor, from reaching the ears of a certain vampire. He didn't bother sticking to the shadows as he passed the office where the members of Angel Investigations could be seen huddled around a large book, his invisibility cloak kept him well hidden. When he stepped outside he breathed in a deep breath of the fresh air. It's been a while since he was last out by himself. With a sense of freedom, he thought, just maybe, he'll be able to sneak back inside without anyone ever realizing he was gone.

Of course, then he turned the corner on the sidewalk and ran smack into Angel. Okay, Harry thinks, maybe it was wishful thinking.

Without saying a word Harry gave Angel a dirty look, than walked around him and continued on down the street, with Angel following close behind the young wizard; unbothered by the fact that Harry is doing everything in his power to ignore him.

Eventually, Harry slowed down enough to walk next to the dark hair vampire.

"You smelled me, right?" Harry questioned when he could no longer stand the silence.

"You should have used the kitchen entrance." The Vampire replied with a smirk. "I would have assumed you were getting something to eat."

"Thanks for the tip." Harry grinned, "I'll do that next time."

"Where are we headed?" Angel questioned.

"Just... away." Harry sighed.

Angel nodded.

"For a little while, anyway." Harry said under his breath, looking around wistfully at the empty street.

Harry felt grateful to Angel as they walked around the city. The vampire seemed to understand that Harry was in no mood to talk. He didn't ask useless questions, about what inspired the need for Harry to get away or try to make small talk. He just let Harry... be.

Harry didn't normally know how to act around the other man. To be honest he made Harry kind of nervous, though he couldn't quite put his finger on why, but still, this was nice in a way. He felt oddly safe as he strolled through the streets of LA. However, safety wasn't a feeling Harry was used too and he found it perplexing. He needed to have a talk with Hermione.

They walked around the city for nearly an hour before heading back.

"Harder, Harry." Angel said as he lowered his arm. The hit had been fast, yes, but there wasn't nearly enough strength behind it.

"That was hard." Harry scowled.

The young, black haired wizard leaned forward on his right foot and shot a fist at Angel's ribs.

"No." Angel danced out of the way, "You're leaning into your punch. I can see it coming before you even throw it."

Harry stepped sideways and made Angel turn, then he feinted left with his right arm and just as he was about to strike a hit with his left arm, Angel reached out to grab it in order to block the hit. Pulling his arm out of reach, the dark haired boy lost his balance and tripped over his own foot.

Harry growled from his position on the floor.

"Are you alright?" Angel questioned, with a laugh.

Harry glared up at him. That's it I'm never moving again, he thought silently. I will lie hear forever in shame.

"Why do I suck at this?" Harry questioned taken aback, "I mean, I'm great at Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"You just need more practice" The Vampire reasoned his laughter fading as he realized how upset Harry was.

"I've had practice!" Harry cried, suddenly sitting up, "Two months of it. I'm not getting any better."

"That's not true." Angel said soothingly, trying to calm the boy down. "Cordy said you dusted a Vampire."

"That was pure luck, Angel, and you know it!" Harry laughed bitterly, "He practically walked onto the stake. Seriously, I should be getting better at this."

"I know." Angel agreed, looking off into the distance. He had noticed for a while, actually. The situation was puzzling, to say the least.

Harry's head shot up to look at Angel.

Angel turned his head to look down at the boy before him, and then he sat down on the floor across from him.

Startled at just how close the vampire was to him, Harry stared at him. Mentally shaking himself, Harry blinked, breaking the staring contest. "…Yes?"

Angel smirked, "Give me your hand."

"What?" Harry squawked. He cleared his throat, and then repeated himself.

Angel held out his hand for Harry to place his own into, "I'm not going to be able to teach you anything about fighting if you won't even touch me, Harry."


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