Chapter 11

Severus looked as his daughter through the bars of her cot from his sitting position on the floor. He reached his hand through and she gripped his finger, making him smile unselfconsciouly and unashamedly. She looked back at him with wide eyes and laughed, watching her reflection in his glasses.

"Beautiful." He whispered before heaving himself up and leaning over the cot to tuck a blanket around her and kiss her forehead. "I love you." He felt Harry's arms slip around his waist and was startled to realise that he hadn't even heard him come in. "I think she has your eyes." Harry laughed and kissed Severus' shoulder gently.

"We adopted her Sev, she can't have my eyes." Severus sighed and they stood together in the quietude for a while, watching their little girl sleep. Severus played with the gold ring whose partner rested on Harry's finger. "Sev? Will you ever tell me you love me?"

"No. I don't love you." Harry smiled knowingly and took his arms from around Severus' waist. He held his hand and silently led him to their room, the door closing behind them with a soft click.